Why have (corporate) Pride when most are back in the closet and not “proud?”

Hola a todos. To begin with, what is there to be “proud” of when it comes to the way one was born, one’s sexual orientation? It’s as if the corporatist idiots who dreamed up this “Pride” shit never considered that. They’re not the brightest people considering how they destroyed our Movement. I know the white supremacists are “proud to be white” — meaning the way they were born — but I’m not talking about that rubbish. I can’t ever recall hearing anyone say “I’m proud to be straight.” Well, only when they were mocking this Queer “Pride” shit.

One’s sexual orientation is just a matter of fact, just like one’s hair colour, eye colour or skin pigmentation. What is there to have “pride” in any of that, the way one was born?

Our celebration — that was hijacked by the corporatists and became “Pride” — was originally called Gay Freedom Day, which meant we Queers were striving for a society and world with freedom from discrimination, freedom from prejudice and freedom from bigotry of all kinds and having the same rights as the breeders. And tolerance acceptance for who we are as Queer people. I don’t want anyone to “tolerate” me. I can’t stand that word. I want them to accept me and others. Fuck that “tolerance” shit, as in, “I’ll tolerate you; I’ll put up with you.” Oh don’t put yourself out! Screw that.

But somehow, Gay Freedom Day got twisted over to “pride.” What corporatist nuts dreamed that up?

Why was the name Gay Freedom Day dumped and replaced with this Pride shit, which now comes with the “official hotel” and the “official car” and other corporatist garbage. Is there an “official airlines” as well? And an “official phone?” I don’t remember. It’s now just a money-making event for the corporatists. It’s completely lost its way, its purpose and its original meaning. Just like everything else that the corporatists have touched having to do with us Queers, it has been ruined and lost its purpose and meaning. Fuck the corporatists. I detest them and what they’ve done. They destroyed our Movement.

And considering that most Queers by all indications that we see are back in the fucking unhealthy closet — a result of gay marriage and that “assimilation” bull shit — what’s there to be proud of and have pride in? Does one have pride in one’s closet? Does one have pride in pretending to be straight and “normal” — Mr or Ms Closet Case — with some living with the opposite gender now and with kids?

Hopefully the San Francisco event will be cancelled again this year (2021) due to the continuing COVID pandemic. Since it’s still unknown how long any of these vaccines are effective and the health guidelines strictly say no large gatherings of any kind.

Also, San Francisco’s event is called “SFPride” or San Francisco Pride. That sounds like one has pride in San Francisco; that a Queer San Francisco resident has pride in the City and County of San Francisco. Was that choice of words another way of sanitising “pride” to not offend the breeders/straights and to go along with the other ways that “Pride” has been ruined and sanitised by the corporatists?

Maybe when the pandemic is over, if it ever is, some intelligent Queers will hijack Pride away from the corporatist trash and return the event to its roots: Call it Gay or Queer Freedom Day. No slick floats, no money needed, no official cars, no official hotels, no official this and that. Just Queer people in the streets. If you want a sign, make a homemade sign. Pay your own damn way if you must have something other than that. Back to grass-roots. None of those cookie-cutter conformist signs that one sees at various protests.

Queers don’t need some elaborate and slick corporate-style (think: “Macy’s Parade”) hours long mobile commercial led by the Tech Industrial Complex who pretend to be pro-Queer when it serves their financial interests, or the sanitised dykes on bikes to cater to the “family-friendly” prudes who are shocked at seeing the naked human body. It’s always good to cater to bigots and prudes isn’t it? [sarcasm intended] in the name of “What about the children?” WTF are children doing at corporate “Pride” to begin with?

We don’t need non-profits like those corporatist national Queer organisations who are directly responsible for the death of our original Movement. We don’t need a parade with every Queer bar in town — where the straights are now infiltrating to take them over (pre-COVID) — putting an expensive float in the parade.

And jesus fucking christ, get rid of those silly letters, that revisionist history LGBTQQICAPF2K+ alphabet soup nonsense. How many more fucking letters? That’s another thing the corporatists ruined: It was originally GLBTQ because gay guys and Drag Queens started (pre-Stonewall) and led our Movement. Lesbians were not the majority group that led our Movement, as that LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ+++++++++++++++++++ implies.

By the time you get through all those fucking letters — LGBTQQICAPF2K+ (yes that insanity is the official mess) — our parade is over. I won’t have it!

And considering how the far-right have hijacked it, why is any Queer person with a brain still using it? Yet whenever there’s an article about Queers written, it’s always that corporatist conformist “LGTB(Q)” in the title, as if every site online received a demand from on high from those busy-body corporatist Queer organisations that they must in lockstep use this shit:

Amazon.com: I Support LGBTQ Liberty Guns Bible Trump BBQ (9781075696107):  Anderson, James: Books

Chau.—el barrio rosa

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