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El 12 de septiembre de 2013. Hola. I’m seeing more and more people walking their gadget with their lonely dog tagging along. Their gadget is getting all the devotion, love and attention that the dog should be getting (and wants) and maybe used to get. But the dog’s guardian, a text-gadget addict, ignores his/her dog and remains focused on that all-important screen. Even though we’ve had many muggings in San Francisco of people having their gadgets stolen, people still don’t seem concerned. They really seem oblivious to it. They walk at any hour of the night even in dark, isolated areas glued to that gadget. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if in the future people only have dogs and cats on their gadgets in the form of apps that people go to on their gadget. That would be enough for many people. By doing that, there would be no more having to walk one’s dog or give the dog love and attention or buy food for him/her or deal with vet bills or any of that. One would have more time to stare at one’s gadget screen, like many people are already doing. What I’m talking about may take a while, but with the disinterest I see people having in their own dogs, I question why they became a guardian of their dog to begin with. I couldn’t ignore my dog or cat the way I see people ignoring their dog.

What’s the problem with gadget addicts having “pet” dogs and cats by app only? Well, our society will have an abundance of dogs and cats that few people want because their gadgets are more important to them, and we know where that leads when there’s an abundance of dogs and cats. Sad.

I told mi amiga/my friend I was writing this article and she kindly sent me an e-mail regarding a new report about gadget crime in San Francisco.

“I read today that in San Francisco over fifty percent of robberies daily are connected with gadgets. Sixty-seven percent of robberies in San Francisco include gadgets. I read that some fool guy had two gadgets and his wallet stolen from him last week near 14th Street and Sánchez in San Francisco. He was texting at around midnight near that intersection. What idiot would do that at that time of night? Right after he sent his text message two guys approached him and robbed him at gunpoint and wanted everything he had on him. He said he was texting to someone about a block away. Why didn’t he just call them? He claimed his text was a business transaction. Sure it was. That happens to me all the time. I’m always doing business transactions around midnight. Don’t you? I guess it could have been or was he on one of those sex apps trying to do a sex hookup? You and I have talked about this many times. What fool would be in any major city around midnight and completely oblivious to their surroundings absorbed with their texting? You and I see this frequently. This guy who was assaulted said he thinks that maybe the guys who assaulted him saw his gadget screen light from a distance. That’s a reasonable assumption, dude. People walk by my apartment building late at night and I’ll happen to look out the window and see them walking by and I see their gadget screen lit up and they’re texting not even looking around or looking where they’re going or looking behind them. Why do (stupid) people think that they are immuned from any troubles on the street just because they are glued in to that fucking gadget with texting addiction? Get off the damn thing. Throw it in the trash where it belongs and then maybe you can walk on the sidewalk without running into people, such as me. Look up and see the world and start talking to people again! Gracias, mi amor, for letting me say what I have to say.”

I agree with her completely. I see the same loco stuff she does. We both comment on it when we’re together.

Don’t even get me started on the people who are not only thoroughly entranced with texting and playing with apps, but who are also at the very same time thoroughly plugged into music using earbuds. And they are in this entirely oblivious “state of being,” in their own world in a major EEUU/US city at all times of the day and night and they seemingly think nothing will happen to them in public because their gadget will protect them. Loco/a.

I also have to assume that the gadget addicts fully support the continued gentrification of San Francisco and support the flow of two-story tall (with blackened windows) tech shuttles we see on a M-F basis pouring into San Francisco in the evening from the tech jobs in Silicon Valley, because people’s gadget addiction directly feeds the tech industry. Chau.—rosa barrio


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