Are you still watching Univisión?

We’re not. Hola. ¿Qué tal? I got together with mis amigos recently and they had read my post about the black clothing obsession/fixation at Univisión y Telemundo. This video from YouGoogleTube will give you an example of what I’m talking about with nearly everyone in all black (Don Francisco is wearing drab gray and white here). As un amigo said: It’s Spring and they’re still wearing all/lots of black? Who died? (Nobody.) So are they trying to be Punk, Gothic or conservative? It would be the latter: conservative. Un amigo said: They’re even running a lipstick commercial where all las muchachas are in black and white. He asked: How long is their craze with black clothing going to go on and what loco/a at Univisión started this?

Some amigos said they’ve stopped watching Univisión because it’s the worst of the español language networks. I asked: How do most of you feel about Telemundo? Everyone said: Well they’re not much better! They like to copy Univisión, and Telemundo’s morning show might as well be called Sala de Mameluco (romper room). Amigos pointed out that some of the Univisión on-camera personalities go over to Telemundo when they leave Univisión and vice versa, including some of the actors such as actor Blanca Soto of the telenovela Eva Luna.

We’ve all turned off Univisión for the following reasons:

1. The network has become very corporate, hyped and silly with lots of noise pollution. Univisión used to be a more mature network, which is why it appealed to me and mis amigos years ago.

2. Univisión is ageist and anti-ethnic. Many Latinos/Hispanos/Chicanos/Mexicanos and others won’t see anyone that looks like them on Univisión. That’s because the network only wants young, model-type, white Latinos before their cameras, with only an occasional exception to that. One exception being their token darker-complected Latino Tony D. And other than Raúl (El Gordo y La Flaca), one has to stay “in shape” (nearly anorexic-looking or slender) and visit a plastic surgeon on a regular basis to stay before their cameras. You’ll see some “average build” muchachos on the network but for las muchachas especially the “average person” (meaning overweight) is not allowed before their cameras—other than a quick on-the-street type “what do you think?” interview—regardless of how intelligent the person might be.

Univisión is not about intelligence. Univisión is all about “image,” shallow and superficial pop culture and how one looks on the outside. Jorge Ramos is one exception to this, and he has a very nice taste in clothes and colour combinations when he’s required to wear a shirt/tie/jacket.

3. Univisión heavily promotes tech—for their advertising la plata and—presumably to get their audience entirely addicted to the greatest mind-controlling, distraction and waste-of-time device there is: the so-called “smartphone.” I and mis amigos call them stupidphones because there are transforming society into a sea of distracted, stupid people. There’s no doubt about that from what I and others are seeing in the New Conservative and Lobotomised San Francisco. The stupidphone-addicted sheeple can’t even remember a short shopping list of things to buy in the grocery store without looking at and fucking with their stupidphone (and standing in people’s way). How did these idiots remember what to buy at the store before the stupidphone? (They used their brain.) Why are the sheeple addicted to “smartphones” when being stupid is “in?” Have they never thought about that? The network’s heavy promotion of tech is accomplished through their corporate ads, and with tech/Orwellian-named “social media” (and its data-mining) completely integrated into much of their tech-promotion programming. Haven’t they heard that the Tech Surveillance-State Industrial Complex has taken over and is ruining San Francisco? I suspect that doesn’t matter to them. With their “smartphone” ads the message sent to the viewer is: You can be just as feliz as these pretty, young, white Latinos if you buy these stupidphones or subscribe to this service provider we’re advertising and get as addicted to these toys/gadgets as they are. The reality: these stupidphones and other gadgets—which are like a rattler to a baby—are the greatest distraction/mind-controlling devices ever and the addiction to them seen in pedestrians, cyclists and motorists is clearly stronger than that of any drugs known to humans from what I and others see in San Francisco. But the ads on Univisión essentially tell the viewer: Make that stupidphone, tablet (whatever gadget one is addicted to) your entire life. Mis amigos said: Yes, be a fucking idiot by having all of your personal information in one place to be hacked into on that waste-of-lifetime stupidphone so you can be easily data-mined and spied on by these predatory NSA Surveillance State corporations. For example: Secret ‘BADASS’ Intelligence Program Spied on Smartphones and Secret US spy program snoops on citizens’ smartphones with aeroplanes, claims report. And when you do that, your life will be Feliz, Feliz, Feliz, Feliz. Univisión have also made some of their in-studio screens to resemble stupidphones, which is also part of promoting predatory tech and these addictive gadgets. That makes more la plata for corporate techie companies and corporate so-called “social media,” one being owned by a billionaire. Yes, help make even more la plata for that elitist billionaire! Meanwhile, in the real world many Latinos/Hispanos/Chicanos are struggling just to pay their rent or mortgage! But the network apparently wants their viewers to be wasting their lives on corporate “social media” typing with their thumbs day and night and sending waste-of-time text messages to Univisión, that they’ll never read. As mi amiga asked: When Latinos/Hispanos become completely addicted to these stupidphones, tablets and “social media,” will they be watching Univisión, or will they be too busy and distracted with their addiction?

4. Many, if not most, Latino/Hispano musicians, actors and network on-camera personalities have sold-out to one corporate entity or another. For example, we’ve seen the commercials that Lili y Raúl (El Gordo y La Flaca) made for that predatory corporation involved in NSA spying. I guess none of that bothers Lili y Raúl while they sit on their set fucking with their stupidphones during their show. I sense they are as addicted to the things as anyone else.

5. All of us like Univisión’s LED sets. They’re very pretty with beautiful colours. But we all agree that much, if not most, of the programming on Univisión has become rather predictable, including their award ceremonies.

6. The network has become dumbed-down and stupid, their morning show (lunes a viernes) in particular. People really watch that? On their morning show one gets the impression there is never a problem in their world with everyone (all white Latinos of course) waving to the cameras and smiling a wide-broad smile with bright white teeth (does the network have stock in the tooth-bleaching industry?). Univisión is a network of plastic surgery, tooth-bleaching and hair dye. Gray hair is allowed only in Noticiero Univisión y to some degree en Deportes. One cannot be oneself on Univisión. It’s all about “playing to the camera” (acting). Real-life does not exist on that network except in the noticias y deportes. The network must have come to a very lucrative agreement with a local plastic surgeon in Doral/Miami for all the network “darlings” to stop by regularly for “touch-up” surgery as the network does not want any signs of the natural aging process to appear before their expensive cameras. They like to give the false impression that “everyone always stays model-young forever” (of course in black or gray clothing) in Univisión’s ageist world. They’ll put up with Don Francisco, Lili y Raúl and Jorge Ramos and one or two others only until they can find a way to get rid of them without any notice, which is the way the network operates from what I’ve read. They have quite a revolving door at Univisión. One can be working there one day and gone the next! Apparently, from what I’ve read, they don’t give the customary 2-weeks’ notice. The concept of “job security” is not synonymous with Univisión.

7. Unfortunately, the network has tried to copy the dying-US English language networks. Why copy something that’s dying? Why copy something that hasn’t worked for somebody else? One example that comes to mind: They always begin their noticias in a serious and solemn mode but by the end of the noticias they’re waving at their cameras, laughing it up and the “anchors” are acting as if they’re your best of amigos. They also end their noticias with some “fluff” story. That’s the same nonsense the dumbed-down US English language “newscasts” do.

8. Again (because this kept coming up in our discussion), we’re all also tired of seeing funeral-black, gray and white clothing worn by their “celebrity” network personalities. It’s become so redundant and predictable. And it looks very conservative. To see so many Latinos in all funeral-black, what a bunch of fucking sheep! I guess some conservative loco/a at the network orders anyone who is to appear before their cameras: “You must wear all black or something black, por favor.” What’s “Latin” about all black? Nada.

None of mis amigos like corporate televisión/networks. We used to like Univisión and watched it frequently when it was less-corporate and less into the shallow and superficial Celebrity/(US) Pop Culture chisme it is today. We have no interest at all in this obsession that the sheeple have over so-called “celebrities” and what they’re doing. Who cares what they’re doing?! They’re just people like anybody else. Una amiga asked: How much longer is Univisión going to obsess over the Rivera Family?

Some of mis amigos said: At the rate things are going, they won’t be surprised to see Univisión become a US-English language network sometime in the future. That won’t surprise me either.

Culturally-Illiterate ABC News

So it’s not just me I’ve learned from talking with mis amigos and other people. Some people I’ve talked with have noticed that the talking heads at ABC News can’t even learn to pronounce Univisión correctly, which I and others consider very disrespectful. Univisión is not an English word but the talking heads at ABC News—being willfully illiterate en español—try to pronounce it as if it is an English word. Question: How do they pronounce “gracias” at ABC News? Do they say: gray-sigh-ass? One would think that an English-language network that hooks up with the #1 español language network en los Estados Unidos would at least know/learn how to correctly and authentically pronounce the name of the network they’re connected with, no? And learn a few other basis español words as well, no? Is that really that difficult for them? Apparently so. Or how difficult is it for one of the ABC News talking heads to ask Jorge Ramos to pronounce “Univisión” for them correctly? But that appears to be beyond the elementary abilities of the corporatists at ABC News. They prefer to remain willfully-ignorant and disrespectful of other languages and how words are pronounced authentically in international languages. But of course they want their precious US-English and the name of their network to be pronounced absolutely correctly. Typical arrogant US-Exceptional-ism superiority nonsense which so many of us are turned off by.

Un amigo asked: Are they still in love with their messiah Obama at Univisión, even though deportations of Latinos/Hispanos and others are at record levels under el hombre Obama? (Of the 438,421 total immigrants deported, 314,904 came from México, while another 46,866 came from Guatemala, 36,526 came from Honduras and 20,862 came from El Salvador.) And should Obama announce that he’s ending deportations, considering all the other lies this man has told, why would anyone believe a word he says?

As una amiga said, Univisión must think that Latinos/Hispanos are a bunch of toddlers. Univisión’s unspoken theme seems to be: “We must entertain the children—including the children in adult bodies—watching our network and treat them like children.” Univisión is going for the lowest common denominator, just like the dying US-English language networks. Again, why would they copy something that is not working for other dying-networks? Years ago I heard someone in the radio and television business say that television programming is geared for a 13-year old mentality. I think it’s about half that now and down to about a 5-7 year old mentality based on what we see on Univisión. For example, that short muchacho (I don’t know his name) who tries to act childish and silly by falling around on the sets of both El Gordo y la Flaca and on Sábado Gigante. You probably know who I’m talking about.

We’re also turned off by the many closet case Latino/Hispano Queer boys on Univisión (actors, musicians, and on-camera personalities etc.) who don’t have the courage to come out of that moldy closet. We all know they’re Queer boys but whenever they’re asked about their sexuality they give the typical denial and heteronormative response. They say, “No, I like the girls.” Yeah, sure you do amigo. You’re not fooling anyone so why don’t you stop lying to yourself and others. You like “the girls” only in the context that they give you la plata by buying your music or by supporting you as an actor, but you like the boys in bed but you won’t admit to that because you think that being honest with yourself and with people will harm your “career” and you still think there’s something wrong with being gay, no? Many people have suspected various Latino artists, musicians and on-camera personalities of being gay, but most continue to live a lie and remain in that unhealthy closet here in 2015. And all of Univisión’s programming and corporate ads are heteronormative. Straight couples everywhere. Straight couples y besos. Sí, claro.

I guess I and mis amigos are not the only people fed up with Univisión as I read that Venivisión-Caracas has decided to break their contract with Univisión, which was supposed to run until 2017. Venivisión became fed up with Univisión disrespecting their telenovelas. Other than Televisa en México, Venivisión-Caracas has been producing quite a lot of programmes for Univisión. But Univisión didn’t air them as they were produced by Venivisión. They edited them, cut sections out, skipped capítulos and showed them on one canal and abruptly moved the telenovela to another canal, which is very disrespectful of the original intent and the viewer. They were intended to be shown as they were produced. That’s many people’s complaint about how Yo Soy Betty, la Fea has been shown in The Empire/los Estados Unidos, in that some networks disrespect the telenovela by making lots of edits and cuts to get in more commercial time, to the point where the telenovela doesn’t make much sense anymore especially to first-time viewers, because so much is missing. Well that about covers what we talked about. La Desactivación De Univision. Chau.—el barrio rosa

16 comments on “Are you still watching Univisión?

  1. María

    Univisión is really getting extreme with their love for the colors black and gray. They have a new set for Al Punto (Jorge Ramos). The set is UGLY! It’s black with some yellow with a green tint to the yellow. I’ve never seen a black set before and hopefully I won’t see another one! Jorge interview Alejandro Sanz yesterday and he was apparently told to wear all gray, so he was sitting there in a gray sweater, gray jacket and gray pants and gray shoes. Someone is nuts at Univisión. Made for a very dull-looking picture. Oh and in the background there was moving gray something behind Alejandro.

  2. Chisme

    Since you don’t watch Univisión I thought I’d let you know that the Univisión/Televisa telenovela awards were on earlier tonight, and judging by what I saw they gave their orders to Televisa that all should be dressed in black. A few weren’t but most were from what I saw. It was another case of “who died?” Funeral black everywhere – guys in black pants, black jackets, black shirt and black tie.

    The stage was very pretty. They had what looked like artwork or paintings on the stage right behind the camera view in pretty bright colors – I loved it and then I realized that the paintings were digital paintings and were changing colors. So pretty! Leave it to Televisa to do that!! That made up for all the boring black clothing. After about a half hour I changed the channel. I’d seen enough black clothing to last me. I don’t get it why they’re doing it……….I guess it’s just another fad. With all the nice colors there are, they choose funeral black. Correction, some were in gray and black now that I think about it and that does really remind me of a funeral because of all the funerals I’ve been to the casket was gray and everyone was in black, so there you had the gray and black.

  3. Aarón

    Don’t know if you know this but on the Uni affiliate in San Francisco they have a segment on their noticias called Tu Tecnología. It’s a not-so-disguised ad for stupidphones, therefore not only does the network promote stupidphones but so does my local affiliate.

  4. I Love Salsa

    I’m also turned off by Univisión for many of the reasons you gave, and don’t even let me get started on their “fusion” with ABC News. Very disrespectful that they can’t pronounce Univisión correctly and Univisión allows it. Do ANY of the ABC News affiliates pronounce it correctly? Where I live when my Univisión station promotes their “fusion” with the local ABC News affiliate Univisión gives ABC News top billing as if they’re superior to Univisión.

    Telemundo, they’re not much better I agree.

  5. José Ávalos

    Hola to you y very timely that you wrote this. You mentioned Sábado Gigante. Univisión just cancelled Sábado Gigante after 53 years. They’re telling us that Don Francisco wants to move on to “other projects.” I’m afraid I don’t buy that. I think he was forced out. It’s one or the other – either “moving on to other projects” or “leaving to spend time with their family.” It’s always the same las sandeces. I don’t think we’re being told the truth about this. I doubt we will see much of him again since he’s considered “old” by the network’s standards because he’s not in his 20s or 30s. The last show is september (18th I think). Saludos y gracias. I’m glad you wrote this as it all needs to be said.

    1. La Sopa

      Watch out Jorge Ramos!! Uni might ask you to say that you’re moving on too or leaving to spend time with your family.

  6. Fabián

    I read your article earlier but didn’t comment.

    Just a moment ago on MundoFox I was watching their telenovela ¿Quién mató a Patricia Soler? The dominant colors in that are black, gray and white. Some of the clothing worn are occasionally other colors but mainly black, gray and white. The same colors are used in one of their offices and in a lab. I watched one scene with one of the characters and he was in a bed recovering and people in the room came to visit him. The walls were gray, the character in the bed was wearing gray. The two sisters were in gray and black and shades of white and gray. One of the other characters he was in a white shirt, gray tie and gray suit. Another character in a black suit. This is so unreal. It is not realistic to have five people in a room all wearing the same colors of gray, white and black and the wall is gray too. I know these networks like to match clothing and wall colors, but this is ridiculous and so unrealistic. Maybe this is why it’s not doing well. They moved it from 9pm to 11pm a couple of weeks ago.

  7. Héctor

    Did you hear about this?

    Univisión fires Rodner Figueroa for racist comment about Michelle Obama

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola Héctor, yes I did. So one of the network “Darlings” got fired.

      As for the Obamas, I can’t stand either one of them but it has nothing to do with the way they look or their ethnicity. I despise his Bush-continued policies and expansion of same, and from what I’ve seen/heard of Ms Obama she comes off as a piece of work and quite arrogant as if she expects people to worship the ground she walks on just because of who she is.

      It seems to me that Rodner’s comment would fall under the now-dead First Amendment of the US Constitution (Free Speech, which like many other people Univisión has no respect for), whether people agree with Rodner’s comment or not. As expected, the Obamabots agreed with Univisión’s decision. His comment was rather tame really considering what other people say and get away with. I wish people could get half as worked up over the use of the “i” word (which is used as hate for referring to undocumented immigrants) and have the same reaction to that as they do over something like what Rodner said. I think Rodner got in trouble over the word “Apes” (Planet of the Apes). Humans evolved from apes. The Dembots referred to George W Bush as a chimpanzee (and that was putting down beautiful chimpanzee by doing so) and nobody ever got into trouble or got fired to my knowledge for saying/writing that. I had thought Rodner was an Obamabot like most of the people at Univisión. I suspect Rodner’s lost a lost of Obambot amigos (devout Obamabot/Dembot Enrique Martín Morales/Ricky Martín being one of them). I asked un amigo about this and he said: To me, Ms Obama looks like she’s been “over-modeled” in a model/moda sense. Gracias for your comment. Chau.

    2. Azúcar

      According to Rodner, Univisión didn’t have a problem with what he said UNTIL Michelle Obama’s office called the network to complain about what he said. I didn’t know she watched Univisión and El Gordo y La Flaca. Rodner claimed his comment was an assessment of a makeup artist’s work and was not directed at Michelle Obama personally. Uni said they had no contact with Michelle Obama until after the fact. Then they called the white house to inform them that Rodner had been canned. The network took quick action and within 24 hours he was gone and they scrubbed their website of all images of him. Rodner said he voted for Obama twice.

      You might like to know that a New York University professor who studies Latino media agrees with you about the lack of diversity on Univisión. He said that the Univisión landscape is often whiter than corporate English-language television in the U.S.


      1. rosa_barrio Post author

        Hola Azúcar, well if Ms Obama did have Rodner fired that’s pretty low of her. It’s not at all surprising to me that most people—from what I saw—agreed with the firing because Obamabots want no criticism of their “messiah” or his family. Of course if Obama had a R next to his name the hypocritical Obamabots would say that Rodner should keep his job. If that had happened to me (or what she thought he said about her), I wouldn’t cause someone to lose their career over it. I’d just blow it off and move on. Politics = nasty and vile. I didn’t know Michelle was that delicate. She has pretty “thin skin” for someone in her position. And I think her position has gone to her head and the same with him (power trip). I suspect a staff member was watching El Gordo y La Flaca and then reported this to her. Mi amigo asked: Does that woman have a staff person watching every network 24 hours a day waiting for someone to say something negative about her so she can have them fired? Is she that insecure?
        I said: It’s too bad the woman or her staff person can’t get as worked up over the lack of diversity on that network. When may they expect a call from her complaining about and/or ordering them to put more people on the network that look like her and her partner? Other than Tony D, when may we expect to see some Black/Chocolate/Brown dark complected Latinos/Hispanos on that network? (Not any time soon would be my guess). Gracias for your comment. Chau.

        1. Azúcar

          I turned on Univisión a bit ago. NBLatina is on. They ran that toothpaste commercial that Rodner was in. He’s been replaced by a very young white Latina. I know you’re surprised. The black clothing thing? Yes that’s there. Many of the audience in that pit in the stage are in all black so they were given their orders to wear to wear black. Chicos dancing with chicas. To repeat what another person said – gay does not exist on Uni.

  8. Alejandro

    “Are you still watching Univisión?”

    Hoooola. Sometimes but not often. I think your list is complete. I can’t think of anything else to add. I got turned off long ago by how heteronormative they are. I went to their website day before yesterday and I saw images of nothing but male-female couples. Gay couples don’t exist on Univisión. Like you say they have the closet case gay guys or those who have never officially “come out” but everybody knows they’re gay. I think that Televisa is a little bit better when it comes to showing more diversity instead of all white Latinos, maybe?

  9. Azúcar

    You might like to know that El Gordo talked about the Rivera family again yesterday.

    I think Uni should start a new show and run it 7 days a week for 3 hours each day called Hoy Aventuras con la Rivera de la Familia. Give the Rivera family their own show. They practically have their own show now, just make it official.

      1. rosa_barrio Post author

        Hola Alejandro, in my opinion both Univisión y the Rivera family are exploiting Jenni’s death. The Rivera family seem to love and thrive on the media attention and broadcasting their various dysfunctions. One member of the family or another love to before the cameras and invited for interviews, invited to be on different programmes (her papá was on Telemundo’s “Top Chef Estrellas” programme when I turned that on one night recently). I said to myself: Oh there he is; I know why he’s on there. He most likely wouldn’t be on there if Jenni hadn’t died 3 years ago this diciembre. Now her sister is on El Gordo for multiple interviews for continual family chisme. I guess Univisión (and Telemundo) will stop this only when they decide they’re not making any la plata and ratings off of the Rivera family. But it is pretty low to exploit someone’s death for media attention and ratings/chisme. The Rivera Family have pretty much turned Jenni’s death and family dysfunctions thereafter into their own telenovela without Televisa producing it. Gracias for your comment. Chau.

Fin. The End.