Yes on I – Luxury Condo Moratorium (San Francisco)

San Francisco has an AFFORDABLE housing crisis. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco today is over Four-Thousand US Dollars a month. There’s nothing AFFORDABLE about that! The reason? GREED.

Hola. I hadn’t planned to say anything about this upcoming (s)election in San Francisco. But I am sick to death of seeing the saturation of lies and Newspeak from the conservative basura/trash in San Francisco who are spamming every fucking website I’ve been on (including my e-mail and G***leTube) with their “No on I” lies campaign. I’m sick of it! And this article is my counter-protest to these corporate scum.

Vile Class Warfare

One of the things that has disgusted me with the GLBTQ population in San Francisco is that the wealthy GLBTQs and their conservative corporate political organisations support the current Class Warfare Agenda of the San Francisco Oligarchy and its policies. Their’s is an anti-gay agenda. It’s as if some GLBTQs have completely flipped out. The wealthy, conservative GLBTQs supported the sanitising of The Castro (the former Gay Mecca in San Francisco) to make it “Family-Friendly” (ugh!) to cater to the precious “straights” moving in and taking over The Castro. (I never knew that “straights” had priority or Queers in the minds of some GLBTQs). The sanitising of The Castro was led by the totalitarian conservative merchants basura and (at that time) their new conservative “messiah” politician (that piece of work is from New Jersey) whom they seem to see as “The Holy and Indivisible Trinity” with their gushing praise for anything that conservative prude piece of work does. These wealthy conservative GLBTQs support the building of more Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling). They’re for the continued gentrification and eviction of non-wealthy Queers from San Francisco. That’s what makes their’s an anti-gay agenda. They prefer to live among young, white “straight” techie basura — since that’s who is moving in here and raping this city — instead of living among other (non-wealthy) longtime Queer residents, who are being evicted from San Francisco.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE (these wealthy GLBTQ trash)? Are they completely bankrupt of any conscience at all? Historically, I just don’t remember gay people being so fucking shallow and superficial as these wealthy GLBTQ basura are. It seems that dinero/money is all that matters to these wealthy scum, some of whom have become obnoxious sports jocks in their desire to be like the “straights” and heteronormative (is this a case of gay self-hate/shame?). If these wealthy GLBTQs wanted to live among young, white “straight” couples why the fuck didn’t they stay where they were decades ago instead of moving to the (former) Gay Mecca? Because decades later (meaning today) these wealthy GLBTQs have become the same conservative prudes they ran from when they moved here. Now they’re hell-bent on making San Francisco a super-wealthy version of that culture-less, homogenised, conservative hell hole where they came from. I don’t understand them at all. At least here in San Francisco and The Castro, something mentally seems to happens to most people when they become homeowners/property owners. They flip out. They become the opposite of who they were. And their hypocrisy is that some (if not all) of these people were renters/tenants when they moved to San Francisco during the Gay Mecca Days. Today, they hate on and despise renters and rent control. They don’t seem to remember their own past. They are such fucking hypocrites.

So if you’re planning to take part in this corrupt sham/charade called an “election” en noviembre 2015 in San Francisco, vote YES on I. This proposition is intended to put a 18-month pause/moratorium on the construction of new/”market-rate” (I can’t stand that term) Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling) en el Distrito de la Misión de San Francisco, a barrio that has been completely disrespected of its Latino/Hispano/Mexicano/Chicano (et al) culture and has been wrecked by the techie basura and their millionaire/billionaire-owned companies which receive generous corporate welfare from the San Francisco Oligarchy. Not that I think this pause/moratorium will accomplish anything in the long run, I’m just encouraging people to VOTE YES ON I out of spite and as a counter-protest for these conservative scum who are saturating the internet with lies, distortions and Newspeak.

We already have more than enough of these sterile goddamned overpriced and underwhelming luxury condos — with their blindingly white interiors — all over this city, not just en la Misión. Luxury condos have been popping up like mushrooms under this corrupt Ed Lee/Ron Conway Regime which has destroyed this city in less than 4 years to the delight of the conservative trash — some of whom don’t even live here — and their Real Estate Industrial Complex and their Corrupt LiarsTM, including the bougi elite pretentious homeowners.

The Empire’s (US) federal government in the District of Columbia is an Oligarchy (politicians working for their corporate owners):

“A new study from Princeton and Northwestern Universities has found that the United States’ government more closely resembles an Oligarchy or a Corporatocracy than a Republic or Democracy…The researchers write, “The central point that emerges from our research is that economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on U.S. government policy, while mass-based interest groups and average citizens have little or no independent influence.”—Source: Princeton and Northwestern Universities’ study (2014)

The same is true for San Francisco today — and most governments in the US from the local level to the federal level — with self-serving parasitic politicians who work for their corporate owners. That’s why I refer to the “San Francisco Oligarchy.” The current el alcalde/mayor is the not-so-bright empty puppet of his billionaire venture capitalist owner. The billionaire venture capitalist is the real mayor.

Everywhere I look ignoramuses are talking about a “housing crisis” in San Francisco. We don’t have a “housing crisis” in San Francisco, you fucking idiots. We have an AFFORDABLE housing crisis in San Francisco, which is a very different thing. But the rabid conservative agenda in San Francisco is to spread lies and disinformation. Only one website I’ve been on uses the word “AFFORDABLE” to describe our AFFORDABLE HOUSING CRISIS. All others that I’ve seen omit the word “affordable,” even so-called “progressive” sites.

*roll eyes*

An AFFORDABLE HOUSING CRISIS is very different than a “housing crisis.” Even local pseudo-progressives and housing activists — who are nothing but fucking party-line Dembots when it comes time to vote — are repeating the conservative’s/developers’ lie by omitting the operative word “affordable”. They’re repeating the lie that we have a “housing crisis.” The conservatives deliberately mislead the public and omit the word “affordable” so that greedy developers can continue to build Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling) in San Francisco which will do absolutely nothing to solve our AFFORDABLE HOUSING CRISIS. The ultimate goal here is to make San Francisco a city for the wealthy, which is already becoming the case. A city of haves and have-nots, with nothing in between which we’re already seeing. We’re quickly becoming a city of snooty, snobby wealthy (mainly white) trash assholes where wealth is all that shallow and superficial people are concerned about.

The reality is that there is no shortage of homes for the wealthy basura in this city. As I’ve advised before: Go to any major corporate website for the Real Estate Industrial Complex and their Corrupt LiarsTM in this city and look at the listings and you’ll see what I’m talking about. The wealthy have their choice of any $1MILLION PLUS USD overpriced dump that they want. These wealthy snots are so stupid in that they love throwing their dinero/money away on overpriced condos/homes and other things and paying way over-asking just because they can. They get some sort of cheap thrill out of that. Then these shallow and superficial wealthy trash brag to their shallow and superficial friends about having paid well over-asking. That’s important to them? Yes, they love to put on airs of wealth and pretentiousness to impress — pretending to be “sophisticated” (Dahling) — while they’re trying to “Keep up with the Joneses” (I would out that people who are secure with themselves allow the Joneses to keep up with them) and “Keep Up Appearances” (Dahling). In this new Conservative Lobotomised Techie city, shallow and superficial are “in,” along with fucking stupidity.

I’m sick of the lies and Newspeak from the thoroughly corrupt conservative politicians of the San Francisco Oligarchy and the corrupt corporate scum they work for.

If any lobomotised conservatives, pro-developer, pro-Lee-Conway, pro-Real Estate Industrial ComplexTM trash leave a comment below it will be my pleasure to delete it. Don’t even think of commenting here, assholes. You Class Warfare trolls have the run of any local site out there and that’s where you spam your condescendingly arrogant, smug, bullying, elitist, conservative Class Warfare agenda. One local pseudo-progressive gives you full reign of his blog to help promote your conservative agenda while he uses you to pimp for traffic for his site. He knows damn-well what he’s doing. He’s part of the Establishment while he pretends to be a fucking “progressive.” Ugh. You’re not going to use my site for that. I despise what you scum stand for and have done to this city. You and the scum you support have ruined what took decades to create and put in place in San Francisco while you eat the upper colon of the worst planning department this city has ever seen. (How much have those corporate parasites been paid off by bribes?) And I don’t want your lies and Newspeak on my site. So FUCK OFF ALL OF YOU. You can scream “free speech” all you want. If you want “free speech,” create your own damn blog, corporate assholes. I’m sick of all of you, including troll/bully corporatist “Sam.” The only people I’m inviting/welcoming to comment below are my regular commenters and they all know who they are. Chau.—el barrio rosa

12 comments on “Yes on I – Luxury Condo Moratorium (San Francisco)

  1. Sandra

    Muchas Gracias. Thank you so much for what you’ve done here.

    There is a displacement crisis in the Mission District. 93% of all housing built in the Mission is luxury housing. Though developers are required to build affordable housing to counteract the displacement they’re causing with their luxury projects, they are using loopholes in the law to get out of their responsibility. Rents keep going up.

    Studio apartments in the Mission are listed as $2,700 a month. One-bedrooms go for $3,800.
    That’s insane.

    Prop I:
    Pauses luxury construction in the Mission for 18 months.
    Requires the City to work with Mission residents to come up with an affordable housing plan for the neighborhood.
    If we can create a model for affordable housing in the Mission, we can create a model for other neighborhoods’ affordable housing plans.
    Let’s stop displacement from spreading.

    Yes on Prop I
    Save the Mission

  2. castro local

    there’s also a very strong anti-ethnic factor here as it applies to the mission. the conservatives who are now peeing their pants have long despised the mission because it **WAS** mainly latinos living there. as latinos have been forced out of the city by evictions the conservatives have been on message forum writing their not-so-veiled hate and anti-ethnic comments about it’s good that they’re “cleaning up the mission” (as they put it) as white techies have moved in and taken over disrespecting what remains of the latin culture.

  3. Ed in the Castro

    On this topic of class warfare – what boils me about property owners is their arrogance and sense of entitlement. They feel they’re better than other people just because they own property. I’ve heard property owners around the Castro say “I’m a property owner so that should entitle me to have more pull around here….” Fucking arrogant!! Just because someone owns something doesn’t give that person any more rights, power or pull than anybody else. Reminds me of when Hyacinth Bouquet (I watched that too) had to brag about “I have son at university so we should be able to park in the little area.” Nope, the parking attendant didn’t care about her son at university & it didn’t work for Hyacinth and it shouldn’t work for the assholes around here.

    Yes on I.

    Appreciate the article.

    1. D8

      You’ll hear that a lot around here. I heard it yesterday walking down Corbett. Some homeowner was on his phone as I passed by and I heard him say “I’m a property owner and I should have more pull….” It seems to be something they all say. I’ve heard that so many times. Your “pull” and your rights are limited to your property line, dude. THere’s nothing special about owning property. There’s so much expense there. It’s a pain in the ass from my experience. I’ve owned two homes and couldn’t wait to sell them. Wouldn’t own again. Home ownership is so drilled into people’s thinking. If you have neighbor problems with noise you have to sell your house and move. It’s much easier moving out of an apartment than dealing with a house sale and all that.

  4. FormerSanFranciscan

    FINALLY, some emotion from someone !! I hate what they’re doing to my former city. Every San Francisco site I try to wade through their writing style all sounds the same. It’s sterile, stale and corporate, no matter what site it is, even personal blogs by local activists. They’re so afraid they might offend somebody so they write from a position of being muzzled. Fucking lame activism is what it is.

    Reading this, I feel like I just came back from one of the best protests I’ve ever took part in. Thanks for expressing your emotions and thoughts about the destruction of what was once a great city, and I’m right there with you.

  5. strangetimes

    we’re living in a strangetime where lies and deception are the norm from politicians and their operatives. it’s across the board. the condo developers deceive the public by painting this broad picture that there’s a shortage of all housing even though that’s not the case as this article points out.

    i too support your refusal to allow the developer’s supporters from commenting. don’t most of us already know their propaganda? no need to repeat it. often they drop by a site to troll and get an argument going. i’ve never been on any site where there was absolute “free speech.” every site has some form of “moderation.” the conservatives scream free speech when it’s their propaganda that gets axed. any other time they’re not for free speech. strangetimes.

  6. Alejandro

    I was in the Castro around 1:30pm today and it was crowded with straight families with children. There were lots of homeless, the place reeks of rotting garbage and piss. These families were sitting outside eating right next to rotting garbage and that piss smell. Yum. Only saw a few gay boys. There was political stuff….nothing but “No on I.” They deserve what they get. A sea of useless condos that only the rich can afford.

  7. RUkiddingmeChico?

    Yes we do have an affordable housing crisis and *not* a housing crisis. What can you do though? I’ve been on one or two local SF sites and made that point only to have people who commented after me write “we have a housing crisis. ” It’s like people don’t read anything.

    I’m glad you’re trying to get the truth out and I also support your refusal to allow the people destroying SF to use your site as a propaganda platform. Muchas Gracias.

  8. Alejandro

    Hoooooooooooooola. I’m expecting this election to be a conservative sweep with the Castro leading the way. But it could turn out like that election a year or so ago where things did not go the way Lee-Conway wanted them and it was seen as a rejection of them and their agenda for the wealthy (tech and real estate developers). But then again, the city has changed a lot in the wrong direction since then so that’s why I’m expecting a conservative sweep. Gracias for the article and for your vigilance, spirit and for telling it like it is. That’s one reason I come here. Saludos.

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Gracias for that Alejandro. As for The Castro leading the way (wouldn’t surprise me in the least), but do you really think so? My point: Will they be able to get off their stupidphones long enough to vote? Highly doubtful. I know some idiots/addicts take great pride in “multi-tasking” but that’s usually with multiple screens. Some of these addicts have 2 stupidphones taped together so there’s a screen on each side for them to fuck with day and night. And would they have the attention span for a paper ballot and actually having to read the thing. No text messages or selfies there! I don’t think so. Chau.

  9. SF-Resident

    Yes, the wealthy are different in a very negative way. They’re mostly quite awful. Speaking of wealthy gays and lesbians, my friend who is a very nice person and more on the poor side just ended this brief relationship with a super-wealthy woman. All this woman talked about when with my friend was how many properties she owned and where, how much money she has and about her wealthy friends. All about wealth. Ms Wealthy never came to visit my friend at her apartment because Ms Wealthy didn’t want anyone to see her coming into our building. Our building doesn’t look good enough for her and someone of her social standing so she always left my neighbor off on the nearby corner. She wanted my friend to go yacht shopping with her because her current yacht isn’t big enough. My friend had no interest in that and told me that she has nothing in common with these people. Ms Wealthy told my friend that the two of them are “just friends” and that any partner she has in the future will have to have at least what she has in wealth and preferably with another digit or two. The last straw was when my friend showed up slightly last for this event for/of wealthy people. Because she was late, Ms Wealthy took my friend aside and reprimanded her saying that you don’t keep such high quality people waiting. That was the end of it. I’m not sure what my friend said to her exactly but she said that everyone sat there with their mouths open after she told Ms Wealthy what she really thought of them. Good for her.

  10. D8

    You’re more of an activist than the self-described activist around here. I’ve read their dry sites. They write like they’re writing for a corporate publication on Wall Street. I know that blogger you’re talking about it. Can’t stand him. I lost respect for him when he was at the Bay Guardian. He’s such a mush-mouth. Timid.

Fin. The End.