Brett Chukerman: Married to his boyfriend but says he’s not gay

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Hola a todos. Not another one. Can someone please remind me as to what the now-dead Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement accomplished over the decades? It seems like damn little was accomplished when you see a gay guy on television who is married to his boyfriend and they bought a house together, but the guy who’s on television says he’s not gay. Sigh. (roll eyes) Loco./Crazy. What happened to “Out and Proud” Brett?

I saw Brett Chukerman the other day on HSN2 as I was channel surfing. I noticed him because my gaydar went off. In the ad I saw on the network for him, he looked like he and his female programme co-host were trying to be a breeder couple. Another gay guy with a female, I wonder? Heteronormative.

He looked familiar to me, but I couldn’t place him. Researching him I see he had done quite a bit of gay porn which — from reading some of HSN’s forum — the female viewers got riled up about when he was hired by HSN years ago. They said Brett hadn’t been properly “vetted” by HSN to have such a “checkered past.” (roll eyes) Doing sex videos is considered a “checkered past?” It is in the minds of conservative prudish (anti-gay?) females. Then on the show he was hosting later on, I saw a large wedding ring on Brett’s left hand “breeder” finger and thought wtf? Another gay guy married to a female here in the Century of Insanity and having gone back in the closet to “Assimilate with the breeders?” (Related: Why gay guys should wear their wedding rings on their right hand.

After a bit more research, Brett was wearing his wedding ring on his right hand fourth finger back in 2016 according to an image I saw of him. My point is that gay marriage in the US is too new historically speaking for most people to even think about gay marriage and or remember that a guy can be married to another guy when they see a wedding ring on his left hand fourth finger. Because traditionally, that’s the finger that “him and her” straight couples wear their wedding rings on. So why would a gay guy want to be mistaken for a breeder/a straight guy? I see someone who is not completely comfortable with his gay sexuality.

I thought to myself: Oh here we go again with yet another gay guy who desperately wants to be an exact clone of the straights. Sigh. Another heteronormative gay guy? Seems so. Running from the word gay? Uh huh. He and all the other closet cases I see on this network with their left-hand wedding rings trying to make the female viewers think they’re straight? People like him make me turn the channel because I see someone who is not fully comfortable with himself as a gay guy and has issues. Sad.

Researching him I found this:


Brett Chuckerman [sic] attended Highland Park High School… I was in the theater department with him. Never saw him engage in any explicitly gay activity, but he was overtly effeminate. He seems to be wearing a “mustache” now because he so badly wants mainstream acceptance, but back in the day it seemed pretty obvious that he was certainly homosexual.

I wasn’t at all surprised to find that he was acting in “gay” movies a handful of years later. I WAS however surprised to hear that he claims not to be gay… lol. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Yes, he is. He and his partner Todd W Anthony have been together a while, and they have a son. They live in Palm Harbor, Florida.

End Quote
[Source: Is Brett Chuckerman Gay in Real Life?]

Then I found this bit of information where he and his boyfriend bought property in St Petersburg. But please don’t think they’re gay, for heaven’s sake! They wouldn’t stand for that!

(Related: It already feels like we’re back where we started (circa 1970s) as well as this: The Tombstone on the Grave of the US Gay Community reads:).

Closet cases are fucking annoying to me.

Perhaps Brett would say:

I’m married to my boyfriend and we have a son (translation: I’m married with children and we want to be traditionally heteronormative). I’m not gay. lol. (roll eyes) Please don’t call me that dreaded word “gay.”

I see someone who has some problems with his sexuality. Considering this, it’s odd he started out in gay porn. Sounds like the problems may have cropped up since then. Some people do flip out the moment they become a parent. Parenting changes some people into conservatives prudes overnight. They conveniently forget their own past. I’ve seen that happen. The moment they become a parent, they start whining about the same behaviour they engaged in themselves earlier in their lives when they called themselves “a liberal” or “a progressive” most likely.

Here in the Century of Insanity where “Out and Proud” is now a thing of the past, I guess two gay guys married to each other are now considered a “straight” couple, eh? Isn’t “Gay Assimilation” wonderful? (Related: Gay Assimilation Has Backfired). It’s given some gay guys with their gay shame an excuse to go back in the fucking closet by running from the word gay and living the life of a traditional breeder couple with children. As I’ve asked many times: This is what The Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement fought for for decades, is it? Makes The Movement feel like it was a complete waste of time frankly. (Related: It already feels like we’re back where we started (circa 1970s)).

You know, some gay guys are quite good-looking on the outside but it’s their insides (their personality) that’s quite fucked up and needs work so that it matches their model-polished veneer exterior. I dated a few guys like that over the years, and they were some of the most fucked-up-in-the-head people from a personality standpoint that I’d ever met. A friend of mine met one of these guys when he was with me for a short time. My friend later told me, “He’s good looking.” I said: ‘Well yeah, on the outside. It’s all cosmetic. But we won’t talk about the inside,’ and I knew things would not work out between us because of that. These guys spend all this time on their façade instead of working to make themselves a better, and more well-adjusted person comfortable with themselves and the sexuality they were born with.

To those gay guys who have a boyfriend/partner and a son and say they’re not gay? Someone needs to see a credible psychotherapist ASAP. Of course they won’t do that because they’re quite comfortable with being in the closet and living a lie and in some cases damaging the lives of other people.

As for Brett’s past, he seems to have been comfortable with his gay sexuality in gay porn series. But as he aged and found a boyfriend and got “the house” and “the kid” he seems to now be running from the word gay. Sad really. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Update: After I wrote this article, I saw a picture of Brett from HSN. In that image, he was wearing his wedding ring on his right hand fourth finger back in 2016. Yet here in 2019, he’s wearing his wedding ring on his left hand fourth finger (the traditional breeder finger). (Related: Gay Wedding Ring Deception). Why the switch? Well, I think we can all guess why. I presume he prefers to be seen as straight and with a wife — even though he lives with his boyfriend — or to give that impression to the HSN viewers that he’s a heteronormative breeder. Also, to be the ultimate heteronormative and to be as identical to the breeders as possible, I saw a picture of Brett reading a book to his — apparently adopted — little son but his boyfriend was not shown in the picture nor was any female (also known as “the wife” which might have been shown to give the impression he’s married to a woman). The need to have children goes right along with the traditional conservative institution of marriage. It’s part of society’s Breeder Brainwashing, which many gay couples have adopted as well as they ultimately conform to be as much like the breeders as possible. I never knew that was one of the goals of our proudly-radical movement. I thought we had higher standards than adopting and conforming to traditionally-conservative institutions. Ugh.

Second Update: I saw on HSN’s FB page an announcement that said that Brett’s son, Jack, was born “yesterday afternoon” (back in December of 2013). It didn’t say that Brett and his partner’s son was born. If it were a breeder couple it would have said, “He and his wife welcomed their new son…” Or, “his wife delivered a healthy baby boy yesterday afternoon.” I don’t know who is being more closet-case, Brett and his boyfriend or HSN? Instead it said, from their page: “Welcome Jack and congratulations Brett Chukerman and family! Here he is!! Our adorable son Jack was born yesterday afternoon and is an angel! Everyone is healthy and we are thrilled!” “Everyone” is healthy? Who exactly is “everyone?” Don’t you just love the closeted code language. Nothing about “the mother”/(surrogate mother?) or any female. Looks like he and his boyfriend (Todd) have expanded their family since then
based on this image. Give it time to load, por favor/please.

Then, at least to me, in this cheek-to-cheek image with Trish, he tries to give the HSN viewers the distinct impression that he’s a breeder/straight by saying, “Can you tell I just adore Trish?” Well who is this Trish? Maybe that’s HSN’s make-up artist. Could be. That must be it. Something very innocent of course. I do know she’s not a show host, because she’s not on the list.

Brett comes off to me as a very nice guy, or at least that’s his television persona. He’s sometimes humorous to watch in his mannerisms and other times serious. I don’t get the impression that he does much acting as a show host, other than for sales purposes. It would just seem to me that he has “issues.” Or, maybe he’s bi, but then how many guys who are married to another guy are genuinely bi?

Many queer guys lie and call themselves “bi” these days when they’re really not bi. They think that saying they’re “bi” makes them more masculine, manly, macho and “straight-acting” than saying they’re gay with the stereotypes that continue to be attached to that word. I speak from experience. They call themselves bi to run from that dreaded word “gay.” Related: Are most bi guys bi? Nevertheless, someone really wants us to think that Brett is straight when you see an image such as this. There are no images of the male show hosts at HSN hanging all over Brett. No, only females. Also see here. Why isn’t his partner standing there posed with Brett instead of her? If it were a breeder couple, that’s the way it would be. The guy with his wife or girlfriend.

Mi amigo/My friend said: It’s odd how someone who used to be sort of on the Left or that’s the perception and who used to do gay porn is now very much into traditional conservative institutions such as marriage and having children and being seen around women only. I said: Don’t even try to figure that out. We have both seen how the now-dead so-called “gay community” has become so conservative, and the opposite of who and what they were. But isn’t that what today is all about?


Here’s a picture of Brett’s boyfriend/partner that he bought the house with where they live (give it time to load).

“Gay and Lesbian Marriage. Instead of wearing wedding bands on their left hands, gay and lesbian couples often choose to wear rings on their right hands instead. Within gay and lesbian communities, the right-handed ring is an instantly recognizable marker of a monogamous relationship, and even marriage within the states that have legalized it.”

2 comments on “Brett Chukerman: Married to his boyfriend but says he’s not gay

  1. david

    a sad state of affairs when a dude can’t be himself. brett’s not the only closet case on hsn. i can count about 3-4 others i’ve seen with him…..some show hosts and some guests with their l.h. wedding rings. with one of these bros his wedding ring comes and goes. it’s there one show, gone the next show, back the next show. one of these guys is married to one of the models. does brett’s boyfriend have to stay in the closet when they have company parties and get togethers? does brett introduce his boyfriend that he’s married to as “this is my friend” at hsn? or does he never go there? is brett in the closet with the other show hosts????

    remind me that this is 2019 and not 1972 or so which is what it feels like when i read this shit.

  2. joy

    Last year Brett said, on numerous occasions, ” my wife” . This confused me since I read him as gay. I don`t care either way but, honestly people…honesty are not interchangable.


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