#BoycottSanFrancisco ?? Have they thought this through?

Hola a todos. I guess everyone has heard by now about the acquittal of the undocumented immigrant originally from the great país/country of México having been on trial in San Francisco. I’ll assume everyone knows what I’m talking about. But since that verdict was announced, the subsequent rabid venomous screams from the immigrant-hating, foaming-at-the-mouth, redneck, conservative, far-right white supremacists, nativist, proud boys and nazi trash have been heard and their calls to #BoycottSanFrancisco. Yes, they’re calling for a boycott of “liberal cesspool San Francisco” (as they call us) because of the verdict from the jury in San Francisco. We suspect this wouldn’t even be a news story if the woman killed were not young, white and looked like a moda/fashion model. If she were Black or dark-complected Latina, Asian or another ethnicity, this same crowd would have little to no interest in her. The jury’s decision was based on the facts presented during the trial and not on (vengeful) emotions. And for those saying that he should have been found guilty and sentenced to the death penalty, do you by chance pretend to be Christian? If so, in that bible that you claim to believe in, there’s a commandment, “Thou Shalt Not Kill.” No exceptions are listed to that commandment. What about that commandment do you not understand? For the thick people: It is wrong for a person to kill another person and it wrong for the state to kill a person. All that is is feel-good vengeance. An indicator of a sick society. But these trash whining about San Francisco are a little behind the times — they haven’t kept up — because San Francisco is no longer “liberal San Francisco.” And if you lived here, you’d know what I’m talking about. The City is certainly nothing like it was when we were known as “Liberal, Anything Goes San Francisco” for decades. Those days are gone. Because of rampant techie gentrification, today’s San Francisco is a very conformist, a very corporatist and quite conservative City, and a playground for the super-wealthy (the Bay Area is now known as Billionaire Bay). I guess you could say we’re “liberal” compared to some ultra-conservative backwater cesspool, but it’s all relative. We now have some laws in place that a genuinely liberal City would not have. Some longtime residents (who’ve lived here longer than myself) have compared the two cities (the Old City and the new Techie Capital City) and they’ve told me, “Today, we could not get away with some of the fun things we used to do here. No way. The City has become quite conservative.” But I hope these conservative trash do boycott us. Please do. We have more than enough trash here as it is — with the techie trash in residence having raped The City and erased its Bohemian character and culture — without your hateful, anti-immigrant crowd showing up here and adding to the pile.

But I have a feeling that the immigrant haters — who operate on the emotion of revenge — and who are calling for #BoycottSanFrancisco have not, as usual, thought this through and the implications it has on their own behaviour. For example, if you are really serious about your #BoycottSanFrancisco, you will get off of Tw*t*er and stop using that useless thing because that corporation is based in San Francisco. Tw*t*er seems to have gone through a bit of a resurrection because the current occupant of la casa blanca/the White House vegetates on that site. And they allow him to say/type anything he wants — as they label it “newsworthy” — and they make any and all excuses for him and go through all kinds of calisthenics to come up with new interpretations of their own policies to somehow justify his hateful and vile content while they eat his big ass in those white pants on the golf course, and continually excuse him no matter what he writes. Or, they remain silent about his content. But he’s allowed to say anything and they wouldn’t dream of banning him because he is supposedly worth $2 BILLION to them at Tw*t*er. Corporate capitalist $cum. So that’s the bottom line (dinero/$$$$$) of why they allow him to say anything he wants, no matter how hateful and vile, including content inciting violence. But if any of the rest of us said a fraction of what he’s allowed to say on there, we’d be banned, the jack boots would come for us and arrest us and label us a “terrrrrrrrrrrrrrrist.” You can bet on that!

So while you’re doing your little boycott, remember that F*cebo*k and G**gle — while not based in San Francisco — have offices and operations in San Francisco. Did you know that? So you’ll boycott those two predatory and parasitic billionaire corporations too because of their business with The City (and the generous corporate welfare they’re both receiving from The City through tax breaks)? I mean, you would have to stop using them both in order for your ban to be most effective, correct? Or had you not thought of that either? You’ll also stop using Üb*r and L*ft, because they’re both based in San Francisco. You can’t use the cloud because S*lesF*rce is also based in San Francisco. Their skyscraper looks like a big dick sticking up in the middle of our City skyline. It dominates our skyline now. So you’ll have to get off the internet entirely since the internet is pretty much cloud-based and again, the cloud is based in San Francisco. Or are you now realising that you hadn’t quite thought this blowhard idea of a boycott through for it to be the most effective?

Also, I’m pleased to report that California is now a “Sanctuary State” for undocumented immigrants, so if you’re really serious you’ll stop using all tech based in California, including YT (based just south of San Francisco in San Bruno) and owned by predatory G**gle, which is now heavily censoring through their search results “left wing” “liberal” and “progressive” news websites critical of the US Oligarchy/US government. So you might as well throw that phone you’re addicted to 24/7 in the trash, where they all belong.

So some of us are glad to hear that you’re planning to boycott us. Please do. Fuck off. Do we understand each other? But something tells me you won’t stop using any of that tech because of your addiction to it. So, your talk of a boycott is cheap and just hot air BS.

And then there’s the food. Much of your food is grown in California, or did you not know that? So starve yourselves. And we have some airlines based here, you can research those yourself and boycott those.

Without San Francisco and the State of California, The Cesspool/The US/Los Estados Unidos is nothing. So there! And besides, no one pays attention to boycotts anymore anyway. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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3 comments on “#BoycottSanFrancisco

  1. D8

    Maybe it’s just me, but I haven’t heard anyone around town talking about this. Not a word. Maybe it’s only important to the hateful people who don’t live here.

    I’m sure they’ve all gotten off the cloud by now and all these other companies listed to begin their boycott of SF. Go for it. Yeah sure you will :-)

    1. castro local

      “Maybe it’s just me, but I haven’t heard anyone around town talking about this. Not a word. ”

      same here. i haven’t heard anybody talking about it…..except the corp. media.

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