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How to respond to “Democratic” Party Cultists

Hola a todos. Our little local group of San Francisco Queers got together this past week, and one of our topics for discussion was the cesspool called US politics. Ugh. The question raised was: How to respond to “Democratic” Party Cultists here in The Cesspool/Los Estados Unidos/the US.

I don’t usually say much at our get-togethers — I take notes because our group has come to expect me to write about our meetings here on pink barrio — because I’m the only one of us with a website. So I think to myself: Everybody probably already knows what I think anyway from their reading my site, so I’ll let others do the talking and I’ll mostly just listen.

Well, that approach didn’t work this time. They specifically asked for my opinion on this topic first thing. Point blank, they asked me: How do you respond (or do you?) to “Democratic” Party Cultists who are only critical of the Republican Party, when often what the Cultists are complaining about with the Republicans can also be said about their own party, but they refuse to do so out of partisan devotion?

I said: Both corporate, pro-war, right-wing parties are like cults, and both have their cultist disciples or blind followers. How do I respond to the “Democratic” Party Cultists? I don’t. It’s a waste of time. It will accomplish nothing and I say that from years of experience having wasted literally hundreds of hours of my time over years responding to those “Democratic” partisan-brainwashed idiots. Nothing you say to them matters. They dismiss it or make excuses for their stagnant celebrity right-wing corporate career politicians. Nothing you say to them will change their mind. So why bother?

My position is: At this point in time here in 2018, “one either gets it or they don’t.” And if they don’t “get it” by now, they’re not about to it seems to me. People are too damn stupid and thick with partisan brainwashing, and it’s the same brainwashing methods used with fundamentalist religious fanatics. The cultists of both right-wing parties have been thoroughly brainwashed with this thinking of “my party right or wrong,” meaning they will defend and stay with their corrupt trashy party no matter what they do, even when they’re wrong, and even when the “Democratic” Party is eating the upper colon of the Republican Party and voting with them.

The cultists don’t care about anything you say in opposition to their partisan brainwashing. They only want criticism of the other right-wing “team”/party (the Republicans). With their profound lack of self-respect, they (the “Democratic” Party Cultists) permanently reside in the cesspool called the “Democratic” Party and defend them no matter what they do. Either that, or they remain silent having been brainwashed that they must never criticise one of their own or their own “team.” And because of their silencio/silence and complicity with their corrupt right-wing party, they serve as enablers to the right-wing “Democratic” Party while charading as “liberals” and “progressives.” In reality, they are fake-liberals and fake-progressives.

Because when one supports a pro-war, imperialistic, corrupt corporate right-wing party one is right-wing whether one acknowledges that or not and regardless of how one labels oneself. Period. A genuine progressive and genuine liberal would never support the right-wing “Democratic” Party or the Republican Party because that would be a glaring contradiction in terms and in one’s principles/convictions. But one should not expect the brainwashed partisans to ever understand this. They love to play The Blame GameTM — rather than blaming themselves for their poor decisions of continually supporting pathetic, corrupt, hawkish corporate candidates — and by accusing anyone who does not support their trashy party of having “ideological purity.” As for what they call “ideological purity,” let me say that at least some people stand for something. At least some people have some principles and convictions, which cannot at all be said about the “Democratic” Party Cultists and their brainwashed party-line devotion.

Partisans (both “Democrats” and Republicans) have been thoroughly brainwashed, and with few exceptions, there’s nothing one can say to them to penetrate that partisan wall. I can vouch for that. That wall is thicker than cement, I know from experience. The experience is no different than talking with a religious fundamentalist fanatic. With brainwashed partisans, it’s all the other “team’s” fault. They once again play the victim, and The Blame GameTM and lay all of their s-election problems on being the fault of third parties. Even though they rattle on about “democracy” from time-to-time, clearly “Democratic” Party Cultists don’t believe in democracy. Their dislike/hate for third parties and anyone who is not in fascist lockstep with their “team” demonstrates that, by their blaming third parties for their losses, instead of laying the blame where it belong: with their corrupt corporate party and its horrible candidates. And they never have the maturity to take any ownership or responsibility for their own party’s failures. With “Democratic” Party Cultists, it’s always the Republicans and others who are to blame in their demented, brainwashed thinking. Frankly, I can’t stand them.

I’ve found that when you bring up the facts about their team, they don’t want to hear it, they completely ignore them, remain silent about them and go back to their usual theme, “…but the Republicans…” Either that, or they accuse one of “attacking” their messiah politicians. For example, when Obama was in office, anytime one stated the facts about Obama that his Cultists didn’t want to hear, they screamed, “Why are you attacking Obama?” I remember asking the fools: How is presenting his record from the senate “attacking Obama?” Of course they never answered that and instead went off on, “But the Republicans…” Sigh.

“Democratic” Party Cultists are so predictable in their response. I remember writing to them: We’re not talking about the Republicans right now. Pay attention. Stay on topic. They’re so childish and so tiresome, and such a waste of time. That’s why I say fuck them. They’re not about to change, so why bother wasting any time on the basura.

And the fake-progressive sites — which are merely front sites for the corrupt “Democratic” Party especially at s-election time — are currently banning anyone who is not in authoritarian lockstep as cheer leaders for the “Democratic” Party. These sites are taking the same measures as some so-called “social media” sites where one is seen as “trying to influence the election.” Billionaire-owned and pretty-named “social media” sites are deleting accounts. On the fake-progressive sites, if you’re not in authoritarian lockstep with the “Democratic” Party Cultists, you’re seen as “trying to influence the s-election (for Russia)” and for the other corrupt pro-war team (the Republicans), whom the “Democrats” often work for, vote with and enable.1

The “Democratic” Party Cultists resort to labeling anyone not in authoritarian lockstep with their brainwashed thinking as “a Russian operative” and then they add, “What are the hotel rates tonight in Moscow (or St Petersburg)?” They think that sounds cute and is such a stab. That’s their latest childish trolling rhetoric as of this writing. Compare that to during the Obama regime years, anyone who disagreed with their messiah Obama, the “Democratic” Party Cultists labeled, “a [Karl] Rove Operative” or “a Republican Operative.”

The Bottom Line: In other words, the average person can’t have an opposing view to theirs. One is always an “operative” to them and someone to blame for their many failures. Because in the insipid mind (the word “mind” used advisedly) of the “Democratic” Cultists, you have to be up to no good as a “Russian Operative” and an orange nazi man-child supporter to speak a word of criticism about their sacrosanct “Democratic” Party. Their authoritarian Cultists — which includes the fake-progressive and fake-liberal sites themselves (of the ones I’m aware of which shall remain nameless) — demand lockstep obedience and “Democratic” partisan devotion. They and their fake-progressive sites are good little fascists.

One of the Queerboys in our group spoke up and said:

“Good little fascists? Exactly, they are good little fascists. I was banned from two sites recently because I wasn’t in fascistic lockstep with the “Democratic” Party Cultists, as you accurately call them. I wasn’t rude or crude to anyone. They banned me because they didn’t like my message which was in response to their lie that “Hillary lost because of Jill Stein and Gary Johnson.” They’ve resurrected that lie material for the 2018 midterms. I commented that Hillary ‘lost’ — even though she won the popular vote which they all seem to forget — because she was a terrible candidate. I wasn’t in agreement with the ‘Democratic’ partisan cultists.”

I asked him: So they used the old “Attack the Messenger” routine on you? He said: Exactly. They attacked me for telling the truth that they didn’t want to hear and then banned me. Yes, that’s very common at this time of year before midterms. Here in the myth called the “Land of the Free” (ha!), according to the “Democratic” Party Cultists one is not to exercise the freedom to vote for the candidate of one’s choice per one’s principles and convictions. One is to be in authoritarian lockstep with the corrupt “Democratic” Party.

So again, my position is: Why bother responding to them? I go so far as to say: Why bother even paying any attention to this political theatre BS or reading their partisan-brainwashed comments? And especially at this time before the 2018 midterms because the content on their sites will be geared to “rallying the troops” — meaning anyone reading their site and any less-than-devout and disillusioned “Democrats” sitting on the fence — to get them in lockstep to support the corporate, imperialistic, pro-war, right-wing parasites who have a D next their name. Fuck them. That’s how I feel about it.

As I’ve written many times before:

The “Democratic” Party could have every seat in the House and Senate and they would still work for the right-wing (Republican) agenda, and the “Democratic” Cultists would dutifully continue to make excuses and apologies for them, proceeded by, “but the Republicans…”

One would hear some of them timidly say:

Quote: Well this is not at all meant as a criticism because I love my party and I love our distinguished politicians [Ed. "Distinguished?" You consider corporate trash "distinguished," do you? You wouldn't if you were not wallowing in the gutter with them as their enabler.] but forgive me for saying this, but I don’t understand why our Democrats are not doing more and standing tall against those nasty, evil Republicans. End Quote.

While others will scream back to that person by saying:

Quote: You must be new to politics. Welcome to our team. Glad to have you aboard as a good and proud Democrat. You have to give them tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime. Just be patient. Just give them tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime, and welcome aboard. End Quote.

Does one remember all that pabulum we heard during the illegitimate George W Bush years and during the Obama years? For the first 1.5 years of the Obama regime, we heard “Democratic” Party Cultists say, “You have to give him tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime. He inherited a mess.” No one but me said: I would like to point out that your messiah Obama asked to “inherit the mess,” correct? Yes. He begged for the job. No one forced the job of president on him. Again, he begged for it, remember? So stop make fucking lame excuses for your messiah Obama. You embarrass yourself, if that’s possible. Basura. Then, about 1.5 – 2 years into Obama’s first term, the “Democratic” Party Cultists finally realised they had been duped once again for the umpteenth time by yet another lying corrupt “Democratic” politician. The dreamy and delusional policies based in wishful-thinking that the “Democratic” Party Cultists had projected onto Mr “Hope” and “Change We Can Believe In” instead became an expansion of the illegitimate Bush/Cheney regime’s policies, along with Obama’s, “We must look forward and not backwards,” meaning he had no intention whatsoever of “going after the Bush regime” as the gullible fools known as the “Democratic” Party Cultists had assured of us that their messiah Obama would do. Fooled again, idiots!

And unfortunately, their partisan brainwashing prevents the fools from learning from the past to change their future behaviour. Not. About. To. Happen. So instead, they keep doing the same thing over and over every s-election cycle and expecting different results. That’s the definition of insanity.

Speaking of insane, mi amigo/my friend and I used to listen to this “Democratic” Party Cultist talk show host. This was years ago. I no longer listen to him — I don’t have the patience to listen to brainwashed partisans — but mi amigo listens to him occasionally just to see if the guy has changed. Of course he hasn’t. That’s impossible. He doesn’t have the ability to change. He’s like a broken record on his show as he has been for decades. He’s another brainwashed “Democrat.” His initials are MM, by the way. Mi amigo tells me that this guy still constantly complains about the misnamed “Democratic” Party all throughout the year. Then, every s-election cycle he gets in authoritarian lockstep and says the same thing he always says before a s-election which is: “We must get Democrats in; we must vote for Democrats.” Mind you, this comes after he’s complained about them all year because they work for their employer, the Republicans. Fucking Insane. Hearing him, it almost sounds like the script he was brainwashed with decades ago, and he’s still repeating it verbatim.

As for the Republican Party Cultists, their campaign slogan seems to be: “For 2018 and Beyond.” I’ve noticed that the insane orange nazi man-child cultists are campaigning against a certain politician no longer in office. Can you guess who it is? They’re campaigning against Obama. Now keep in mind Obama hasn’t been in office for just short of 2 years now. But Obama is all they have to run on. As for the “Democrats,” they’re running on the orange nazi and the Russian connection to the 2016 s-election. In other words, as usual, they have no platform of their own to run on, particularly none of any progressive nature. Heavens no! Wouldn’t dream of it! And should the Republican-enabling “Democrats” happen to gain any seats in the House or Senate — which they absolutely don’t deserve to be rewarded with — one should expect them to give the insane orange nazi/international bully anything he wants. It will be the “Democrats” way of feeling sorry for him because his “team” (and their employer, the Republicans) lost seats in the midterm. Just like they did for illegitimate George W Bush. They gave Bush anything he wanted including Nancy Pelosi taking impeachment “off the table.” Remember that? Shortly after, we saw a picture of Bush and Pelosi walking together holding hands — what did Pelosi’s husband think about that? — as if best of friends, if not more than that. Please check out that picture, por favor. Does that look like someone to you (I’m speaking of Pelosi in that picture) who looks like she’s part of an alleged “opposition party?” LOL. Laughable.

Yet every two years, the “Democratic” Party Cultists in San Francisco who vote continue to put that woman (Pelosi) in office no matter what she does for the Republicans. I suspect most of voters in San Francisco couldn’t tell you a thing she’s done. They merely vote for her based on that “D” for Democrat next to her name, as well as her name recognition and because, “I’ve seen her on television a lot, so I’ll vote for her, and you know I love those pearls around her neck.” (roll eyes, superficial/shallow people)

While writing this article, I read an article about the partisan brainwashing among the orange nazi’s cultists. They can’t distinguish between the truth and lies. Not surprising considering they’re such stupid and proudly-ignorant “people.” And just like the brainwashed “Democrats,” they believe everything that their side says in authoritarian lockstep as well. This blind-faith mentality and cultist behaviour of the orange nazi cultists is no different than what we saw with the Obamabots when they were adoring over their new-found saviour Obama, especially during his first presidential campaign run. (Related: Obama Messiah).

Someone from Ireland wrote the following comment:

“All we see from the far side of the ocean is the US embracing stupidity. You have collectively endorsed President Stupid. Go democracy!”

Well it is true that the US Congress has collectively endorsed him, despite some political theatre and theatrics to the contrary before corporate network cameras for the benefit of the most gullible among us and to pacify their gullible, stupid and partisan-brainwashed base (both D and R). The US Congress has essentially relegated themselves to ceremonial status under the orange nazi. As usual and as predictable, the “Democratic” Party Cultists continue to excuse and rush to apologise for their big business corporate parasites in congress by labeling them “powerless.” Ha! They’re not powerless at all when they vote with the Republicans as they have been doing to give the orange nazi more surveillance powers. Or with Nancy Pelosi taking impeachment “off the table” at least three times now. And I should point out that 41 senate “Democrats” recently enabled the Republicans once again by voting (87-10) for the obscene $708 BILLION spending bill for the US Military Industrial Complex. I don’t call any of that “powerless.” If it were a “Democrat” trying to get such a military bill through, not one Republican would vote for it. The stupid “Democratic” Party Cultists also used that “powerless” excuse when illegitimate George W Bush was in office. One might remember that the “Democrats” gave Bush anything he wanted (including Pelosi taking impeachment of Bush “off the table” as well), as they are doing under the orange nazi man-child. The “Democratic” Party Cultists (meaning the voters) continue to oppose the insane orange-nazi man-child and international bully, but I suspect if he called himself a “Democrat” tomorrow they would flip overnight en masse and begin supporting him and make excuses for him. It all really does come down to brainwashed partisanship and partisan devotion. That’s why I sometimes refer to the “Democratic” and Republican Religions/Faiths. Both are like cults.

The Cesspool/Los Estados Unidos/the US is a country completely divided due to partisan brainwashing, and there’s no way possible to change that. Chau.—el barrio rosa

1 Such as Pelosi taking impeachment of the insane orange nazi man-child “off the table” at least three times now. She’s a good little enabler.

Here are two examples I mentioned above of the “Democratic” Party enabling the Republican Party. There are many more I could list:

“Now is not the time to consider articles of impeachment,” Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and Minority Whip Steny Hoyer said in a joint statement, shortly after Green introduced his articles of impeachment.” [Source]

Orange nazi-enabling “Democrats” handed him more domestic surveillance powers.

And on 1 August 2018, 41 senate “Democrats” enabled the Republicans by voting (87-10) for the obscene $708 BILLION spending bill for the US Military Industrial Complex. “Gotta get Dems in, gotta get Dems in.” (roll eyes)


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Whoever thought that being Queer was just a fad ?

Being gay was just a phase for many.

“If the neighbourhood is mostly straight, be straight or closeted/DL (Down Low). If the neighbourhood is mostly gay, be gay.”

That seems to be the thinking these days within the so-called “gay community.” This was not the thinking of the original Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement where millions of Queers/GTQBLs fought difficult times to be true and honest to the sexual orientation they were born with.

Yeah, that was then. “Been there, done that” seems to be the thinking now, along with “I’m whatever.” Dishonesty is “in” today.

Hola a todos. For those under age 60, I guess it’s best described as “fad sexuality” or “a phase-sexuality.” It’s where one’s sexual orientation is determined by or based on the sexual orientation and sexual behaviour of the majority population (breeders) where one lives, as a way of “fitting in” with them.

As I’ve asked before: What exactly was the point of working for same-sex marriage in the US when, in the end, many gay guys would “assimilate” themselves right back into the closet and go through the traditional “man and woman” (ugh) marriage charade? (Even though “man and woman” marriages have a divorce rate of over 50% here in The Cesspool/US).

Having lived through and participated in the now-dead Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement, this is not an article I had ever thought I would write. I do feel fortunate that I lived during a time where I got to experience something so unique and historic as the former Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement. (Notice that the word Gay was first, not Lesbian as it is today with that “LGBT” nonsense that one sees all over the place). Even though since then, the conformist corporatist among us have ruined it, revised it, lied about it and distorted some of our rich Queer history about that time. Attention-seeking lesbians have hijacked our GLBTQ movement — moving themselves to first place/first billing with that “LGBT” acronym bunk — taking credit for work that the assholes didn’t do, thereby giving a false history and false impression about our Movement. Gay guys and trans individuals led the movement and did most of the work, not lesbians.

Today, I can’t relate to the so-called “gay community” (whatever that is) at all and what it has become: Corporatised, conformist “LGBT” (ugh) sheeple. And what “community?” There’s absolutely no feel or sense of community today even in what remains of the museum relics of former gay meccas, such as San Francisco’s dying Castro with its many papered-up store fronts1. But the nebulous term “Gay Community” is still being used when people aren’t using those ridiculous revisionist history “LGBT(Q)” letters) to describe something that’s really of the past when there were genuine gay communities in gay meccas. But you look around today, one does not see any “Gay Community” anywhere. Everybody looks conformist. But one does definitely see the “Straight/Breeder Community” because they make a point of forcing their sexuality in our faces with their mandatory make-out scenes and mandatory hand-holding in public (needy-her requires that as his entrance rights to that pussy; if he doesn’t hold Ms Insecure’s hand in public he ain’t getting any later on). As for the so-called “Gay Community,” one might see a Queer couple holding hands on the rare occasion in The Castro. But it’s nothing like the breeders.

Which leads me to the reason for this article.

Because of the many gay guys I either hear about or see “converting to straight,” (More back to the 1950s: Gay guys marrying females in droves. Sad.) it would appear that being gay was just a long-term phase or fad for many people, gay guys especially. This feeds directly into the anti-gay bigots’ assertion that “being gay is just a phase.” But in these days of increasing insanity, more and more Queers/GTQBLs seem to be falling for this “sexuality is fluid” brainwashing which says that one’s sexuality is a choice or it’s “fluid,” meaning one’s sexuality can be changed. “Fluid” is the most common word I’ve seen being used. “Sexuality is fluid” is also the language used by the crowd promoting gay conversion, whether gay conversion is based in religious beliefs or not. The far-right ilk — including anti-gay religious fundamentalist fanatic bigots — will certainly love hearing Queers say that “sexuality is a choice or is ‘fluid,’” because that’s exactly what those bigots have said all along. They will then shove that in your Queer face with: “See? We told you so! We conservatives have always said being gay was just a phase or a choice! Thank you for finally admitting that! So now that you faggots admit that being gay was just a phase or a ‘cool and hip’ fad and that your ‘sexuality is fluid’ according to you, that means that you can now change and choose to be ‘normal’ and straight, correct?”

Is there anyone out there who does not see where this is headed?

One reason I felt the need to write this article was an experience I had recently. One of the stores where I have shopped for years, I had assumed that most of the workers were Queer because what other store closes for Gay Freedom Day? Only this store, to my knowledge. I know of no other store in San Francisco that closes for “Gay Pride.” Well, I overheard two of the workers in this store talking about picking up a chick. I’ve seen both of these guys for years and my reliable gaydar has always told me that they were Queer. Mi amigo/my friend said the same. He said: One of them sounds particularly Queer, even with his stereotypical lisp, and neither worker acts like Mr Jock Bro. Although they did sort of turn that “jock bro” attitude on when talking about picking up a chick. One of the workers was talking with a female customer and after she walked away he said to the other worker standing near him, “She got cold feet.” The other worker said, “Yeah it’s a tough call.” I realised what they were talking about: picking up a chick, the customer who had just walked away. How did this worker know that she “got cold feet” or is that just something to say? Did she know he was supposedly trying to pick her up? I overheard part of their conversation — which was about travelling — and I didn’t get the impression he was trying to pick her up at all and I’m usually pretty alert to these things. I got the impression he was merely making conversation with her. But in his mind, apparently any extended conversation with a chick is an attempt to pick her up. Like me, maybe she thought he was just making conversation — it’s technically called “customer service” — rather than having any sexual interest in her. But, the “straight jock bro” attitude of these workers really turned me off because what I saw was two gay guys trying to be and act straight with each other. Trying to be heteronormative and “into chicks.” My reliable gaydar saw two closet cases in a store that celebrates “Gay Pride” every June. Although these days, I get the impression that most of the workers are now breeders/straight, or pretend to be because “being straight is now in.” “Being gay is out” as San Francisco has become a Breeder Mecca and Baby Factory.

In the Old Bohemian City of San Francisco — before the Walking Dead Millennial Techie trash arrived and ruined The City and turned it into a snotty, unfriendly playground for the super-wealthy — I never heard this kind of “straight jock bro” talk when we were a Gay Mecca. Gay guys were not into that. If anything, they made fun of it. They mocked it. But here in the new Breeder Mecca, things are very different now or as I’ve heard some Old City locals say, “This New City sucks!” On the odd occasion anyone talks — since most phone-zombies are usually hunched over glued to their phone — it’s now “in” or “cool” to talk about picking up chicks and “my girl.” I still sensed that both of these young guys/store workers I mentioned earlier are gay but they have gone back in the closet (if they ever came out to begin with), and again, ironically they’re working at a store that celebrates Gay Freedom Day. Mi amigo/My friend said he has always thought that both guys were gay and was thinking, “Oh he’s one of us” (Queer) while overhearing the guy making conversation with the female customer.

Mi amigo told me: It’s the same way at my gym. I hear the same stuff there. The guys I always thought were gay and who always hung out with the gay guys at the former gay gym and who were all about “gay pride” are now at my current gym. But they act like they’ve gone through gay conversion. (roll eyes) When they talk with the macho hard-ass straight jock bros, they talk just like them. They talk about “my girl and I,” “my girl at home” and “my girl and I are trying to get pregnant.” Completely heteronormative. I never heard this kind of talk at the “gay gym.” But today, gay guys are trying to be just like the breeders, “acting straight” (gone back in the closet) and talking about chicks to fit in with the majority breeder macho jock bros. I should point out that historically the macho jock bros were the anti-gay assholes who bullied and made fun of gay guys on school playgrounds, in gyms and made “faggot” jokes about. How ironic that it’s the jocks that gay guys now want to be so much like and emulate.

That’s why I began this article with:

“If the neighbourhood is mostly straight, be straight or closeted/DL (Down Low). If the neighbourhood is mostly gay, be gay.”

Maybe it’s the plastics in the agua/water worldwide that’s causing such widespread insanity and has caused the so-called “gay community” (again, whatever that is) to go completely bonkers.

I have to say that today is such a very different closeted time. No wonder the so-called “gay community” is dead. It really reminds me of the atmosphere I remember from when I started getting involved in the Movement, or before that. We’ve gone back to that 1940-50s repressive closeted atmosphere where, “I don’t want to let anyone else see me looking at another guy because they might think I’m gay, and I don’t want another guy to catch me looking at him either” was the norm. Sigh.

It’s one thing to have “Gay Pride” events one day (or one weekend) a year in various cities throughout the world. But here in the States I look at the other 364 days a year which look the exact opposite of “Gay Pride.” The other 364 days of the year can best be described as “Gay and Back in the Closet,” or as the so-called “gay community” loves to say about themselves: “Discreet, Down Low.”*

So that’s why mi amigo and I think that in the big scheme of things, being gay was really just a long-term fad or phase for many (if not most) gay guys in particular, and that fad is now over.2 Now, it seems that gay people (Queers/GTQBLs) for various reasons have moved or have been forced to move all over the US and there is no so-called “gay community” or sense of community anywhere. And the majority of the so-called “gay community” worldwide is in the closet in breeder relationships with children. Most of them will never come out of the closet as many of them hate on other Queers/gay people to hide their own Queer sexuality. Only a small fraction of the worldwide so-called “gay community” is out of the closet. That’s how we see it.

Mi amigo pointed out to me something he’s noticed. The many and increasing number of Queer boys with a YT channel worldwide where it’s obvious to both of us that the guy is Queer in mannerisms and speaking style. Yet the guy is wearing a wedding ring on the left hand fourth finger. They too are in the closet married to a female. Some of them even feature their wife in the videos. What we both see is a Queer boy in a relationship with a female. We’re seeing more and more of this. This fad has really taken off.

Queers worked for decades for this sad state of affairs, did we? Sigh. Someone may ask, “Why do you call it sad?” Because the gay guy is living a lie by being in the closet and charading as a breeder/straight because of gay shame within his being. You don’t call that sad? I certainly do. We worked for decades to overcome gay shame, and now look! Gay shame now seems to be back at an epidemic level with all the closet cases and gay guys “converting to straight” (ha!) and marrying females. And they’re marrying females after gay marriage became legal. WTF? Have they all gone insane? (Related: More back to the 1950s: Gay guys marrying females in droves. Sad.)

While writing this article I had a nice conversation with my straight neighbour (he’s a nice guy) and I mentioned to him how pussy is so brainwashed into the males in our society. He agreed and said: “Pussy is soooooooo over-rated, and it usually stinks to high heaven and it’s right there next to her asshole and if she doesn’t clean well down there it’s really, really bad. If that wasn’t bad enough, it’s like her emotions are on a light switch with her emotional roller-coaster personality where one moment things are fine and dandy, then the next moment she’s flipped out over the smallest thing and she’s now an emotional wreck and screaming and crying at you and you have no idea what you did to cause this as she storms out the room in tears. All I can say is that I wish I were gay. From my times around gay guys, they don’t act like this. Many women can be bitches and they’re proud of that.” Well, I can confirm that. I’m been the subject of the emotional roller-coaster light switch he’s talking about. Just the other day I had this female flip out/go off on me with a vicious, abrasive attack that came out of nowhere. WTF? That’s how it happens. You say something that flips them, and you have no idea what it is. They will go from supporting you to attacking you in the same breath. Loca.

Folks, it’s all over as far as we’re concerned from what we see. That’s the way it feels to us at this point in time here in San Francisco’s Breeder/Baby Stroller Mecca. Need another example of going backwards in time? Here you are:

(30 July 2018:) Alaska Airlines forced a same-sex couple to switch seats so that a straight couple could sit together in first class
This past weekend, Alaska Airlines forced a prominent Queer businessperson from Los Ángeles and his gay partner to switch seats so that a breeder couple could sit together in the seats the gay couple were occupying in the plane’s premium section.
David Cooley (one of the gay guys) wrote: “I cannot believe that an airline in this day and age would give a straight couple preferential treatment over a gay couple and go so far as to ask us to leave,” he wrote.

You can’t believe that, David? I can. You’re really that naïve, are you? Where the fuck have you been not to be able to believe that? Too busy playing on that phone of yours and not paying attention to what’s really happening in our society and the now-dead so-called “gay community?”

The Price of (Queer) Freedom is Eternal Vigilance

I would like to point out that the price of (Queer) freedom is eternal vigilance, which the so-called “gay community” has forgotten and abandoned in their quest to “assimilate” with the breeders. Yeah, you see how well that “assimilation” nonsense has worked out for you when the breeders have preference over Queers. And I haven’t heard about or seen any of the so-called “gay community” showing up at Alaska Airline terminals at airports around The Cesspool to protest this as they would have done in the original Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement. In a comment I read, one “Democratic” Party Cultist wrote: “I can’t wait until the fucking midterms.” Oh I’m sure that will stop this, aren’t you? As if that were to change anything. Mi amor: Your useless and Republican-enabling “Democratic” Party could have every fucking seat in the House and Senate and the current dismal status quo would continue, they would see to that with Nancy Pelosi droning on about “this is not the time to talk about impeachment” for the umpteenth time. But unfortunately, “Democratic” Party Cultist, your partisan brainwashing and wishful-thinking prevent you from seeing the political reality.

Today, the Rainbow Flags3 and remaining Queer bars are the museum relics from that era, soon to be closing or going out of business or to be turned into breeder/straight bars. In San Francisco, some are already straight bars or “mixed bars” (as they’re called) depending upon when you go. The closet cases/conservatives like the “mixed bars” because they’re not specifically or technically gay bars. These bars appeal to the closeted gay guys among us when they have a “wing woman” with them to serve as their “straight” cover/camouflage, should someone they know from work or some place happen to come in the bar, and because of their insecurity they feel the need to explain/justify why they’re there in the bar.

Gay Marriage Has Backfired

You might think that gay marriage becoming legal around the world would bring more Queers out of the closet. Unfortunately, I don’t see that being the case. If anything, gay marriage has backfired and more people are staying closeted and saying, “My private life is of no business of yours” which is what I read from one closeted television presenter in France recently. It’s obvious to me he’s Queer but he too is closeted and refers to “my French TV wife.” WTF? I was watching a news broadcast from Paris and my gaydar told me that another news anchor was/is gay. Mi amigo came into the room and asked, “Who’s that Queer boy on the television?” I put in his name in my search engine and after a few moments I found that he lives with his wife and two children in Paris. See what I mean? As I’ve come to expect. Yet another closet case. They’re all over el mundo/the world in breeder relationships. One wonders what sort of feelings come up in this closeted gay news anchor as he’s sitting there reporting on a gay news story in Paris, sitting there on the set with his gay shame.

I think that when the insane orange nazi man-child through an executive order or through the inJustice Department ends gay marriage in the US and retroactively dissolves all previous gay marriages, the response from the so-called “gay community” will be the words I most commonly hear spoken by guys I perceive to be gay:

“Whatever!” or

“I’m like, whatever, like.”

In other words: They won’t give a fuck. All they care about is their phone and their (sex) apps, and as long as all that still works, nothing else matters.

Useless Twi**er might “erupt,” but no one is inconvenienced or emotionally shaken because fucking Twi**er “erupts.” Any “protests” on there can merely be clicked off or deleted.

Today, most former gay meccas have been taken over by breeders. The thinking now seems to be: It’s time to convert and be straight, or pretend to be. “Straight is in and gay is out.” You’re supposed to be into pussy. And I think that’s what we’re seeing here, and it’s what mi amigo and I saw at this store. It disgusted me really. I felt very turned off.

These days, whenever I see a gay guy (according to my reliable gaydar), I say to myself: Oh he probably has some chick at home. On occasion, I see two guys and a female walking together. What’s that about? Yes, they could just be friends. Although the way things are going these days perhaps they are a gay couple trying to go straight so they brought in a female. Fucking bizarre. Wouldn’t surprise me. Then the gay couple will break up and each will get their own “girl/wife?” Then they decide to live side-by-side and start breeding. The two closet cases (former gay couple) meet each other over the fence between their properties and talk about how much pussy they’re now getting and how they’re trying to get her pregnant, have babies and do a “show and tell” over the fence. They say, “this is so much better than when we were gay.” Note to closet case Queer boys: She won’t be staying young all her life. As my straight neighbour asked: How bad is (hanging) pussy over 50?

How many gay couples are breaking up to go with females because that’s the latest stupid fad?

I can’t remember the last time I heard a (gay) guy say about another guy: “He’s hot.” All I see and hear are guys all hot over chicks.

So if you want to know where gay guys went, they converted/went back in the closet. I look forward to the days when they return, if I live that long. Chau.—el barrio rosa

1 The most recent as of this writing being Harvest Urban Market on Market Street near Castro, a favourite hang-out place for their vegetarian/vegan salad bar of the Old City’s Gay Mecca.

2 Being Queer/Gay was not the only fad that’s over from the Old City, the proudly radical and Bohemian San Francisco. In hindsight, being vegetarian or vegan and going to the gym were two other fads from the Old City that most people have abandoned today. The words vegetarian and vegan seem to have become “bad words” in the New City of San Francisco. Passing by one of the new Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling) awhile back I heard two people talking. He said to her, “There’s vegetarian if you want that.” (I wonder where that place was?) She said, “No, I’m not like that.” As if vegetarian were as bad as one being accused of being gay. Most restaurants have removed their one token vegetarian option because as servers have said when we asked about it: “No one is requesting vegetarian anymore. It’s all meat-based now.” Reading some local restaurant reviews awhile back, I read: “More meat, more meat” being demanded by customers. Well, it’s your health idiots. As for gym membership, it’s the same way. Mi amigo tells me that fewer and fewer people are coming to his gym anymore. Around The Castro, he often sees a guy from his former gay gym and he’ll tell me: “That guy used to go to our gym, now look at him. What happened to him? He gave all that up and it shows.” It was just a fad to be a “buffed muscle jock.” Then there was the now-closeted gay guy he pointed out to me who used to go to the gay gym and obviously stopped doing so. He was wearing a baseball cap to make himself still look like Mr Jock. Mi amigo saw a wedding ring on the guy’s left hand fourth finger. Ah, so he too is now married to a female? Today’s Jock/Real ManTM = Wear baseball cap and have a beard. No working out at the gym is required. Do they wear their baseball cap when fucking pussy?

3 I sense that most Queers don’t give a fuck about Rainbow Flags anymore because they’re now seen as “too gay.” And in San Francisco and perhaps in other cities, breeders enjoy making out under Rainbow Flags — don’t spend too much time trying to understand that — as if they’re hijacking the flag and marking their territory.


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Dore Alley Street Fair 2018 (San Francisco)

Hola a todos. As usual, I write about the annual Dore Alley Street Fair. Mi amigo/My friend went again this year and here’s his report:

The street fair was a little smaller than last year, by a few blocks. The turnout was probably three-quarters of what it usually is. I saw only one female there with a guy. Last year there were lots of females there. Last year there were also lots of cops there. This year, no cops that I saw. The booths were the same.

As in previous years, the phone addiction was awful. Most everyone was on their phone. (pink barrio asks: So they came to a street fair to be on their phone? They could have stayed home to do that! Did any of them really see the fair they supposedly came to see?) The only “conversation” was the word “like.”1 Most everyone was older, late 60s and up, meaning it was mostly the Old City. The Millennial Techie trash were not there, or very few of them. There were probably less than 10 people there who were under age 60. I saw hardly any alcohol consumption at all. The beer booths were not in use whenever I went by. But I noticed the beer price was $7.00 each. Seven fucking dollars for one beer? No wonder no one was drinking. There was a nice Old City smell — meaning the aroma of huge clouds of “420″ — that permeated the fair.

Then there was this thing that happened around 3.00pm where everyone was told to quickly go to the exits, that the fair was unsafe. This was blared out over the bull horns. They began evacuating one of the nearby bars and people nonchalantly headed for the exits. Then soon after that, we got the “all clear” and everyone just continued on. I heard someone say that a person slipped and fell because it was so hot and there was sweat on the ground. (pink barrio asks: They evacuated because someone fell in the sweat? Damn odd reason to evacuate a fair rather than just deal with that one person). But there was definitely no panic about it.

There used to be some nudity at the fair. None this year. The fair is becoming more like the original Castro Street Fair from the Old City, minus the alcohol.

You usually never know who’s together as a couple at the fair because it’s so packed with people and guys usually stand in a circle facing each other, but what I wanted to say about that is that they’re all the same height. They don’t have the extreme height difference requirement that straights have where the guy has to be towering over the female — where she looks more like his daughter — that we see all the time here in the Breeder Mecca. (pink barrio says: Yes, I’ve written a lot about that ridiculous looking him-tall-dominant/her-short-submissive chauvinistic head trip that we see so often from the constantly angry-looking breeder Millennial Techie trash.)

Both going to the fair and coming back, I was the only person from The Castro that I saw. This morning, I was the only person that got on the metro at Castro Street Station who looked like they were going to the fair. No one got off the metro at the fair stop except me. Coming back it was the same way; I was the only person I saw on the metro coming back to The Castro from the fair.

I suppose the fair will cease to exist once the Old City is no longer around. By the time I quit going, the fair will no longer exist.

Muchas gracias, mi amigo for your report. Chau.—el barrio rosa

1 Later, mi amigo elaborated on this obsession with the word “like” that so many people (most?) have ruined their speech with. I guess people enjoy sounding outright stupid (if not almost illiterate) because that’s how they sound saying the word “like” every other word. They sound absolutely incapable of stringing words together to make a complete sentence without the word “like” sprinkled throughout. Here in The Cesspool/the shithole US, stupid is in. Conformity is in. Stupid fads are in. And this obsession with the word “like” is most assuredly part of insecure people’s need to conform to “fit in” among other insecure, stupid-sounding people. I remember walking behind two people “like’ing” awhile back and they were saying the word “like” every other word and were clipping it and saying it so fast that it sounded as if they were saying the word “lick.” One said to the other: “If you like go lick 2.00pm…” Rather than saying intelligently without all that “like” shit: “If you go around 2.00pm…” Mi amigo said that he thinks the word “like” became people’s “vocabulary” (it’s the only word they say, isn’t it?) around the same time that gay camp disappeared. Perhaps that’s true. It is true that gay camp is long gone, unfortunately, at least around here.

“Gay Pride” and getting ready for the lady

Hola a todos. I swear, I suppose I shouldn’t even be writing about this but sometimes when I’m shaking my head in disgust I feel the need to write. And that’s what mi diario/my diary (pink barrio) is here for: A place for me to write about what I wouldn’t be allowed to say anywhere else (and what my commenters wouldn’t likely be allowed to say in their comments).

Mi amigo/My friend went to his gym yesterday morning. His gym is near The Castro (the former Gay Mecca in San Francisco; now a Breeder Mecca). He said the gym was mostly dead except for straights/breeders, hard-ass obnoxious jock-bro types (ugh). Well, he said the Black guy that I wrote about during Gay Freedom Day Weekend was there. That’s the guy that’s lived here for years and every year en junio/in June he goes around asking every gay guy he sees: “Are you ready for Pride?” He’s the same guy — you may remember — that went into the locker room of the gym and began small talk with a gay guy. After they talked a bit, the gay guy asked the Black guy, “I couldn’t interest you in dating me, could I?” The Black guy said to him, “Well I have a lady at home.” The gay guy said, “That’s all I needed to hear.” That was the end of that. Fin./The End. The gay guy quickly got dressed and left, and may have been thinking WTF has happened to my gaydar? Or are we dealing with yet another fucked-up partial closet case here? There are so many of them now. What are we dealing with here? According to mi amigo, this Black guy goes on and on about “gay pride” and going to gay events while bragging “I’ve got a lady at home.” Oxymoron Alert.

Well, then a week or so later, mi amigo said this Black guy tried to hit on him at the gym even though the gym was mostly full of females that day. This guy didn’t try to talk with any of the females or even look at them or show any interest in them. He was only interested in one particular guy: mi amigo. Mi amigo told me that he had remembered the conversation between this Black guy and the gay guy in the locker room so he was polite to the guy but showed no interest in him, and the Black guy finally walked away.

Then yesterday, this same Black guy only talked to the guys at the gym and once again he only talked about “Gay Pride” incessantly and how he had to “get ready for Gay Pride.” But “Gay Pride”/Pride Inc. — which should be called Gay Freedom Day — was the end of junio/June in San Francisco, and this is the middle of julio/July. So what “Gay Pride” is he getting ready for? An event in another city? Despite his constant talk about “Gay Pride,” one of the other breeder guys asked him yesterday how he was doing. He said, “I’m just here working out getting ready for the lady.” (Oh here we go with her again.) The other guy said, “Yeah I know what you mean, they do expect us guys to be in perfect shape for them while they sit on the couch doing nothing.” (Sounds like their breeder relationships are working out splendidly, doesn’t it? No issues of resentment).

I’m just wondering if you are as confused as we are?

Why is a guy with “a lady at home” that he continues to talk about and flaunt at the gym, going on and on about “Gay Pride” and how he has to “get ready for Gay Pride?” He also talks about going to gay events when he has no sexual interest in guys apparently? WTF?

Then there was this: The breeder guy who asked the Black guy how he was doing told him that he and his wife are going to Deutschland/Germany for “Gay Pride” there and how so excited they are.

Well, if the “Gay Pride” in Deutschland is anything like the mobile corporate commercial in San Francisco which many of us avoid — where they have sanitised it, and even removed the words Gay or Queer entirely from the name of the event — there’s nothing to get excited about. The event in San Francisco is now called “SF Pride,” which implies it is a celebration about having pride in the City and having pride about being a San Franciscan.

So again: Breeders/Straights are now “so excited” about going to “Gay Pride” in the Bundesrepublik Deutschland/Federal Republic of Germany? Loco./Crazy. Or is this just another opportunity to party? (A rather expensive opportunity at that!)

Sometime ago I wrote that breeders have hijacked “Gay Pride,” so maybe this is a perfect example of that.

Mi amigo told me that this Black guy acts very heteronormative. He tries to act straight. Although the Black guy did hit on mi amigo, but who knows where that would have led if mi amigo had showed interest in him. If mi amigo had said, “Would you like to get together sometime?” would the Black guy have dragged out the “I have a lady at home” line/excuse to avoid having to hook up with him?

I would be very tempted to calmly confront this Black guy about what he’s up to by saying: Yeah I heard you tell someone else in the locker room that you have “a lady at home” after he asked you if you would be interested in dating him. You talk about her a lot here at the gym. Is that a type of sexual turn-on or head trip for you to talk like a breeder/straight guy about having “a lady at home” in front of the few gay guys who are still here? Or are you a “prick tease?” And you talk about her (this “lady at home”) as if you have a monogamous relationship with her, assuming she even exists in the first place! LOL. So what’s up with your hitting on the small number of gay guys in here out of one side of your mouth while you’re constantly talking about having “a lady at home?” Then, out of the other side of your mouth you talk all about “Gay Pride” and how you go to this gay event and that gay event? Do you not see a contradiction? Because I certainly do. I’ve never known any straight/breeder people who are obsessed with “Gay Pride” and gay events and go way out of their way to take part in gay events, to the point that that’s all they talk about. And I don’t hear any of the obnoxious, grunting straight jock bros in here talking nonstop about “Gay Pride” and going to gay events. So my question is: Are you Queer but half-way in the closet — although closet cases avoid talking about “Gay Pride” — or are you a breeder with a monogamous relationship with a female (again, assuming there is a “lady at home” to begin with, or is that a lie and just part of your act?), or are you bi, sort of? Or, are you just bullshitting and use the “I’ve got a lady at home” line as an excuse of getting out of hooking up with a gay guy you’re not interested in because it’s easier to tell him “I’ve got a lady at home” than to say anything else as a response, such as “I’m not interested, you’re not my type.” So what’s your story? I’m just curious. What game or head trip are you playing here? Damn odd.

Someone may say, “maybe the Black guy is bi.” Or trying to give that impression? Well again, assuming he’s not lying about having “a lady at home,” from my years of experience, many (if not most) bi guys these days distance themselves from “Gay Pride.” That’s not something they even talk about. They want nothing to do with it because they think “Gay Pride” is “too gay” for their macho corporate sports jock bi guy personae who now claims to fucks pussy which now makes him a “real man” in his redneck mind. And wearing a baseball cap automatically makes him a jock. I’m specifically thinking of the gay jock bros I’m quite familiar with who claim/pretend to be bi — but they’re not interested in sex with gay guys nor are they interested in females — and who are constantly going on about how “discreet” and “down low” (translation: closeted) they are. (Related: The gay Jock Bros who reject gay guys and Are most bi guys bi?) I’m also thinking of the obnoxious supposedly gay — but often filled with obnoxious breeders — sports bar on Market Street near Castro that refuses to fly a Rainbow Flag except on “SF Pride” Sunday (to exploit the day for their financial interests) because any other time a Rainbow Flag is “too gay” for a (gay?) jock sports bar. And their Rainbow Flags (which always look new because they’re only flown 1 day a year) go back in the closet for 364 more days along with the guy who owns the bar. The half-way closeted heteronormative conservative and corporatist owner of that bar said when asked in a published interview, “I identify as gay” (roll eyes) which implies one can choose one’s sexuality. El pendejo couldn’t just say, “I’m gay.” Clearly he has some issues with his sexuality.

Mi amigo also heard someone at the gym say that the “Gay Pride” event in San Francisco is too political and has too many factions in it.

Also, when the gay guy asked to date this Black guy at the gym, the Black guy dragged out the perfunctory, “I’ve got a lady at home” excuse which implies he’s straight (or he’s playing that role at the gym) rather than saying, “Well I appreciate it, but I’m really too busy to date anyone right now and I don’t like to lead people on” or something to that effect.

During the now-dead Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement, I never heard or knew any breeders constantly talk about going to “Gay Pride” — or Gay Freedom Day as it was more accurately called then — or going to any gay events or wrapping themselves in Rainbow Flags.

Mi amigo and I are wondering if this is part of the new insanity that one should expect where breeders have hijacked “Gay Pride” (as just another opportunity to party) as I have said they have done? Along with their hijacking the Rainbow Flag? In San Francisco, breeders love to make out under Rainbow Flags to show that they’re “marking their (new) territory.”

Meanwhile, now-closeted gay guys work-out at the gym alongside the tough-guy straight jock bros both talking about “my girl,” and “we’re trying to get pregnant.” Then there’s that’s one fucked-up guy going on constantly about “Gay Pride” and “my lady at home.” Sigh.

For San Francisco/Bay Area locals:

On another topic: Mi amigo told me that Harvest Market on Market Street near Castro has now closed, adding to the long list of already closed stores in The Castro. Not surprising though. I’m surprised they stayed open as long as they did. When I went by there a few days ago I thought to myself: How much longer will they be open? There was never anyone in there in recent years.

Harvest was an icon/fixture of the Old City. It was quite a part of the community and a nice hangout place for eating vegetarian/vegan food for the Queer Community of that day. The Castro store was open for almost 30 years (I think they opened in the early 1990s). In those days, it was a very busy store with good cooking aromas coming out of the store from the small make-shift kitchen over on the left side of the store across from the cashier counter. Their cooks did a good job especially with the small amount of space they had to work with making many dishes for the salad bar (sold by the pound). I talked with the cooks on occasion asking about a certain spice in some of the dishes and they were very friendly to talk with. Harvest had benches for customers to sit and eat in front of the store and to people-watch. In the early days of Harvest the owner brought in a computer table (with the internet) which was a new thing in those days and customers were allowed 5 minutes per customer for free time on the computer to check e-mail and surf the net. That became a part of the community at that time, and that free computer access was unique to Harvest. They got rid of that some years ago. Also during those days, Tower Records was right across the street with their huge inventory of all genres of music. Tower was another part of the community that’s now gone. As I said earlier, Harvest had its vegetarian/vegan deli salad bar which was quite good with quite a variety, although I often wondered how sanitary it was because of the handles of spoons touched by customer-after-customer hanging over into the food in adjacent dishes. I knew the owner to some degree; he was one of the cashiers and talked with the customers. In my opinion, he partially killed his own business at the Castro store because he moved the kitchen to his other store so there were no longer any wonderful cooking aromas coming from the store out onto the sidewalk enticing people to come in. He also started carrying non-organic produce and brought in some meats — since just like going to the gym — being a vegetarian/vegan seemed to have merely been a long-term fad for many vegetarians or vegans.Footnote 3 Also, The Castro conservative merchants and homeowners had decided to sanitise The Castro to make it “breeder family-friendly” for the conservative breeders and their fleets of baby strollers. Some of the dominant merchants were saying “there’s no longer a need for gay meccas because gay people can live anywhere” (as reported hate crimes against Queers/GTQBLs continue to rise). For various reasons, Queers in The Castro began leaving or were forced out as the obnoxious breeders began taking over, and Harvest began losing business since their original customer base was being decimated. For years, I’ve rarely seen anyone in the store when I walked by. Today, Harvest is yet another papered up store front; a common sight in today’s vibrant — the hyped word used by the Real Estate Industrial Complex commonly and erroneously used to describe the — dying Castro. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Footnote 1 I remember being in Harvest one evening around the time that the store began changing, and this empty-headed female customer was at the cashier’s area. She was seemingly clueless on the concept of being a vegetarian and told the owner: “Thank you for bringing in meat. I used to be a vegetarian but now I eat meat.” She smiled and gushed to him half-way laughing, “It’s bad! It’s bad!” (meaning her new addiction to eating dead animals). I stood there observing this spectacle thinking to myself: Another fucking stupid sheeple. Well, it’s your health, bitch. Apparently, she was one of the former vegetarians for which being a vegetarian (or vegan) is merely a short or longterm fad because she thought it was “cool” or “hip” at the time and did so to “fit in.” I can’t stand shallow and superficial people.


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There was Russian influence in the 2016 US s-election

Hola a todos. Previously, I wrote that there was no evidence of Russian influence in the 2016 US s-election. That is not true.

Mi amigo/My friend — who is non-partisan like myself — has paid very close attention to this topicFootnote 1 and he informed me that there is ample evidence that Russia was involved in collusion, influence and corruption with The Cesspool’s 2016 s-election. So I just wanted to make that correction. I don’t like putting out incorrect information.

Previously, I did ask: Does it matter that Russia influenced or was involved in the US s-election considering the hypocritical US is constantly sticking its bullying nose — with collusion and corruption — in the elections of countries all around the world. The US goes way beyond collusion and corruption. The US, this fraud of a “Christian nation,” knocks off any country’s leader they don’t like in order to replace him (it’s usually a guy) with someone more favourable and subservient and who will bow to and serve US imperialistic and barbaric interests and its goal of empire building and world domination, found in the neocon’s The Project for the New American Century (PNAC) document.

I had been reading RT (Russia Today), which is funded by the state. When reading RT, I noticed that they have some of the most anti-gay commenters one will find anywhere. According to RT, as one would expect since they’re funded by the state, there is not a shred of evidence of any Russian involvement in the US s-election. This brings to mind an e-mail I received this week from a reader who had read my articles about the Russian-adoring fake-socialists SEP Cult, and who also reads the SEP site. He wrote that they continue to take the same position as they did when I was reading their site that there’s not a shred of evidence of any Russian involvement in the 2016 US s-election, and all of this is “media hysteria.” One of the things that turned me off about the SEP cultists was just how sexist, chauvinistic and misogynistic they are. And they don’t try to hide it. They have rushed to defend the many guys accused of sexual assault and called it a “witch hunt,” a term they often use in general. As this article from the UK points out, the language of “witches” and “hunts” is in itself sexist – after all, how many male witches have you come across? (You might want to avoid reading the comments below that article since many of them could have been written by the SEP Cultists). Nevertheless, this was pointed out to the SEP cultists, but of course they denied this as well choosing to wear the same blinders as they do to any Russian influence in the 2016 s-election. Absolute denial. I should also point out that their site is mainly male-dominated (their writers). According to my reader’s e-mail, the SEP cultists are unanimous in genuflecting to Russia now more than ever and even seem to be defending the orange nazi man-child following his farce called the Helsinki Summit where the orange nazi demonstrated absolute subservience to Vladimir Putin. (By the way, his name in Russian — according to the language translator I used — is pronounced Pu-chin, which no one pronounces correctly outside of Russia). What does Putin have on the orange nazi? One of the SEP commenters also defended Russia by saying that they have no anti-Queer policies. Really?

Russia’s ‘Gay Propaganda’ Laws Are Illegal, European Court Rules

The same commenter wrote that gay people in Russia don’t have it any worse than gay people in the US. Are they trying to say that “two wrongs make a right?” Loco. I don’t understand why these fake-socialists adore and genuflect to Russia.

Because the SEP cultists believe that literally everything is “class” based, they’re the same basura who believe that any talk about Queer rights is a “distraction.” I suspect they wouldn’t be saying that if they were Queer. That strikes me as the mindset of straight (white) privilege, a bigoted breeder or a closet case. How many closet cases are there among the SEP cultists?

But enough about them. The SEP are best ignored, but I did want to acknowledge the e-mail I received (gracias) and respond to it a bit.

From my years of experience, it’s the “Democratic” partisan brainwashed authoritarianFootnote 2 front sites working for the “Democratic” Party who have been promoting this Russian influence theme as a way of rushing to the defence of their precious war criminal Hillary. They continue to blame everybody but themselves for her alleged loss, and her being a horrible candidate. She was one of the most corrupt and awful candidates they could have nominated after throwing fake-independent and “Democratic” Party-enabler Bernie Sanders “under the bus.” The brainwashed partisans of the corrupt “Democratic” Party also seem to continually forget that their messiah Hillary won the popular vote by at least 3 million votes that we know of. But one thing I’ve noticed in particular about the Dembots: Even though they go on and on about Russian influence implying that the 2016 “s-election” was illegitimate, they still refer to this piece of trash as “President,” with a capital “P” which denotes respect. When I pointed this out to the Dembots on occasion, my comment was been ignored.

One of the most recent immature trolling techniques used by partisan brainwashed Democrats is to label anyone one dare speak a word of criticism about their sacrosanct “Democratic” Party as a “Russian Operative.” That’s followed by, “How are things in St Petersburg tonight? What are the hotel rates?” This is the childish material one has come to expect from the toddler-mentality of many Dembots. But at least they have moved on from the “You are a Republican Operative” and “You are a [Karl] Rove Operative” they were using during the illegitimate Bush regime years whenever anyone wrote anything critical of their presumably sacrosanct corrupt party.

When one looks at the comments from the brainwashed people who still dutifully support the “Democratic” Party and their trashy corrupt corporate politicians, there’s no wonder that the party is in such a dismal and irrelevant state of existence, having such childish boot lickers supporting them no matter what they do.

The Dembots’ partisan brainwashing has been extremely effective. It’s the same brainwashing used by fundamentalist religious fanatics. Their manic brainwashing is also on full display when a small group of Dem cultists complain on the odd occasion about their precious Democrats nearly constantly enabling their employer, the Republicans. (A recent example: only 34 Democrats voted against a House Resolution praising the ICE gangs and their thuggish behaviour.) Then, in their next breathe, Dem cultists are seen mindlessly chanting: “Gotta get Dems in, gotta get Dems in.” Why? Because that’s part of their brainwashing. Insanity.

Nevertheless, I just wanted to make this correction that there was Russian influence, collusion, involvement (whatever you want to call it) in the 2016 s-election. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Footnote 1 I’ve not paid close attention to this — mi amigo often says watching videos about it makes him sweat — because it’s politics and I like to keep my blood pressure in a healthy range, and this topic seemed to be rather partisan based with the Dembots saying that “Hillary would have won were it not for Russian intervention.” Instead of forthright admitting that she “lost” (sort of – in the electoral college) because she was an awful, war-mongering hawk candidate.

Footnote 2 These “Democratic” Party cultists demand lockstep agreement with no dissent allowed otherwise one gets banned, especially months before a s-election.


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“You’re gay, you’re fired!”

Hola a todos. The orange nazi’s regime says employers should be able to fire gay people because, as they argued in court recently, “gay people aren’t protected by the Civil Rights Act of 1964.” He also said this sometime ago and I wrote about it at that time. But this has come up again as expected, and the article I’ve linked to (see bottom of this page). I would think that as part of the law it would state that employees cannot be fired for being straight/breeders. They can only be fired for being gay. Employers having the right to fire their gay employees will likely end up in the US Supreme Court sometime after the orange nazi has stacked the court with at least two far-right injustices with the help of the feet-shuffling, enabling and complicit right-wing Democratic Party. Keep in mind that orange nazi-enabler Pelosi has taken impeachment of the orange nazi “off the table” three times now. Here’s one of them:

“Now is not the time to consider articles of impeachment,” Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and Minority Whip Steny Hoyer said in a joint statement, shortly after Green introduced his articles of impeachment.”

It should be pointed out that we wouldn’t be in this political disaster if most people had possessed the intelligence, integrity, independence and foresight to vote overwhelmingly for genuinely progressive Jill Stein in the 2016 s-election. She was the best candidate who ran. This wouldn’t be happening, but one should remember that the corrupt Democratic Party threw Democratic Party-enabler/fake-independent Bernie Sanders “under the bus” and then nominated a horrible candidate: War criminal right-wing Hillary. Then on cue, the brainwashed-partisan Dembots — who pretend to be “progressive” and “liberal” while supporting right-wing politicians — swarmed to their new-found messiah Hillary like flies to caca. She has a “D” next to her name and that’s all that matters to brainwashed partisan Dembots. Bernie Sanders could have shown some integrity and character and a hint of being a genuine independent and endorsed Jill Stein, but being a Democratic Party enabler he endorsed corrupt, right-wing, war-hawk Hillary after campaigning against her and timidly criticising her for months. Hypocrite. Hillary won the popular vote by 3 million votes that we know of. Through our fraudulent voting system — which most people choose to live in denial about — the orange nazi allegedly “won” the outdated electoral college vote through highly questionable methods. I do not consider him legitimate and there’s increasing evidence of Russian involvement in the 2016 US s-election.

To this day, the Dembots continue to play The Blame GameTM (just like the orange nazi, they always need someone to blame but themselves, and lack the maturity to do so), and instead blame third party candidates for their/Dem losses — even though as I said earlier Hillary won the popular vote, which Dembots seem to forget; some of them barely have the maturity of toddlers nor are they the brightest of people — rather than having the maturity of taking ownership and responsible for their own corrupt party putting up an awful nominee.

Dra Jill Stein would not be nominating right-wing basura for the US Supreme Court. She would be nominating genuine progressives (what few there are) and the Democrats of the US Oligarchy could either vote for her nominee or “cross over the aisle” as they usually do and enable their employers, the Republicans, once again. (Related: Whose Fault for the US Supreme Court?)

Employers will then likely be able to fire people for being gay if the orange nazi has his way, whether legally or not. Legal doesn’t matter to these basura. They do what they want and no one seems to do anything about it.

You may remember we were told by wishful-thinking conservative idiots in the so-called “gay community” that “gay people can live anywhere; gay is now mainstream.” They said that, in part, to get rid of gay meccas and to welcome in the breeders/straights to take them over, as they have done. Mi amigo/My friend said: But by the time this ruling is announced in favour of the orange nazi regime’s, most gay people will have “converted” — through self-induced gay conversion — and gone back in the closet and “gone straight” and married females. Yes, that’s what gay guys worked decades for, the right to marry females. Nearly every day my reliable gaydar alerts me to a gay guy walking around San Francisco holding hands with a female as if they are a breeder couple. (Related: More back to the 1950s: Gay guys marrying females in droves. Sad.) So this anti-gay ruling really won’t make any difference, will it?

And the so-called “gay community” — which died sometime ago, around the time that gay marriage became legal and that ludicrous order for “gay assimilation” was given here in the shithole US — will continue staring intently at their phones pretending to be straight and saying, “I’ve got a girl (or wife) now, gay conversion worked for me. I’m on the down low (back in the closet).” While others in the so-called “gay community” will simply go back in the closet — including gay couples — and lie about their sexual orientation. But the orange nazi’s regime won’t be fooled by that. They will respond to them by saying: “You’re not heterosexual because according to your online activity including your social media activity which we have full access to you’re constantly looking for sex with a guy and downloading sex pics from gay sites. We have also reviewed marriage certificates and have proof that you are married to a guy living at this address.” The gay guy says: “That’s illegal, you can’t do that!” The orange nazi’s regime laughs in his naïve face and says: Apparently you haven’t been paying any attention; we do what we want. Legal doesn’t matter to us. We’re above the law, and we have passed this information we have on you to your employer.

The employer says: “You’re gay, you’re fired.”

And that’s the end of that. One should not expect any protests against this because that’s not what the conformist and conservative so-called “gay community” does these days. In fact, they seem to be ashamed of our protest days of the former Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement, with apologies to the breeders for inconveniencing them in any way. In other words: The so-called “gay community” today is long dead in any activist way. Chau.—el barrio rosa


Orange nazi’s regime says it’s ok to fire people for being gay

The Pussy Grabber is no “gentleman.”

Hola a todos. I can’t let this go. As I was signing out of Yah** e-mail I saw this headline about the orange nazi and la perra who is currently in the position of British PM holding hands, which they did again on his embarrassing trip to the UK. The Yah** article called their hand-holding “weird.”

Well, Yah** contacted a body-language expert “who trains law enforcement and the Department of Defense Military Industrial Complex/War Department. This perra said his gesture of holding hands with the PM is “simply transactional…He’s being conscientious and guiding her along in support, even lifting her hand at one point, to give her some height…it’s gentleman-like.” (roll eyes) Ugh. That sounds like conservative bull shit to me and someone trying to rewrite recent history and sanitise a piece of nazi trash. Is la perra perhaps an orange nazi cultist?

To begin with, we’re not talking about a “gentleman” here. Has this body language expert been in a coma since the orange nazi ran for office? A proud pussy-grabber is no “gentleman,” la perra. Someone who tells his cultists to get violent with protesters is no gentleman, la perra. Someone who is frequently giving the white power hand gesture is no “gentleman,” la perra. Maybe she’s hoping he’ll read what she said about him and he’ll stop by her office and she’ll give him some pussy to grab.

And I should point out that we didn’t see him being “gentlemanly” with Queen Elizabeth II. She’s 92 and he wasn’t holding her hand and “guiding her along to give her some height.” Of course doing so is against royal protocol, but the orange nazi wouldn’t know anything about that based on his completely unprepared and utterly embarrassing behaviour before the Queen where he was walking ahead of her inspecting her troops. I read that the other members of the Royal Family “snubbed him” (particularly Charles and William) wanted nothing to do with him, refused to meet him and left it all up to a bare minimum 20-minute meeting with the Queen.

But to hear la perra from the Military Industrial Complex tell it, sounds like she was talking about Mr Rogers of Mr Roger’s Neighbourhood and not this piece of orange nazi trash that is a malignant cancer on the planet.

The word “gentleman” and this piece of garbage cannot accurately be used in the same sentence. His behaviour was the usual sexist, chauvinistic and misogynistic “pussy grabbing” behaviour one has come to expect from el pendejo. He knows nothing about being “a gentleman” or about being a good human being. It’s as if he was taught nothing by his parents. He doesn’t even have basic sense to know what you do and what you don’t do. For example, one does not walk ahead of the Queen, pendejo. You are her guest. Intelligent people and people with manners know that one takes the role of a guest not to offend anyone. Not this asshole.

A “gentleman” does not bully the world on a daily basis. A “gentleman” does not bully other world leaders with a “you do it our U.S. way or we’ll destroy you” mentality. A “gentleman” does not tell his cultists to go out and shoot journalists and then after they do, nothing happens, because the orange nazi can do no wrong is the mentality. The television lawyer, Gu*lian* (another piece of basura), says: “the president [sic] can shoot someone, without any legal charges against him.” A “gentleman” is not a disgrace wherever he does. A “gentleman” is the opposite of el pendejo.

How many times has the orange nazi banged the British PM to date? One would have been insanely desperate to want either of them. But that’s what the hand-holding is about as far as I’m concerned — why else would he be holding her hand? — as one would expect from a self-proclaimed pussy grabber. We’re not stupid here. What does the PM’s husband think about the hand-holding? “Well honey, if it helps your rapport with this asshole, go ahead and hold hands, I’ll understand.” Well it helps more than her rapport with him. I don’t see the orange nazi holding hands with Justin Trudeau. At the fake summit in Helsinki, I didn’t see the orange nazi holding hands with Vladimir Putin to “be conscientious and guide him along in support, even lifting his hand at one point, to give him some height…it’s gentleman-like.” No, there was no hand-holding with Putin. Now we did see him having the hots for Emmanuel Macron and holding his hand repeatedly. But I haven’t seen the orange nazi holding Angela Merkel’s hand. She often looks at him as if thinking, “Are you completely insane and off-the-latch?” She wouldn’t give him any. Good for her. She doesn’t take any caca from el pendejo, which is why he doesn’t like her. But the British PM lets him walk all over her, and in her? She, too, is terrified of him for some reason.

But there’s one thing that we can all agree on, I think. The pussy grabber is no “gentleman” and never will be, and that’s what his (nazi) white supremacist cultists find most appealing about him. They worship their aryan messiah and the way he arrogantly struts around the world bullying people as if he thinks he’s king of el mundo/the world, which is their perception of him too. They worship and adore all the gutter-based redneck negatives about him. They think he’s the best White House resident thus far.

One cannot make a “gentleman” out of basura. So let’s lay this to rest, la perra, Ms Body Language Expert moron. A “gentleman” is not who this basura is. He prides himself on being an constantly angry bully and pendejo, among other negative traits, but a “gentleman” is most assuredly not one of them. Chau.—el barrio rosa