You can’t take the girl out of the guy

The Trans Industrial Complex has become as much a lie as the Porn Industrial Complex

I swear, some people must sit around corporate board room tables for hours dreaming up new sexual terms, new sexual language to fill the Century of Insanity’s Sex Dictionary in order to justify any sexual situation and arrangement that two people have.

It’s all intended to support, justify, rally and conform people to accepting that the Queer category now includes having straight sex.

Dick into pussy = straight sex. Period.

A guy eating pussy = straight sex. Period. What the fuck does that have to do with Queer or same-gender attraction? Nothing what-so-ever.

Yes, you can “fluid” (ugh) yourself to straight if you’re a Queer person here in the Century of Insanity.

Why is it that anything and everything that is not black and white (think: breeder sexuality), him and her, Christian, white, and baby-making missionary position is dumped into the Queer category? I don’t understand that.

It used to be just Gay and Lesbian. That’s what we were called. Because they are the two categories of same-gender attraction which defines Queer/Gay: Two gay guys together. Two lesbians together.

Before the Century of Insanity, Queer or Gay meant same gender attraction. Period. It did not mean opposite gender attraction. That’s straight or heterosexual, or breeders.

I know there’s bi/bisexual, but after I became a thinking adult I began to question why bi was even part of the Queer category because only one part of a bi person has same-gender attraction. The other part of a bi person is straight. And to tell you the truth, of all the people who run from the word gay and call themselves “bi,” from my experience only a small fraction of bi guys are genuinely bi. They are really gay guys calling themselves bi to “sound more masculine” or to “feel more straight.” They’re running from the word gay because of internalised homophobia and gay shame.

I watched this trans interview recently. It was a female-to-male guy (I’ll call him Damian) with another guy (David). David was going to have sex with Damian.

During their interview with each other, you had to have a dictionary at-the-ready if you didn’t already know the jargon to understand what they were talking about. They can’t just say “birth gender” they have to call that “cis-gender.” And how many people know what that means? Mi amigo/My friend just told me he had never heard the term “cis-gender” and wouldn’t know how to spell the “cis” part.

David who was going to fuck Damian’s pussy was asked about his sexual orientation and he gave the conformist and expected answer under the guidelines of the Trans Industrial Complex and Porn Industrial Complex. He said, “I’m fluid, I’m fluid.”

Damian said, “That’s good. Great to hear that.”

“Fluid” is part of the gay conversion cult’s script. It means (bottom line): I’ll fuck anything that’s human, as long as V*agra is involved to keep me with a raging hard-on.

David was bragging about how he now fucks women and “I love pussy.” He started out with girls as a closet case.

What was missing (as usual) was this: You can love “stinky and slimy pussy” and you can “love women” and all that bunk, but if you do anything with a woman other than to just have sex with her, you’re stuck with her/Ms Bitch for the remainder of the 24 hours of each day. Of course that part is never spoken by anyone.

As two straight guy friends of mine told me when I told them about this: These “fluid” guys sound very naïf about women and new to women. But that’s the script of the Trans Industrial Complex. Well it’s also the script of the Gay Conversion Cult. It paints this rosy, not-a-problem-in-the-world view. The message is: “oh that’s great that you’re now having sex with women as a Queer person.” (roll eyes/ugh). Insanity.

The interview ended with David eating Damian’s pussy. But before that he said (presumably per the script), “I went to a sex party recently and bragged to another gay guy about, “well I fucked a woman at the party.” That was intended to be a big deal. He also said that he had taken a break at one point in his life from anything gay. He didn’t explain why, but I can take a guess. He now supposedly has a male partner and was bragging to Damian about “my partner experienced vagina for the first time recently.” Yeah sure he did. David didn’t say how his partner liked vagina, or didn’t, assuming the whole thing wasn’t another lie.

They could have talked about more (lies) in the video if the trans guy hadn’t started “liking.” He started using the word “like” nearly every other word which became extremely annoying. Then, to conform, David started “fluidly” using the word “like” every other word too.

I had seen this trans guy before. The thing is: S/he changed her gender to male. Except she’s still a female inside because she still has a vagina and the female plumbing, but it was impossible for her to “take the female out of the guy.” When Damian was sitting on the bed next to David and they were holding hands as if dating, Damian sat like a female sits and had female body language. What I saw was a guy with a buzz cut haircut, a beard, a hairy body and a changed male voice, and a pussy.

But I also noticed something else. The more David talked about how “I love women” and “I love pussy,” — he really wanted the viewers to know that; that was extremely important to him — that’s when Damian started acting all girly and feminine — he crossed his legs on the bed the way girls sit as if trying to not let his vagina show — and acted all giddy and said to David, “That’s nice, thank you” in response to David’s comments about women.

That’s what I found odd. Damian: You changed your gender to male because you didn’t want to be a woman or have anything to do with that gender. You didn’t want a pussy but that’s a bit difficult to get rid of, so why would you get all giddy and gushy over David saying how he gets off on women and loves women, when you’re no longer a woman in your mind and didn’t want to be one in the first place? It was as Damian had “snapped back” into being a female again mentally and perhaps for the first time in her life someone had told her how much they love women and love pussy and Damian took it very personally. Did she have any fleeting thoughts of regret over changing her gender when she heard those words from David? She smiled broadly when David said that. That’s one part of the script that was not well thought-out.

I swear, has everyone gone insane?

Since this video was part of the Porn Industrial Complex, none of the script was likely true or the stories told. It was just used as bait to get viewers to watch their paid video. I don’t watch paid videos.

But again, was this story line even real? Doubtful. The Porn Industrial Complex is one big fucking lie, in part, because of the “straight-for-pay” or “gay-for-pay” factor.

Just because a gay guy is paid to fuck a girl while taking a box of V*agra in one or two videos, he’s then called “bisexual.” But if you do just a little bit of research and search his name, there can be his porn channel where he specifically says he’s not bi. He’s “Into guys” and not “Into guys and girls.” So David did the — one and only (for pay) — video with a trans guy.

As I see it, the Trans Industrial Complex is becoming more a lie just like the Porn Industrial Complex. They use all of this new sex language — I would list it all but I don’t care to promote it — and to make it all seem “cool” and “hip” to do so, and to be fucking anything that has a hole and calling it “Queer” even when it’s with the opposite gender.

Some trans people were never Queer to begin with. They got lumped into the Queer category — like everything else and the kitchen and bathroom sinks — because they felt like they were born the wrong gender. What’s Queer about that? Nothing.

Then after changing their gender to some degree, then some trans people hook up with the opposite gender and live a heterosexual life and have kids. What the fuck is Queer about that? Nothing. This is why I’ve said that the trans group should not be part of the Queer group. Queer is same-gender attraction.

The thing is: the trans group already had a group that existed for them. It’s called straight. Chau.—el barrio rosa


Being Queer is about same sex attraction. So what does trans have to do with that?

Should trans people be part of the Queer group?

Update: I found the real name of the guy I called David in this article. Aside from this trans video he was promoting, he’s done nothing but gay videos. No bi or str8 that I’ve found. So much for that rubbish about “loving women” and “loving pussy” since the only thing he’s done with pussy is this one trans video from all the searching I’ve done on him. It was just lies per the script apparently, as I had thought was the case. All the images that come up for his name are gay (guys having sex with guys). And the keywords he uses are entirely gay-related.