Would they tell us that he has coronavirus?

So a certain address on Pennsylvania Avenue in the District of Columbia is being contaminated with COVID-19. As of this writing, the District has 6,389 COVID-19 cases with 328 deaths.

At that address on Pennsylvania Avenue, they have implemented stringent mask policies, but not for him. He’s too good for that. Selfish, self-absorbed and self-entitled him is above it all.

He was scheduled for another waste of time photo-op (intended for his campaign videos?) at a factory in Pennsylvania that makes medical equipment (including masks that he refuses to wear), but the factory “postponed” — until after the pandemic is over — the visit saying that his visit “could jeopardize both worker safety and the plant’s ability to produce special material for masks and other medical equipment.” A wise move on the factory’s part. Good to see someone standing up to this trash.

Question: Would they tell us that the insane and deranged international bully has coronavirus? I can take a guess: Absolutely not. I say that because the unrealistic image they have given the world of him is that he’s the picture of perfect health and never has any problems. It’s always somebody else’s fault. I would like to point out that mature people take ownership and responsibility for things when they are at fault. He’s marketed to the world as the perfect human being with perfect health. They never tell the truth about anything else, with few if any consequences, so why would they tell the truth about him having COVID-19? He could be near death and they would tell us “he’s fine and feeling great; never felt better! The picture of health.”

He’s constantly pretending to be Mr Tough Guy (think: actor John Wayne) — with his fists pumping the air as if he thinks he’s boxing someone — and immuned to any and all viruses in the world. He loves to “play military” yet never served a day in his life even when he had the opportunity to do so. So I suspect he’d continue his usual routine of lies and deceit until he collapses at the podium from not being able to breath or something. We’d be told he was in “perfect health” but died of a heart attack but is now “feeling great.” That’s usually how it is with these septic corrupt trash.

There’s a rumour/conspiracy theory going around that the “top tiers” around the world have already taken a vaccine to prevent COVID-19 and that’s why we’ve seen very few of the wealthy elite become infected. They received the vaccine before it has been released to the general public in order to get rid of the poor people around el mundo/the world. That does sound like what wealthy scum would do.

Update: As of this writing, he’s bloviating for churches to be opened and “packed.” You can’t do social-distancing in a packed church, you fucking moron. Why would he insist on churches and mosques reopening? He doesn’t give a damn about church or religion. Bottom line: It’s to play to his stupid-is-in evangelical base. Because the current white house occupant is not a Christian. He’s a Christian fraud. His church is a golf course. He merely pretends to be a Christian to play to his stupid-is-in base. His policies and the way he lives his life are the exact opposite of what Jesus taught, from what we know about him, from learned theologians. The only time the current white house occupant goes to church is for camera time and on a High Holy day. In which case he goes to Washington National Cathedral (WNC-Anglican Communion) even though he knows nothing about the Anglican Liturgy. That’s also interesting because evangelicals can’t stand Anglicans. They don’t even consider Anglicans “Christians.” Do they know he goes to WNC, rather than to their church? He goes to WNC because their production crew video records most of their Liturgies and he gets camera time, especially if one of the corporate networks are there. But when WNC is open — the Cathedral is currently closed due to shelter-in-place orders in the District — he sits on the front row bathing in the attention from more camera time. Chau.—el barrio rosa