“Why would you think I have a wife?”

Hola a todos. I was observing this conversation outside my apartment building. It was causing quite the stir. A guy and this loud female were having an altercation — one had hit the other — over their vehicles. I only heard/saw part of the conversation, which at least for me, was the important part. The part I observed was: She said to the guy for some reason: “I see you’re married so I’ll treat you like you’re a married man.” I’m not sure why that came up. I tried to see his hands and saw that he had a left hand fourth finger wedding ring. He asked her, “What do you mean that you’ll treat me like I’m a married man?” So it wasn’t just me that didn’t understand why she said that. Then, she asked an inappropriate question: Where is your wife? Who asks that question of anybody? Well she did. He said: I don’t have a wife. I’m married to my boyfriend. He asked: Why would you think that I have a wife? She responded: “It’s your left hand wedding ring. That misled me because that’s where us straights wear our wedding rings.” He said: Oh I see how you could be confused. Unfortunately, the guy didn’t move his wedding ring to the right hand fourth finger so he wouldn’t be mistaken for being straight in the future. The police showed up and then it was standard protocol from then on.

And yes, that’s the problem with Queers wearing their wedding rings on their left hand (fourth finger). They are mistaken for breeders. Do they want to be mistaken for breeders? If so, what are they ashamed of? Chau.—el barrio rosa