Will a new Queer Rights Movement start in 2060?

Goodbye gay marriage and other Queer rights. Since gay marriage became legal, ironically the world has become one big closet for Queers rushing back into. Who would have predicted that? Clearly, gay marriage has most assuredly backfired. I’ve heard a few other observant Queers say the same thing. “Out and Proud” went back into the closet with everything else. Insane. When was the last time you saw an “Out and Proud” Queer anywhere? Today: It’s conform, “look straight,” wear funeral black and grey and live with one’s gay shame, which is what it amounts to.

Hola a todos. Fast-forward 40 years from 2020. We’re now in 2060. And after 40 years of a far-right US Supreme Court — which runs our lives in the big scheme of things — and what will feel like the non-United States having returned to the 1930s, 40s and 50s for the past 40 years, will the Queer Rights Movement have to start all over again in, say, 2060?

With the newly-seated fascist (Barrett) on the US Supreme Court and the other 5 fascist conservatives residing in the anti-Queer, juvenile and fist-pumping Orange Führer’s super-sized upper colon, it’s all over for this country and for any Queer Rights Movement. That’s the reality.

I guess most people having paid attention in recent years know that the Queer Rights Movement died after gay marriage became legal and Queers were ordered to be like and act like, blend-in — it was technically called “assimilate,” — with the breeders/straights, giving the distinct impression that those who ordered Queers to “assimilate” think that the breeders are the superior sexuality. Regardless, Queers in near-universal lockstep fell for the Dictate to Assimilate with the Straights.

Historically, when Queers have tried to be like the majority breeders, it’s technically called “going back in the closet” and “I’ll pretend to be straight.” The code language they use is: Discreet and “down low.” And that’s what’s happened since gay marriage became legal. That’s what the majority of Queers did from all that we’ve seen.

The Queer Rights Movement is absolutely dead from all indications that we’ve seen. Queers remained silent about the far-right Barrett nomination to the US Supreme Court. One should expect gay marriage — does anyone care about that anymore?; not that I see — along with workplace rights and other rights for Queers to be gutted/deleted/removed, gone.

Maybe with the new movement in 2060, will they get the name of it correct the next time? Or by that time, will that revisionist history “LGBT” nonsense be a mile long with added letters covering an entire page by itself?

Mi amigo/My friend still refers to the “Queer Community.” At which time I respond: There is no Queer Community today. It’s dead. The Queer Community of yesterday would have been in the streets with 50-60 protests before the confirmation hearings for this Barrett bitch to put pressure on the Democrats to oppose this far-right Barrett. The weak and pathetic Democrats could have at least filibustered this nominee instead of letting Mitch Trump-McConnell ram this bitch through. Instead, there was silence from Queers. With the Queer Community of yesterday there would have been signs in the now-straight neighbourhoods with the residual Queers living there in former gay meccas. But now, the neighbourhood (The Castro in San Francisco) is so run-down and abandoned, that very few Queers are there. The people there are mostly straight, and are addicted to Cha**erbate and other sex sites and couldn’t really be bothered with any things such as gay rights and gay marriage. The Queers remaining in The Castro are more concerned about their PrEP, their meth and where the next COVID-super spreader party is. Though there definitely seems to be fewer and fewer Queers around in San Francisco day-by-day, and or going back in the closet pretending to be straight. Insane, considering we used to be the Gay Mecca. They seem to be moving to Sacramento and some odd-ball towns. During the “out and proud” Gay Mecca years, I would never have predicted that in the future Queers would be going back in the closet in drove — with some going into “him and her” breeder relationships apparently desperate to be “straight” or give the illusion that they’re “straight” — and becoming the opposite of who and what they were. Insanity.

I think the US Supreme Court could overturn gay marriage and any other Queer rights, and the response today would be a big SILENCE. I say that because when most Queers today appear to be back in the closet — again, some even living with and marrying females to pretend to be straight — gay rights are no longer important to them because they think they live with (white) straight privilege.

Like all other injustices on this court, this bitch that was just seated on the court has a lifetime appointment.

How long before it’s illegal for Queers to live together and to have consensual sex with each other as it was in past decades?

Those fucking sex apps certainly lobotomised and fucked up the activism of the so-called Queer “Community.” Or should it be called this ludicrous mess: the LGBTQQICAPF2K+ so-called “community?” That’s the official acronym, by the way. Ugh. I guess that by 2060, they will have added umpteen more letters, numbers and plus signs. Just use the word Queer. Ignore those conformist corporatist assholes. They ruined our first Movement. They should not be allowed to hijack and ruin a new Movement. They clearly have their head up their ass. Chau.—el barrio rosa

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