Is it GLBTQ or LGBT?

El 15 de febrero de 2014. Hola. I received the following e-mail:

“On your site you use GLBTQ. Other sites I visit use LGBT. Is there any special reason for the difference in the order of the letters?  Thanks for your time.”

My response: From the beginning of what is known as the gay rights movement, we Queers (that’s the word I prefer) were referred to as “gays and lesbians.” And there were way more gay guys than there were lesbians, which explains the order: gays and lesbians. So that’s the “GL” part. Then bisexuals wanted to be included so it became “GLB.” Then to include transgender people and those who preferred to be called Queer, it became GLBTQ. Although some people think the Q stands for Questioning but I use it for Queer. Also, some lesbians refer to themselves as gay.

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Then one day some nut lacking in critical thinking skills came up with the bright idea that the “L” should be first to show that “we” support women’s rights. Well doh. I would think that support for women’s rights would be a given to begin with among the GLBTQ populace, no?  Then apparently at that time the sheeple all said, “Yeah, let’s change the order to show that we support women’s rights. Good idea.”

If I had been there, I would have said:  Wait, hold it.  If you’re going to write it that way, why not:

BGLTQ to show that “we” support bisexual rights or,

TGLBQ to show that “we” support transgender rights or

QGLBT to show that “we” support Queer rights

See how loco/crazy this “put the L first” idea is?  What nut suggested this to begin with?  GLBTQ is all about rights. It comes across to me as chauvinistic with a “ladies first” mentality to put the “L” first. Did anyone ever think of that? So I don’t write it that way. Most of the sheeple even internationally write it LGBT, including most corporatists. However, for some reason they omit the Q and write LGBT instead. I’m not sure why they exclude Queers (who are considered more radical in a positive way than “mainstream, corporatized” gays). The gay museum in San Francisco writes it: GLBT without a “Q” on the end, but on their sidewalk sign they refer to Queers. So apparently they don’t go along with this LGBT sheeple and chauvinistic bull shit either. And if people had used any critical thinking skills when some nut proposed this LGBT stuff, that may have been the end of it at that time I suspect.

So, it’s rather rare to see GLBTQ, as most of the sheeple use LGBT. I would like to ask them: Why no Q on the end for Queer?

Gracias for your e-mail and I hope this helps. Chau.—rosa barrio