Why is it important to show people you’re married? Why is trans part of the Queer group?

Who is going to notice the wedding ring on your finger Ms and Ms Straight while you make out under San Francisco’s Castro’s gay flag? For those who don’t know, The Castro is the favourite place for straight couples to go and cheat on each other. The thinking seems to be: “No one would ever think of looking for you over there in a former Gay Mecca when you’re cheating on your partner.” Yes, we’ve seen countless breeder couples passionately making out under the large Rainbow Flag in Harvey Milk Plaza (of all places). They always look like it’s a first hook-up — as if they’re going to have sex right there — and they’re cheating on someone after hooking up through some sex app.

As for Queer couples: Who will notice the wedding ring on your finger? And if they do, they’ll think you’re married to the opposite gender because you’re wearing your ring on the same finger (left hand fourth finger) as the straights. And gay male relationships are superior to dysfunctional straight relationships in so many ways.

Most people won’t remember that Queers can get married to each other.

Who cares that you’re married? Most people couldn’t care less. So why is there a need for “wedding rings?” Your commitment to each other is within you. It’s not guaranteed by some piece of metal called a wedding ring, or lofty, syrupy vows or any of that other nonsense that nobody pays attention to anyway after the wedding charade is over.

In this day and age, isn’t it stupid to have to wear a piece of metal around your finger to signify you’re married. How outdated! Especially when nobody cares. It just gives something to the annoyed partner to throw in anger at his or her partner during one of their vicious arguments. Or throw the thing away entirely as some guys do when they’re fed up with Ms Bitch.

And let’s talk about that phony white wedding dress that the bride wears as she pretends to be Ms Virgin. Who does she think she’s fooling? Everybody knows she’s been fucked many times. And how many abortions had she had along the way? The dress should be black to indicate: She’s marked. Already been fucked multiple times.

And why is trans part of the Queer group?

Queer/gay is about same-gender attraction. Period. Many trans people however were born straight and they remain in a heterosexual relationships despite changing their gender. WTF does that have to do with gay or Queer? What does that have to do with a sex-gender couple? Nothing. The trans people already had a group. It’s called straight. Gay/Queer has never been about feeling you’re the wrong gender in the wrong body and wanting to change that.

Why is it that anything that is not black and white straight/breeder sex is dumped into the Queer/gay group? Why is our Queer group the “catch-all” group for damn-near everything, every non-mainstream sexual fetish, sexual interest and sexual anything else you can think of? It’s dumped into the Queer/gay group.

Now that I think about it, why is bisexual part of the Queer/gay group when only one part of genuine bisexual people involves same-gender attraction? The other part is straight; the bisexual person is sexually attracted to the opposite gender. Well, opposite gender attraction is not gay/Queer. That’s called straight. Chau.—el barrio rosa