Why does the world act afraid of the Village Idiot?

Why are so many people seemingly intimidated by the Village Idiot? Is it his oversized, overweight, unhealthy bloated body or what? Yes, I know he’s the Mob Boss — and perhaps can order the killing of anybody he wants to see dead so that could explain this phenomenon — and he’s also the constantly bloviating orange thug and international bully, but the guy himself couldn’t kill a gnat if he had to. He’s an overweight, slow-walking, pompous, bloated, air-fisting child in a 70+ year old body who, if someone pushed him to the ground he would have trouble getting back up. And just think of the poor ground having to endure all that weight. It might remind the ground of the dinosaur age. So why does most of the world — including the US Supreme Court — kowtow to this piece of white trash?

Even the Supremes (the US Supreme Court) seem to be afraid of him and trying to protect him with their recent tax return decision over his taxes where the US Congress is not allowed to see his tax returns. That’s insane. What on Earth do these “justices” think he’s going to do to them with their lifetime appointments? Have the ones who disagree with him knocked off? One should put nothing past him. What is this basura hiding in his tax returns? What is so bad in those tax returns that he’s gone to every extreme to not have anyone see them? Something is very suspect about that. What criminality would those tax returns show? Then there’s the Roger Stone case where the Village Idiot commuted his sentence. Stone is the biggest thug the Village Idiot has. Even when people around the world speak about the Village Idiot, they do so in the most timid, mealy-mouthed language — as if afraid to offend him in any way — rather than forcefully telling it like it is about him. What is wrong with people today that they would cater to this piece of trash? The mayor of San Francisco recently asked, “Why is anyone still listening to him?” Yes, I’d like to know that too. If the world ignored him and his constant bullying, his childish antics and his obsession with being partisan (and I could go on), maybe he would shut the fuck up realising that no one cares what the Village Idiot has to say. This extreme narcissist thinks he needs to stick his nose in everything and give his opinion about everything, rather than trying to be “presidential” for once in his pathetic life. He lives under delusions that he’s an authority on all subjects. He thinks he knows more than medical doctors and medical specialists with their years of training because as the Village Idiot has said: “I have a feeling” and “I have a hunch” and “I’ve been right a lot of the time.” When in reality, the Village Idiot is one of the most stupid creatures on the planet. We’ve seen the politicians of the EU try to snuggle up to him and kiss him, presumably thinking that will “buy their way into him,” only to find out that it got them no where. French president Emmanuel Macron’s “bromance” with the Village Idiot seems to be dead. That was a sight to see. Remember when the Village Idiot went to Paris? They were rubbing each others legs, arms and back and feeling each other up? And what did all that get you, Emmanuel? Nothing. I just don’t understand why people — including the corporate media — give the Village Idiot the time of day. Some would say, “But he’s the most powerful ‘man’ in the world as ‘president [sic] of the United States.'” So? I don’t give a fuck what he is. To me, he’s nothing but low white trash and he’s done nothing to earn any respect from any intelligent, rationale and sane person, regardless of what position he’s in or title he holds. He’s trash just like those despicable-looking overweight nasty-looking pompous thugs around him. Like that overweight and bloated-looking Pompouspeo. How many more chins is he going to grow? All of these people are basura.

Finally, I always have to say this because of the extreme partisan thinking of most people today. The cultists of the Village Idiot would automatically assume that I wrote this because — they will assume that — I’m a Democrat and supported messiah Obama or Hillary or Biden. I’m not a Democrat and frankly can’t stand most of them. Their slogan should be, “There’s not much we can do about [fill in the blank] because they are mostly useless as a political party. The Republicans don’t take that approach except when it comes to the Village Idiot and most Republicans seem to reside in the Village Idiot’s upper colon. I did not support Obama or Hillary and I don’t support right-wing Biden. I’m an independent/nonpartisan. So no, this article was not written from a position of partisanship. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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