Attorney Michael Avenatti for US president in 2020 ?

Hola a todos. I’m a bit jet-lagged at the moment. I just got back from Russia. Yes, had a lovely trip. Although it was most unexpected. El presidente Vladimir Putin invited me to Moscow for “tea and light refreshment.” He said he had read mi diario/my diary, pink barrio, and the many accusations from “Democratic” Party Cultists that I’m a “Russian Operative”. He was wondering if I’d like to become a “Russian Operative.” When I heard that I changed the topic and said, “the tea and light refreshments” are quite good. While sitting there with him he asked me if I’d like to hear some music since he said he had read about my musical background and training. I said: Oh something by Sergei Rachmaninov, of course. Russian you know! He asked, “Anything in particular?” I said: Maybe one of the pieces from his Moments Musicaux, Op. 16, how about #1 in b flat minor? After listening to that, he became more direct on the “Russian Operative” topic. It was at this point that I became rather blunt and told him: Contrary to the lies/trolling that the “Democratic” Party Cultists and others spew, I’m not an “operative” for anyone. They just can’t stand it when anyone tells the truth about their septic cult, so they resort to their usual immature tactic of labeling anyone who disagrees with their cult and their corrupt celebrity politicians as “a Russian Operative.” He said he had expected me to help with the ultimate goal. I asked about that. He said, “But of course it’s to get the insane orange nazi man-child and international bully as you describe him on your site back in office — illegitimately so just like his first term — for another 4 years. And that’s to be followed by 8 years of the Pen*e nazi regime.” He pushed the topic more intensely by saying, “I’m sure I can count on you. Do what you can do on your site, pink barrio, to have that corrupt Cult that you refer to as the “Democratic” Party Cult nominate corrupt war criminal Hillary once again because people detest her.” I said: Yes they do, then they turn around and vote for her while saying they had no one else to vote for. Insane. They had a credible candidate to vote for in Dra Jill Stein. They just didn’t have the intelligence to do so, as usual. Stein was the best candidate who ran and she was/is a genuine progressive, unlike right-wing pro-war Hillary whom the fake-liberals/fake-progressives voted for and still support like good little brainwashed “Democratic” Party Cultists. A genuine progressive would never consider voting for a right-wing candidate because that is a contradiction in terms and in one’s principles/convictions. I assured presidente Putin that I wouldn’t need to do as he was suggesting because it won’t surprise me if the DNC puts Hillary up again as their nominee. Either her, or that Establishment Biden guy who’s just as bad and about as interesting and appealing as an old condom one would see on the sidewalk. There was a brief lull in our conversation. So I took the opportunity to have a few moments for a serious discussion about (violent) Queer/GTQBL persecution in Russia. He denied there was any Queer persecution in Russia. Typical lying politician. I said: It’s undeniable, I’m not here to argue about it and don’t play games with me. He asked, “Is Queer persecution here in Russia the reason you couldn’t be a ‘Russian Operative?’” I said: Well it’s part of it, but I don’t work for any (inter)national government(s) and their agenda. Nearly all, if not all, governments are thoroughly corrupt with the US Oligarchy leading the way in corruption, lying, killing and you-name-it, they do it! He said, “But you’re so opposed to the corrupt, pro-war, imperialistic “Democratic” Party Cult.” I said: That’s correct, but that’s been the case with me as far back as the 2000 stolen election1 and Judicial Coup when they mostly behaved like a door mat for the Republicans, and have done so ever since. These days, the “Democrats” are the Republicans best enablers and employees. So anything I write about them comes naturally for me and not out of some “Russian Operative” agenda.

That was the end of our meeting and my fictional trip to Russia.

Mi amigo/my friend told me that he read that el abogado/Attorney Michael Avenatti says he’s considering running for president of the US in 2020. From my research, he’s a registered Democrat. I don’t know why he’s aligned with that orange nazi-enabling Cult. Maybe he will become an independent (nonpartisan) if he runs.

Since Michael is not part of the Capital Hill “Democratic” Party Cult — also known as the US Oligarchy — should he run in 2020 as a “Democrat,” he would very likely be subjected to the same treatment as was given to fake-independent/fake-progressive and “Democratic” Party enabler Bernie Sanders. He was “thrown under the bus” by the “Democratic” Party Cult. Later, you might remember that he ultimately warmly endorsed war criminal and war hawk corrupt Hillary Clinton in 2016. That’s not something that a genuine progressive would ever consider doing.

Therefore, Michael Avenatti will likely be “kicked to the curb” or “thrown under the bus” by the so-called “leadership” of the “Democratic” Party Cult. He would be subjected to the same treatment as Dennis Kucinich, Maxine Waters and a few others who come to mind. They were essentially told to “sit down and shut up. When we want to hear from you, we (the party “leadership”) will let you know.” Michael would not be one of the Darlings of the “Democratic” Party because he did not come up through the corrupt ranks of the Cult like the Establishment trash did. He also doesn’t put up with any shit, so he might tell the so-called “leadership” of the party where they can shove it. Someone certainly needs to.

Well, the “Democratic” Party brainwashed Cultists (voters) already oppose Michael’s run. They say he doesn’t have any political experience. Translation: He’s not a right-wing corporate parasite like the trash we consistently support. As far as I’m concerned, that’s a good thing. Why does he need political experience? He’s an attorney and good at what he does from what I can tell. As an attorney, he understands how our corrupt cesspool of a system works. I’ve seen him in several corporate media interviews. He tells it like it is.

The “Democratic” Party Cultists point to the orange nazi as “a mistake that the Republicans made by choosing someone without political experience.” That’s absolute caca. In this case, his many problems have nothing to do with his lack of political experience. His many problems have to do with his regressive politics, his insanity, his being so thin-skinned and needing constant adoration, his lack of mental stability, his white supremacy, his constant lying, his corruption, his constant bullying, his pussy-grabbing, his chauvinism, his misogyny, his sexism, his trying to find yet another country to have a dysfunction/conflict with and bully, his complete lack of social/people skills, his narcissism (“it’s all about me”), his elitism and many other damnable, unattractive traits. He’s worse than scum. None of which have to do with a lack of political experience. All of that and more can also be found in a “seasoned” politician. And there are some just like that in congress.

Then there his sidekick, that strange Pen*e guy. What head trips are going on in that man’s head? Have you looked at him? He just stares straight ahead as if he’s undergone a lobotomy. No one home. He’s even worse than the orange nazi — if you can imagine that! — and he has political experience. He’s an attorney, a former governor of Indiana and a former member of the US House of Representatives.

I couldn’t stand Obama, but only a lunatic like the thin-skinned orange nazi would obsess over Obama and anything he did and have an agenda of reversing anything Obama did simply because Obama is Black.

The bottom line: Even though Avenatti is a Democrat, the “Democratic” Party brainwashed Cultists don’t want him to “rock the boat” of their precious Establishment messiah politicians whom they worship, glorify and adore, world without end. Amen. Yes, it is just like a religion for these cultist trash. I guess they would rather have a Biden or that Hillary than Michael Avenatti. Insanity. They really have the lowest of standards and come without any principles or convictions whatsoever. Unless one considers their brainwashed devotion to their Republican-enabling Cult a “conviction.” Avenatti is not The Establishment and that’s what these fake-progressives and fake-liberals (“Democratic” Party Cultists) who hang out on these fake-progressive sites want. They want to remain in the cesspool rut with their stagnant right-wing Establishment career corporate parasites.

Take this comment for instance:

“We can’t vote for people with no political experience. We can’t make the mistake republicans made. He should try, and run for a lower political position first, and see how that goes.”

Where did this person get brainwashed with such ludicrous thinking? The current cesspool called the House and Senate got there by the way this commenter suggested. They “ran for a lower political position first,” and we’ve seen where that septic rot has gotten us, no?

“No political experience” is not one of the requirements for running for office. But one can take that approach if one wants, but don’t pretend to speak for “we,” por favor. Speak for yourself.

Another thing: The trash in congress are called “law makers.” How can a “law maker” make laws without requiring a law degree? Yet many members of the House and Senate have no legal training whatsoever. Did you know that? It’s true. Look it up if you don’t believe me. Many of them have no law degree whatsoever. For example, Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi have no legal training. They both have a Bachelor of Arts degree in a completely unrelated field to what they’re doing in the Senate (Feinstein) and House (Pelosi). There are many others just like them in the cesspool called the US Congress. I’ve heard Feinstein say in hearings: “I don’t have any legal training, but as best I can understand you…” And I’m thinking to myself: Then what the fuck are you do sitting in the Senate, Feinstein, when you have no legal training and no law degree? Yet you’re allowed to sit there and make laws just because you were able to get enough stupid and gullible people to vote for you repeatedly in California when you ran for the US Senate. Incredible. Something is very wrong with that. And this woman has lived in the District of Columbia as a senator long enough to have earned a JD at either George Washington University School of Law or Georgetown University School of Law. They are two excellent law schools in the District. (When I lived in the District, GWU was right around the corner from my apartment in Foggy Bottom and I had friends who were law students at both GWU and at Georgetown University). The same goes for Pelosi in the House. Neither Feinstein or Pelosi have taken it upon themselves to better themselves as members of the US Congress by going to law school and earning a law degree while living in DC.

In my opinion, that commenter’s blanket approach (“we can’t vote for people with no political experience”) is very short-sighted. This should be decided on a case-by-case basis. If you’ve heard Attorney Michael Avenatti — who earned his JD degree at George Washington University School of Law — speak and know anything about him, one can hardly compare him and his intelligence level to that of the stupid insane and thin-skinned orange nazi. Frankly, I think Avenatti may be a bit over-qualified for the “Democratic” Party Cult since he has an earned law degree (as opposed to some honorary shit), or a Bachelor of Arts degree like Feinstein and Pelosi. There’s nothing wrong with a BA degree, I’m not saying that. But one would think a Doctor of Law degree would be required to be a “law maker” in the US Congress.

A follow-up comment from the same person:

“A lot of people might be turned off by no political experience. That might even be the mantra for the 2020 election, not to vote for inexperience, like the idiot running the country right now. It could happen though, it all depends on how much support that candidate has. I personally hope another “Obama” type, or better surfaces, to run for POTUS in 2020. I can guarantee you one thing. t-Rump will not win the next time around, that’s if he isn’t impeached.”

Sigh. (roll eyes)

And to those who continue to believe through their Denial that our fraudulent voting system in the US is fair, honest and legitimate as well as “secure,” you might want to read this:

An 11-year-old hacked a replica of Florida’s voting system in 10 minutes
A hackathon highlights the real threats malicious hackers pose to our democracy.

The gullible among us will say: Oh that could never happen in our elections. You mean to say so-called “elections.”

Stupid is in. (roll eyes) The US of Denial and Hypocrisy.

Modus Operandi of “Democratic” Party Cultists: Wishful-thinking

I’m not sure what that commenter means by “another ‘Obama’ type” since I personally would not want another Obama — and was glad when he left office — as he greatly expanded the illegitimate Bush/Cheney regime’s agenda, which anyone knows who was paying close attention. Mr Nobel Peace Prize Obama left office with 8-9 wars (I lost count) in progress which the orange nazi has continued after he campaigned against “nation building.” Hypocrite. In reality, Obama was one of the best Republicans the Republicans have had while he charades as a “Democrat” like most of them. This commenter’s “big and tough” talk guarantee is meaningless, but it’s so damn typical of “Democrats.” They can’t guarantee that any more than I can. I suggest that that commenter’s crystal ball made in China is defective or needs new batteries or a re-charge. What s/he is engaging in is more wishful-thinking which again is so typical of “Democrats.” And on the odd occasion that something that their wishful-thinking predicted happens to come true, the end result is not as they had predicted. Obama being a perfect example of that. Mr “Hope” and “Change We Can Believe In” turned out to be worse than illegitimate George W Bush overall. Obama expanded the Bush regime’s agenda instead of “going after Bush” as the wishful-thinking “Democratic” Party Cultists had predicted he would do. He didn’t “go after Bush” at all. Instead, he ramped up the Bush regime’s agenda and said, “We must look forward and not backward” meaning he had no intention of “going after” anyone. That’s also why we see these chummy images of the Bush Crime Family and the Obama’s together. Such as here and here. Check those out. And Obama has called George W Bush, “a good man.” Oh good lawd.

“Democratic” Party Cultists: Your messiah Obama called George W Bush “a good man.” Did you read that? Your saviour Obama describes the basura you protested for 8 years “a good man.” What do you think about that? Do you still “stand by your war criminal” idiots?

“To know the man is to like the man,” Obama has said of Bush. “He knows who he is. He doesn’t put on any pretenses. He takes his job seriously, but he doesn’t take himself too seriously. He is a good man.”

Well frankly, just for starters, I don’t think of someone who steals elections with the help of their governor brother and others and who lies repeatedly about WMDs in Iraq and kills thousands of innocent people with needless wars based on lies as “a good man.” But one should consider the source! This is a case of one war criminal eating the ass of another war criminal. So may I assume that commenter I’m responding to is a “Democrat?” And “Democrats” are frequently wrong with their “big and tough” predictions time after time. And “Democrats” typically use the “t-RUMP” language as seen there.

I fully expect the thin-skinned orange nazi to have a second term, if he doesn’t die in office. His body size is getting bigger and bigger and that big ass of his can barely be covered with his jackets. Notice I didn’t say “re-elected” because I don’t believe he was “elected” the first time. I believe it was an illegitimate so-called “election.” And little will be any different the second time around, especially with the archaic electoral college. And he’s not about to be impeached because “Democrat” Nancy Pelosi will see to that. She keeps enabling him by taking impeachment “off the table” as she’s done at least 3 times now (I’ve lost count on that, I’m sorry). Here’s one of them.

I choose to look at reality rather than engaging in “Democratic” Cultist wishful-thinking. I expect 8 years of the thin-skinned orange nazi unfortunately, followed by 8 years of someone even worse, if that’s possible: that bigoted Pen*e guy.

And one should remember that the senior senator (Dahling) Dianne Feinstein with her Bachelor of Arts degree in History assured us all that “we should expect him to serve his full term.” Does she mean with her help, as the senior senator (Dahling)?

Despite their theatrics to the contrary before corporate network cameras for their very gullible wishful-thinking “Democratic” Party Cultists (supporters), I think the “Democrats” in the House and Senate honestly but covertly like the orange nazi and are really quite comfortable with him in power. Otherwise, as one example, they wouldn’t have granted him more surveillance powers as they have.

Then, on 1 August 2018, 41 senate “Democrats” helped/enabled the Republicans once again by voting (87-10) for the obscene $708 BILLION spending bill for the US Military Industrial Complex. Yes, absolutely, the “Democrats” are among the orange nazi’s best supporters and enablers. No one can tell me they don’t like him (excluding Maxine Waters of course). They occasionally try to put on a good show of so-called “opposition” for their drooling gullible cultists, but it’s all theatre and theatrics.

Regarding Michael Avenatti, I think the only people who would have a problem with a candidate with no political experience are the Establishment brainwashed “Democratic” Party Cultists who worship and glorify the corrupt trash in their party and they wouldn’t dream of having anyone upset their septic status quo. So they want yet another messiah Obama type? Fucking insane. But what else should one expect from brainwashed Dembots? They’re absolutely pathetic. Chau.—el barrio rosa

1 During the Judicial Coup as part of the stolen 2000 so-called “election,” I said at the time: It’s all over for this country, and I meant that. I said: If they’ll do this, they will do anything. And they have. No one wanted to hear what I was saying. They chose Denial and grandiose wishful-thinking, as they still do. I was called every name under the sun for saying that, none of which bothered me. Our little local group of San Francisco Queers said to me at our last get together: “You know, you were right. It was all over for this country back in 2000. Things have only gotten worse since politically speaking.”


“Democratic” Party Cultists – Part 1

13 comments on “Attorney Michael Avenatti for US president in 2020 ?

  1. Olav

    I took a clip of your article and posted it in my comment on a d-site this morning. Only 1 person said they sadly agreed with me. Another person went on and on about how bad the Repub are…..don’t we know that already? A third person called me a troll, I expected that, they defended Pelosi and Feinstein saying that the Feinstein remark is a year old (that matters?) and Pelosi has a plan before the midterms….that’s why she’s taken impeachment off the table so that she doesn’t stir up the base too much and anymore than they already are. That’s a new one. I didn’t know that a base could be stirred up too much before midterms. I didn’t respond to anyone. I don’t do that anymore. I think responding is one of the ways of getting banned. they don’t liike the back and forth. Really just wanted to say that many of the commenters were like what you wrote about in your article and I feel the same way as you but I know we’re in a very small minority.

  2. Dorota

    This is too funny! Thank you for this blog, it makes me laugh out loud. Also for writing about SEP, they can easily fool people with their allegedly progressive social agenda, but what you write is so true, just common sense. Gracias amigo!

  3. lev91917

    Speaking of wishful-thinking, the “Democratic” Party Cultists are saying that because Cohen was found guilty on 8 charges that this is the end of the orange man.

    Hysterical isn’t? LOL. Those cultists are quite a species.

  4. Tony

    “Modus Operandi of “Democratic” Party Cultists: Wishful-thinking”

    Precisely. They’re always in their wishful thinking mode. Couldn’t have said it better.

  5. True Truth

    Refreshing to read this article and comments. I used to be a Democrat but wised up and left the party for the reasons and behavior of the Dems you explained here in the article. The party and its cult followers really annoyed me and turned me off with their spectator sports mentality. I wear a badge of honor from being banned from most of the Dem websites you probably know of. Today I’m non partisan. Good article… speaks the truth.

  6. Helen

    I’m shocked. I thought all members of Congress had law degrees. It blows me away that they don’t. That’s like me making laws for the country. I have an advanced degree but not in the legal field. I’m still stunned by that. That’s just mind blowing. Like you said – get enough stupid people to vote for you with your BA degree and sit there in Congress making laws. Incredible. Thanks for the education. Learned something new today. I just assumed they all had law degree. Making laws without a law degree. Another example of our crazy world.

    1. FedUp!

      Stunning isn’t it? I remember when pink barrio first wrote about this it blew me away too. I looked it up and it’s true. I think most people think all members of congress are attorneys from a previous career, and they’ve become TV celebrities. Now they’re TV politicians. That’s what it amounts to.

    2. D8

      I think that those without law degrees try to give the appearance that they do. I’m thinking of Feinstein. Just her whole demeanor or her “act” comes off to me as if she’s some senate authority even though I don’t fall for her. I think she tries to hide her lack of law training by acting so serious, sort of like a judge sitting at the bench if you know what I mean esp in hearings when they go to “Senator Dianne Feinstein” to speak, and in Feinstein’s case hoping that will fool enough people. It seems to.

  7. Damian

    Hello, or Hola. Good article and points made. I learned some things. I didn’t know that the Dems had given him more surveillance powers.

    I was reading the comments about the SEP on your last article. I’m a political science student and have been trying to get my head wrapped around the politics of the SEP. They are the only party I don’t understand. I know this article is not about them and I hope I’m not out of line here but could you or someone give me a cliff’s note version of what they believe. I’ve spent time on their site but am still floundering around with confusion about them.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    1. el barrio rosa Post author

      Hola Damian, it’s hard for anyone to be “out of line” on my site. Don’t worry about that. Your confusion is understandable. I’ll write a bit about them and other commenters are free to add to it or write what they want. I spent years on their site — from the stolen “election” of 2000 on up until I wrote my articles about them — and I still didn’t know where they were on the political spectrum. I had some general ideas, but I was still left with confusion. I finally concluded that they were conservatives. That’s how they come off to me based on their conservative and formal writing style, their sexist language (such as MANkind), their conservative cultist commenters, and other factors. All they care about is class. The social class someone is from. It’s a very simplistic way of thinking about life when our issues are far from simplistic. I remember telling them that Queers are discriminated against by some people in all classes (I’ve personally experienced that), so it’s not all about class as they think. They refused to hear that. They pretend to care about “the working class” which they say is going to rise up in revolution at any moment now and rush to the SEP. Ha! If the “working class” were to rise up in revolution — they would have to get off their phones in order to do that so that’s not about to happen — they will swarm to the “Democratic” Party Cult as they have been brainwashed to. They won’t be swarming to the SEP, especially after the learn anything about them! Then, the hypocrites at the SEP out of the other side of their mouth cheer-lead for and promote on their site the techie billionaire class and make excuses for doing so. Their cultists commenters say “We have to use tech; it’s no different than using your local electricity company.” Rubbish. One needs electricity. One does not need to vegetate on FB or Twi**er to get another dopamine rush. Then, if it’s not tech, they oppose the billionaire class. They’re among the biggest hypocrites you’ll find. They have the billionaire class tech logos on their site and even link to them and encourage their cultists to use tech and those sites, even the techie sites that censor the SEP. Their cultists say, “I will not be censored by FB.” Well yes you will, Ms Big and Tough. They (the SEP) are anti-US imperialism which can give one the false impression that they’re on the left, when they’re not. They’re among the biggest sexists, chauvinistic and misogynistic people you will find anywhere with females leading all that. The site is mostly run by white males from what I can tell. I sense they’re anti-gay/Queer because anytime anyone brings up that topic it’s the same theme: “identity politics is a distraction.” Sigh. Don’t dare be critical of any of their god writers because then you will be subjected to the wrath of their cultists who only want lockstep (just like the “Democrats”) agreement with their writers whom they see as sacrosanct. There are some cultists who thank them for every article they write with gushing praise (“thank you comrade for this enlightening display of socialist thinking” or some other manure). It’s all a bit much. I’m of the thinking that the occasionally appreciation is fine, but not for every single article. They moderate every comment that goes on their site (who has the time to do that?), even the comments of longtime commenters. What are they so afraid of? I don’t moderate my comments at all. I read them all and sometimes longtime commenters will have their comments fly into the spam filter for some unknown reason and I have to go in and approve it and think to myself: Why was that comment put in moderation? What was wrong with that? They at the SEP are extremely thin-skinned, again, just like the “Democrats.” In the last year or so, they claim they’re on “the left” (lol) just like the fake-progressives and fake-liberals who genuflect to their right-wing, pro-war and imperialistic “Democratic” Party Cult. The SEP says that g**gle is censoring left-wing sites, including the SEP site. I have to keep in mind that these days left = right, war = peace and “alternative facts” = the truth. They’re not like any genuine “left” I’ve ever known. Even some of their cultist commenters have written, “we are not on the left.” Really? One of your writers, Andre D., says you are. There seems to be some confusion even among the SEP cultists as to what they are. One thing I agree with them on is that they can’t stand the “Democrats” or the Republicans. Although they can’t stand Jill Stein either. They don’t like anybody but themselves. I’ve written many articles about them (see links below), but they generally address certain topics. I guess I’ll stop there and maybe someone else will respond to you and add to this. Gracias for your comment.

      The SEP: Always a friend to sexism

      The SEP’s Billionaire-Class Hypocrisy and “Social Media”

      The SEP: “Populist arguments such as sexual orientation are divisive.”

      The Hypocrisy: The SEP’s cheerleading for the Billionaire Tech Industry

      Jill Stein Supporters: You’re Wasting Your Time With The Conservative SEP

      Sexist and Chauvinistic Marxists (ICFI)

      Socialist Equality Party: Blame the Victim

      The Elitist Socialist Equality Party

      The “i” Word Again On A Socialist Website

      1. strangetimes

        bernie sanders must enjoy the d’s throwing him under the bus.

        re the sep, one of the sep cult guys wrote this,

        “Did I hear this correctly on local radio this morning : ” Socialist ” Bernie Sanders WINS the Democratic Primary in Vermont, then tells his fans he prefers to run as an INDEPENDENT again to ATTRACT YOUNG PEOPLE TO THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY ? Isn’t that just what the sep says old Bernie is all about ? ”

        agree with you pink barrio that in the case of avenatti a lack of political experience shouldn’t matter. he’s head and shoulders above most of them already. i’ve heard him speak & very impressed with him.


      2. Tony

        They have an article on their site about how more people in the U.S. are turning to socialism. The example they gave was a Gallup poll that showed that. Gallup polls are like the k-mart of polling companies. Not too unreliable. There are different types of socialism. As soon as anyone interested in socialism gets a whiff of the stench of the SEP, they’ll flee because their brand of socialism sucks.

Fin. The End.