You can’t fix stupid, and there’s no shortage of stupid

Hola a todos. Well clearly, no one — even the people who call themselves “progressive” and or “liberal” — most of whom are fake-progressives/liberals and who vote for the right-wing, pro-war, imperialistic and corrupt “Democratic” Party Cult at election time — none of them want to hear or talk about the corrupt, fraudulent, hack-able voting system in the non-United States. So they deny that’s the case even though there’s a plethora of credible information confirming this. But Denial is easier. Their thinking seems to be: Well if I admit that the system I vote on is broken, fraudulent and corrupt, that means there’s no hope and I want to also deny that. “I want to always think there’s hope.” With thoroughly corrupt politicians who don’t work for you or care about you, but rather their corporate interests? What drugs are you on? All they want from you is your vote and your dinero/money. The non-United States is a country in massive denial on so many levels. So, using denial, they choose to believe that votes count and are not fucked with by anyone. They keep doing the same thing each “election” cycle and expecting different results only to be constantly disappointed. That’s called insanity. So, no one — other than myself and mi amigo/my friend — have any interest in talking about the fraudulent voting system. Related:

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But again, most people choose Denial. Does their denial serve them well in the end?

Politically speaking, there are two types of people: the stupid people (also known as delusionals, denialists and wishful-thinkers who are disappointed most of the time by their Blue politicians). They are devout, brainwashed-partisan people, it’s like a religion for them, and rarely do they leave that partisan trench/rut. The stupid people have increased vastly in numbers since 2000 as being stupid and immature have become cool.

The majority fall into the first category: the stupid people. They learn nothing from history or past “elections.” In fact, they keep doing the same thing and expecting different results. That’s insanity.

The second category consists of a very small minority of people who are realists and — rightly so — expect the worst politically based on what history has shown. The stupid-is-in crowd often refer to this minority as “you with your superior intellect and insight.” Even though the minority never speak about any alleged superior intellect, that’s how the first group of stupid people troll the minority group. In part, because they don’t want to hear what the minority says. The stupid people want an echo chamber of “Vote Blue,” along with the immature “tRump” [sic] word and the immature “Flush Donny Turd in November.” These stupid people really think it’s that simple. The stupid people still believe in The System and in voting — and always will — even though there’s more than sufficient evidence that the voting system is corrupt, fraudulent, hackable and unfit for any genuine democracy. The stupid people don’t want to believe any of this because it would shatter their beliefs in The System that they so desperately want to believe is fair and honest, so they cling to the Establishment status quo no matter how fascist it becomes.

The realists — about 4 people online — realise it was all over for the non-United States back in 2000 with the Judicial Coup, if not before. They also realise that there is no democracy to save, even though fake-progressive and fake-independent Bernie Sanders keeps touting that line as Bernie does more campaigning for Biden than Biden does for Biden. The fake-independent does more work for the “Democrat” than the registered “Democrat” does. Insanity. And what needs to be done to get rid of these trash in power and to change The System, most are not willing to do. It’s easier for the D sheeple to sit at their PCs and write little immature wishful-thinking tripes and “Vote Blue or you lose” and “tRump” and “Flush Donny Turd.” (roll eyes)

“The left” today is nothing like “the left” of 20 years ago.

“The left” as it’s called has become so watered-down, weak, corporatist and mainstream. After the stolen “election” of 2000 and the subsequent Judicial Coup, “the left” talked about our corrupt voting system being fraudulent and hackable. But today? Not a word. The language that “the left” used 20 years ago was deliberate. Today? They’re just as sloppy as the right-wing. Two examples of that: “The left” 20 years ago refused to refer to Bush as president. Today? They refer to Bush as President [sic] with a capital P, denoting respect. 20 years ago “the left” knew that America was a hemisphere and not the name of a country. They used the language “US” (not America) to refer to the country with no name, and USan(s) to refer to the people. Today? They use America and American, just like the far-right. These days, people call themselves anything. It doesn’t have to have any basis in reality. “Hi, I’m a progressive because I vote for any D politician at “election” time, even the far-right politicians. I vote to give the white house occupant the largest military budget in history. I’m a progressive.” Fuck off, sure you are, you fraud. A person who is genuinely on the left does not support war or war budgets. Period. A person who is genuinely on the left does not make excuses for a corporate right-wing party that often enables the other corporate right-wing party. A person who is genuinely on the left wants nothing to do with either corrupt, imperialistic, corporate pro-war party/cult.

Now is the time to avoid comment sections on most websites because they’re full of the partisan-brainwashed “Democrats” and their grandiose wishful-thinking and delusions. I click off saying, “You can’t fix stupid.”

One can correct something that one person says. Then, the next commenter will say the same thing again that the ignorant person said. It’s as if they don’t read anything. It’s infuriating. It’s no wonder that little changes when people keep doing the same thing over and over again one “election” cycle after the other, and then expect different results. Again, that’s called insanity. That cannot be over-emphasised.

Then, there are those who speak for “We” and what “We must do…” How many decades have we been hearing that only to find ourselves in this disaster. Such as this comment:

The first thing we need to do is get rid of Feinstein, Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of the deadwood.

My response: I can’t count the number of years I’ve heard that and they are all still in their positions. Just so you know, “we” have nothing to do with Pelosi going anywhere. Her district is the City and County of San Francisco. Only San Franciscans can vote for her and she will have her job as long as she wants it, even with people running against her (as they are in 2020). She doesn’t even campaign here. She knows she doesn’t need to. The D-partisans vote for her no matter what she does for the Republicans. I know because I live here. San Francisco has shifted to the right in recent years. It’s quite a conservative and conformist City today, but every election cycle Pelosi clocks in at roughly 78-82% of the vote, regardless of voter turnout, according to the San Francisco Department of Elections. So she has her job as long as she wants it. Period. As for Feinstein, only the state of CA can vote for her (not “we” on CD), but she keeps her job no matter what. Name-recognition. And senators serve 6 year terms, so she has her job until 2025. She’s not going anywhere unless she dies in office. So, the people on this forum have nothing to do with Pelosi or Feinstein keeping their jobs, unless the voter lives in California (Feinstein) or San Francisco (Pelosi). Those are two examples.

Chau.—el barrio rosa