Why Twitter doesn’t suspend his azz

Hola a todos. If it were not for the current White House occupant, Twitter would very likely be out of business today. I remember that before he got in office, that so-called “social media platform” which is nothing but a website — “platforms” are where you stand to wait to take the metro or subway in your city — for gabfests and for the addicted to write endless text comments that nobody will ever read or care about, and for uploading pictures of your most recent breakfast, lunch and dinner to get “likes.” Not that anyone cares about that either except the narcissistic and self-absorbed.

Rather than doing his job as “president,” he spends much of his day writing garbage on Twitter, that if any of the rest of us wrote, we’d be banned and have our comments deleted.

But the CEO of Twitter, who my reliable gaydar tells me is a closet case — depending upon what picture you look at of him — with the “on and off girlfriend” that I read about awhile back. Why is she “on and off?” Because he’s really gay? Is she serving as his “cover” to make him appear to be “straight?” And in these insane days some Queers excuse or justify closet cases (or seem to), which is the opposite approach that was taken during the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement. Mr CEO knows that Twitter would disappear if he got rid of the biggest asshole/troll on the planet. So Mr CEO allows the orange child to say whatever he wants and excuses it as “it’s newsworthy” on his “platform.” Lame and odd. Just because one holds a certain political office — and has disrespected that office since Day One — that gives one the licence to say any and all vile things he wants. There are no standards that apply to him. The rest of us are not treated the same way.

The fact is, Mr CEO — like most capitalistic greed-based techie$ it seems who apparently have no standards, ethics or sense of decency what-so-ever — is serving as an enabler and an accomplice to the current White House occupant. Does Mr CEO not realise he’s enabling the orange child to a second term?

Some people are asking that the international bully’s Twitter account be suspended, which of course it won’t be. I’ll believe that will happen when I see it. If I were CEO, I’d suspend his account at least until after the “election,” assuming there is a pantomime in November called an “election.” As some of us see it, this guy (the orange child) isn’t going anywhere unless he dies in office.

But back to the “platform” language that tech is now using to describe their sites: They are nothing but servers, websites. But the techies — who think they’re better than the rest of us; they still live under the illusion that they are “god’s gift to the world” — try their best to be elitist, so they’re calling their site a “social media platform” Dahling. And many people, like sheeple, are repeating that “platform” language as well. When in reality, these “platforms” are just another (useless) billionaire-owned — the CEO of Twitter’s wealth is listed as 4.9 billion USD as of 2020; the CEO of FB’s wealth is listed as 86.5 billion USD as of 2020 — data-mining/spy-machine website mainly for suckers to type to each other. What’s so hot about that?

Update: After I wrote the above, I read this: “Tr*mp retweets a video saying ‘the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat.’” Vile. His enabler in the House, Nancy Pelosi, rushed to defend him by saying he wasn’t being literal. How would she know? And why would she say that? How does she know his intent? If any of the rest of us tweeted the same, our account would be closed, we’d be banned and very likely arrested. But not the dysfunctional orange child/international bully. He’s above the law as the Dem’s lame Impeachment Show demonstrated. By the way, I don’t wear a Team Jersey. I’m an independent politically and really can’t stand either corporate, imperialistic team.

Pleased to see the mayor of Chicago to tell the current White House occupant in code to: “F U.” It’s about time somebody told him “Fuck You.” I’m so tired of people eating the ass of this scum of the Earth, this bloated orange skin-encased sack of fecal matter, and acting like door mats for him to walk all over, especially “Democratic” politicians. And even when they are critical of him it’s in the most mealy-mouthed, wet-doily, tepid, afraid-to-offend-anybody language. I’m sick of it. So I thank Mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago for her comment. Muchas gracias. Respect must be earned and this unhealthy, obese, orange piece of trash has done nothing to earn anyone’s respect. He’s a disgrace to el mundo/the world. Chau.—el barrio rosa