Telemundo’s Gran Hermano-US (Foro)

UPDATE: 12 de abril de 2016: Sorry to see Pedro win. What is wrong with the people who voted for him? As one of my commenters said on another thread, what is with people these days who like people like Pedro and Donald Trump? Yeah. I guess they approved of all the basura Pedro said while en la casa. Yaya should have won or at least been given a second place award. She’s a much nicer and better person than Pedro. Someone e-mailed me and asked if she and Pedro ever had sex? Not to my knowledge. They got a little cozy — must have been the alcohol again — last Vienes/Friday after the fiesta but nothing happened to my knowledge and I was watching the live stream. I take it that Gran Hermano La Novela was not doing well because Telemundo didn’t complete it. Very odd. If viewers only watched La Novela they’ll never know who won. I had thought they would have at least completed it. How many other novelas don’t show the ending? Loco. I thought the final of GH was a bit much to treat Pedro like a rock star and with all those “extras” that Telemundo brought in to cheer him on. Don’t know if Telemundo will do another GH but if they do I hope they select better people and acknowledge that there are lots of gay people in the world. You’d never know that from watching Gran Hermano-US. I’d like to see them use the same beautiful house again as it is, but usually if they do that they change the house. It looks so pretty the way it, all of it. Really like the confesionario. Beautiful! I’ll be leaving the comments on a little bit longer for anyone who’d like to write a comment. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Hola. Por favor write your friendly comments below (en español o en inglés or a mixture of both) regarding Telemundo’s Gran Hermano-US. Gracias.

Also, in the comments, por favor mark any spoilers (“—-ALERTA DE SPOILER—-“) clearly for those who may only be watching La Novela Gran Hermano on Telemundo. Muchas gracias a todos.—el barrio rosa

For those interested, here’s the link to my original article about Gran Hermano-US.

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  1. rosa_barrio Post author


    Hola. Sorry to see Agustín leave and I felt sorry for Yaya losing her best amigo en la casa. I read Telemundo’s description of why he was voted out. I’d like to comment on a couple of things they said:

    They referred to how often he cried in the house and called that a “weakness.” That is very sexist thinking. It is also very outdated thinking. Human beings have emotions, Telemundo and that includes men. Crying is as human an emotion as is laughing for both men and women. Men cry just as women cry — and men should cry — and when men cry it should not be seen as a “weakness.” That is such ludicrous thinking. It’s also very macho and sexist thinking to say that “men should not cry.” That sounds like thinking from a past generation. And it’s Nonsense! Who is writing this drivel on their website? When the females cry are they seen as “weak?” I don’t think so. Elizabeth was crying yesterday while talking with Agustín and she cried after Agustín left. Yaya cried when Agustín left. Were either of them “weak?” Hell no! Again, for the thick people, crying is a natural emotion, Telemundo, regardless of one’s gender. It’s not a “weakness.” Stop passing along this outdated thinking. Are the actors in their telenovelas seen as “weak” when they cry?

    Also, on their website, Gran Hermano is constantly confusing sex with love. Sex and love are not at all the same thing, Telemundo. Ask your on-staff psychologist about this and they will confirm this for you. (And the same about crying is not a weakness.) I don’t know that anyone in that house (Gran Hermano) is “in love.” What I see people doing is having sex (or trying to) and in-your-face making out. And that obnoxious Rafael — why was he ever brought back in there? — and Andrea act as if they haven’t seen each other in weeks and they just saw each other 5 minutes ago in the same house and yet they put on this in-your-face display for the cameras of being desperate and needy for affection. (And frankly I’m sick of seeing “straight” couples making out and having sex or trying to so now I rarely watch EN VIVO 24). Gran Hermano is mistaking sex for “love” (I guess for their “story line”). Two people can have sex multiple times but they’re not in love. It’s just sex. In reality, sex and love are not at all the same, necessarily. Unless two people have an agreed-upon “open relationship” a person that loves somebody else does not cheat on them by having sex with somebody else (think: Pedro, Maday y Dante). Some of the people in that house look like they’re playing to the cameras = ACTORS, which has nothing to do with “amor.” It’s way too premature to call any of that in the house genuine love. Check with them all in about six months to a year and see if any of them are still together, then you might be able to call some of this “love.” (I don’t know who this idiot is writing this shit on their website.)

    Anyone is free to comment here. You can say whatever you want and no registration is required to comment. You have to give an e-mail address (it’s a system requirement) but I don’t do anything with that; I don’t even look at them. They remain completely confidential. Chau.—el barrio rosa

    1. Enrique


      Can someone put Rafa and Andrea in a room for about a week and let them fuck each other’s brains out and get it out of their system?? Geeeezzz. I liked them early on but now I cannot stand to watch them. I hope he leaves this Sunday. Then Pedro will move in on her and start fucking her. 🙁


      1. mago

        i watched en vivo 24 for weeks. i’ve stopped watching for two reasons….

        1. 4 of the 7 people turn me off – i like yaya, jommart and domingo. i get the feeling that the show’s production really like the 4 that i’m turned off by.
        2. they’ve now put long commercials for cars and shampoo at the start of ALL of the cámaras.
        3. the same for la novela. i’m only watching part of that because of the 4 people who turn me off.

        it looks like yaya may leave on sunday. it feels like i’m done with this show.

        i agree 100% with the post at the top about telemundo’s sexism.

    2. Alicia

      You’d make a damn good psychologist. I’m waiting for Telemundo to tell us how weak Pedro was when he was crying after he won tonight. Racism won. He was such an ass hole at times. I didn’t like him at all at the end. What was the public thinking who voted for him?? Racists support Pedro y Donald trump.

  2. sofía

    watching Cámara 2, i see that “my group” (yaya, agustín y jommart) is in the kitchen, and then there’s andrea. if i were jommart i’d love to say to andrea:

    “oh mi amor, so you were able to put your legs together long enough to join us here in the kitchen, no?”

    1. Iván


      With Agustín gone that leaves only 3 people in the house that appeal to me. Watching str8 couples making out and having sex doesn’t do it for me. I can put on str8 porn and see that without sheets over them. Why didn’t the public vote out Rafael? He’s not supposed to be there….he was voted first, then Telemundo brought him back and now we’re stuck with him because the public won’t vote him out again???? He, Andrea, Pedro and Elizabeth turn me off. I think Yaya should win. She’s my favorite.

  3. Enrique


    I don’t like Pedro or Rafael. They’re homophobic. They should leave Agustín alone. I hope Rafael is voted out and not Agustín. Keep Agustín in a while longer.


    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola Enrique, gracias for that. Couldn’t agree more! People who are secure with themselves and their own sexuality do not hate on gay people. People who are secure with themselves and their own sexuality are not anti-gay. Insecure people do that. Closet cases do that to try to hide their own gay feelings. I don’t know what it is about many “straight” guys who think they need to prove how masculine or macho they are by hating on gay guys. All that does is to make them look like basura.

      I wish that Rafael or Andrea were out of there this coming Domingo. To me, Rafael is not the same person he was the first time he was en la casa nor is he the same person I saw on the live show set. Was he on “good behaviour” the first time he was in the house? There are now four people I can’t stand to watch: Pedro/Elizabeth y Rafael/Andrea. I turn the canal when they’re on. If I wanted to watch “straight” couples making out I would watch a telenovela. And if these 4 people were so desperate to have sex with somebody, why did they come on a reality show to do that? There are other places to get that. Loco.

      I don’t know for a fact but I would guess that las chicas in the house are on “the pill” so they (supposedly) can’t get pregnant even though the show went through this pregnancy test charade (Maday) to add chisme to the story line. I suspect they’ll be doing that a couple more times at least, with Elizabeth y Andrea? They both turn me off.

      From the beginning I have had a problem with Gran Hermano-US because it is so very heteronormative. Unfortunately, there don’t seem to be any Queer people in Telemundo’s world, other than the rare “token” appearances of a few gay people on the odd occasion. And this heteronormative stuff has only gotten worse with the homophobia, and these two “straight” couples who may never even see each other again after they get out of the house. Isn’t Pedro really interested in Maday’s pussy? And who is she fucking now since Pedro has moved on to Elizabeth? Is she back with her Dante? Ugh.

      I don’t think that someone who is homophobic should win Gran Hermano-US. Why should bigotry be rewarded with $250,000.00USD? If anything, bigotry should disqualify someone from being the winner. And add to that the derogatory comments made about los mexicanos. Disgusting. None of this should be rewarded. The winner should be a good person, not basura. Chau.—el barrio rosa

      1. mago

        i’m turned off by these couples and i’m straight. it’s like they’re acting and playing to the cameras. looking for face time. both couples had sex tonight after fiesta. why put covers up over as they do? we all know what they’re doing and who it is….looks so silly… they’re playing to the cameras and want to make sure their sex act is shown so they cover up so telemundo will show it. looking for a reaction then when they’re voted out they can say with a smile, “i had sex in there,” i’m a real stud.

        i’ll be glad when andrea and rafa are voted out. same for pedro and what’s her name. think it was a mistake to bring rafa back.

  4. rosa_barrio Post author

    Hola, the “Rafael y Andrea Show” is getting old and a bit much. Why do these females always look subservient to el chico that she’s with, as if she’s a second class citizen to him? Feminism is dead! Look at the way Andrea lays on him on the bed as if he’s to “protect her” or something. Ugh. It’s looks chauvinistic to me as if she’s secondary to him. I have to change cámaras when I see them. They turn me off.

    One of my favourites is Yaya and I’m glad she’s putting some distance between herself and Agustín. From the first day, I said he’s a Queer boy and to me Yaya acts like the best amiga that a Queer boy could have. She’s one of the most mature people en la casa. I like her a lot. Maybe she’ll win! She’s also very pretty and I only bring that up because she doesn’t seem to know it. She’s not at all stuck up or snooty. She’s very down-to-Earth. I also thought that Elizabeth is a lesbian (closet case?) from the first day I saw her and I still think that. I’m seeing her giving mixed messages to Pedro, which could explain that. Come out of the closet, mujer! I’m concerned what will happen tomorrow night during the fiesta, between Yaya y Agustín because whenever he gets drunk, watch out! He becomes another person. But so far, Yaya seems to be able to keep the necessary friendship distance between herself and Agustín should one of his personalities want to try to have sex with her under the influence of alcohol like all these other people do in there when they get drunk. Going from one person to another. One can ruin one’s friendship with someone by having sex with them. A “straight” friend of mine told me that this going from one person to another behaviour is so typical among “straights.” So Maday leaves Pedro and now he’s trying to leave a deposit in Elizabeth’s panties. Won’t Maday have to take another pregnancy test shortly after fucking Pedro last week? Then you had Dante and Iselis, then he moved on to Maday after Iselis left and then he was flirting with Andrea while Maday was still there. *roll eyes* It’s almost as if this is a sex house. Brothel de Gran Hermano. Chau.—el barrio rosa

  5. rosa_barrio Post author


    Hola. In case you missed it, Pedro fucked Maday at around 2.50am (el 12 de marzo de 2016). I’m sure Dante is pleased about now as well as Maday’s (now-former?) novio. They started out with her sitting on top of him with the covers over them. The Cámara stayed right on them. Gracias, GH. I couldn’t tell who it was at first. But then they readjusted positions and I saw Maday’s face and he got on top of her and I heard Pedro’s voice. When it looked like they had “finished” it was clearly Pedro y Maday. I didn’t know that Maday had any interest in Pedro or vice versa. Or was it the booze, just like Agustín being all over Yaya. Give el chico booze and watch out! With Pedro y Maday it was probably not the booze because I saw Pedro in between Maday’s legs yesterday afternoon in the pool, so they were already “getting warmed up.” She was sitting up on the edge of the pool and he was in between her legs with his back facing her. I wonder how Dante will feel about this or Maday’s novio outside la casa, if he hasn’t already dumped her. It’s really no different than what Dante did when he was en la casa. He went from one to the other while in his description on Telemundo’s website claiming to be from a respectable family. I don’t know why any of these people would want to be with each other outside of la casa because they couldn’t possibly trust each other. They’ll be going from one person to another just like they did inside la casa de GH. The same la noche, Rafa did sleep with Andrea but I don’t know that they had sex. Chau.—el barrio rosa

    1. Iván

      Gracias for that. I missed that. GH is getting wierd. Most of las chicas are turning out to be sluts. Don’t know what this thing with Pedro and Maday is about that. What started that? Came out of no where. Guess Dante will have to move on since Maday has. Rafael Pedro Elizabeth and Maday need to go.

  6. rosa_barrio Post author

    Hola. I’m losing interest in GH. I’m so tired of seeing “straight” couples. I can see “straight” couples anytime, even though I’d rather not. I’m tired of Agustín y Elizabeth’s fake “relationship.” Why do they keep pretending to be in this “relationship?” Stop the charade. As others here have said, I think Agustín is a Queer boy (but in the closet) and Elizabeth is la lesbiana. She seems much more comfortable with Andrea than she does with Agustín. Makes sense. I’m tired of Rafa trying to get in Andrea’s panties. He’s another Dante. First Rafa was “working” Maday. Now he’s on to Andrea. What’s with Pedro now “working” Maday? What is with these people? Why don’t they all go into one of the bedrooms and have a mass orgy and be done with it?! And if there’s no one in there for Agustín to get into because he’s Queer he can just jack off while the others fuck and get pregnant. Ugh. Maybe that will deal with some of this. The only people I can watch at this point is Jommart, Domingo and Yaya. All the others turn me off. Chau.—el barrio rosa

  7. rosa_barrio Post author

    Hola. I’m glad Dante is out of there. Is Dante an example of the typical “straight” chico? I think he tried to make out with every chica en la casa (Andrea being the last one), except for Jommart. And if he had been in there a couple more weeks, he may have gone after Jommart too.

    I suspect he will be having many problems in relationships with people he already knows after this is over. He looks like basura. Was Jasmine — his novia — serious when she came into la casa and told him that he wouldn’t see her again? He could benefit from psychotherapy.

    I suppose some gay people behave as he does, but from my experience, gay people mostly respect other couples and the people who are with other people, especially among amigos as a way of not disrespecting other couples. They don’t try to cheat (make out and have sex with) one person in another couple the way these “straight” couples in GH have done. Los habitantes really have set a terrible example of heterosexuals and who cheats on whom for everyone to see. I’m sensing that Carlos is an exception to this since to my knowledge he didn’t cheat on his novia while en la casa. Chau.—el barrio rosa

  8. rosa_barrio Post author

    Hola. I don’t know what other people are thinking about now but let me put it this way. Here are los habitantes I can still watch without being annoyed by them:

    Pedro (?)

    I don’t like Pedro’s anti-ethnic comments against Mexicanos for example. Disgusting. Dante now turns me off as does “the Dante y Maday Show.” I’m also turned off by “the Agustín y Elizabeth Show.” Something doesn’t seem right to me about them as a couple. They act uncomfortable with each other at times. As is the case with alcohol, give Agustín some booze and get him drunk and he becomes a different person. Duo-personalities. I’m also sick of seeing “straight” people making out — and they’re so “in your face” with it — as if that’s something new to be seen. Ugh. That’s one of my problems with Gran Hermano. I can see “straight” make-out scenes anytime — even though I’d rather not — followed by their dysfunctions/arguments. They’re making out one moment and arguing the next. Pretty fucked up. I miss Carlos not being there as well as Jason. That’s about it. Chau.—el barrio rosa

  9. Iván


    I’m already tired of the Agustín and Elizabeth Show.

    I wonder when it will be cancelled?

    Maybe tomorrow if he leaves?

    1. tomás


      sí, y isn’t agustín gay y isabel lesbiana, no? that’s what we think in our household

      tonight – fiesta de los viernes y agustín will get drunk y when he gets drunk watch out isabel. remember when he was drunk y gran hermano had to warn him about messing with the cámaras out by the pool ?

  10. Hugo


    Didn’t I hear some of them in the house say they are having sex and calling it their strategy???.. Dante’s strategy is to have sex with Maday so she won’t nominate him and vice versa?????????? If that’s his strategy why doesn’t he fuck everybody in there so nobody will nominate him?? not just Maday? I’m calling BULL SHIT on this. Saying they’re having sex as strategy is just an excuse to have sex. It’s a cop-out. Just say you wanna have sex and no need to lie about why you’re having sex. Carlos didn’t have sex as part of his strategy. Dante already told his girlfriend he messed up and to wait for him when he gets out of the house. LOL. I’m sure she will!!!! She told him he wouldn’t see her again. He says he’d messed up and tells his gf that she knows he loves her and and then he says that sex is his strategy. What is it? Dante can’t have it both ways? He’s acting like the typical straight guy that will fuck any woman. Then he continues having sex with Maday after his apologyh. I’d be pissed if my partner was having sex and lying and calling it strategy. It sounds like Big Brother news speak. Is anybody fooled by this including their partners outside the house. Is Maday’s boyfriend fooled by this? I guess we’ll find out soon.

    1. Hugo

      AND why didn’t Dante tell his gf before he went into the house that he might be having sex as part of his strategy? This SEX = STRATEGY thing is lame.

  11. rosa_barrio Post author

    Hola. Regarding the decision of the public being disrespected by having Carlos, Iselis or Rafael return to la casa: I would like to point out that the very nature of Gran Hermano/Big Brother — in the real world — is that of disrespect. *Real* Big Brother is very disrespectful, so Gran Hermano is trying to make this show more real by what they’re doing and each week seems to be getting more and more difficult (electric shock, for example).

    It’s very disrespectful to spy on people (and watch them 24-hours a day) which is what Big Brother is all about. Big Brother/Gran Hermano, in it’s real sense, is all about disrespecting el publico. Today we have 24-hour a day world-wide Illegal spying, the surveillance state we’re living in and data-mining of people’s information (Face B**k and G**gle are the two biggest spying machines there are and I don’t use FB and try not to use G**gle anymore than necessary!) are all examples of a Big Brother State being disrespectful of the people worldwide. So in that real sense, it seems quite logical to me that one of the three (Carlos, Iselis or Rafael) would return, disrespecting the viewers and los habitantes who nominated them and voted for them to leave. Gracias a todos for your comments. Chau.—el barrio rosa

  12. juan

    my español is not that good so i’ll write this in english

    alicia wrote this on your article page about gh….

    “I think yours is the only online forum for this show. It’s the only one I’ve found. I was looking for a forum to say this: I think Agustín is gay and either he doesn’t know it or stays in the closet about it. I’ve watched Carlos and he seems secure with himself and isn’t afraid to hug Agustín and kiss him on the cheek after they reconciled over a disagreement. Agustín hugged Carlos too but the hetero dynamics of the house may be what keeps him from coming out. Another thing is that it takes Agustín to get good and drunk before he gets all hot for one of the girls in the house and comes off as mr straight guy. When he’s sober he’s quite a different person and acts like a nonsexual person.”

    i agree with alicia. i think that elizabeth is a lesbian so maybe there are some gay people in the house although not out? i watched elizabeth’s body language when agustín was trying to be affectionate with her.

    a lot of people will agree with patty’s comment. i’d like to see carlos come back since i like him but what i’d really like to see is if iselis comes back. will dante go back to iselis and leave maday? or will iselis tell him off when she walks in there and want nothing to do with dante after watching him on the 24-live? dante has cheated on jasmine and she says they’re done and maday has cheated on her boyfriend. jason has had sex with andrea and yaya. how many pregnancies are we going to see in coming weeks?

    thanks for this forum.

  13. Patty

    Porque Gran Hermano tiene que regresar gente que ya salio por decision del publico? No dicen que la decision del publico se respeta? POr que quieren entrar de Nuevo a Iselis o a Carlos, para crear mas controversia? Yo entiendo que entre Rafael, pues no tuvo mucho tiempo en la casa, pero a mi parecer ya no deberian regresar ninguno de los que han salido.

    Y en cuanto a las nuevas integrantes, no me parece justo que entren a la mitad del show. Pienso que tienen ventaja sobre los demas porque ya conocen un poco de cada uno de ellos y saben como jugar sus cartas. Aparte de eso, me encanta Elizabeth. Por lo menos entro mas calmada…

  14. Alejandro

    Hooooooooooola. For their Sunday show, los habitantes spend hours getting ready. Las muchachas work on their faces for hours …. so silly. One or two of them become unrecognizable and look more like mannequins when they’re done. Los muchachos spend an hour or so on their hair but not nearly as much time as las muchachas. Does Telemundo tell them to do this? Whoever’s responsible, Don’t they realize we’re used to how they look from en vivo so it’s odd to see them look like different people all “dressed up” in some cases on the live shows? I just saw one of the new ones on en vivo and asked “who’s that?” It was Andrea but I didn’t recognize her with all the makeup. Gracias for starting this place for us viewers to comment on GH.


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