All the Queer boys and their wives

Mi amigo/My friend said to me recently: “It feels as if the entire Queer community has gone back in the closet.”

Yes it does.

Hola a todos. Living in San Francisco during the Gay Mecca days, I had the impression that, “everyone was out of the closet.” That’s the way it seemed at that time.

Not anymore. Here in 2017, I get the impression that most Queers regardless of where they live are now in the closet and pretending to be breeders.

Mi amigo/My friend (a Queer boy) watches videos on a regular basis in his specialised field of study. He’s frequently telling me about the closet case guys he sees in the videos he watches. He shows them to me. I agree. According to my reliable Queerdar, these guys look and act Queer to me too. Yet these guys make a point of showing their wife in the video — is that to let us all know that he’s a breeder so that no viewer will possibly think that he’s Queer ? — and sometimes he includes their children in the videos. A couple of times the guy’s esposa/wife looks more like a lesbian to me. Are there two closet cases there?

The other day we were watching a classical pianist and there was no doubt in our mind he’s a Queer boy. I was doing a little bit of research on him as a pianist and there was this picture of him standing close to a female. I thought: Well who’s she? They’re standing awfully close to be just amigos/friends. The caption under the image read: “(Pianists name) and his wife.” (roll eyes). Sigh. Yet another closet case, I suspect. And why is that? Because our society worldwide has been brainwashed with the heteronormative thinking that a guy must be with a female. He must be in a relationship with a woman to be “normal.” Ugh. Who wants to be “normal?” (Whatever “normal” means. “Normal” is boring.) And when that thinking is constantly drilled into one by our septic society, one accordingly sees lots of (insecure) Queer boys with issues with females.

Mi amigo has told me about his experience with breeder guys, most recently at his gym: Although the supposed breeder guys in the videos I mentioned earlier don’t act like the breeder guys at his gym. At the gym, the breeder guys act real hard-ass, macho, they put on this tough-guy act, some talk loudly with each other about fucking pussy (are they trying to prove their manhood to each other and everyone here in the Breeder Mecca that they are a breeder and not a Queer boy? We couldn’t have that!). These inconsiderate, obnoxious breeder guys at the gym drop weights to make as much noise as possible to let everyone in the gym know that Mr Macho has arrived. The breeder guys at the gym go out of their way to not act like Queer boys. The hard-assed breeder guy even walks differently than the perceived Queer boys at the gym. Their walk can best be described as sorta bow-legged and “super-hard-ass.” Mi amigo said that with the few Queers boys still at his gym (or at least he thinks they’re Queer boys), they act the opposite of these macho breeder pendejos who try so desperately hard to prove their masculinity. People like that are extremely insecure as well as obnoxious. People who are secure with themselves and their sexuality don’t behave like these pendejos. Mi amigo says that the few remaining Queer boys at the gym don’t act tough-guy, macho or obnoxious.

Honestly, in the big scheme of things, one gets the impression that very little was accomplished during the decades of the now-dead Gay Rights’ Movement considering all the Queer boys staying in the closet or having gone back in the closet here in 2017. Rather pathetic really. I think of all the people that never come out to have full enjoyment of their true sexuality. Here in 2017, gay camp has disappeared, “waking up with a dick in the mouth” stories have disappeared as Queers try desperately to be like the breeders. And one rarely ever sees any Drag Queens anymore. Just on the rare occasion. That’s how much things have been so very sanitised in the Queer “community,” if one can call it a community. There’s really no feel of community anymore. It feels more like lobotomised zombies walking around in all black hunched over embedded in their phones. Decades ago, if someone had told me that this is where we would be in 2017, because of my inexperience at the time I would have said: How could that be? How could we go backwards after going forwards? How could we go back in time to a place of where Queers are now very conservative and so obsessed with describing themselves as “discreet” and “down low” and other closeted language in the name of “Assimilation with the Breeders,” (ugh) after decades of being “Out and Proud.” Chau.—el barrio rosa


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5 comments on “All the Queer boys and their wives

  1. Ed in the Castro

    I think I go to the same gym your amigo goes to near Castro. The breeder guys at the gym are exatly how he describes t hem. The gym is becoming less queer and more breeders which you’d expect as this area becomes more and more the breeder mecca like you’ve written about. I went to the gym yesterday and saw a breeder make out scene on Market ST. There were some queer guys at the gym but they are so meh because they’re all on their phones so there’s no way of getting to know them. They never talk. Not to get off topic but I and a bud of mine were talking this morning about how things would be very different today if these phones had never been invented. PCs and Macs did the job just fine and my PC still does all I need to do online. i’m not one to live on the thing every minute of my life like these techie zombies do.

  2. David in Breuckelen

    Hola – my experience watching videos is similar to your friend’s. I’ve seen many guys who look Queer to me in videos who try to pass as a breeder. The guy talks about “‘the wife’ and sometimes mention their kids. I won’t say this is the case with all of them but with some of them they go overboard on having kids to either convince themselves or the people they know that he’s definitely a breeder. Like the guy I saw earlier this week……he was complaining about losing his youtube monetizing. He showed his wife and SIX kids in his vid. i’ve always thought he was Queer – mannerisms and all. He was complaining about losing money and said “I have 6 kids to feed.” No one forced you to have 6 kids mr closet case, and aren’t 2 kids enough? I don’t know of anyone having 6 kids these days. Seems he went overboard secretly thinking about having sex with guys while having sex with his wife to show he’s a breeder.

  3. Queer boi

    Ever wonder why there’s so much homophobia in the world? In big part it’s because of closeted Queer men. They are the very reason that there is so much homophobia in the world. Closeted Queer men are the very people who are anti-Queer as a way of disguising that they’re Queer themselves. They’re Queer, married to women to hide themselves, wear a wedding ring, have a picture of her on their desk. They talk about the wife and banging pussy, but their mannerisms give them a way and they secretly fantasize about men. Queer men know the mannerisms of other Queers and there’s no disguising that.

    I think the loon in the White House could take away all Queer rights overnight and few Queers would do anything in response. I’m waiting for him and Pence to reverse gay marriage. I have no doubt that’s coming. I’m absolutely sure that’s going to happen especially after Gorsuch is confirmed. That dude has said that it should be illegal for Queers to have sex. After they dissolve gay marriages and ban same sex marriage, then will come making it illegal to be Queer. After that, WWII all over again. Same game. Different faces.

  4. E in Sunnyvale

    Queer people of all stripes better start getting their act together soon and start becoming visible and getting together again, for our own good. Seems some people are trying to erase us all now. Compton’s, Stonewall, and many other events should have taught us a few things about the importance of community.

    But, don’t worry, keep your heads down in those phones. After all, as Doremus Jessup said in Sinclair Lewis’ novel, “it can’t happen here.”


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