He said,”I’m gay. I’m not LGBTQ++ etc. That’s political.”

He’s correct. Well finally someone “gets it.”

The title of this article is a comment I read the other night from a gay guy. I was pleased to finally see a gay guy with some sense and who has not been brainwashed by The Gay Agenda’s political and increasingly-long and revisionist history alphabet soup “LGBTQ+.” By the way, the official acronym that some nuts came up with as of this writing is this mess: LGBTQQICAPF2K+. It speaks of insanity. It more resembles a brand bar code than anything else. As I’ve asked before: Is it their intent to repeat the entire alphabet at least twice? If so, they have already met their quote for Qs. There are already two Qs. They can’t just say the word Queer? Apparently not. That would be too intelligent for these corporate trash.

Up above I wrote that “LGBTQ+” is revisionist queer history. Why is that revisionist queer history? Because gay guys by the thousands led the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement. Lesbians did not lead the movement by the thousands as the L first place implies in that “LGBTQ+”. The movement was later hijacked by lesbians and corporatists and needy and self-absorbed/self-entitled, attention-seeking lesbians arrogantly moved their fat asses to first place. Gay guys got kicked under the corporate bus, where they remain today. (These days it’s all about lesbians and trans; they are the “face” of Gay Incorporated/The Gay Agenda). The original acronym was GLB: Gay, lesbian and bisexual which are all about same-gender attraction. They are the only 3 groups needed.

Trans is about a person feeling they were born the wrong gender based on their feelings from within, which has nothing to do with same-gender attraction. I had a trans person tell me, “I’m not sexually attracted to either gender.” I could not relate to that. So trans should not be part of the gay and lesbian group. And some/many? trans end up living heterosexual lives with kids, so they already had a group. It’s called straight.

As the commenter pointed out further in his comment: The alphabet soup is political and has nothing to do with sex or sexual relations. Spot on analysis! Finally, somebody understands this nonsense that one sees used worldwide per The Gay Agenda which has brainwashed the world into using this shit.

I’ve come to hate that increasingly long — that “LGBTQ+ RSTUVWXYZ ABC” nonsense. I can’t stand it. It’s very divisive. As queer actor/comedian Lea DeLaria said: It divides people up into little groups — and how many more fucking letters are they going to add to that thing? — leading to infighting. I saw yet another version the other night which went like this: LGBTI+. Don’t ask me what the I is for. I don’t give a fuck. I’ve had it up to here with this ludicrous rubbish from The Gay Agenda of Gay Incorporated (those busy-bodies gay organisations at the state and federal level in the US), although that political “LGBTQ+++” rubbish is seen worldwide. Every media organisation uses it. Having been ordered to by Gay Incorporated/The Gay Agenda? But the alphabet soup is indeed political. It’s what is used whenever any news network anywhere in the world talks about gay politics. They can’t bring themselves to say the word gay or queer. It has to be all those fucking letters which they quickly stumble, slur and mumble over. Insanity. Chau.

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