Gay Conversion

The Anti-Gay Agenda: “Sexuality is Fluid.” Translation: A person can change their sexuality; one’s sexuality is changeable, or that a person’s sexuality changes without the person having any control over it. These gay conversion sites promote that “sexuality is fluid,” which is the excuse/justification given for gay guys supposedly being about to “turn bi” or “turn straight.” According to these gay conversion sites, all a gay guy has to do to “turn straight” or “turn bi” is to start fucking pussy — and he will immediately realise what he’s been missing all these years and the ultimate satisfaction of pussy — and also by only watching “straight porn.” The “Sexuality is Fluid” Card is nearly always used in a heteronormative and anti-gay context to promote breeder sex: for the sole purpose and justification of “turning” a gay guy straight or bi.

Hola a todos. One of the reasons I’ve written this “book” of an article (this very lengthy article), is because of something I read on a bisexual guy’s site. He’s a genuine bisexual guy, and not one of these bi liars/frauds who are really gay but lie and say they’re bi because they think that makes them sound more like “a real man” because they supposedly fuck pussy. (Note: this article is not about genuine bisexuals.)

The bisexual blogger wrote: “It seems there’s no shortage of gay guys who fantasize about not being into men anymore. If you’re looking for that trip, look elsewhere.” I was pleased to see he’s not part of the agenda of converting gay guys to being bi or straight. There are quite a few bloggers/sites with an agenda to “turn” gay guys bi or straight. At least approximately ten sites that I know of. They are gay conversion sites, but they don’t call themselves that per se, but they do use that language on occasion on their site. One Latino gay guy wrote about his “conversion” to being straight and his story is promoted on most of these sites. These sites are obsessed with gay guys. Although one of them recently took on lesbians and made the claim that lesbians really want dick.

Most of these sites started during 2017 from my research. The timing of them is suspect. Any connection with El Hombre Naranja/The Orange Man? (Related: The Orange Man’s regime says employers can fire people because they’re gay). A couple of these gay conversion sites have been around for about three years. The homophobic guys (supposedly guys) who run these blogs are on a vigilant campaign to try to make gay guys “turn bi” or “turn straight” because — according to them — “dick belongs in pussy” and pussy is the ultimate of sexual interest and satisfaction. Although that claim does not match the experience of the guys I’ve talked with who have fucked pussy, including my straight neighbor, who has often told me that he wish he were gay. One gay guy told me that before he came out he fucked pussy, although he didn’t say how often. I asked him if he enjoyed it. He said, “It was satisfying — the way he said it he made it sound like it wasn’t any big deal — but I much prefer guys. Females are different with all that emotional baggage. Most guys don’t have that.” My straight neighbour has told me many times, “I’ve often wished I were gay. I think it would be much easier considering my problems with women. They’re just so unpredictable in the emotional department.” I told him what these sites say about sex with females and fucking pussy. He said, “That’s greatly exaggerated. Pussy can feel good but so does jacking off. Every woman feels a bit different. It depends upon how she’s built. And despite the “wetness” and supposed “self lubrication” of pussy that these sites go on about, some women I’ve been with have complained about dryness, especially if they’re on medications, which can make them feel irritated and even painful when getting fucked. Sometimes when I’m with a woman, I prefer to jack off with her than fuck her. To my dick, my hand can feel better than her pussy. I don’t tell any of them that, but some women get huffy because I don’t want to fuck them or at least when it’s time for me to cum.” I’ve heard guys who have fucked both pussy and a guy’s ass say they much prefer fucking a guy’s ass because it’s so much tighter than pussy. Mi amigo/My friend fucked pussy before he came out of the closet. He told me, “Pussy is no big deal. I don’t know what guys see in it. It felt like I was fucking a balloon. I never felt the sensations that these gay conversion sites talk about where the pussy clamps onto or contracts on or clutches the dick. Never felt that, and I didn’t like the smell. The smell alone was enough to turn me off.”

From an early age (at least high school level), our very heteronormative US society brainwashes guys with the “you must love pussy and fuck girls” script in order for them to be considered “normal.” Then, on cue, most guys act on that script throughout their life when having the opportunity. There is a minority of breeder/straight guys (or at least they pretend to be straight) who think more for themselves and rebel from the script and say, “I love my girlfriend (or wife) but I don’t like eating her out because it’s like licking a toilet seat because her anus is right there below her pussy. Yuck.” Or this comment I read from a breeder guy: “I love my girlfriend (they always have to start out with that), but she works at home and doesn’t take a shower every day and she starts to smell around that area. I used to like eating pussy but now I have to do some sniffing around without her noticing to decide if I want to do that now. It’s become really a turn-off. I’m very clean and take a shower every day.” Then there are the “real men” among breeders who like to go on about how they can’t get enough pussy when their chick is having her period. They brag about fucking her or eating her out during her period. All of this is what breeders have been taught to think through society’s programming, whether it be in locker rooms, on sports fields, through their amigos, a guy’s dad, or other means. From what I’ve seen, all advertising and nearly-all programming that’s on television shows him and her together. There are no other couples in the world but breeders. Extremely heteronormative, as if gay couples don’t exist in el mundo/the world.

On the gay conversion sites, “the main site” — that’s what I call it — claims to be run by an atheist and someone who opposes El Hombre Naranja/The Orange Man. Or it all that just a BS front/a lie just like most of the content on his site? The curious thing is that all of these sites share the same content. Repeatedly, I’ve seen the same images and videos on all of these sites. I almost get the impression they are all run by the same person or small group of people with an anti-gay agenda. It’s as if they are a mirror site of each other, even down to the usually “anonymous” comments in response to something on the blog, which are most often gushing praise for the blogger. Comments such as: “I can’t thank you enough for your blog,” (who says that shit?) and how it’s helped some self-identified gay guy go straight. Isn’t that a bit much? Someone can’t thank someone enough for a sex blog of deceit and lies? Or this: “I used to be gay but after fucking a girl for the first time, I’m now 100% straight. You’re right, dick is for pussy.” (roll eyes) Yeah sure, it always works that way, doesn’t it, chico? According to these sites, all guys should be bi or (preferably) straight and if a gay guy watches enough “straight porn” and thinks only about pussy, he can or might be able to “convert.” The main site recently posted an image that read, “Being gay was just a phase for many of us” with the image of a female feeling-up a guy’s white briefs. The main site also spreads ignorance such as straight relationships are more stable and long-term than gay relationships. We all know that’s true, don’t we? That’s why the breeder divorce rate in the US is well over 50%. He also says, “And gay people are more promiscuous than straight people.” Really? I guess this blogger didn’t check out ClosetList personal sex ads or other sex-hook-up sites before writing that lie/disinformation. As for the animated gifs and images on these sites, what most of them do is to take straight video sex scenes and put an anti-gay caption with the video or image to give the reader the (false) impression that the guy eating out the female or fucking her is a gay guy getting pussy for the first time and “is in pussy heaven.” Rather than it more likely being just another straight guy fucking pussy. Or, the impression given is that the guy in the video or gif image has already converted from gay to bi or straight.

These bloggers also promote the idea of a gay guy flippantly breaking up with his boyfriend or partner where the blogger uses the language, “fuck your faggot husband (meaning leave him) and fuck pussy like you’re designed to do.” Or this one: “Whenever Tom’s husband (a gay couple) and Shelly’s husband (a straight couple) run errands together, Tom and his sister-in-law Shelly stay home and share some wine — the drug alcohol is usually involved with gay conversion stories — and get to know each other better as they did recently. The image shows a guy (supposedly Tom) in the missionary position fucking a female (supposedly Shelly). The caption says: Two weeks later, Shelly has a positive pregnancy test, meaning that gay Tom got Shelly pregnant. The blogger says: “Tom’s going to dump his faggot husband and go with Shelly now that he loves pussy. Tom’s husband will have to get over it.” Lovely. I suspect Shelly’s husband will have something to say about this too, possibly of a violent nature! Or another image: The image shows a gay guy sitting on a couch with a big smile and his jock partner is standing nude behind him approaching a female looking at herself in the mirror. The caption: Is this how you would respond (with a big smile) if your boyfriend found a girlfriend and was about to get pussy for the first time?

These bloggers of gay conversion sites with their overlapping content really contradict themselves. They promote gay couples breaking up so that at least one of the gay guys can “turn straight” and go with a chick and fuck pussy. Then out of the other side of their mouth they write about how gay relationships don’t last (which is bull shit). Hypocrites. I personally know of at least three gay couples on my city block who have been together for decades. This is all lies and disinformation. Whereas, it’s been mostly the breeder couples around me who I’ve heard arguing out in public from time-to-time. Mi amigo/My friend has told me repeatedly that when he’s been in San Francisco’s Castro (the former Gay Mecca) that it’s consistently been the breeders — not Queer couples — who are making a scene by arguing loudly over some trivial thing such as he (Mr Breeder) didn’t charge their phone, and Ms Breeder is having a complete emotional meltdown over that.

The content on these sites is all fictional — but it can seem quite real by the way it’s written, which is my concern — in order to fit their anti-gay agenda and that’s what these sites promote. In the personal testimonials (which again, are nearly always anonymously written), the drug alcohol is often involved in the conversion stories. For example, the gay guy gets drunk in a bar or at some party, and has a chick come onto him (sometimes after he has passed out), he has sex with a girl for the first time (but that’s a blur in his mind due to him being drunk) and miraculously the next morning he becomes a “pussy-hound” from then on (after he sort of remembers what he has done). Then comes the gushing praise for the blogger: “Can’t thank you enough for your site.” Then the blogger responds and slaps the alleged new “pussy hound” on the back. “Good job, bro. Enjoy pussy. You’ll please the ladies.” There’s never any mention of the fact that with too much alcohol or any other drug, guys can’t even get a hard-on, so how are they going to fuck pussy and supposedly “convert?”

Most of these sites say their site is their personal fantasy, but that language is usually buried deeply at the back end of the blog unless one spends as much time on them as I have researching their content in order to write this article. Otherwise, one gets the strong impression that the content has nothing whatsoever to do with the blogger’s personal fantasy and/or it’s clearly a very anti-gay, homophobic agenda, which they’ve been accused of in a couple of comments that made it on their blog.

Some of these sites contradict themselves and slip-up on occasion in their content, but someone without attention to detail probably wouldn’t notice that. They hammer away at how dick belongs in pussy and not in ass (an anti-gay reference to some gay guys who enjoy fucking other guys), yet, they’ll show a guy fucking a female in the ass. What? I thought dick belonged in pussy and not ass, according to the blogger? Or is dick perfectly fine in ass if it’s a breeder couples? Maybe that’s it. These bloggers also lack attention to detail. They mix and match video images for their fictional story lines, but if one pays close attention one realises that the supposed gay guys in the first image, for example, are not the same guys in the second image. The images start out with two guys with black hair making out with a female (the caption says it’s a gay couple getting pussy together), but when they’re having sex with “the girl” in the next image the two guys have blond hair. They’re not the same guys at all. LOL. On one gay conversion site, the animated gif was supposedly a gay guy fucking a girl in his bed with the caption reading that the guy’s boyfriend had just arrived home earlier than expected. His partner having sex says, “hey babe, didn’t know you were going to be home so soon” and he keeps fucking the girl in their bed because “he’s a gay guy who really loves pussy.” At first glance, the alleged gay guy appears to be fucking a female. But after I paused the animated gif, I realised that the gay guy was not fucking a girl at all, but rather a guy with hairy legs, nor did I see any indication of boobs on this alleged girl. So that was another lie. I guess the blogger thought no one would notice that it wasn’t a girl on the bottom in bed but instead a rather well-hidden guy. But most people seeing that would believe the fictional story.

Getting chicks pregnant

There’s also no shortage of language about breeding chicks and getting them pregnant, with the consequences rarely talked about. The main site did talk about that recently in a more frank way, but nevertheless was promoting the idea of a gay guy “going straight” and being in a breeder relationship for at least 18 years until the child was of legal age. There is another site that is specifically dedicated to breeding females. That site is run by a supposed gay guy who believes it is his purpose in life to breed chicks and he claims that his male partner fully supports him. He claims to have fathered 5-7 children so far. He claimed to have picked up a food server in a restaurant and fucked her in the back of his truck (shows a video of it, or he claims that’s what it is) and says he gave her his phone number for her to call him should she get pregnant so she too can be one of the mother’s of one of his many children. He makes pregnancy and the expenses associated with pregnancy — as well as all the legal issues/problems that come with parenthood — seem completely frivolous.

There’s also another gay conversion site that claims to involve a gay couple where one of the gay guys converted to being straight after fucking a chick about three times. He told his partner what he had done. His partner was shocked to hear this but found it such a turn-on at the same time and encouraged him to continue to fuck pussy. Today — according to their story — they all live together in a three-way triangle (the chick moved in with the two guys). The original gay couple no longer have sex together because the new “pussy hound” converted gay guy is no longer attracted to his former boy friend nor is he attracted to guys at all, supposedly. (That always happens, doesn’t it?) He only fucks his girlfriend. The three of them wanted a baby together and they already have one child and want another one. His former boyfriend says he has the best orgasms he’s ever had sitting outside his former partner’s locked bedroom door jacking off while listening to his former partner and girlfriend having “man and woman” sex.

These sites play the dishonest “Sexuality is Fluid” Card frequently. Such nonsense. As I said at the top of the page, “sexuality is fluid” implies that one can change or choose one’s sexuality, and most unfortunately that feeds directly into the anti-gay, far-right’s claim that “gay people choose to be gay” which we Queers have heard for decades despite scientific research to the contrary. I call this what it is: Lying about one’s sexuality and sexual orientation. That should be the topic here, and not this bull shit about sexuality being so-called “fluid.” Instead, it’s called lying, deception and being dishonest with oneself and with other people and being in the closet and living a lie — pretending to be a breeder — as seen in the many examples down the page, and particularly with many so-called straight guys who are really bi or gay.

“Sexuality is fluid” is this simple-minded, glib cliché that some idiot with an anti-gay agenda dreamed up to justify people lying about their true sexual orientation to try to give the impression that their sexuality has somehow miraculously changed (and in some cases overnight), when in reality it has not. For example, many guys pretend to be straight (because of their gay shame) — and per society’s heteronormative script for them — when they’re really bi or gay. There are millions of gay guys worldwide married to females and having children out of peer pressure to fulfill the “Family Script.” These gay guys — who are too weak to come out of the closet — find it easier to lie about their sexuality so as not to disappoint their (anti-gay?) parents, relatives and amigos. So they follow the pressured “Family Script” and “get the girl” and get married. Then the pressure on them increases about breeding because their parents and others ask, “When are you going to start a family? (Translation: When are you going to start pumping out babies on an already over-populated planet?) How many kids do you want?” (At least a bus load?) The typical breeder rut/routine. In San Francisco with these new Millennial residents, some of us have noticed that the more effeminate the gay guy — who is married to a female — the more children he likes to pump out in order to “prove how straight he is” as a gay man. There’s a case of that in my neighbourhood. My straight neighbour asked me recently: “What do you think about that gay guy down the street here who is married to a woman and they keep having these loud, obnoxious screaming babies that can be heard all up and down the street? They seem to like the attention that the screaming draws to them.” I said: Oh them. You’ve noticed that he’s a closeted gay guy too? My neighbour said: “He’s pretty obvious.” But in other words, the more a guy breeds proves how straight he is, in some people’s twisted minds. And our society is full of gay closet cases married to females with children. When they finally come out of the closet — if they ever do — some people use the “sexuality is fluid” bull shit. What’s “fluid” was lying to begin with about one’s genuine sexual orientation. Guys have been lying about their true gay or bi sexuality for decades as weak gay or bi closet cases. Just look at all the lying bi and gay guys calling themselves “str8″ in men-for-men personal sex ads.

Many closeted guys these days are using the term “curious” as in “straight but curious.” “Curious” is a sanitised word for “I’m slowly crawling out of the closet” — while remaining in the closet — if the reader understands what I mean by that, because the gay or bi guy continues to call himself “discreet” and “down low,” which are code words for closeted. It’s most often gay guys who have been in the closet for years pretending to be straight and married to a female with children who say “I’m curious and want to get together with another guy.” You’re not “curious,” chico. You’re slowly crawling out of that moldy closet you put yourself in decades ago. You might be interested in what it’s really like to have sex with a guy if you’ve never done that before and that could be described as “curious,” but after you’ve had sex with a guy once, twice or a few times, what’s there to be “curious” about?

Back to these gay conversion sites: Then there was their story about a guy who’s sexuality changed from gay to straight solely because he started working out at the gym and became a muscle jock bro (translation: a “real man.”) After doing so, he became a “pussy hound” according to the gay conversion sites. Hmmmmmmmm. Working out at the gym changes one’s sexual orientation? Who knew? That’s a new one. What will they come up with next?

Then there’s this story one of the sites created about a gay guy who “went straight.” I’m not going to relate that entire lengthy story. In the end, he dumped his “faggot boyfriend” by text message using other homophobic language as well. He told his “faggot boyfriend” to be out of his apartment by the time he got home. (What a lovely way to treat your now-former and unsuspecting boyfriend). He told his boyfriend, “This is a picture of my new girlfriend.” At that point he had already gotten “his girl” pregnant, according to the story. I forget just how I researched that particular story, but I found the guy’s pictures elsewhere online. As it turns out, he’s a fairly well-known singer or actor, and today he’s very much gay. So this guy in their fictional story never “converted” from gay to straight. One of the gay conversion sites who wrote the story merely stole his pictures to go with their fictional story line/lie. I guess they thought he’d never visit their blog and no one would research it, or the other “mirror sites” sharing their story to see his pictures there. But it was all a lie.

The main site is extremely vigilant on how terrible “gay sex” is and how superior bi or straight pussy sex is. That blogger has many lists — based in a lot of stereotypical ignorance — of the problems with gay sex, especially anal sex. He seems to forget that many bi and straight guys engage in anal sex with females so “the problems” with anal sex runs across the board. A female can be just as unclean — anus or vagina — as a gay guy.

Some of the images used on these gay conversion sites could be construed as rape images by the way the guy is holding the female down with one hand firmly around her neck while fucking her/breeding her (according to the captions). Clearly a macho domination scene.

Then there’s the topic of “bisexual erasure.” The caption shows a gay couple on a beach and of course one of the guys smokes cigarettes. (BTW, smoking cigarettes makes one “a real man” to “get the girl” is the implication and seems to be a requirement with gay conversion.) The caption the blogger wrote was about how the two gay guys (a gay couple) enjoy checking out the girls on the beach and deciding which one they wouldn’t mind taking back to their place and fucking together. It ends with “Isn’t bisexual erasure wonderful?”

As for the “sexuality is fluid” anti-gay agenda, that is going to ultimately backfire on the Queer community should the Queer community embrace it, as some already are unfortunately. It will backfire because the far-right/anti-gay crowd will say: Why do gay people need any “special rights” — that’s their ludicrous description of basic human rights which breeders automatically have with their straight privilege, but Queers don’t — or why do gays need any more rights than they already have (even as our rights are being taken away under The Orange Man’s repugnant regime, such as trans rights in the workplace) when gays themselves say that “sexuality is fluid” or changeable? Why don’t gays just “turn straight” and they will have any and all rights they want with breeder privileges? Unfortunately, I’ve already seen some Queers using this “sexuality is fluid” nonsense, even on Queer sites. Yes, some have already fallen for it. Moronic.

While writing this article, I asked everyone I could think of — including my straight neighbour — if their “sexuality is fluid” or if their sexuality had changed over the years? 100% of them assured me that their sexuality had not changed. Some people I asked found the notion of that laughable. They asked me, “Are you serious?”

I read a comment — supposedly a true story — on a message forum from a lesbian who got drunk one night and she had sex with her best friend (a straight guy) and did not understand why she did that. He didn’t understand why she came onto him either and asked her “Are you sure you want to do this?” She seemed to be asking for advice on the message forum she posted on. The comments to her from other conformist Queers were: “Just remember that sexuality is fluid.” Ugh. Sigh. Fucking Idiots. It was the fucking drug alcohol that caused her to be a different person, not her sexuality, you fools. The next day, she was at a loss why she had sex with her best friend. Is she that dense? Has she never heard what can happen to people under the influence of the drug alcohol? She’s never heard they can become completely different people under the influence of alcohol? (Stupid is in).

The drug alcohol is required for gay conversion?

From reading these gay conversion sites, most gay guys in their testimonials and stories who claim to have supposedly converted to either bi or straight fucked pussy the first time under the influence of the drug alcohol. That’s a common theme.

Also, what all of these sites fail to say is that many gay guys started out fucking pussy in high school when they were in the closet, and they ran from pussy and the smell of pussy. They were turned off by it and realised they were Queer and wanted dick.

If the Queer community falls for this “sexuality is fluid” bull shit as a unified group and promotes the idea that one can change one’s sexuality, it’s all over for Queer rights. And that’s probably what the intent is here, because again, the sheeple and the far-right will say there’s no need for Queer rights because Queers can “turn straight.” And with that, we’ll be right back where we started with the sheeple thinking that “gay people choose to be gay” because the sheeple and ultra-conservatives/far-right will say, “well gays themselves say that ‘sexuality is fluid.’” Any moron should be able to see where this is going.

Below are some quotes I read on a Queer site. I found it interesting that all of these self-described “straight” guys — who are lying to themselves and others about their true/real sexual orientation — quoted below were hanging out on a Queer site that has the word Queer in its title. It’s not that there was any doubt or vagueness over where they were. I wonder why they might be hanging out there? Hmmmmmmmmmm? I don’t go to sites that identity as straight. Here are the comments exactly as they appeared followed by my response.

“so i have a gf of almost 3 years and recently started to jack off to gay porn, i dont know wht it is about it but it kinda turns me on, i was just wondering if anybody else is in the same boat as me. would love to hear from you!! “

My response: You wrote, “so I have a gf of almost 3 years” but you forgot to say that she’s out of town like everyone else’s girlfriend. Please be advised that you’re not in keeping with the “straight and bi” script where “the GF” is always out of town, according to their sex ads. Do you call yourself straight because of our heteronormative straight-based society? Sounds like you’re really bi, so stop lying about your sexual orientation by calling yourself straight, if that’s the label you use.

A response from someone to the guy claiming to have a gf:

“i have to go with you on this one. I would never want to engage in gay sex [my emphasis added], but watching it somehow makes me hard as a rock. I have only watched a movie once, but I read stories on the net some. Matter of fact i am hard now just thinking about it.”

My response: Sounds like you’re bi or gay too since it turns you on and makes you “hard as a rock,” and you’re likely another closet case. Why would you never want to engage in gay sex when you’re sitting there with a hard-on thinking about gay sex? Because of your gay shame? A credible psychotherapist can help you deal with your gay shame.

Another commenter wrote:

“I’m straight, but i do watch gay porn and guys masturbating. I thought that was weird until i looked at the other reviews. Good to know a lot of guys do that.”

My response: Chico, you’re not straight, you’re bi. Genuine straight guys — such as my straight neighbour — have no interest in guys or in watching them JO. Stop your lying and dishonesty.

Another commenter:

“Thank goodness i am not the only one. Im Straight but watch gay porn. I love girls, but gay just turns me on from time to time.”

My response: You’re bi too. So you too can stop with this “straight” head trip from now on.

Another commenter:

“im str8 but ive masturbated with my friends and one time one of my friends and i started oral, then it lead to anal. ive wanted to try again because it felt so good but im afraid to bring it up again. so i masturbate and think about it insted.”

My response: Stop lying about being straight. jesus fucking christ. You’re either bi or gay. Again, genuine straight guys don’t get off on guys with oral or anal. Bi and gay guys do that.

It’s at this point that someone will scream at me: WOULD YOU STOP IT WITH THE LABELS?! Why should I do that? We have the labels for a reason and wasn’t it the Queer community who created the labels? And now some in the Queer community find the labels uncomfortable — tough luck! — and want us to suspend with them? How are we supposed to identify someone’s sexuality if we don’t use the labels we created? Doh.

Another commenter:

“I don’t know why. I consider myself straight [Ed. people consider themselves all kinds of things but that doesn't mean that they are], I’ve always been attracted to women, I’ve had sex with women and it’s all good … But when I’m horny I sometimes have this fantasy of while laying down on my back and having a gorgeous girl ride my dick, a man to stand over me with his big cock and I can really imagine myself saying give it to me. Being pinned down and sucking away I wouldn’t be able to say no. Even writing this I have a hard on lol.”

My response: Chico, you’re bi since you’re turned on by “his big cock.” So stop with this “straight” bull shit.

All of these lying, dishonest, heteronormative guys calling themselves “straight” when they’re not. Just like the lying closet cases on ClosetList that I have written reams about. They’re all looking for a guy on the “DL” (down low) and “discreet” (closeted) and of course they all have a GF and she’s constantly out of town. GFs are always out of town. Why is that? Because they don’t exist. There is no GF. It’s just part of the heteronormative script used by “Mr Straight” to pump himself up as being a “real man” who claims to fuck pussy.

Another commenter:

“Not just that, I wonder what it would be like to be fucked, just to have a big warm penis sliding inside of me taking advantage of me, sometimes I even picture myself jerking off slowly with a sexy girl to the left, and having a guy with a juicy cock to the right, and having to choose which one I want.”

My response: Sigh. You’re bi too. All of these closeted bi guys. Pathetic dishonesty.

Another commenter:

“to be honest ive giving head lots now and i know im not bi or gay i love girls but love sucking big cock.”

My response: You’re bi too, despite your denial and “straight” head trip. Dude, there is nothing wrong with being bi or gay. Stop lying to yourself and others.

Someone astutely noted in the comments under the article:

“yeah those men were bisexual not straight. I can assure you if you try to have sex with straight guys you’re gonna get a totally different reaction.”

Exactamente. Gracias for that.

Another commenter wrote:

“straight men don’t fantasize about sucking one off. #closetcases”

You’re absolutely correct.

Then there are the many gay guys in sex ads who claim to be “str8.” More lying and dishonesty.

Then, there are the liars who say, “I’m not gay but I have an overwhelming desire to suck cock.” Well then you are gay or bi, chico. But your issue of gay shame — indoctrinated into you by our sick society — is holding you back from being honest with yourself and others.

I should point out that many people have sexual fantasies that don’t at all “match”/coincide/agree with who they are as a person in their daily/non-sexual lives. Some people have — what they themselves call — “very twisted/taboo” sexual fantasies. These fantasies appear only in a sexual context and are the opposite of the person that most people know the person to be. I did phone counseling for many years. We were all professionally-trained before taking the first call. The stories I could tell! I talked with some people who had what most people would call “twisted sexual fantasies.” Some people need the most taboo of topics/fantasies in order to “get off.” That’s just the way it is for them. We, as phone counselors, remained non-judgemental with all callers. That’s, in part, why nothing phases me these days. I’ve heard it all. It was a very valuable experience. Some years ago, I ran into one of the other phone counselors I had worked. We talked a bit and she said at the end, “you know, after that experience, nothing phases me anymore.” I said: Yes, the same here. We would have a lot less judgmental people in our society if they were to have the same experience we did.

Back to the gay conversion sites: I noticed more ignorance from the main site. That blogger suggested that gay guys “put that Rainbow Flag away” and that they could save money on clothes by “going bi or straight.” He wrote: “You can say goodbye to your fabulous color-coded closet filled with things you’ve only worn once. You can cut back on the gym because women really dig the dad bod. No more expensive hair appointments – just throw on a baseball cap. No more 50 pairs of designer underwear – you can go commando.” This guy sounds just like the typical closet case, regardless of what he calls himself or how he describes his sexuality. Why doesn’t he come out back out of the closet and enjoy gay life with all the colours and pretty underwear? Where has he been not to have noticed that most Queers today are not wearing any “fabulous color-coded” clothes? Being adamant conformists, most Queers are wearing Millennial drab/cultist black and grey. At least in now-conservative and conformist San Francisco they are. And most Queers today seem to want nothing to do with the Rainbow Flag because it’s considered to be “too gay.” During the Gay Mecca years, we used to see Rainbow Flag pins on guy’s backpacks and shoulder bags. Today? Gone. Those pins have been retired to the closet along with the gay guy in many cases. Also, Queer gym memberships are way down — as if it were just a fad for many — according to mi amigo who still has his gym membership. And cutting back on the gym can mean a less healthy person. What does this asshole think going to the gym is for? It’s supposed to be for health reasons. He makes it sound like it’s purely for cosmetic reasons. If one does the gym correctly, one gets the “cosmetics” as a side effect of the positive health effects. There are already no shortage of gay “jock bros” wearing a baseball cap. In fact, all that’s required for one to be a “jock bro” is to slap on a baseball cap and put on a jock and there you go: You’re now instantly Mr Jock, according to the sex ads. You don’t have to do any workouts or play any sports or anything like that. Just the baseball cap and jock. But you must grunt and hoot at sports television screens in loud sports bars often filled with obnoxious breeders. And many gay guys today love emulating the breeders and trying to be as “straight acting” as possible. And I don’t see anyone around The Castro who looks like they had “expensive hair appointments.” That’s rather outdated. I think this blogger is stuck in the 1980s.

Looking at men-for-men sex ads on CL (regardless of which major city it is), most of the Queer community today lies and pretends to be “bi” — as I said earlier, they are running from and are ashamed of the word “gay” (because gay sounds to “fem” to them apparently?) — yet these fake “bi” guys are always looking for guys to have sex with and are never over in the men-seeking-women category looking for “bi sex.”

For example, when I began writing this article, the following are the search results as of septiembre 2017/September 2017 on ClosetList for the entire San Francisco Bay Area in the Men-seeking-Men category:

334 ads contain the keyword gay
78 ads contain the abbreviation GWM
207 ads contain the abbreviation WM (shunning the word gay?)
881 ads contain the keyword bi (see what I mean?)
625 ads contain the keyword straight
279 ads contain the keyword/abbreviation str8

For the City and County of San Francisco:

Only 124 ads contain the keyword gay (is that what one would expect for the former Gay Mecca?)
Only 49 ads contain the abbreviation GWM (again, is that what one would expect for the former Gay Mecca?)
69 ads contain the abbreviation WM
309 ads contain the keyword word bi
191 ads contain the keyword straight
113 ads contain the keyword/abbreviation str8

Now does anyone honestly believe that the Gay/Queer Community is no longer gay but has as a community “turned bi?” (roll eyes) Loco. Who believes that? What’s happening here is technically called being heteronormative and merely copying each other’s ads to fit in with the herd.

I talked with a gay guy in New York City, Manhattan specifically, while writing this and he told me that in NYC more gay guys are out of closet than ever before (although he told me he has many problems with the Queer community there). That’s not what the CL ads for NYC show. Searching the CL ads, the Queer community in Manhattan and/or NYC is no different than and just as fucked up as the Queer community in San Francisco and the Bay Area. And why wouldn’t it be? Except for two major cities worldwide (and I forget which ones they were), I got similar results worldwide when I searched CL ads sometime ago. I’ve even written about New York City: The “Discreet” Gay Guys in New York City.

Achieve gay marriage and then start marrying females? WTF?

I just find it damn odd that after the Queer community worked for decades to achieve gay marriage, that some gay guys would start marrying females after gay marriage became legal (WTF?)– related: More back to the 1950s: Gay guys marrying females in droves. Sad. — and want to be with a female? Then why the fuck did they bother working for gay marriage for decades if in the end being with a female was what they would ultimately want/choose? Loco./Crazy./Fucking Insanity. The main gay conversion site addressed this, and as expected, called a gay guy’s choice to be with or marry a female after gay marriage became legal, “a perfectly viable choice.” Oh Fuck Off, you closet case asshole!

Another reason I’ve written this article, is because what I’ve said here I would not be allowed to say on any of these sites — without being ridiculed and trolled, and told to “just go jack off to this pussy porn and go straight or bi — so maybe this article will come up in the appropriate search results and gay guys will read it. Chau.—el barrio rosa

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