Yo soy Betty, la Fea

Doña Catalina has had to leave us.
UPDATE: El 31 de marzo de 2014. Hola. Last night I read the sad news that Doña Catalina (Catalina Ángel/Celmira Luzardo) died earlier this month in Bogotá on el 12 de marzo. She had cancer and died of respiratory complications. How terrible. What an injustice! We have so many scum of the Earth politicians and other basura on the planet who continue to live on even when they seem to be without a heart or a brain, yet beautiful Doña Catalina dies. She was one of my favourite people in YSBLF and she played a very important role (as counselor to Betty) in Betty la Fea as anyone who has seen the telenovela knows. Doña Catalina had a lovely personality in Betty and whenever she came off the elevator in the reception area at Ecomoda, I would say, “Oh, there’s Doña Catalina!” She was a wonderful person. I don’t know how she was in real life but in Betty she was a very special person and character. A very pivotal character. I’m sure everyone remembers the scenes from Cartegena (Doña Catalina, Betty and Michell). From what I can tell, BLF was the last major production Celmira Luzardo was part of. Maybe she knew then that she had cancer. I don’t know. I think she did maybe a few small roles after Betty, but in the last few years she had distanced herself from acting. She had also moved to La isla caribeña de San Andrés. Mi amiga said that if there were ever any thought about a “remake” or an update to BLF, that they really couldn’t do that now because one of the key people has had to leave us. True. And also all of the cast would be older so they wouldn’t look the same necessarily. I’ve seen some members of the Betty cast fairly recently in other programmes: JEA (Jorge Enrique Abello), Ricardo Vélez (Mario Calderón), Luces Velásquez (Bertha), Dora Cadavid (Inés/”Inesita”) and Michell (Patrick Delmas).
Very, very sad that she died. Here’s a scene with Doña Catalina from Cartegena courtesy of RCN at this link. Chau.—rosa barrio

Luto en la televisión colombiana: murió la actriz Celmira Luzardo

El 8 de agosto de 2013. Hola. ¿Qué Tal? Are you watching Betty, la Fea, on MundoFox at 6.00 pm Lunes a Viernes?

It’s technically Ecomoda, the sequel to spinoff of BLF, but just like with TeleFutura a few years ago when they showed it, it’s being called Betty, la Fea. I’ve not watched MundoFox before. The network has only been around for a year apparently and it’s joint venture between Canal RCN de Bogotá Colombia and Fox, with (I think) Canal RCN providing the programming. And because Canal RCN is involved, I especially wanted to see BFL because I assumed that they would be showing the original Canal RCN Fernando Gaitán Yo soy Betty, la Fea and Ecomoda. Gaitán created both telenovelas. Unfortunately, I missed all of Betty la Fea on MundoFox except for la boda/the wedding (Betty y Armando). I saw on a telenovela forum a couple of weeks ago that BLF was being shown (it said “starting agosto de 2012″) so I thought I had missed it. I began calculating the amount of time since agosto de 2012 to julio de 2013 and in my head fitting in 169 BLF capítulos. I realised BLF was about to end if it hadn’t already! It ended about two weeks ago and then they immediately went into Ecomoda, without the viewers knowing it’s Ecomoda. As I’m writing this and thinking back on what I did see of BLF on MundoFox, not all of that capítulo was shown. That’s terrible. I remember saying to myself (you know, like they do in the telenovelas) that they showed only about 10 minutes of la boda. They cut out some of Nicolás Mora (I like him!…”chau, chau”) when he was sitting in the church pew beside/leaning on Doña Catalina. I don’t remember seeing that at all on MundoFox. I remember thinking that it seemed like a very fast la boda. I think they also cut out some of the priest speaking because I remember liking the way he spoke when BLF was on TeleFutura. Why would they cut out some of la boda? Loco.

Anyway, this Ecomoda is different than the one I saw on TeleFutura and it’s different than the ones on CorporateTube (a.k.a. YouTube). It’s different in a very good way in that it makes sense. It’s really no different than BLF. But when Ecomoda was shown on TeleFutura a few years ago they did such a terrible job of showing it by cutting much of it out and as a result viewers on message forums wrote many comments expressing their disgust with the hack job done on Ecomoda by TeleFutura and saying how it didn’t make any sense. For example, you’d see one character very angry at another character but what caused the anger had been cut out and situations came out of no where. The story line was very chopped up and disjointed. I don’t know why, other than to fit in more damned commercials?

Fortunately, this Ecomoda on MundoFox doesn’t appear to be cut, although I’m now beginning to wonder some about that. When Ecomoda is written about people write, “Ecomoda begins in Buenos Aires…” This version didn’t. The Ecomoda MundoFox is showing (the original one I assume since it’s Canal RCN) began in Bogotá at la cumpleaños of Betty y Armando’s hija/daughter. The Buenos Aires part didn’t come for awhile. I forget exactly where it was. It might have been in the second capítulo, but it was not at the beginning.

After I saw Ecomoda on TeleFutura, I wondered why Fernando Gaitán took something as successful world-wide as Betty, la Fea and then made the sequel so different and sillier. I now know he didn’t. He kept it the same, which makes sense. It was the television networks (TeleFutura) and others who cut it up so and made it sillier and dumbed-it-down some by just showing “excerpts,” if that. The Betty in Ecomoda is not the same Betty as the BLF Betty and that’s one of the complaints about Ecomoda from some people and it’s why some people stopped watching it. It doesn’t really bother me that Betty is not the same Betty. Ecomoda is more about la empresa, Ecomoda (which is probably why Gaitán named it “Ecomoda”) and the people en la empresa and the people they work with (the “Fashion Group” for example). The Betty in Ecomoda is a corporate Betty as opposed to the so-called “la fea” Betty. There’s also some very nice new música incidental in Ecomoda, in addition to the BLF música incidental. I like most of la música a lot.

Ecomoda started about two weeks ago on MundoFox so check it out. They began capítulo once today. There seem to be 26 capítulos, although from when TeleFutura showed it I thought I remembered there being 39. I did feel rather disgusted and alarmed yesterday when on the television screen for the BLF promo on MundoFox it said, “Últimas Semanas.” ¿Qué? Already?! So does that mean that they are going to show all of Ecomoda without cuts or are they ending it early?


What is with Betty, le Fea and Ecomoda that television networks feel the need to change the original version de Colombia? Why can’t they show the original Fernando Gaitán “Betty” and Ecomoda as Gaitán wrote them and filmed them? That seems impossible for them. If he had wanted Betty and Ecomoda cut or shortened, he would have made them that way to begin with. The corporate media in the Estados Unidos/US are pathetic and they suck. They also serve as stenographers for the government of the Estados Unidos/US. I can see television network programming “excutives” saying in their little meetings something like this: We’ll have to make major cuts in Betty la Fea and Ecomoda when we show them because our viewers don’t have the attention span for those long scenes of dialogue. Our viewers need fast, constant scene changes, lots and lots of flashing on the screen (like a lightening storm where the screen just flashes at you and hurts the eyes), our viewers expect exploding cars in the air and other explosions and things blowing up. That’s what we need to show to keep our viewer’s extremely short attention span along with lot$ of commercial$. And there’s nothing like that in BLF or Ecomoda.” My response to them: There is plenty going on in BLF and Ecomoda. There’s something always going on in the background in scenes as well as the foreground and you’re often sweating much of the time because parts of BLF y Ecomoda are intenso. You don’t need any flying flashing cars or crashing planes or anything blowing up. BLF and Ecomoda are high-quality telenovelas and not cheap, sensationalist, hype-driven basura programming. If you feel the need to disrespect the original Fernando Gaitán art works called Betty la Fea and Ecomoda, then don’t show either at all. That’s how I feel about it. Who wants to see a hack job of either one of them? We’ve already had enough of that. ¡Basta Ya!

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Gracias. Chau.—rosa barrio

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If you’ve not seen Ecomoda, you might want to scroll back up the page. If you have seen Ecomoda, remember this motel? (Click on the first link below). It’s the motel where Mario Calderón had an accident (with a taxi) while he was driving Betty’s car when leaving the motel and Mario’s muchacha was nibbling on his ear:

Rocamar (picture/image)