Why does the chick always hang onto the guy?

Because she’s been taught to by our heteronormative society. That’s what she’s been taught to do by television, movies, parents, her peers, you-name-it. She can’t stand on her own? It’s called breeder brainwashing. That’s what breeders are brainwashed to do. She must act subservient to the guy, hang all over him, hang on him, walk one-half step behind him. The female is not supposed to behave like a full person to the guy. They’ve both been brainwashed by society that he’s the dominant and she’s the submissive — at least in public — and her place is (in public) as if she’s on a leash. And consequently she must hang on the guy as if dependent on him. Put her head on his shoulder. Lean on him. Walk with her arm through one of his arms, that the leash effect. He’s supposed to fuck with her face and hair while she’s leaning on his shoulder as she’s the dutiful submissive. You’ve all seen this nonsense. Sometimes she demands to sit up on the guy’s shoulders like she’s a toddler — demanding more attention for herself — and relive her childhood. Or the guy has to pick her up and spin her around in the air like he would a child. She’s really like a child in an adult’s body and constantly needing attention, and for him to empty his credit union or bank account on her before she’ll give him any stinky pussy. Dude: You’d be wise to just jack off and forget that pussy. Jacking off is much cheaper and after you cum you don’t have to deal with her and her demanding more attention or demanding something from you. Chivalry is what it’s called, and despite the now-dead feminist movement, it’s what you see today in advertising and elsewhere. Chivalry is thriving here in 2020.

By contrast, Queer couples don’t do this nonsense. Queer boys behave as equals. They behave more maturely. They don’t act like one person is a second class citizen to the other. And Queer boys don’t require that they get attention in public — such as required hand-holding when walking — in order to get sex later on like breeders do. Related: Entrance rights into that smelly and slimy pussy.

It’s just the fucked-up breeders — in their dysfunctional and insecure relationships — who do this stuff as well as other fucked-up things that they’ve been brainwashed/learned to do. And most females gladly do all of this stuff because it gives Ms Needy attention which she craves and adores. And the guy must be taller than the female, so that when she’s hanging onto him he remains the dominant (taller=dominant). The female wants a taller guy to protect dainty little submissive her. Does this bitch want to be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen too? Are we back to those days yet? Pretty fucked up really when you think about it, but that’s the way our society likes it. I see this behaviour constantly. I don’t remember seeing this stuff when the feminist movement was at its height, but that was then. These days, in many ways, we’ve gone back to the way things used to be (ex. Queer boys back in the closet, human rights laws eroded or voided altogether and so forth). The progress we made was only temporary. And some of this regression has been enabled by the fake-liberals and fake-progressives who, at “election” time, are merely cultists for the right-wing, imperialistic, Republican-enabling “Democratic” Party Cult.

I read this article to mi amigo/my friend. He said: So this article will get immediate hits, correct? I said: No, it might get a hit in a year or two, if then. Nobody cares about this stuff. If they did, things wouldn’t be back to the way they were. He said: Ten years ago, an article like this would have had lots of interests. Yeah well. These days? Hardly nobody cares about much of anything, other than their phone and being phone zombies, and the latest silly fads for shallow and superficial people. Chau.—el barrio rosa