WTF has happened to lesbians?

Hola a todos. In my working career, I worked with both straight and lesbian females. There was a distinct difference emotionally with the lesbians. They were more like guys emotionally, although some lesbians acted like assholes. Brash and butch. But they were more stable in other words than the straight females, who were often an emotional wreck with one dysfunction after another. Or at least that’s the way lesbians appeared.

On one occasion, I applied for a job and gave my application to a lesbian. She was of the butch/bull dyke variety of lesbian (rare to see that type these days). I thought nothing of it at the time. I had known her for some time and thought we had a good rapport and I was more than qualified for the job. Unfortunately, she made sure I didn’t get the job, as if she alone decided she would tarnish me and any reputation I had with the store. That was her agenda. She turned out to be an asshole. After giving her the application, I said no more about the job or having applied for it, nor did she. I could tell by her body language that she felt uncomfortable that I had even applied to work there. Never did know why. I knew her close friend in the store and she gave me the run-around when I did a couple of follow-ups on my application with her. It was clear she didn’t want me working there either because Ms Lesbian had decided against me. One lie they told me was “I’ll put your application on the stack.” That was to deter me and make me not get my hopes up. That implied they had a stack of (outdated) applications from over the years that they thumbed through to hire. With San Francisco being a transient City, how many of those people in the stack still lived here or were available? That was bull shit. On another occasion, I saw someone filling out an application in person in the store and shortly after that I saw them working in the store. So much for the stack of applications, which implied there were possible 100s! If there were a stack, it consisted of about 3-4 applicants. That was one of several times I had been fucked over by a lesbian over the years. Mi amigo/My friend says the same from his experience.

Now I speak from limited experience these days with lesbians, but the lesbians of today — which some people refer to as “Lipstick Lesbians” — are a new breed. What heteronormative lesbian started that version? They try to be more like straight women. Less emotionally-stable. My neighbour is an example. If she doesn’t have some drama in her life, she’ll create it. She thrives on dysfunction. Someone is moving out of our building and she gushed to the person, “You’ve been the perfect neighbour. I’ll miss you so much.” WTF? They were merely casual acquaintances. They never talked and the only time they did was when my neighbour was yelling up to the straight female to “quiet it down.” Bottom line: My lipstick lesbian neighbour just says anything syrupy to anybody. It’s very fake and phony. I suspect the straight female who is moving out thought: What? We didn’t even know each other so why will you miss me so much? Is my lesbian lipstick neighbour aware that the female moving out is homophobic? Right after Ms Straight moved in, she had a party and some of the guys at the party were yelling “faggot” off the deck. That stuck in my mind about this woman and who she keeps as company. On one occasion my neighbour yelled up to her asking her to tone it down (another party) and told her “I’m from New York,” as if that was supposed to mean something big and tough. Then fairly recently in an email, Ms Straight was hating on San Francisco’s homeless population and how she considered moving to the suburbs, as if there are no homeless in the suburbs.

I wonder what happened to the less emotionally-driven lesbians that I used to know and got along fairly well with. I can’t relate at all to these phony Lipstick Lesbians who try to be as much like straight women as possible, at least from my experience with the ones I’ve had contact with. Just more lipstick smeared on thick where you see the particles of the colour pigmentation hanging in pieces off her lips. You know what I mean. You think I’m kidding?

Mi amigo/My friend told me that he has suggested to her a couple of times that maybe she should date men (since she tries to be so “straight” and heteronormative). She was most recently gushing over a baby in the building and how “I can’t wait to hold him. What a perfect baby.” When the fuck did lesbians get all hot for babies and breeder sexuality? Does she wish deep down that she were straight? Anyway, my neighbour said she didn’t have any interest in guys. Also, the couple with the baby and my neighbour never talk either. Again, she just says anything pussy-driven and syrupy to anybody. I cannot relate. For some reason, this lipstick talk reminds me of that “lipstick on a pig” slogan that politicians use. If you smother the pig with lipstick, it’s still a pig. Not that all lesbians are pigs. Chau.—el barrio rosa