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The SEP: Always a friend to sexism

The Last Word on the Abrasive and Sexist SEP Cult

UPDATE (enero/January 2018). I received the following e-mail from a reader:

Hola pb. I read your article about “The SEP: Always a friend to sexism” and I understand you wish to say no more about them. But may I? I’m e-mailing you because the comments are closed on your article. The SEP had an online conference in recent days about censorship on the internet including censorship by FB which they (as you say) hypocritically heavily promote on their site. The graphic they used promoting this event was that of a somber, unsmiling guy in a suit who was to serve as moderator. The SEP members never seem to smile and to call themselves “on the left” they more than look very conservative in their dress. The comments following this conference were all over the spectrum. One person complained that the conference was very male-dominated with very few references to any women. That commenter mentioned Angela Davis and her politics and a greater need for women participation in future conferences. That commenter was responded to by the royal bitch on the site. I normally don’t use the word “bitch” and am doing so in this case because that’s what best describes her. She took it upon herself to respond to many commenters as if she’s the spokeswoman for the SEP ordering commenters to read the SEP website. Her commenting style is like nails on a chalkboard and the bitch enjoys putting people down. She said that the SEP does not share the politics of Angela Davis nor do they support identity politics, referring to the commenters request for greater participation from women. How is their sexist thinking and male chauvinism not “identity politics?” Only promoting women is “identity politics?” What I came away from this thing was how can a party like the SEP ever expect to win people over when they seem to come with a built-in grudge and with the nastiest of attitudes. These people are not the least bit inviting to their cause. Thanks for listening to me, Faye.

My response: Hola Faye. It’s best that you forget about them, just ignore them, and I mean that respectfully to you. They will never amount to anything despite their big heads and delusions of self-importance of how important they think they are. They write some good articles, but overall I can’t stand them and I have no interest in writing any more about them other than to say, as I have previously, I agree with you that they are such an unwelcoming, cold, asshole-ish group of people, with only a few exceptions. Nothing at all warm or welcoming about them. I would expect the conference to be very male-dominated because that’s what sexist, chauvinistic and misogynistic basura do. I’m not surprised at all to hear that. I’ll take a guess that the “royal bitch” you referred to comes with the initials “CZ.” If so, yes, she’s one abrasive piece of SEP cultist trash. I can’t stand her. Is the woman in great, constant pain or something? She’s one piece of work. Gracias for your e-mail. End of Update. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Hola a todos. Our little group of San Francisco Queers met the other night. We talked about several topics including this topic, but the main topic was about one that I’d rather not write about at all, but agreed to one last time because no one else in our group has a website of their own, and they thought the topic deserved more than a random comment somewhere. Some of what I’m going to write here I’ve written before, but it will be new to readers who didn’t read those articles. That topic is about the abrasive Socialist Equality Party (SEP) Cult, as I call them. Are those signs of pain I’m hearing because I’m bringing up the SEP again? Understandable. I’d rather forget about them too.

One of their male writers is obsessed with the many sexual harassment scandals in the news these days and he consistently supports the men being accused of sexual assault and misconduct by labeling it a “witch hunt” against the men. Using a search engine, one finds that the SEP writers call many things with which they disagree a “witch hunt.” It seems to be one of their favoured terms, along with their overuse of the word “slander.” In that instance, if anyone speaks critically of a person from “the working class,” the SEP refer to that as “slandering the working class.” To them I say: Get. A. Grip. (roll eyes) As far as I’m concerned, no social class — whether it be “the working class” or the billionaire class — is above reproach from criticism. But I got to thinking about this term “witch hunt.” Isn’t that sexist in itself? Being the sexists that they are, maybe that’s why they routinely use it. A little research pulled up an article from the UK explaining how the term “witch hunt” is indeed sexist. I suppose most people have never thought of that. So, one of the people in our group posted a comment — which surprisingly they published on the SEP site — explaining how the term “witch hunt” is sexist, and gave other examples of sexist language having been used routinely on the SEP site. Such as their male-dominated language use of “mankind” and “congressmen” even though there are many females in congress whom I suspect don’t appreciate being called congressmen. And one sexist commenter referred to a Bay Area congresswoman as “the congressman.” Well, as expected, the person from our group was attacked for his comment. His comment was referred to by one commenter as “a rant.” I read his comment and it wasn’t a rant at all. He made sure of that because he was aware that any “rant” would likely not get published on their site. So he kept his remarks very calm and respectful. He gave that link up above and wrote some of what I’ve written here in the previous paragraph. Bottom line: They didn’t like his message as he knew they wouldn’t. He asked readers to attack the article at that link — showing that the term “witch hunt” is sexist — rather than take the old and tiresome approach of “Attack the Messenger” (meaning him). But of course they attacked him anyway. I guess they considered that more fun. He didn’t respond to any of them.

I began to think more about the language they use on their site. Of the examples that readily came to mind, they use terms such as “transgender” instead of perhaps using “shemale,” “tranny,” “he-she,” “ladyboy,” or some other outdated or pejorative term. Although when I was reading their site, one of their female writers used the incorrect term “transgendered.” I was going to correct her for writing “transgendered” but knew I would be attacked for doing so and called “nit-picky” — because the devout SEP cultists hold the view that their idol writers are sacrosanct and are not to be criticised under any circumstance — so I didn’t bother. Their site also uses the language “African-American” or “black” rather than the ugly ethnic slur words “nigger” or “darkie” or “negro” or “negra” or “nigger boy.” On the rare occasion they write about anything Queer, they use the word “gay” rather than “faggot” or “nellie-boy, although I think sometimes they use the word “homosexual.” I don’t like that word at all.

My point is that the SEP have updated some or nearly all of their language to non-offensive contemporary usage, or I guess what they would call “politically correct.” Except when it comes to sexist language, which they hold very dear and live in denial that their language is at all sexist. Also, their cultist commenters have made it clear that they can’t stand “politically correct” language.

The SEP site is a very male-dominated site as some people have pointed out to them. Most of the writers are guys. Perhaps that explains that the one area where they absolutely refuse to update their language is in the area of sexism. So they use mankind instead of the gender-neutral word humankind (which includes all of humanity). Humankind does not give preference to men, which must absolutely irk the SEP cultists whenever they see that word. Whereas “mankind” gives preference to men or as the Merriam-Webster dictionary says, “men especially as distinguished from women.”

Also, while these pseudo-socialists claim to oppose the billionaire class, they make an exception for the billionaire class tech industry — an industry well known for its sexism and gender inequality — and the SEP heavily promote billionaire-owned F***book, as one example, on their site. Their glaring hypocrisy has been pointed out to them, but they don’t care about that. They refuse to change their behaviour in that regard because it would disturb their own comfort level and their addiction to their phones and activity on certain billionaire-owned “social media” sites. I often think that so-called “social media” (what an Orwellian marketing name!) is the headquarters for people without any real social skills. Here’s more sexism from the techies (2017): “Tech firms draw flak over hiring ‘record number’ of eye-candy models for holiday parties.” Seeing females as sex objects is sexist.

As our society regresses and rushes backwards to at least the 1940s-50s if not before, I am definitely seeing the increased use of man-based/preferred words having a strong comeback. The progress made over past decades seems to have only been temporary. And anyone challenging the SEP on their sexism is met with the strongest resistance. Despite their continual denial, their sexism, chauvinism and misogyny seem to be the core of who they are as so-called socialists. The female cultist commenters are among the first to rush to boot lick their messiah writers and defend any sexist language used in articles. Curiously, the females have also been among those to defend the men accused of alleged sexual assault and refer to it as “a witch-hunt.” One of their most abrasive cultist commenters wrote, “I love men.” She had to let everyone know that she’s a breeder. Then she invited one of the other male commenters (she doesn’t know the guy) over to her place by writing, “You can come over to my place” meaning for sex. Someone jokingly wrote to her: “Oh, so you take anything you can get, do you?” She seems to have little sense of humour while complaining about the same in another commenter. She claimed she was only joking about her invite.

We’re convinced that sexism within the SEP is a generational phenomenon. For example, that same abrasive asshole-ish female commenter I mentioned in the previous paragraph constantly defends sexism and their sexist writers, and gave her age in one of her comments. She in her early 70s and not in good health she wrote. That’s the generation that grew up with sexism and where it is deeply embedded in them. By their conservative writing style, we in our little group of Queers get the impression that many, if not most, of the cultist commenters are of that generation where sexism, misogyny and chauvinism were the norm. Therefore, today they see nothing wrong with it. It’s part of who they are. And if anyone corrects their saviour writers and sexist language used in articles, the females on the site are often the first to flame the commenter for being “nit-picky” and “off-topic.” The females serve as such good little boot lickers.

I agree with some of the SEP positions, but I do not at all agree that everything is class-based, which is their position. For example, a person being anti-Queer has nothing whatsoever to do with one’s class. There are anti-Queer people/bigots/prejudiced people in all classes. In addition, the SEP and cultists are strongly pro-Russia and they have never written about Queer persecution in Russia because they consider Queer/gay topics “identity politics,” which they oppose. We have sensed that most of the SEP cultists are breeders/straight, or closet cases. I can’t remember ever reading where anyone on the site has ever said they’re Queer/gay, and some of their articles have been written from a place of straight privilege.

They also say there is absolutely no proof/evidence of Russian involvement in the US 2016 s-election, and any talk of such is merely sour grapes from the Democratic Party that Hillary lost (she lost the electoral college that is but won the popular vote by at least 3 million votes that we know of). It’s all about that, according to them. Well I can’t stand the mis-named Democratic Party and I have no use for that Hillary. But I’ve seen too many strange “coincidences” that tell me that it’s not all about “sour grapes” regarding possible Russian involvement in the 2016 US s-election.

A brief aside: By the way the majority just voted with the House Republicans not to impeach the current White House resident. “Now is not the time to consider articles of impeachment,” Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and Minority Whip Steny Hoyer said in a joint statement.” You may recall that Republican-enabler Pelosi took impeachment of illegitimate George W Bush “off the table.” As I’ve written before, I think the Democrats really like the current White House resident.

Any credible links provided to them about alleged-Russian involvement and the investigations thus far and the many coincidences found to date are outright rejected by the SEP cultists, and the person providing the links is belittled and trolled. The SEP cultists scream, “Where’s your evidence? Would do you know that none of the rest of us (unspoken: SEP omnipotent cultists) know?” Ugh. Just fucking assholes.

Oh by the way, the same writer (initials DW) who is hung up on these alleged sexual allegations would call my use of “fucking assholes,” vulgar language because that’s how he described someone else using sex language in another situation. Is the term “vulgar language” what you would expect to hear from a socialist? That’s what I would expect to hear from a far-right Republicano. I think we’re all adults here or maybe you’re not, Mr Fucking Prude (who is also of the generation I wrote about earlier). Piss off! I can’t stand these basura.

It should be obvious at this point to the astute reader that I/we no longer read their site for many reasons including it often puts me in a bad mood. Despite their big-headed delusions of grandeur, the SEP will never amount to anything in The Cesspool/the US as far as being a credible and serious political party, especially when their candidates are rarely on anyone’s ballot. And even when they are, their own website never reports on how many votes their candidates received. It must have been pathetically poor partly because most people have never even heard of them, and after any intelligent, sane, reasonable and rationale person has any experience with them and their abrasive cultist commenters, one would run from them having been completely turned off by their abrasiveness and defensiveness. Their cultist commenters are really very thin-skinned people. One finds nothing warm, friendly or inviting about any of them, aside from their syrupy ass-eating of the writers. With that type of chip-on-both-shoulders sandpaper personality, one is not likely to attract new members. I guess they’ve never thought about that or that maybe they should look inward as to how they come off to people. Even though they have allowed comments on their site for some time, what they have accomplished is to really show what type of basura support them. Again, there’s no sense of “community” there whatsoever as one sometimes finds on other sites. The words “abrasive assholes” are what I think of when I think of most of them; a very off-putting group of people with only a few exceptions to that. Some of their writers are just as off-putting. When they respond to commenters on occasion it’s often with a sense of arrogant omnipotence, and belittling the commenter in some cases. At which point, the 12-14 resident cultists all pile on in agreement to back slap the writer as good little SEP disciples. No, they are not likely to attract any new followers to their party after one gets wind of their abrasive, self-righteous and omnipotent attitudes. At one time I was quite interested in the SEP. But after spending many years around them, one finds them a major turn-off. A few of their cultists feel the need to write gushing and adoring praise comments on a daily basis to their writers, such as “Thank you so much comrade [name of writer] for this valuable socialist lesson…” for their articles. Or this: “brilliant article, comrade, absolutely brilliant article.” Or this: “onward and upward guys.” Or this: “Once again Andre, you hit the nail on the head.” Just mindless cheer leading for their team. Or this: “I have the highest regard and respect for [name of writer] and I am so proud to be connected with the SEP.” Sigh. One would hope you would have higher standards than that! They’re no different than the devout devotional behaviour one finds with the corporate and imperialistic Democrats and Republicans and their cultists.

Mi amigo/My friend told me that one of their now-regular commenter has the word “Deplorable” as part of his screen name and has written that he hopes the current resident of la casa blanca serves his full term. I went to read that comment and the guy did come off to me as a supporter of el hombre naranja/the orange man. Some of the SEP cultists gave him thumbs-up for his comments. So it would appear that some of the pseudo-socialist commenters are far-right supporters of el hombre naranja/the orange man, even though some of their articles are critical of him and his policies. That could also explain why there is disagreement among the commenters on where on the political spectrum their party stands, although one cultist commenter wrote that there is no political spectrum. WTF? (So I guess to that commenter the far-right site bre*tb*art is the same as npr and whatever they claim to be these days)? Yet one of their writers says that the SEP site is on the “left.” But when I was on there one of their cultists told another commenter, “We are not on the left.” Then recently, according to mi amigo, one commenters told another commenter, “We are not communist” which disagreed with another cultist commenter and her politics in favour of Cuba.

As you can see, it’s a fucking weird crowd over there, I can tell you that. Best to avoid. They don’t seem to know who and what they are.

Okay guys of our Queer group, I look forward to my delicious, organic vegetarian-vegan dinner you promised me for writing this for you. At least some of us care about what we eat and our health. Oh that’s another thing I should mention: I think the SEP cultists and perhaps writers eat “meat”/dead animals. Now originally that’s not something I would have thought to be the case with socialists, but obviously I had a very wrong impression of (most?) socialists, or at least those of the SEP breed. At this point, proudly eating dead animals is what I would expect from them. When I was on their site the topic of the environment and eating “meat” came up on one occasion and of those who responded, it was 100% agreement:

People should not be told what to eat. (Question: Does that also mean that MD’s should not be allowed to order their patients to change their “diet” after a major heart attack, open heart surgery, stroke, and so forth?) People should be able to eat meat was their main theme among the comments. I gave them this link, but they ignored it:

(2010): “UN urges global move to meat and dairy-free diet. Lesser consumption of animal products is necessary to save the world from the worst impacts of climate change, UN report says.

They had absolutely no interest in that. No health concerns about eating dead animals were even mentioned by them. Their position was: People should not be required to eat vegetarian or vegan foods, and climate change is really not one of our priorities wrote one commenter who claimed to be with the SEP in Australia. Maybe that’s why they rarely write about climate change. Yes, I know, it’s all about fucking “class” and sexism with you idiots. Even though each class has their own responsibility to bear for climate change. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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(Originally published Dec 8, 2017 @ 14:53).

Gay Conversion

UPDATE (enero/January 2018): Well the anti-Queer agenda ramped up recently with yet another gay conversion site in the same series with all the others. This one is particularly blatantly anti-gay with its regular use of the words “the fag, the faggot, the homo, fuck the homo, stupid homo” and other derogatory words. One of their story lines has a gay guy calling his partner at home and saying that he won’t be back home in time for their anniversary because his “business trip” is taking longer than expected. His “business trip” is really a trip out of town where he’s cheating on his boyfriend with a female he’s fucking in a hotel. Six months later, according to their storyline, he’s married to her — the image shows a guy fucking a female — and he’s “on his way to starting a real family.” Implying that gay families are not “real families.” Also, the guy on the phone calling his boyfriend to cancel their anniversary is not the same guy fucking the female on the bed. They both have a beard, and I guess that’s all they thought that people would look at (since you can’t see his dick), but they’re not the same guy at all because I checked them both out. Attention to detail is not at all something that these sites are big on. As with the other gay conversion sites, the site is amateurishly done with typos (they don’t seem to proof anything they write) and extremely-slow-loading images which don’t match. What I mean by that is that their anti-gay story line will have several images that they steal from some where. They use these images for their agenda by typing on the images their anti-gay message. When I say the images don’t “match,” what I mean by that is that the guy shown in the first image is not the same guy shown in the second image — even though he’s supposed to be; and just like the guys in the “business trip” story I mentioned earlier — who has become a “pussy hound.” Then, where they use animated images where the person in the image is talking briefly, what they claim he’s saying (in their caption underneath) is not at all what he’s saying in the image and one can see this to be the case with even an elementary level of lip-reading.

Confirming my suspicion that many (if not all) of these sites are run by the same hateful person or group of bigoted anti-Queer people with an anti-gay agenda of “ending homosexuality within 10 years,” (that’s what the newest site says), this newest site is now being “fed” verbatim into the other gay conversion sites, exactly the way it appears on the original site. In any other situation, this would be considered a major copyright violation, but I suppose if one anti-Queer person with a anti-gay agenda owns all the sites, this is legal. Nearly all of the comments in agreement with the site are written by “anonymous,” and “anonymous” asks the blogger questions as if s/he is seen as a mental health/sex expert. Such as, “Why am I happy and turned on that my gay boyfriend is going straight and I think he wants to dump me for a girl?” The blogger’s answer: “Because you know deep down that’s the right thing to do.” I notice repeatedly that the drug alcohol is so often part of these fictional conversion stories and fake personal testimonies of these supposed gay conversions. Such as the gay guy who was “drunk on his ass and met a girl in the gay bar (of all places) and took her home to get his first pussy.” Now I’m sure that worked out extremely well [sarcasm intended] because I think most intelligent people know that a guy can’t even get a hard-on when he’s “drunk on his ass” therefore so much for your bull shit story of “getting your first pussy.” With the frequent mention of booze especially in testimonials, that implies that a gay guy has to be drugged by some means to try pussy. He’s not “trying pussy” on his own using sound judgment in the moment. The site also goes on about the nonexistent “Gay Agenda” while heavily promoting society’s real agenda: the heteronormative Breeder Agenda, where everyone in society is supposed to be straight and “fucking pussy.” Him and her, where images of him and her are shoved in our faces 24/7. That’s certainly no “Gay Agenda” los pendejos. Of course, this is all about breeder sex. With some of these sites the agenda is about getting the female pregnant (“breeding that pussy”) without any consequences whatsoever. I’ve only seen a couple of instances where the consequences of her being a single parent (with already two children) and about to get pregnant again because in the moment she can’t resist the guy cumming in her and she’s not on birth control and is ovulating. One of the sites is promoting “going straight” and marrying a female in order to have a family. I think most intelligent people understand that one can have a family without “going straight” or marrying a female, and there are different types of families. These bigots are promoting the 1940-50s traditional concept of a family.

I told my straight neighbour (he’s a really nice guy) about this new gay conversion site. He asked me: “Do they talk about the woman’s erratic emotional state? Do they talk about the drastic mood changes from one minute to the next and the emotional meltdowns a woman can have for no apparent reason, storming out of the room and you have no idea why, and her emotional flip-flops where she says one thing one minute and then contradicts herself the next? When you ask her about the meltdown she had 10 minutes ago where she acted like a fucking bitch she has no idea what you’re talking about and doesn’t even remember the incident. Her emotions are as quickly changing as if they are on a light switch, off and on. Do they talk about that?” (Answer: No). He continued: “Do they talk about what it’s like to live with a woman? Do they talk about that smelly-fishy slimy-mucous pussy which is right next to the anus which can get pretty rank especially if she doesn’t take a shower every day, and guys claim to like that? (My response: Only because guys have been brainwashed by society that that’s what they are supposed to like to be considered “normal” guys. But no, the sites don’t talk about that at all). He continued: “The vagina is a mucous membrane after all. Sex with a woman is one thing, she often just lies there, but to live with a woman is something much more complicated, more involved and difficult especially in the emotional area. I’m straight and I couldn’t do it and I tried to live with a woman (not the same one) several times! I gave it up, couldn’t do it. I’m single and live alone. I wish I were gay. I think that would be much easier.” With these gay conversion sites, it’s all about sex (no odors) and a gay guy going straight and nothing more. The only time I’ve seen anything about smells is of course in a positive sense when this gay guy in their fictional story was going to eat this female out and the story line was about “her intoxicating womanly smell between her legs” and that “the gay guy didn’t need a second invitation upon smelling that because he was now hooked on pussy.” Other than that, nothing about the smell of pussy is talked about.

Most of these sites urge gay guys after becoming “hooked on pussy” to urge their gay friends to try pussy to convert them, as if it’s a campaign to “turn” gay guys away from being gay. Of course there are the occasional “anonymous” comments about how some former gay guy has converted all of his gay friends to pussy. We all believe that, don’t we? If you haven’t already come to this conclusion: A bunch of sick people with a hateful anti-gay agenda run these sites. End of Update. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Hola a todos. This is a more in-depth look at this topic than my previous article. The Anti-Gay Agenda: “Sexuality is Fluid.” Translation: A person can change their sexuality; one’s sexuality is changeable, or that a person’s sexuality changes without the person having any control over it. These gay conversion sites promote that “sexuality is fluid,” which is the excuse/justification given for gay guys supposedly being about to “turn bi” or “turn straight.” According to these gay conversion sites, all a gay guy has to do to “turn straight” or “turn bi” is to start fucking pussy — and he will immediately realise what he’s been missing all these years and the ultimate satisfaction of pussy — and also by only watching “straight porn.” The “Sexuality is Fluid” Card is nearly always used in a straight-superiority and anti-gay context to promote breeder sex: for the sole purpose and justification of “turning” a gay guy straight or bi. Read the full article here. To comment, please go to the article page.


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Women as property of men

It’s always been that way, and likely always will be with most breeder couples. Rejecting this thinking was partly what the 1960s were about, but nevertheless, frankly I think many women enjoy being the property of men.

Hola a todos. Let’s see now, how long have some women (upon getting married to a guy) not adopted their husband’s last name as part of their own? Answer: For decades.

I find the idea of women taking their husband’s name weird. “Damn odd, Ms Bucket,” (pronounced “Bouquet”). It’s as if la mujer/the woman thinks she is his property and she’s quite content with that. Men; however, very rarely take the female’s last name to signify that he is her property. Many constantly needy and attention-seeking females seem to enjoy being the submissive and subservient “dainty-little girl” property of their tall, dominant, domineering (sexist and chauvinistic) husband, where she behaves as if she thinks she’s a second-class citizen to him and he is supposed to protect submissive her at all times. Some of these females look like the little daughter of the guy she’s with because of the couple’s extreme height difference (him-tall/her-short). When they make out, he looks like he’s making out with his little daughter. And that’s often the way breeder couples/straight couples behave around San Francisco these days. Walking down the sidewalk, insecure her is latched onto him like a leash — her right hand is fixed to his left arm if they’re not walking in the perfunctory and mandatory hand-in-hand routine to show everyone that they are a couple and that they are both taken, as if anyone cares! — and she’s walking one-half step behind him like a little dog giving the impression that she thinks she’s not his equal. While writing this article I saw an image online of Meghan Markle walking with Prince Harry, or more accurately walking behind him at least one step. Her left hand was stretched out clutching his left arm as she was tagging along. He was “leading.” The image portrayed Dominant him, submissive her (yet she claims he’s a feminist). But as I’ve described them is the way it looked, and I see this annoying sexist and chauvinistic behaviour all the time in the new Breeder Mecca Castro in San Francisco. Or, there are the breeder couples who are walking in lockstep and she’s more or less lying on him — yes, while walking — with her head sorta in the middle of his chest (under his chin) and his arms have her locked in as his chattel/personal possession. It’s a damn awkward-looking position for walking, but I do see that on occasion.

Angela Merkel (pronounced aŋˈɡeːla ˈmɛʶkl̩) is the Deutscher Bundeskanzler/German Chancellor. She’s considered the most powerful la mujer/woman en el mundo/in the world and the “leader of the Free World.” Note that the most disgusting human being who is currently the shithole US “president” is not considered the “leader of the Free World” as was the case with former White House occupants, I think, up until Obama left office. The conservative and traditionalist BBC News constantly refer to Angela Merkel as “Mrs Merkel” rather than “Ms Merkel.” Both are technically correct in a form sense, but the feminist in me doesn’t like “Mrs” — I prefer the feminist “Ms” — just as men use “Mr” regardless of their marital status. Angela was married to Ulrich Merkel, but they got a divorce. So why does BBC News call her “Mrs Merkel” as opposed to “Ms Merkel” (which would seem to me to be more appropriate). Angela kept his last name after the divorce probably because of the two children they had. Angela’s current husband’s name is Joachim Sauer (he’s a quantum chemist and professor) whom some people mistakenly refer to as “Mr Merkel.”

Men use “Mr” whether they’re married or not. Women should use “Ms” whether they’re married or not. Just as with men, it’s no one’s business whether a woman is married, which is what the traditionalist and conservative “Mrs” signals. “Mrs” tells the public that she’s married and “keep your hands off.” Although that doesn’t seem to matter to many breeders as easily as their wedding rings temporarily slide off and on into drawers and pockets when they’re cheating on their spouse, and the breeder divorce rate in the shithole US is well over 50%.

Who uses “Mrs” these days other than outdated (in a feminist sense), conservative, traditionalist chauvinistic and sexist women who prefer to live in the 1950s or before with their “housewife” and “baby factory” mentality? The septic far-right supporters of the most disgusting human being (el hombre naranja/the orange man) here in the shithole US would of course use “Mrs.”

An example of the “Woman is property of the man” is often seen when written like this:

“Mr and Mrs Richard P Chauvinist.”

One sees that style as the address on business envelopes and on contributions/donor lists that breeder couples make to some organisations, such as a symphony orchestra, for example.

In Latin culture, both names are customarily used, the mother and the father’s name. For example, in the internationally well-known telenovela Betty la Fea, Betty’s name was Betty Pinzón Solano. Pinzón being her father’s last name and Solano being her mother’s last name. Betty’s mother’s name was Julia Solano Galindo de Pinzón (“de Pinzón” meaning of or married to Hermes Pinzón). Betty’s father’s name was Hermes Pinzón Galarza. Or in the case of Ecomoda secretary Berta (if you watched Betty la Fea, you certainly know who Berta was), she was Bertha Muñoz de González. González being her husband’s last name.

Some women hyphenate their name keeping their birth name and hyphenating it with his last name when they get married to a guy. That still strikes me as if she is his little submissive property because men rarely hyphenate their last name for anybody. When men marry a female, men very rarely tag her last name onto his last name. He keeps his last name as it’s always been, or at least most do. One would hope that one day women would catch up and decide they’ve had enough of this nonsense and don’t care to be property of men any longer. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Oprah to run for US president in 2020 ? Oh good lord.

Oprah to run for US president in 2020 ? Oh good lord. (And I’m an atheist.) I guess if El*en were a breeder/straight, some nuts would want her to run. I can hear it now, “Run, El*en, run.” (roll eyes).

Hola a todos. I think the requirements for running for US president need to be immediately revised and credible standards/requirements established, other than the current lame requirements which are as follows:

The US Constitution gives three eligibility requirements to be president: one must be 35 years of age, a resident “within the United States” for 14 years, and a “natural born Citizen,” a term not defined in the Constitution.

As it is now, any insane and deranged immature fool can run for US president under the current pathetic standards, and they do, and many in our stupid-is-in society vote for them, often based on emotional reasons based in prejudice and bigotry.

An independent psychological/psychiatric thorough examination of someone filing papers to run for president should be part of the new requirements as well as an advanced degree in Political Science. We don’t need any more stagnant career politicians however. That’s what we have now. Also, an advanced law degree (JD) should be part of the new requirements. That should also be a requirement for members of the House and Senate. (Related: Wouldn’t you think that a “lawmaker” would have a law degree?) Also, for president: An advanced degree in Science and a degree in Music Education, Performance, and/or The Performing Arts, so that the US president will have a thorough understanding and knowledge that Music and The Arts are part of the world (and not “fluff” to be dismissed), and that music is the international language. And during his/her studies, s/he should learn and become fluent in multiple major world languages, as is the case with other world leaders. For example, Deutscher Bundeskanzler/German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, speaks three international languages: German, English and Russian. I’ve heard Angela speak English before the British Parliament and she speaks English superbly (Queen’s English) even though her first language is Deutsch/German. A person cannot run for US president until s/he is 35 years old, so the potential candidate has until they’re 35 years old to acquire this necessary education and degrees, if s/he is truly sincere and serious about running for the position. We have had enough ill-educated, corrupt basura in the office of president — many of whom can barely string two English sentences together — and it’s time to end that.

Of course I don’t expect any of these new requirements I’ve listed for US president to ever become reality. No, that’s delusional dreaming. These requirements would require intelligence and foresight and a desire to be educated, and not the usual low-level goal of merely being part of the cesspool called US politics and to get in one’s desired position by any means possible, including through corruption. The US Oligarchy is not about intelligence and foresight. No, The Cesspool/the US will continue in the same stagnant rut it’s been in for decades.

It is being speculated that Oprah Winfrey might run for US president in 2020. That’s almost laughable, isn’t it? How many international languages does she speak fluently? What does she know about international policies? Why don’t these self-absorbed, self-entitled celebrities go away? They really can’t get enough camera time and attention, can they, even after having their own shows for years?

With Oprah as president, of course that would be Obama’s third term in office since Oprah worships and adores the Obamas, who seem hell-bent not to get out of the spotlight. They refuse to go away, being stuck on themselves thinking that “everyone loves us.” They are absolutely enamored with themselves. I suspect Michelle would be Oprah’s running mate. Don’t think that can’t happen!

Speaking of Obama, I read that former British PM David Cameron said that he didn’t have any “bromance” with Obama and that he found him to be narcissistic. Well I can believe that, as well as terribly pompous and arrogant. I can tell Obama is in love with himself. The same with her. They see themselves as the ever-popular celebrities. The brainwashed Democratic voters stopped just short of genuflecting to both of them when he was in office. Most of these celebrities are narcissists, with enormous heads and egos and very stuck on themselves. This is all part of our shallow and superficial US pop culture. The public is very much to blame for this by gushing over these wealthy millionaire celebrities at every opportunity as if they are their messiah figure. Ask the public about Obama’s record in office in detail during his two terms and I suspect they couldn’t tell you much of anything about what he did including how many wars he left office with. Mr Nobel Peace Prize indeed.

What exactly does Oprah know about being president? But upon reflection, under the current dismal standards, I guess she doesn’t need to know anything about the job — since the current White House occupant is absolutely clueless about it — and she can just get on her phone and her saviour and messiah Obama will tell her what to do, that is, should the archaic electoral college select her, like they did the current resident of la casa blanca. I don’t know that the popular vote would choose Oprah. I think it might be a repeat of Hillary all over again, although in the case of Hillary the popular vote did choose her.

Then Rosanne Barr, she’s a supporter of el hombre naranja/the orange man (loca/crazy), popped up to give herself attention by saying that she would be a better president than Oprah. I didn’t bother to click on the article to read “how” Rosanne figures that. It doesn’t matter. I guess we should suspect other narcissistic celebrities to pop up and say they’re running too.

In 2020, it won’t surprise me if the electoral college goes with el hombre naranja/the orange man once again for a second term, if he hasn’t had a stroke before then. A second term would most assuredly please Democrats Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi, two of his fondest enablers and accomplices: Feinstein thinks he can be a good “president” if he changes a little and has assured us that we should expect him to serve his full term (with her help?). And last month Pelosi took impeachment “off the table” (just like she did for illegitimate George W Bush) as the majority of Democrats in the House of Representatives voted with their Republican amigos against impeachment of el hombre naranja. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Closet Cases are Depressing

Hola a todos. It depresses me to see closet cases. They and their wife or girlfriend with babies deliberately move into a gay area to continue taking it over whether it be Chelsea in Manhattan (Chelsea: The Death of a Gay Neighborhood, Murdered by Neo-Hetero-Homophobes), West Hollywood (West Hollywood’s Gay Pride Fading?) or San Francisco’s Castro (formerly the Gay Mecca, now The Breeder Mecca). Closet cases in breeder relationships come with straight privilege and they can live anywhere but they deliberately choose to live in a gay area or a fading gay area. These adamantly conformist closet cases are doing as they’ve been taught/brainwashed to do by our society and by their family. They’re ditzy, they’ve been taught that he must have a girlfriend or wife (even when he’s gay and in the closet). After acquiring “the girl” then he must get married and begin squeezing out babies to satisfy his and her family’s requirements for them for “Starting a Family.” Translation: Breeding. What’s the big deal about breeding? Mosquitoes can breed.

I’ve seen the aged faces of breeders. In the case of my neighbours, I remember how young they looked roughly 13-14 years ago (“before breeding”). Now, after having two children, they have the wrinkled faces and posture of grandparents (“after breeding”), even though they’re not close to being grandparents. Breeding has aged them both tremendously.

These breeders (with their closeted husband or boyfriend) must also have the expensive house and the expensive cars and other expensive materialistic junk. This is all programmed into them by corporations, the corporate media, our conformist society and particularly The Family ScriptTM, which is what they’re following to “the T.” They’re following The Breeder Agenda.

Even in places where gay marriage is legal, images of “him and her” continue to be shoved in our faces 24-hours a day as if Queer couples don’t exist and neither does gay marriage. That’s also part of The Breeder Agenda promoting a heteronormative/breeder/straight society.

Many of the techie trash who have helped ruin San Francisco are Queer — according to even the most unreliable gaydar — but they live in the closet, get “the girl” to please their family, and then the baby factory opens. Mr Closet Case wears a baseball cap thinking that will make him look less gay and more macho, more “straight”/breeder-like and like the other Jock Bros. With these breeder couples, Mr Closet Case often looks unhappy — as if he’s thinking “how did I get myself into this mess?” — while pushing the baby stroller behind his constantly-needy-for-attention and giddy female spouse or girlfriend. She is giddy with happiness because she’s gotten what her Family ScriptTM requires: The guy (even when he’s really gay and in some instances deep down she knows that), at least two screaming babies in a two-seated stroller to help give her attention, the expensive house, the expensive status-symbol cars, the expensive phones, and other expensive required materialistic junk to “Keep Up With The Joneses”, even when they don’t know The Joneses. That’s why corporations push this stuff on unthinking people. Maximum materialistic capitalist consumption.

In San Francisco, there’s long been strong friction between the homeowners and renters. The elitist homeowners think they are entitled to special rights just because they own property. As soon as a homeowner learns that someone they’ve been talking with for awhile is a renter, the conversation shuts down immediately. My neighbour is the most recent person to experience that from a homeowner. The homeowner will put her/his nose in the air and walk off in a huff because there is such prejudice against renters in San Francisco. Also, the conservative Queers (wealthy homeowners) have warmly welcomed the breeders with their screaming babies to take over our gay area. The conservative Queers prefer to live among wealthy breeders rather than poorer Queers. To them, it’s a class issue.

So it does depress me whenever I see these closet cases, and I’m seeing more and more of them these days in San Francisco — they’re usually young and white Millennials — as San Francisco’s Castro (formerly the Gay Mecca) has become The Breeder Mecca with closet cases.

Some of the newer techie arrivals are quite anti-gay (related: Gay people are now thought of as “funny” in San Francisco).

I don’t know why breeders are so adamantly intent in living in a gay area or where there are still some Queers living, although at this point, damn few. Is it because the closet case guy in the breeder relationship thinks it will be easier to get “gay sex” on the side living over here? Again, these closet cases and their families could live anywhere on the planet or anywhere in San Francisco, but they go out of their way to live in a fading gay area. Either these closet cases come with an anti-Queer agenda of making The Castro/Upper Market a sea of breeder couples — although it looks like that now frankly — or they’re hoping to get “gay sex” on the “down low.” I’ve seen sex ads from the techie trash on CL (they brag that they’re in tech), and they are some of the most closeted guys on CL. Of course they lie and call themselves “straight” while they’re looking for sex with a guy. The closeted words “discreet” and “down low” are overly-saturated throughout their personal sex ads. They are clearly quite uncomfortable with their Queer sexuality. Insecure Millennials.

Also, with San Francisco having become a playground for the super-wealthy (the Bay Area is now known as Billionaire Bay), our crime rate in The City is now through the roof, unlike during the days when The City was known as a Bohemian, progressive Gay Mecca on the West Coast. In those days, our crime rate was relatively low by comparison. But with bougi wealthy breeders comes crimes.

With world overpopulation in general, when will these breeders with their Breeder Agenda realise that they are contributing to severe human overpopulation? I suspect they couldn’t care less. Or are they not paying attention to anything outside their phones? Oh I know in their mind they say, “My baby is special.” Yeah that’s what they all say. But at 7.5 billion people (as of this writing) and rising, we are all going to starve to death because there is not enough comida/food and agua/water for all of these humans that these obnoxious breeders are mindlessly squeezing out, as if they’ve never heard of birth control. The planet can sustain a little over one billion humans. Best to ignore in denial?

Maybe at some point, some of these young techie trash closet cases we see around here will decide that they’re tired of living a lie, tired of their dishonesty, tired of being a fraud, tired of pretending to like sex with females (he’s likely thinking about the guys he “discreetly” cruised at the gym when having sex with her and when he JO behind her back), he’s tired of pretending to be someone he’s not, and finally comes out of the closet. He’ll tell her that he’s gay and was gay when they met. She will either already know that or will have lived in denial about it for years. Then comes the legal mess and dividing things up and child support payments and whose lives have been harmed, damaged, and/or ruined/destroyed as a result of his lies and dishonesty, with needy-her serving as his accomplice all along when she knew he was gay from Day One. But she was desperate for someone to marry her at that point to fulfill “The Family ScriptTM.” Only because he (Mr Closet Case) didn’t have the courage, the integrity and was too weak of a person to be himself: The Queer boy that he is. What a mess. Wouldn’t it have been easier to come out of the closet to begin with even if it did disappoint his anti-gay family — who any other time claim to “love gay people,” except when it’s their own son who comes out — and their Breeder Script and Family ScriptTM plans for him? But unfortunately, this story has repeated itself thousands of times worldwide and will continue to do so. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Jill Stein should have won

Hola a todos. A brainwashed Democratic partisan sent me this e-mail which I thought I’d respond to here:

“I read your articles about Dr Jill Stein. She was not the “logical” choice if you were in a swing state. If Hillary got elected net neutrality would not be in repealed, we would be in the Paris Agreement, this shitty tax plan wouldn’t be passed, etc.”

My response:

If one chose to take part in our completely corrupt election/voting system here in The Cesspool/Los Estados Unidos/the US — where the conservative state of Virginia recently decertified their touch screens because of hacking concerns before the 2017 “s-election” (this is not “tin-foil hat/loony conspiracy” stuff) and if one could also dismiss/forget Jill Stein seemingly trying to help “independent”-to-Democrat Bernie Sanders (a “moderate” at best) at one point during the 2016 campaign where Sanders endorsed war criminal Hillary instead of Jill Stein — then Jill Stein was the logical choice in 2016, regardless of where you live, including swing states.

The Democratic Party Cult partisan brainwashed spew we hear every corrupt election cycle is: “You can’t vote for a Green Party presidential candidate (a Jill Stein) because there are no Green Party members in the US House or Senate. And what does that have to do with anything? I would like to point out that the corrupt corporatist Democrats in congress frequently “cross over the aisle” and work with and vote with their Republican amigos and their White House occupant who essentially serve as the Democratic Party’s employers much of the time. So what’s keeping the Democrats in congress from frequently “crossing over the aisle” and voting with a Green Party president Jill Stein? Nothing is stopping them from doing that, that I can think of. Again, the Democrats work with and eat the ass of a Republican Party Cult White House resident all the time, and seemingly with immense pleasure. All smiles and holding hands. The two right-wing parties, Democrats and Republicans, are best of friends despite their charades of opposition on occasion to appease their gullible and extremely naïve brainwashed supporters.

The Republicans are corporate capitalist scum just like the Democrats.

Most recently, the Democrats in the US House of Representatives voted in the majority with the House Republicans against articles of impeachment for the insane orange child-bully. That move against impeachment was led by whom? Democrat Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco. Just like during the illegitimate George W Bush regime years when Democrat Nancy Pelosi took impeachment of Bush “off the table.” Also, that conservative piece of work known as “the senior senator” Democrat Dianne Feinstein has urged us to expect that the international troll (the orange child-bully) will serve his full term and that she thinks he could be a good “president” if he changes some. Loca. Does she plan to do all she can in her power to make that happen? Therefore, one gets the impression that Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein are among two of the current White House occupant’s best protectors and enablers.

And what’s keeping brainwashed Democratic voters (devout voters of the Democratic Faith/Religion) from voting for Green Party candidates? Again, nothing, if they really wanted to do so, aside from re-registering their party affiliation, and that’s no big deal. It’s just that most Democrats have been brainwashed practically from childhood to vote D-party-line no matter what, and unfortunately they don’t possess the intelligence, intellect or foresight to vote for a candidate — such as Dra Jill Stein — who would better serve the genuine progressive interests they pretend to have, and the interests of all of us y el mundo/and the world.

It should also be pointed out that the word Democrat is not synonymous with the words liberal or progressive, as many people mistakenly think. For example, a genuine progressive would want nothing to do with the corrupt, imperialistic, and corporatist Democratic Party. Many people these days charade as “liberal” and “progressive” and then at s-election time they betray themselves and those labels and vote for the right-wing Democratic Party and the corporatist trash they put up as their candidates every s-election cycle. The Democratic Party is a right-wing party just like the Republican Party, and a genuine progressive would never vote for either.

I’d like to also point out this hypocrisy: Again, many Democrats claim to be a “progressive” or “liberal” or on “the left” while they eat dead animals/meat (and they are not about to stop doing so I can tell you that!). They pretend to be concerned about our environment but only an extent where they don’t have to change their own behaviour and stop eating meat. And by eating meat they are complicit and enabling in the harm that the barbaric Meat Industrial ComplexTM is doing to our planet. (Related: UN urges global move to meat and dairy-free diet. Lesser consumption of animal products is necessary to save the world from the worst impacts of climate change, UN report says). Of course they won’t want to hear any of this because it’s the truth, and the truth makes many people very uncomfortable, so they choose Denial instead. Also, by choosing Denial, one does not need to make any changes in one’s own behaviour, and getting most people to change their behaviour is nearly impossible. Most people will eat meat until the day they die even if it kills them, literally speaking. They don’t care. And in these loco days, there is a move away from vegetarian-vegan food back to eating dead animals. “More meat, more meat.” Well it’s your health idiots. But Dembots (devoutly partisan brainwashed Democrats) carry their self-described fake-”progressive” beliefs only so far, often just in rhetoric while they vote for right-wing Democrats. They’re really progressive in name only. This also goes for some self-described independent/non-partisan voters. Some of them are no different. I have found that people call themselves anything these days whether it has any basis in reality or not. They betray their own professed “progressive thinking” and interests at s-election time when they turn around and campaign for, send dinero/money to, serve as shills and hacks for and vote for the corrupt corporatist parasites of the right-wing Democratic Party rut, and make endless lame excuses for doing so. They’re really quite pathetic to observe and they will never change.

The Dembots always say, “Jill Stein can’t win.” (Translation: I, as a brainwashed Democrat, am not about to vote for her because she doesn’t have a “D” next to her name and that’s what it’s all about, and I’m a brainwashed Democratic Party partisan).

As for “Jill Stein can’t win,” that goes for any candidate if the thick voters don’t vote for them, and what the Dembots are really saying is that they have no intention of voting for her. Instead, as fake-progressives and fake-liberals they vote for whatever piece of right-wing corrupt corporate trash their corrupt right-wing party puts up as the nominee, and they frequently scream, “You don’t want the Republican candidate, do you?!!!!” That’s The Fear CardTM they drag out every s-election cycle. Related: The Lesser-Evil Card (US Presidential Selections).

While writing this article, an amigo suggested I visit a political website he found and he asked me to read the comments. He thought I might want to add the comment themes to this article, which I’ve done. The comments, as he said, demonstrated the brainwashed status of Democrats in that they never learn, even from past experience. The comments were all from brainwashed partisan Democrats blaming every and all problems on those nasty Republicans and taking no ownership or responsibility for their own corrupt right-wing Democratic party being complicit and enabling the Republicans in many of the problems. I quickly noticed that in the comments, any fact-based criticism of the Democrats was met with complete silence by the brainwashed Democrats. That’s the mentality that Democrats hold where they’ve been brainwashed to think they must not be critical of their own team. Then there were those who were saying “We need to work within the party to push the party to the left.” What drugs are you on? I’ve been reading that pabulum about “push the party to the left” since at least 2000 and your corrupt party has only moved farther and farther to the right since then. The majority of brainwashed Democratic commenters refuse to see that the US government is an Oligarchy. They refuse to see that their corrupt politicians are corporatists. They still live under the illusion that we have a democracy and that these corporatist politicians work for us and care what we think, when just the opposite is the reality. I had thought that most people had moved on past this pabulum and had matured some, but my visit to that site showed me otherwise. Today, brainwashed Democrats are writing the same shit they were writing 17 years ago. They haven’t learned a thing over the past 17 years, and this told me that they’re not about to.

Others were saying: “Nancy Pelosi has a plan. She’ll bring up impeachment again, you’ll see!” What do you mean by “again?” She didn’t bring up impeachment the first time, idiot. Again, I’ve been reading comments from these brainwashed Democratic idiots about “Nancy Pelosi’s plan” for the last 17 years and I see the state of things today. “Nancy Pelosi’s plan” is to promote Nancy Pelosi. Period. One Democratic brainwashed partisan was excusing Pelosi for taking impeachment off the table for the current resident of la casa blanca.

In the comments, there were a couple of brainwashed Democrats who were going on about the “holier than thou, sanctimonious” Jill Stein supporters. Do these brainwashed Democratic Party sheeple not own any mirrors when they speak about “holier than thou and sanctimonious?” The gall of some people! They were blaming their messiah Hillary’s loss on Jill Stein. Brainwashed Democrats love to play the blame game. Of course, once again, they refuse to take any ownership or responsibility for Hillary being a dismally pathetic candidate to begin with. But your Hillary didn’t lose, idiots. Apparently these fools with their short-term memory forget that their saviour and war criminal Hillary won the popular vote by at least 3 MILLION votes that we know of. In other words, she received far more votes than did the basura occupying la casa blanca. He only got in there through the archaic electoral college.

On the same political website, I also read the perfunctory, “We must do….” comments as it relates to working for their corrupt Democratic Party. Of course, these commenters never say how they expect to do anything or where they’re supposedly going to do whatever it is they’re talking about (such as that “pushing the party to the left” nonsense). And we never see any of this “we must do…” pabulum put into action. It’s just talk. Wishful-thinking. It’s more like mindless cheer-leading. Rather than constantly typing “we must do….” why don’t these brainwashed Democratic fucks get their ass out there and actually do it? Oh but then again, that would require really doing something — it’s much easier to sit and type about it and tell other people to do it with this royal “We” — and expecting your useless party to give a fuck about what you’re doing. When in reality, they don’t care about any of you. All they want is your vote and your dinero/money (which many people are stupid enough to send them; in some cases Dembots send money to millionaire politicians), and for one to keep being a brainwashed Democrat. And I know that to be a fact from personal experience and the decades I and mi amigo/my friend spent being political activists.

The sheeple get talked into Democratic and Republican partisan devotion and that’s it. It’s complete brainwashing. One cannot move on from brainwashing. Brainwashing also erases any critical thinking skills one might have possessed to begin with.

If La Doctora Jill Stein were the US president today, things would be very different. There would not be the constant aura of gloom over the US and planet as is the case under the current occupant of la casa blanca. Net neutrality would not be repealed, Los Estados Unidos/the US would be in the Paris Accord, and the list of what would be different in a positive direction would be vastly different. Under Jill Stein, the US would gain credibility and respect around the world and her administration would not operate like a dysfunctional-chaotic emotional daily telenovela, nor would she look finger-pointing angry every day as if about to have a stroke, or completely out-of-control like an insane lunatic, and I don’t think she would be addicted to so-called “social media.” She would not be bullying 조선민주주의인민공화국, Chosŏn Minjujuŭi Inmin Konghwaguk (the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) or any other nation. Also, Jill is not the type of person who needs and thrives on constant attention, nor is she narcissistic. She’s very intelligent. She’s a medical doctor for those who don’t know.

If one is into voting in our utterly corrupt system, it’s time that people vote their convictions — assuming they have any other than empty platitudes — but one gets the impression that the only conviction most voters possess are their convictions of Democratic or Republican party-line loyalty, and we see the rut where that’s landed us. Although I live under no illusions that most people will ever vote their best interests — they certainly haven’t so far! — nor will they abandon both corrupt big business/corporatist parties. Instead, they will continue to make excuses for their corrupt cults (Democratic and Republican parties) which are really like a religion for them. That’s why I sometimes refer to the Democratic and Republican Faiths/Religions/Cults. That’s the mentality of brainwashed partisans.

So this nonsense that one hears from Dembots every election cycle about, “if you’re in a swing state” is merely another lame excuse for people to keep doing what they’re doing and remaining rutted in the Democratic Party Cult cesspool.

Speaking of the 2016 s-election, I wasn’t about to watch the video but pro-Democratic Party Establishment Obamabot/millionaire El*en had war criminal Hillary on her show recently. (roll eyes). I can just imagine that one was sickening, ass-eating fest, which is why I didn’t watch it. I’m not into shallow celebrity culture shit. Can’t you just hear the studio audience high-pitched screaming and gushing over these two millionaire corporatist Dembot celebrities? One would hope that the sheeple would have higher standards. But this is the US/The Cesspool after all where “stupid is in,” so I guess it’s expected. Chau.—el barrio rosa

What if he tweeted and no one responded ? Give it a try.

If only the world would ignore its troll.

Hola a todos. For my own sanity, I can no longer read much news now. Or, I have to seek out news in such a way where the latest deranged tweet from the world’s septic troll won’t come up. I don’t like reading content from sick trolls.

What if he tweeted and no one responded, because the world has learned after a year of this nonsense that it’s best to consider the source and ignore, since there is absolutely nothing of value there.

Why do people keep responding to him? He’s a troll and with any other troll we are told, “Don’t feed the trolls.” So why do people keep feeding him? Giving this child in an adult body the attention he craves? Just because he’s in some position with a lofty title.

Ignore him.

His content is of two types: Angry, hostile, taunting, vile, bullying, angry finger-pointing and his signature white-power hand gesture. Or, he’s constantly pumping himself up and bragging about what a great job he’s supposedly doing, and working the exclamation marks key to its limits. He “governs” via Twi**e*. As some amigos have said recently to me: He makes Dick Cheney look like a nice guy.

Then there’s his addiction to Twi**e.* Capitalist corporate scum trash. They’re in the business of making dinero/money, and they have jumped through all kinds of ludicrous hoops and calisthenics to make lame excuses for and justify anything — no matter how vile — the world’s troll dumps on their site daily calling it “newsworthy.” I think his bowel movements are “newsworthy” to them, no? (roll eyes). Obviously, that useless techie company has no $tandard$ or ethic$ whatsoever. It’s all about dinero/money to them. I’ve read that the international troll is worth $2BILLION-USD to them. I don’t understand that and how they conclude that, but that says it all. In the last year, the world troll’s has revived their dying company and the Millennial techie trash CEO — who wears nothing but all-black every time I see him (what funeral is he waiting to go to?) — couldn’t be happier that the world’s troll takes daily dumps on his site. And if Twi**e* is now doing so splendidly, then end their corporate welfare now (their tax breaks) from The City and County of San Francisco. Techie trash.

As of this writing, the world’s troll is now bullying/taunting Iran, and warning “The world is watching.”

The nerve! The world is watching your cesspool of a country too, asshole. Mind your own goddamned business. Leave Iran alone. They have their own problems. Every day the international troll is bullying somebody around the world in need of attention and constant dysfunction.

Then there’s his adolescent attempt to brag about the size of his nuclear button and how it’s so much bigger than the one held by the leader of another nation. “My penis is bigger than yours” is what that amounts to. That’s the juvenile mentality level we’re dealing with here. In reality, this rogue school yard bully doesn’t possess a nuclear button on his desk. Instead the nuclear “football,” as it’s called, is held by a rotating group of military officers wherever the world’s troll goes from what I read.

The world’s bully is a sick, vile, cruel, demented, insane, narcissistic child in an adult body with a fascination for blood. This “fast-food” junkie piece of trash has no built-in barometer/gauge for what is considered remotely acceptable. This troll is an international embarrassment. Therefore, why would the world respond to a piece of trash like that? If it were anyone else, the troll would be ignored and banned from all sites. Not considered “newsworthy.” If that isn’t news-speaks. Think: 1984.

I suggest the world begin ignoring its troll. Give it a try.

Of course I don’t expect anyone to take my suggestion because too many people are making money off of him by responding to this embarrassing dunce. Such as late night (partisan) comedian$ and all the material they get from him, journalist$ analysing his content and pointing out all his lie$ and disinformation, as well as new$ website$. No, unfortunately, most people will continue to respond to him and give him all the attention he desperately craves and needs to stroke his enormously sick ego. Chau.—el barrio rosa