Are there no openly gay people in San Francisco anymore?

Hola a todos. I almost didn’t post this article after spending the time writing it because it seems that I’ve said most of this before. Although it will be new to first-time readers or anyone who’s not read those articles, and in a sense this is an update of those articles. Also, most importantly, our little local group of San Francisco Queers got together the other night and they said to me: “We’re asking you affectionally to please write about our meeting and what we talked about to give us a voice since you’re the only person here with a website.” I told them: Well, I’m all for sharing my space (mi diario/my diary – pink barrio) with others to give you and them a voice, so here it is.

Our main topic was this question: Are there no openly gay people in San Francisco anymore, other than ourselves in our little group? I have to say it certainly doesn’t feel like it. I suppose some of the Old City residents who are still here are openly gay but they don’t make it obvious. Even with the most reliable Gaydar, it’s become extremely difficult now to tell who is Queer and who is a breeder in San Francisco. We’re now living in crazy times. And as everyone in our group pointed out and as I have written before, I see many Queer guys (according to my Gaydar) walking around here holding hands with females — WTF? — trying to give the impression that they are a breeder couple. Or, he’s trying to “go straight” and either stay in or go back in the closet. (Related: More back to the 1950s: Gay guys marrying females in droves. Sad. and also here: Gay Shame: A Sign of the Times.) This behaviour is strikingly the opposite of what we saw during the “Out and Proud” Gay Mecca years. I suspect this is true in other major US cities. Why? Is it the residual pharmaceuticals in the agua/water that’s making people insane? Because most Queers now go out of their way to try to “act and look straight” from what we’re seeing.

So this is what we in the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement worked for over decades, is it?

It’s not what I and others thought we were working for I can tell you that! I and others wouldn’t have even taken part in the Movement if we had known that’s what we were doing — and this closeted behaviour we’re seeing today was the ultimate goal — and that this is where we would find ourselves here in 2018. It’s astounding really.

We, our little local group of SF Queers, now feel very much in the small minority. Some in our group expressed their deep sadness that today feels like they could imagine it feeling before the Gay Rights Movement even accomplished anything with breeders being in the majority in our former gay areas here in 2018. They specifically noted the very closeted behaviour one sees all around us today. Oh I know all about that. I see it every day. As I and others in our group pointed out: Most gay people have completely sanitised themselves of any outward appearance of being gay, at least here in San Francisco. Who would have dreamed that would happen in San Francisco of all places?! Well I hope the conservative trash around here are pleased now. I presume they finally have what they whined about, moaned about and complained about and wanted for decades, the useless trash: The Castro: A Disneyfied conservative “Walnut Creek” with Rainbow Flags filled with breeders and their black baby strollers. That’s essentially what we have. Ultimate conformity is in — wear black and grey — with the now-dead and non-activist Gay Community.

That is, if the “Gay Community” can be called a “community” at this point. There is absolutely no feeling or sense of “community” whatsoever today with Queers trying to act like and be like the majority breeder/straight population.

The chronic phone addiction has replaced any sense of community with Queers having become conformist, dopamine-addicted phone zombies wasting their lives on Orwellian-named and billionaire-owned “social media networks.” It really disgusts me and the Queers in our group what the so-called “Gay Community” has become.

So again, the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement worked decades for this? Ugh. Sigh.

As some in our group pointed out, one of the problems with living in a Breeder Mecca is that one starts to receive magazines for children’s clothes because of the zip code you live in. 94114 used to be known as “the gay zip code.” Today, 94114 is apparently known as “the breeder zip code” based on the unwanted magazines I and others receive featuring “him and her” promoting children’s clothes.

While writing this article, mi amigo/my friend and I walked up and down Castro Street. If the Rainbow Flags were not there, one could easily think one were walking up and down Chestnut Street in the breeder Marina. (San Francisco’s Marina district is a traditionally straight area). There’s little to nothing gay/Queer about The Castro here in 2018. Remove the Rainbow Flags and The Castro would look like any other barrio/neighbourhood in The City. Mi amigo and I were standing at the corner of 18th and Castro on our walk through and he looked up the street and said, “Oh look, there are two young guys the same height with their arms around each other.” Yes, it was rather starling to see that. It was so unusual to see that in today’s Castro that he quickly pointed it out. I said: Well take a picture of them because it’s likely the last time you’ll see that any time soon, if at all. Back in the Gay Mecca years we saw that all the time. And he pointed out that the two guys were the same height as gay couples are. Whereas the Millennial breeders have this ludicrous requirement that they must be him-tall-dominant/her-short-submissive. Based on the Millennial breeder couple’s public behaviour, feminism is dead it would appear. Chauvinism and sexism is what Millennials like, especially the females in these mostly Millennial couples. One thing we’ve noticed is that Millennial breeder couples are rarely the same height. It’s some head trip she has going on from my research about that. In her mind, he has to be tall and dominant to protect delicate little her. That sounds like a 1940s or 1950s mindset. (roll eyes). Oh lawd, these fucking breeders. Who reared these fucked up people?

Also, during the Gay Mecca years, there was often a party atmosphere in The Castro. There was always something going on. Not today. The party atmosphere is gone. We noticed that another store from the Old City has closed on Castro, and we saw that Hamburger Mary’s has finally opened. Just what we need: More dead animal with blood running all over the plate (unless you get your burger “well done” with lots of free radicals). More greasy burgers and fries which The Castro is already saturated with. I imagine the other burger places in that area are delighted to have the competition. There is little imagination around here when it comes to opening a restaurant or really anything. How many corporate coffee stores do we have now?

There are a few Queers who still live around me in Castro/Upper Market. They’re from the Old City before tech came in and ruined San Francisco. Nearly all of the single Millennials and couples are the snottiest, unfriendly and snarly people. The couples are nearly always “him and her.” When single guys walk by my apartment building, even with my very reliable Gaydar, I have no idea from looking at them whether they’re gay or a breeder. Because most gay guys and breeders now look the same in overall appearance. The same goes for most lesbians and breeder women. The gay guys are so closeted-acting and go out of their way to present the image that they’re straight. It’s part of that conformity I was talking about and “gay assimilation” nonsense to be as much like the precious breeders as possible. Both gay guys and breeders wear conformist drab, funeral all-black or black and casket-grey clothing. Neither rarely make eye contact with anyone (a quick glance with possibly a snarl is all you get) and they were apparently born without vocal cords, so sadly they don’t have the ability to say “hello” or any other words of human courtesy. We have become a very cold, uncaring, impersonal and unfriendly society since Big Corporate Tech raped the planet with the now world-wide dopamine-phone addiction. I think today fewer people are actually verbally talking with each other than in recorded history.

During the now-long-gone Gay Mecca decades in San Francisco, many Queers used to have small Rainbow Flag pins on their backpack or shoulder bag. They too are gone. Back packs and shoulder bags have been sanitised just like the people wearing them and just like our little former Queer areas in major US cities. (Related: Chelsea (Manhattan): The Death of a Gay Neighborhood, Murdered by Neo-Hetero-Homophobes). “Out and Proud” is most assuredly gone here in 2018.

It’s as if the so-called “Gay Community” said: You know, I’ve tried both being in the closet and out of the closet and I prefer closeted to “out and proud.” Today, it seems that the majority of the seemingly few gay people still living here are very guarded and back in the closet. Their behaviour (especially their eye movements) reminds some of us of what we’ve read about Queers of the 1940-50s. As a couple of people in our group said, “Cruising is completely gone. Cruising has been replaced with people staring at their phones endlessly. They’re looking for that special guy for sex. Hey, look up from your phone! That special guy just walked past you on the sidewalk glued to his phone but neither of you saw each other because you were both glued to your fucking phone.

One person in our group recollected that a number of years ago the major gay rag here in San Francisco (which shall remain nameless since I have no respect for them) published a letter from some closeted, septic idiotic reader saying “It’s not time to be out of the closet.” This was during the Obama years politically. With people like that reader, it’s never the right time for anything progressive on anything. A couple of people (of the responses they published) objected to that letter, but I guess most agreed with that person based on the state of things today. I stopped reading that conservative rag years ago because it did nothing but raise my blood pressure. It became nothing but a mouthpiece for the conservative agenda which was slowly sweeping over San Francisco and that rag seemed to be brainwashing the so-called “gay community” here into becoming conservatives. That rag endorsed the anti-homeless sit-lie law in mealy-mouthed language. I should point out that many homeless people are Queer which seemed to escape that rag. They also endorsed that dreadful conservative Scott Penis who pretends to be a “moderate.” In San Francisco, I think it’s well-known that the word “moderate” is code language for conservative. That rag also endorsed the city-wide nudity ban. They endorsed other conservatives pretending to be “a moderate” and they were eating the ass of the San Francisco Oligarchy because the publisher was well-connected to San Francisco City Hall. That gay rag’s publisher has been directly responsible for promoting the new conservative agenda in San Francisco. (FYI: San Francisco is no longer the “alternative, proudly radical and anything goes” City it once was. That City is gone). As a longtime friend of mine — who was a friend of Harvey Milk — said to me recently: “The City has become quite conservative. Today, we could never get away with doing some of the things we did back in the Gay Mecca years.” That’s true. Back to that gay rag I mentioned, one of my problems with them is that they endorsed (and probably still do) candidates interested in getting into politics presumably without knowing anything in detail about the person’s politics. Why did they endorse the candidate? Because the person was/is gay. WTF? An endorsement of a candidate should be about much more than the candidate’s sexual orientation and party affiliation. Just because someone is gay does not make the person qualified for office or a good candidate or worthy of an endorsement. Think conservative Scott Penis, as one example. He’s awful. Yet that rag has had their head up his conservative upper colon for years. That’s what we need is more gay conservatives [sarcasm intended], regardless of what they call themselves and regardless of what corrupt party they feed from. I’d much rather have a straight politician whose politics are in line with mine over a gay politician whose politics are not remotely aligned with mine.

I’ve also reached my fatigue level with “the first [fill in blank]” candidates, which corporate gay rags often like to go on about. I’m talking about “the first openly-gay candidate.” Or “the first Black candidate” or “the first Asian candidate” or “the first woman candidate” or “the first Latino candidate.” Or “the first openly HIV-positive candidate.” Is “the first openly HIV-positive candidate” intended as a sympathy run? In San Francisco, I remember seeing this ridiculous headline: “In historical move, mayor appoints first openly HIV-positive supervisor.” Oh please! What about “the first candidate with openly chronic colds?” What about the “first candidate with openly chronic diarrhea? Surely that too would be a sympathy run! But in nearly every instance I can think of since this nonsense began, “the first [fill in the blank] candidate” turned out to be just as bad or worse than the straight white political trash preceding them. These “first” candidates fulfilled a conservative agenda working for their corporate owners just like the political basura preceding them. We had “the first Asian mayor” in San Francisco and he was a disaster, although the conservatives adored him, rewrote history and bestowed Sainthood Status on him when he died. Obama was “the first Black” president and overall he turned out to be worse than illegitimate George W Bush. One example: Those who paid close attention during his regime — rather than going into a self-induced coma for 8 years merely because of that D next to his name — know that Obama greatly expanded the Bush/Cheney neocon agenda, and Mr Nobel Peace Prize Obama left office with 8-9 wars (I lost count) in progress. The so-called “gay community” remained absolutely silent and never protested any of Obama’s wars or his other neocon despicable policies — because to them wars are perfectly okay if it’s a Democrat leading it — or anything else he did because of that D next to their messiah Obama’s name. Apparently the so-called “gay community” didn’t care how many gay people Obama’s wars killed. Or do they live under the illusion that wars only kill breeders? The same gay hypocrites did protest Bush’s wars. Why? Because Bush had that R (for Republican) next to his name. That makes a difference, you ask? It does to brainwashed partisans, both D and R. Another political disaster: Openly-gay Scott Penis (Mr PrEP). Also, it was one of the Asian SF supervisors who cast the deciding vote in favour of San Francisco’s city-wide nudity ban because of a few naked guys on the odd occasion in The Castro. Then, most recently, we have the “first openly gay appointee” of the orange nazi’s regime. Yes. “Openly gay US ambassador to Deutschland/Germany makes Republican history. Richard Grenell is the highest ranking openly gay official ever in a Republican regime according to the current Log Cabin Republican’s president. From what I can tell, this guy is a gay nazi. And consequently there are now calls to expel him from Deutschland after he pledged to “empower the far right across Europe.” Is that what you would expect from a gay guy? “If people like U.S. ambassador Richard Grenell believe they can dictate like a lord of the manor who rules in Europe and who doesn’t, they can no longer remain in Germany as a diplomat.” So I’ve had it up to here with this “first [fill in blank] candidate” caca. I think it’s technically called identity politics. Let’s admit it: Humans are humans regardless of their skin pigmentation, their sexual orientation, or beliefs, with the exception to that being fundamentalists, the far-right, fascists, nazis and fake-Christians.

We, in our group, all agreed that back in the closet is where it’s at today, unfortunately. Some Queers reading this might disagree with that statement, but that’s what we see here in 2018 San Francisco. You might see it where you live too if you ever look up from your phone. How could this possibly have happened so quickly historically speaking? Our group agreed it’s because of that Gay Assimilation nonsense. Gay Assimilation has backfired, as some of us predicted it would.

The last few times mi amigo/my friend has gone to his gym in The Castro, he said: “I didn’t see one Queer person the entire time going and coming to the gym and I was the only person wearing colour at the gym. Everyone was wearing black except me. Every time I go into The Castro, another store has closed. I don’t think you’d want to be in The Castro at night.”

Yet during the Gay Mecca years, The Castro was where it was happening at night, usually with a party atmosphere. The Castro came alive at night and it was a very safe neighbourhood then, except when the cops came in to “fuck with the Gays” and crack skulls. Years later, in storm the (wealthy) breeders to take over and “mark their territory” with their mandatory hand-holding and telenovela-style make-out scenes on the sidewalk. The Castro village has drastically changed as a result. Also, with the influx of wealthy breeders in The Castro and Upper Market, our crime rate has soared.

I signed out of e-mail the other day and read this ridiculous headline among all the other tabloid-style headlines on that pathetic “news site:” It said, “More people in the US ‘identify’ as gay than ever before.” Yeah sure they do; that explains why I see more and more anti-gay hate online because, “More people in the US ‘identify’ as gay than ever before.” And where the fuck are they, and who believes that caca? I don’t often use the term “fake news” but I think this is a case of “fake news.” I didn’t click on the article because I thought it was more tabloidy bull shit from that site. I don’t believe that, “More people in the US ‘identify’ as gay than ever before” considering what I’m seeing in San Francisco and what I see online. To the contrary, we’re seeing more and more gay people going back in the closet. That’s not “identifying” as gay.

Along those same lines, I’m also seeing the word “faggot” all over the place now online. Often when someone disagrees with another person — especially in YT comments — the response can start out like this: “Listen faggot…” even though the person has given no indication of his/her sexuality orientation. Calling someone a “faggot” is the new put-down in these nazi times. Or, I’ll see a headline about some hater who called someone “a faggot” as was the case recently in flight from St. Croix to Miami when the flight attendance refused to give a passenger a beer and a fight broke out on the plane in our increasingly rude and dysfunctional society. And the rabid supporters of the basura en la casa blanca constantly use the word “faggot.” They are his nazi, 14/88 supporters — who see him the same way he sees himself: He is above all laws — and these nazis specifically write, “no niggers, no faggots” and they talk about killing both.

That poll I mentioned earlier was as unbelievable as a recent Gallup poll saying “More people in the US are supporting gay marriage than ever before.” I did a bit of research after seeing that and learned that Gallup is considered one of the most unreliable polling outfits of them all. This also brought to mind a poll I saw sometime ago that said that most people — of those polled — support gay rights, but the same people did not approve of seeing gay people kissing in public. WTF? Sigh. Don’t try to understand that hypocrisy. So the majority in a poll claimed to support gay rights but they don’t want to see gay people kissing? Loco. I assume the same people have no problem seeing breeders kissing and making out in public? They only have a problem seeing gay people do it? Related: US public: Gay legal rights = good, gays kissing = bad.

Again (for the thick people), other than the Rainbow Flags that are up for tourist exploitation in The Castro, there’s nothing visibly gay here now with the locals. They’ve all sanitised themselves just like the neighbourhood. Awhile back there was a campaign called “Queering The Castro.” Is that what you would expect to see in San Francisco’s (former) Gay Mecca? That’s how bad it’s gotten.

They’ve turned The Castro into a Disneyfied tourist trap complete with non-native palm trees, (dingy) rainbow crosswalks at 18th and Castro (the rainbow crosswalks in West Hollywood look much better), and the Gay Walk of Fame in the sidewalks similar to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. We did have rainbow colour-changing lights on utility poles for two blocks of Castro between Market and 19th Street for awhile but they’re now gone for some reason. Some of the stores still try to sell gay-related merchandise to tourists. I don’t think any of the locals buy it. We have the remaining bars which were originally gay but breeders go to most of them now, and there are still a few adult sex stores in The Castro. Most of them now cater to breeders with their “him and her” window displays. I personally avoid the block of Castro between 18th and 19th Streets because I’m sick of seeing Millennial breeders holding hands and or making out, and that’s one of the worst blocks for seeing their “in your face” breeder sexuality. Walk by that overpriced bougi restaurant up there — that serves pig cheek or pig butt, I forget which — and who does one usually see sitting in the window seats? Him and her fawning over each other in The Castro. Get a room somewhere! Most of the restaurant reviews for the mediocre Castro restaurants that I read most recently were written by females who often don’t live anywhere near here according to their profile. In their review they refer to “my husband and I” or “my boyfriend and I,” (breeders!) and there can be a picture of “him and her.” As I said, you’d think you’re in the Marina district.

I don’t see the national elitist Queer organisations doing a damn thing these days, do you? Nothing of any effective nature. They only care about Queers of their same income bracket or higher. Homeless Queers? Those organisations couldn’t care less about the Queer homeless. I read while writing this article that one of those national Queer organisations — although they use that conformist/corporatist “LGBT” revisionist history acronym nonsense — said that they are watching what the orange man-child does and “we will hold him accountable.” That’s hysterical when the cesspool called the US congress can’t even hold him accountable or make any attempt to do so. He and his despicable nazi regime couldn’t care less what they at that Queer organisation think.

And the people in our group have seen the Dead Gay Community’s silent response — no massive protests in the streets by the millions anywhere as would have been the case during the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement years; too busy glued to their fucking phones? — since the deranged and insane “it’s all about me” orange man-child took up residency en la casa blanca/the white house. (BTW, Hillary won the popular vote, even though I didn’t support her). Queers are even referring to the basura as “president” which is giving him respect when he deserves and has earned no respect whatsoever:

1. The Orange Man’s Assault on Queers and others
2. The Orange Man’s regime says employers can fire people because they’re gay
3. The orange man reportedly joked that his vp sidekick ‘wants to hang’ all gays
4. Expect The Orange Man to serve his full term.
5. The Orange Man and his supporters hate the US
6. Why would anyone expect The Orange Man to honour Queer Pride Month?
7. The fake-Queer guys supporting The Orange Man
8. ¿El Hombre Naranja Presidente?

I keep reading headlines such as, “Twi**er erupted” over some lies or caca this piece of nazi trash typed overnight. And what is that going to do because “Twi**er erupted?” Nothing! Absolutely nothing. It doesn’t inconvenience anyone. But massive protests do. Sitting on your ass in the luxury of your living room typing on your phone to get another dopamine hit doesn’t do a damn thing in the big scheme of things. I would imagine the deranged and insane orange man-child loves it when “Twi**er erupts” because it gives his big fat ass in those white pants more and more attention, which he constantly craves. I’d like to point out that toilets “erupt” every time they’re flushed to, but that’s no big deal. I think that Orwellian-named “social media” billionaire-owned corporation (Twi**er) here in San Francisco that gets corporate welfare from the City and County of San Francisco through generous tax breaks (it’s always good to give corporate welfare to billionaires!) would be out of business today if the orange man-child hadn’t finally made them relevant by his dopamine-addiction to their “platform.” Ugh.

So I come back to this just as our little group did the other night: We Queers worked decades for this closeted and dead state of affairs, did we?

That’s why I refer to the Dead Queer Community. And every time I look out my window and see a couple walking by (or hear one, it’s usually her voice) it’s the perfunctory and ubiquitous “him and her.” He’s holding Ms Needy’s hand as per the requirement. Needy breeder females seem to be so damn insecure in their breeder relationships that they constantly need their hand held like children. They’re constantly needing attention from their guy. He must be exhausted from all of her silly requirements of him: Open my door for helpless me, pull out my chair for helpless me, buy flowers for needy me, buy gifts for needy and attention-seeking me and a bank of other ridiculous, sexist and chauvinistic requirements. Does he have to go to the bathroom with her too? Does he have to lower the toilet seat for Ms Needy/Ms Helpless too? I would have none of it! I would not have the patience for that nonsense. If you can’t open your own car door, you can park your ass on the sidewalk until you’re able to. (With the exception, someone who is disabled). Queer relationships are not like this. They’re much more mature and more secure. And usually Queer couples are the same height. Not this him-tall/her-short dominant-submissive head trip.

So why are supposed breeders so attracted to Rainbow Flags?

They’re not. Even though that’s the way it appears. It’s a false impression. Our answer to this question is different now: We honestly believe that breeders are “attracted to Rainbow Flags” (so to speak) as a way of marking their territory, since they have taken over The Rainbow Flag Castro and Upper Market (the former Gay Mecca) area. They have more than made everyone aware of their obnoxious presence with their in-your-face make-out sessions on the sidewalks in and around The Castro often under a Rainbow Flag as to say, “fuck you faggots,” and with their mandatory hand-holding to let us all know they are a breeder couple (who care?!), and with their make-out sessions in restaurants causing some restaurant patrons to say, “Get a room somewhere; this restaurant is not your living room,” and by their making anti-gay and anti-trans comments in The Castro. And let’s not forget their piles of vomit on the sidewalk — especially on weekends around here on Market Street; you must watch where you walk — and their projectile vomit on the windows of businesses from their drunken spree the night before. Breeder assholes love to get drunk. What is wrong in their pathetic lives that leads to that obnoxious behaviour? From my many years of experience in Queer bars, it was rare to see anyone ever drunk and it was extremely rare to see any guy throw up on the sidewalk.

In the Queer Community, being drunk was seen as a bad thing: an alcohol problem. Not celebrated the way breeders do. But with these breeders, in order to be “cool” you have to be drunk to the point of vomiting seems to be their thinking.

If we (our group) were straight, we would not be hanging out, moving to or living in an area with Rainbow Flags. As a straight person, I would question why I’m supposed to live there. But the unspoken word among breeders seems to be, “Just ignore the flags, they’ll be gone someday. The big Rainbow Flag at Castro/Market will be replaced with a US flag. The Castro Rainbow Flags are displayed to attract tourists to the area who expect to see the flags here because of the Gay Mecca history of The Castro, if these transplant breeders are even aware of the history of The Castro. Some of think they aren’t. “But we breeders now own The Castro and have taken over so just keep that in mind, and to other breeders like ourselves: Welcome.” That seems to be their message.

I asked our group: Or are many of these Millennial guys we see holding hands with a female closet cases trying to check out the Castro neighbourhood hoping to “discreetly” find that one (openly) gay guy who’s still living here and make eye contact with when “his girl” is not looking and using needy-her (who’s hanging onto him like a magnet) as a prop to give the impression he’s straight?

The topic of the Rainbow Flags in The Castro came up twice during the evening. Some in our group asked: When are they going to take down the Rainbow Flags in The Castro since they are inappropriate for the new Breeder Mecca? Someone said: There would seem to be far more breeder-monied interests here now than the money made with Queer tourist dollars. I said: Well again, the only reason the Rainbow Flags are still up is to bring in tourism dollars to San Francisco from those unknowing gullible tourist who still think that San Francisco/The Castro is a Gay Mecca. After these tourists arrive here and take a look around they will immediately become disappointed that they came all this way and the expense involved to see a Breeder-Baby Mecca with lots of all-black baby strollers and with all-black clothed breeders holding hands in their mandatory mode. If breeders are not holding hands, they’re holding their phones, or a phone is in the free hand. There must always be a phone available. (We’ve heard and seen many breeder arguments/fights on the sidewalks in The Castro over her being outraged because he forget to charge their phone and she was having another emotional melt-down). So, these tourists will be asking: “Where are all the gay people I came to see? This looks like home. This looks like where I came from. I can see straights and baby strollers at home.”

Someone pointed out the straight/breeder “Make-out Zone” under the big Rainbow Flag at Castro and Market Streets. Yeah, that too. I remember the first time I saw a breeder couple making out under the Rainbow Flag in Harvey Milk Plaza. I had never seen that before and couldn’t believe it. WTF? Breeders have the entire City and County of San Francisco to make out in including the many straight bars, but where do they choose to come to make out? Harvey Milk Plaza of all places under the giant Rainbow Flag! That told me that the neighbourhood was indeed changing. From that day on, I saw this breeder behaviour more and more. These days, one rarely sees gay couples making out there or anywhere. One gets the impression that breeders have indeed hijacked the Rainbow Flag.

As a Queer person, I don’t seek out or go to straight bars. But these Millennials do seek out gay bars. Why are straights partying in a gay bar when there are a plethora of straight bars in San Francisco and throughout the world. Is it to take them over? Is this part of their “marking their territory” agenda? Why can’t they leave the gay space for gay people since openly gay people are not accepted in straight bars and can be called the pejorative “faggot” in a straight bar and can also be subject to violence there?

Some of the Queers in our group said that they had heard from locals or read stories such as this one: A gay guy walked over to a large group of loud and obnoxious straights partying in a gay bar. The gay guy asked these breeders politely if they could “keep it down a bit.” They responded with: “Fuck off faggot. Leave us alone. This is our space.” As he walked away from these homophobes he heard one of the guys say, “Fuckin’ faggot.”

Sigh. One does not expect to hear that hate in one’s own gay bar. And why are these assholes in a gay bar to begin with?

A gay guy gets the same reaction if he tries to show interest in another guy in a gay bar, but the other guy turns out to be straight. What is a homophobic straight guy doing sitting in a gay bar? WTF?

So a gay guy can be treated with such disrespect in his own gay bars because of this strange phenomenon of homophobic straights going to gay bars. This did not happen when gay bars were gay bars. There’s also the increasing anti-trans comments one is hearing in The Castro. There’s not this “love fest” between Queers and breeders that some conservative trash like to go on about who have strongly welcomed the breeders to come in and take over our little gay area. The conservatives have long-despised gay areas of major cities and pejoratively referred to them as “ghettos.” How many ghettos have you seen with $1Million-plus homes and over-priced bougi luxury vehicles, Dahling?

Historically, there’s a reason why straights and Queers had their own separate bars, up until recently in the big scheme of things when straights decided to invade gay bars as if they own the place. We Queers had our own bars for our own safety and security, and also so we would not be the subject of hate in our own bars.

As my neighbour and I were standing in front of our apartment building one weekend afternoon recently, one “him and her” couple (tall/short of course) after the other walked passed us — along with a breeder Millennial couple with their mandatory-black baby stroller — in their mandatory hand-in-hand mode, or her hand through his arm mode rather. As usual, the female was walking in a subservient manner to the guy. One-half step behind him. Not as his equal. Clearly, she’s an “out and proud” feminist. [sarcasm intended]. Overhearing their conversation, they were talking about the most stupid shit. Nothing remotely intelligent.

Speaking of closet cases: There’s a well-known news anchor/”journalist” today on the US corporate media who became well-known during the Clinton regime. I remember him being well-known as an openly gay guy during the Clinton years. I don’t care to mention his name. He disgusts me. I recently saw him interview attorney Michael Avenatti (Stormy Daniel’s attorney). This “journalist” sat there seemingly trying to defend the deranged orange man-child from any accusations of any wrongdoings. This so-called “journalist” has become quite the conservative Establishment US Oligarchy ass eater. While writing this article I did a little bit of research on him. I read that he and his wife (with their two children) can’t have enough sex — supposedly with each other — and that his wife says that she’s lost friends over this. It seems that when she tells her friends about all the sex that she and GS (this “journalist”) have nearly constantly (or that’s the impression they like to give), this causes her friends to explode in anger, pound their fists on desks, break wine glasses in jealousy and other extreme measures of envy. Don’t you always behave like this when you find out that someone has a lot of sex or more sex than you do? Where do these people come from? Maybe they have lots of sex together as her way of trying to “keep him straight.” I found a message forum with people discussing this guy’s sexuality. According to one person who worked at his network, it was common knowledge that he was gay and was seen in the network’s building with his gay partner, and this so-called “journalist” hung out around Dupont Circle in the District. Others said they thought he was bi. Anyway, I don’t know what that wife of his finds the least bit attractive about him at this point from a physical standpoint. His blindingly white teeth don’t match the rest of his facial appearance. Let’s just say that he certainly doesn’t have the “hot looks” that he had during the Clinton years, or at least he doesn’t to me. She looks very young by comparison. He looks like he’s of an age to be her father. Maybe that’s their head trip: A daddy and daughter sexual head trip. But I got the impression that they had a blind date some years ago and he got hooked onto her with his “heterosexual sexy fantasies” and “went straight.” (roll eyes) Oh, okay. Well, sooner or later, his gay feelings will come calling because gay feelings cannot be suppressed permanently. They eventually rise up and sometimes create havoc from being suppressed for so long. Related: This Gay Mormon Man Who Got Famous For Marrying A Straight Woman Is Getting Divorced). I also read that a Queer organisation gave this news anchor/so-called “journalist” and his wife an award for being “actively involved in improving the lives of young people and addressing the disparities in opportunities that exist for those from marginalized communities, including the LGBT community.” So they gave a Queer award — although they used that revisionist history “LGBT” acronym — to a closet case? During the Gay Mecca decades, that wouldn’t have made any sense whatsoever. But these days, in our Orwellian upside-down world, that does indeed make sense. I think it’s most appropriate to give a gay guy who goes back in the closet and marries a female and pumps out a couple of children an award for some “LGBT” related cause, don’t you? [sarcasm intended].

I’ve seen some online comments from the far-right making fun of the “LGBT(Q)” acronym by writing it: “LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ.” I understand their point. This string of letters is ridiculous. In this rare instance, I agree with the far right. I’m sick of these silly, history-revisionist acronyms too that the conformists and corporatist Queers among us have brainwashed most Queers into mindlessly using. I wrote about that here: The official acronym is now: LGBTQQICAPF2K+.

The bottom line: Be who you are and true to your genuine sexual orientation, and not who you think a heteronormative, breeder-based society of “him and her” wants you to be.

Someone, such as a likely conservative pretending to be a “liberal” or “progressive” (since that’s the way things work these days), would say to me:

“You need to get with the times. You’re trying to live in the past ‘back in the day.’ You don’t understand that things have changed, and they have changed for the positive. This is a much better time now. Get with it.”

This (pink barrio) is my personal diario/my diary that you’re reading where I often reflect on things and the state of things and what I see and what my friends see. You need to understand that I am remembering the past — as we all should — while living in the present. Because if we don’t remember the past, we are destined to repeat it, and that’s exactly where we’re headed in case you don’t know it, Mr/Ms “Get with the times,” as you live in your denial. And frankly, I don’t see Queers going back in the closet as something positive. To me, gay guys holding hands with females and trying to “go straight” is not something positive. The whole thing is bazaar. That’s a form of self-induced conversion therapy that I’ve written about at that link. Gay guys worked for decades in the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement and then, in the end, many decide to “go straight” and marry a female? WTF? That’s insane. That’s what closet cases have been doing for generations and continue to do today. Also, acting snotty to each other in this increasingly cold and lobotomised society is not a positive thing. Seeing Queer areas in major cities disappearing is not a positive thing. None of that is positive. Seeing the US Supreme Court rule in favour of discrimination against a gay couple where the bakery refuses to make a wedding cake for them is not “a change for the positive” nor an indicator “of a much better time now”. But if you want to live under some illusion that there’s this “love fest” between breeders and Queers that some (conservatives) in the Queer so-called “community” want to believe exists, go right ahead. Does your denial serve you well?

Also in The Castro, one sees the Millennial techie trash guys, the tech bros giving unfriendly, anti-gay, nasty looks to any (closeted) gay guy who happens to glance at them, as if the tech bro is thinking: “Don’t you look at me, faggot.” What is the techie asshole doing in The Castro to begin with if he’s that damn insecure with his own sexuality that he’s too afraid of having another guy glance or look at him?

Here in 2018 (but this happened some time ago): One’s personal Rainbow Flags have been stuck back in the closet, or thrown away. One’s coloured handkerchiefs that gay guys wore in their back pockets of their jeans during the Gay Mecca years — indicating what a guy was into sexually — are back in the closet or thrown away. One doesn’t see those anymore.

So this sad state of affairs is what we worked decades for, eh? Despite some progress for Queers having been made — some of which is quickly being eroded and erased — I’m afraid we’re not convinced it was worth it. And in our opinion, the self-appointed Queer authorities known as the corporatist national US Queer organisations are directly responsible for ruining the so-called “Gay Community.” This is particularly true as pro-Establishment Queer publications — both locally and at the national level — helped to brainwash the so-called “Gay Community” into becoming more and more conservative and Establishment ass-eaters. This shift to the right was especially noticeable under their messiah the Obama regime. The obedient Queer community followed like a bunch of sheeple.

Some examples:

1. Why do Queers want to kill other Queers?
2. Is Obama Responsible For Gay Marriage?
3. Obama and the Transgender Activist
4. Obama a “Centrist?” WTF?
5. What is an Obamabot?

The so-called “Gay Community” has become very conservative, regardless of what label they wear today and in their conservative appearance: conservative all-black or black and grey clothing.

These corporatist Queer organisations — one of them threw the trans community under the bus some years ago — seem to have lived under some illusion that they knew what was best for us, and in the end, they had their head up corporate ass. They arrogantly gave the order for “Gay Assimilation” after gay marriage became legal throughout the shithole US.

Translation of “Gay Assimilation:” Blend in with the breeders. Almost apologise to the breeders for inconveniencing them and offending them with our former radical activist behaviour as we worked for Gay rights. Try to be like the breeders in all ways — especially in their obsession with corporate sports teams and their jock mentality with some homophobia added in, in some cases — and emulate the breeders in all ways so they will love us, and see us no differently than they themselves. (roll eyes) Yeah right.

Unfortunately, the so-called “Gay Community” misinterpreted that “Gay Assimilation” order from on High to mean: Go back in the closet to be like the breeders. Our little group of local SF Queers would like to know: Who put the dysfunctional breeders up on a pedestal — with their over 50% divorce rate here in the US — to be modeled after? This is loco/crazy. Go to some of the websites for these corporatist Queer organisations. What do you see? You’ll see their front page saturated with rows and rows of corporate logos. They have completely sold out to corporate interests. They have lost their way, and as far as we’re concerned they have become irrelevant. Today, we have no respect for any of them, or at least the ones that come to mind. They’ve become corporate basura. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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8 comments on “Are there no openly gay people in San Francisco anymore?

  1. Queer boi

    ‘No Gays Allowed’ Sign Returns to Tennessee Store Following Masterpiece Cakeshop Supreme Court Ruling

    pb – So where are the damn fools in the “Queer Community” that you wrote about who said gay people can live anywhere, gay is now mainstream? They said there’s no need for gay meccas because gay people can live anywhere. You debunked those lies many times when you said that gay people can’t live anywhere EVEN IN THE CLOSET.

    I’ve haven’t heard about or seen one protest since this USSC ruling. Shame, shame, shame. Like you say, the “Queer Community” is dead and I agree there is no feeling of community now.

    1. Queer boi

      I forgot to say – how many of this assholes customers is he going to turn off because they’re gay but in the closet?

      1. E in Sunnyvale

        Good, I hope he is forced out business because no one will give him any.

        On another note, what’s next? “Whites only” drinking fountains?

        Wow, such progress we’ve made. Such progress….

  2. castro local

    glad you ignored pride, inc. as one of your other commenters called it. pride has become a big yawn. pride is outdated. they should end it. it definitely served its purpose at the time….but now? meh. the only reason it’s still going is because it’s a money maker for some people. a couple of years ago one of the local sites was gushing over pride friday. the writer said he had been around through the castro and all the bars were packed. he didn’t say what clientele they were packed with….homophobic straights? bars being packed and consuming booze is what pride, inc. is about?

  3. what is is

    hola pb. today is election day in sf. i had to run an errand in the castro. thought you and your readers might like to know what i saw. in the jane warner plaza at castro and market st. stood all the candidates shaking people’s hands as they walked through. gag. they were playing music. you know the type of music that’s been played around here for decades. that’s gone too. no more ‘gay music.’ no disco music, no techno music. no guys dancing around in speedos or in anything else. not one single gay flag did i see. lots of helium-filled kid’s balloons. they were playing nursery rhyme music with mothers with children standing around holding candidate’s signs. no gay people anywhere. loads and loads and loads of children and baby strollers. it was awful. it felt like a state faiir. couldn’t wait to get back home. btw, at least 2 of the candidates are gay but looking at them you’d never know that. both in full dress suits…with not a wrinkle in them.

  4. Wes in Arlington

    Hey former neighbor. This is the most thorough article I’ve read anywhere on the state of the gay community today (I know you hesitate to call it a community now), so kudos to you for updating your articles into all one place. Found it fascinating to read since I must have missed some of those you wrote and learned a lot about SF today.

    Unbelievable what’s happened to SF. Man, would not believe it if I wasn’t readiing it from the locals. I don’t spend much time in the District these days to give you a report on DC’s gay community but sometime back I overheard someone on the metro telling someone how you don’t see gay guys holding hands or giving any sign that they’re gay in the District, Maryland and Virginia. I suspect when you lived here it was sort of closeted then too even around Dupont Circle….made you want to move to SF which was out and proud then.

    Take care.

  5. D8

    I’ve only read through part of this and will read the rest later. Don’t know how anyone could disagree with it. It’s what I see here in SF.

  6. E in Sunnyvale

    “More people in the US ‘identify’ as gay than ever before.” Yeah sure they do

    Oh, I *cringe* when I see/hear the word “identify” when it comes to sexuality or gender. It’s a very loaded word that implies that this is a “choice” that we make. It’s also a word I see used when someone is begrudgingly being “tolerant”. It’s infuriating to see so many people in the community using it to describe themselves.

    I’m pretty sure gay and lesbian folks did not “choose” to be gay/lesbian, and I sure as hell didn’t choose to be trans. I was born wired female but with male parts. Who would *choose* to deal with all the trauma that causes?

    Queers are even referring to the basura as “president” which is giving him respect when he deserves and has earned no respect whatsoever

    Right on – I outright refuse to refer to that creature as “president”, unless I preface it with “illegitimate”.

    The big Rainbow Flag at Castro/Market will be replaced with a US flag.

    Well, we know for certain that it won’t be replaced with a trans flag EVER again.

    There’s also the increasing anti-trans comments one is hearing in The Castro.

    I have to wonder about that – since I don’t live there and rarely go there, I don’t see/hear any of this. How prevalent is it? I can probably guess what sorts of things are being said because I’ve seen it all before from the willfully-ignorant bigots. It’s also safe to assume that it’s entirely directed towards MTF trans people – FTMs don’t appear to be subjected to anything near the level of abuse hurled at MTFs.

    In my own case, and if I do, it’s overheard – never to my face – on those rare occasions that someone “clocks” me (apparently it’s like a game of Where’s Waldo to the bigoted assholes – try to guess who is a “tranny-faggot” and then come up with some “witty” punchline about it, right?).

    ~E (proudly avoiding Pride, Inc. again this year!)

Fin. The End.