Why “Identify?”

The sexual orientation of the day.

Hola a todos. I read the title of this article to mi amigo/my friend. He said: “Just hearing someone say “I identity” makes you want to sigh. I can’t stand that.

I can’t either.

I don’t know who started this “I identify” rubbish but it has certainly been brainwashed into most Queer people online. What the fuck has happened to my fellow Queers? I can’t relate to them anymore. Is that because most of them have become so pro-corporate and conformist? Trying to be as much like the breeders/straights as possible? Sigh. So this is what our now-dead Movement worked decades for? Or is it a case of “I must conform to fit in?” That’s odd, during the Movement, Queers were against conformity and were independent-minded. Things have done a 180 since then. Mi amigo reminded me: That conformity you’re writing about started in San Francisco when everyone was supposed to get in lockstep and support the City’s “Sit/Lie” anti-homeless measure and hate on the homeless where the homeless were not allowed to sit or lie on the sidewalks except for a few hours overnight.

I was on a Queer site during the process of writing his article and it showed a picture of people sitting around a circle in chairs. The caption was, “I see some LGBT identified families in that picture.” (roll eyes/sigh). Why not just say, “I see some Queer families in that picture.” Why the extra word or extra step of “identified?” And don’t get me started on that cookie-cutter, conformist and corporate “LGBT” shit.

During the now-dead Gay Rights Movement, Queers said: “I’m gay.” Or “I’m Queer” Or “I’m a lesbian.” Nobody “identified.” But these days where absolute conformity is “in” and required? You have to say, “I identify as gay.” And “I identify as lesbian.” And “I identify as bi.” Or “Identify as straight.” Why the extra step of “identifying?” What nut came up with that rubbish?

With this “I identify…” nonsense, it implies that one can “identify” as gay one day, and “identify” as straight tomorrow and “identify” as bi the next day. In other words, “identify” implies that one can change one’s sexual orientation by how one “identifies” on a particular day, rather than just fucking saying “I’m gay.” Period. Why is that so difficult? This “identify” shit feeds directly into the far-rights claim that “gays choose to be gay” mentality and since that’s the case (NOT!), when will the far-right say: “Why don’t the gays choose to ‘identify’ as straight and be normal like us on the far-right?” I guess Queers are now “identifying” to prove the far-right correct! More insanity. Or is “identify” meant to make one less so than one really is. As in, “I identify as gay but I’m not really gay. It’s just the way I identify.” (roll eyes/sigh). I remember when the heteronormative closet case who owns the obnoxious sports bar on Market Street was interviewed. In the interview he said, “I identify as gay.” He forgot to say, “but I’m in the closet which is why I only fly Rainbow Flags on corporate pride weekend to dupe people into thinking I’m pro-Queer. When Monday comes, my Rainbow Flag(s) go back into the closet with me and I fly corporate sports team flags the rest of the year.

I suspect it was the “LGBT” QRSTUVWXYZ++++++++ corporatist trash who killed our Movement and have ruined everything else about our now-dead Movement who came up with this “identify” caca. And don’t get me started on the Corporate Queer parade. Or should it be the “LGBT” QRSTUVWXYZ++++++++ Corporate Parade? I suspect this “identify” shit came from the same trash who cooked up that “LGBT” revisionist history manure that one sees spammed all over the internet. The corporatist basura can’t say the word Queer?

And considering what the far-right have done to that alphabet-soup mess, why are Queers still using it?


Can’t people just say, “I’m Queer?” Or “I’m gay?” Why the need to “identify” as the sexual orientation of the day. More insanity. Chau.—el barrio rosa