A plane has a vagina? It does when watching airline videos.

Yes, a plane has a pussy if you watch some of the airline videos on AdTube.

That’s odd, because plane is not feminine en español. It’s el avión, which is masculine (el = boy, la = girl). Or el aeroplano for aeroplane.

I’ve never seen a vagina on a plane, and I’ve seen many planes and have ridden on a few. But in these videos, every plane is referred to as “she” rather than “it” or “he.” The larger planes are referred to as “The Queen” rather than “The King.”

I looked this up and some females don’t go along with this “she” business. They refer to planes as “it” or “the plane.” That seems more logical to me. Giving a gender to an inanimate object is weird. Why do that? Isn’t that outdated and very conservative?

These channels say they prefer English to be used in the chat for “a common understanding.” I think it’s for the understanding of the guy who runs the channel to be blunt, because English is not the #1 language in the world. It’s not the first international language. One of the Chinese languages is first, so for a “common understanding” why aren’t they using Mandarin or Cantonese? The second most popular world language is español. So why aren’t they using that? English — they don’t specify British or US English — is, as I said, third. [Source]. But the same source also says this:

“When we count the top 10 most spoken languages according to the total number of people who speak them (whether or not the language is their mother tongue), eight of the 10 languages from the list above still make an appearance, but with a few major differences: English narrowly edges out Chinese for the top spot, Japanese and Punjabi lose their spots, and French and Indonesian join the top 10 thanks to the fact that more people speak them as a second language than as a native language.

1. English

1.348 billion total speakers

2. Mandarin Chinese

1.120 billion total speakers

3. Hindi

600 million total speakers

4. Spanish

543 million total speakers”

I look at planes and I see nothing that looks female on it. If anything, they look more male, like a penis with their long body. So why are planes not referred to as “he” traditionalists?

These videos can be interesting to watch, but whatever you do don’t read the syrupy sweet chat section. There are a lot of lonely people in the world and these chats turn into “our family” when no one knows each other from Adam, but they think they do. Someone writes, “I’m going to run off and eat lunch right now.” Who cares?! I usually hide the chat to avoid being annoyed. Syrupy people turn me off as they try to be the “friend” of the guy running the channel. These guys get this cult-like following which they play on to get money coming into the channel to help him financially since that’s presumably his main job. But with the newer COVID variant (Omicron) which most people are mispronouncing, these airline guys may have fewer planes to spot in the near future. Chau.—el barrio rosa