Why “Pride?”

“Pride” is a way of sanitising gay, sort of like code language because it’s no longer called “Gay Pride.” They deleted the word “gay” to sanitise the event. To make it more comfortable for the straights?

Are you “proud” of your sexuality? If so, why? What about your eye colour? Are you “proud” of that too? If so, why?

There’s no month or corporate parade for those who are proud of their eye colour, like there is a month and corporate parade for those who are “proud” of their innate sexuality.

Let’s look at this: Why would anyone have pride in or be proud of their innate sexuality, the way one was born? WTF is that about? That’s like being “proud” of one’s hair or eye colour or skin pigmentation and we don’t have any weekend or a month for that. Other than white supremacists, are these corporatists Queers also “proud” to be white (the ones who are)? There’s no weekend or month for that either. Why would one have “pride” in or be “proud” of the gender of the person one has sex with? That makes no sense either.

Having “Pride” in one’s sexuality is rather twisted thinking. I’ve never heard any straight person say, “I’m proud to be straight,” other than when they were mocking this gay “pride” shit.

And in San Francisco, the event is called “San Francisco Pride” — note that the words “gay” or Queer” are not even part of the sanitised title — which sounds like an event for city residents to have pride in their City. Sigh. Can’t Gay Incorporated do anything right? Who dreams up this ill-thought out shit? Answer: The corporatists who hijacked the Movement — along with lesbians who hijacked the now-dead Movement — and killed it after gay marriage became legal.

What was wrong with Gay Freedom Day and Festival?

The corporate event now called “Pride” — which seems to now be used worldwide — was originally called Gay Freedom Day and Festival, meaning freedom from oppression, violence, harassment, and discrimination for Queers. That makes perfect sense to me — compared to this corporate “Pride” shit — and the people I’ve talked with about this topic. Why did Gay Incorporated have to change that too?

Gay Incorporated seem to have a lot of time on their hands for doing these busy-body, useless things. If they spent a fraction of the time trying to help homeless and veteran Queers, for example — rather than Queers of their same income bracket — as they do making ludicrous name changes and dreaming up new sexuality terminology to replace words that have served us well for decades, things would be very different for the Queer group. But then that would take genuine leadership and foresight, none of which Gay Incorporated as exhibited. Corporate trash best describe them.

But what the corporatists felt the need to change it to makes no sense at all They probably didn’t like that “freedom” word in there and found it “too radical” for corporate interests and corporate sponsors. So they wanted to change that, so they sanitised the event to call it “Pride.” As in “I’m so proud to be gay.” Why? Why would one be “proud” to be Queer, bi or straight? That makes no sense at all to thinking people, just like most of what Gay Incorporated have done as self-appointed know-it-alls for Queers of their same income bracket.

I have no use for Gay Incorporated. In fact, I can’t stand them. They’re corporate sell-out trash. They killed their own movement after gay marriage became legal by decreeing that Queers “assimilate” (blend in) with the straights. I didn’t like the sound of that when I heard it. A decree that many (most?) gay guys interpreted (subconsciously?) to mean: Go back in the closet and — in many cases — marry a female to be and “act straight” and fully blended in with the straights. Gay guys didn’t need gay marriage to fucking marry a female, people. They could have done that from Day One. Just insanity. The same for lesbians who have since married guys to “assimilate.”

Do any of these corporatist idiots ever think anything through to its final conclusion or outcome? No, it would seem not. Consistently, they seem to make very glib decisions, never thinking anything through using critical thinking skills.

And the “Pride” event has been completely corporatised — with the “official corporate hotel” and “official corporate car” and rows of corporate sponsors — and from what I’ve heard about San Francisco’s corporate “Pride,” it’s mainly an event for straights to party and make out under rainbow flags. That’s what is has become.

“Pride” has completely lost its meaning and its way, just like the corporatist trash who run Gay Incorporated and Brand-Cult “LGBTQ” Alphabet Soup Blah, Blah, Blah. And how many more fucking letters are they planning to add to that train of letters mess? Lea DeLaria: LGBTQQICAPF2K+ is divisive. Is it their intent to go through the entire alphabet and plus signs 3 times? They already have two Qs. For some insane reason, anything that is not heterosexual is dumped into the Queer group.