Breeder Brainwashing: Another gay guy marries a woman

Hola a todos. This is more of a venting article on my part. It’s a depressing story. Mi amigo/My friend was watching a Millennial vlogger on YT and called me over to the screen to see the guy. He’s a gay guy now wearing a wedding ring on his left hand fourth finger. I asked about the ring because here in the US some gay guys choose to be more heteronormative and wear their wedding rings on the left hand to be like the breeders. And because gay marriage is so new in the big scheme of things, when someone sees that ring there on his left hand, they will assume the guy has a wife, although he’s married to a guy. Whereas in the EU, I’ve noticed that Queers (gay guys and lesbians) wear their wedding rings on their right hand fourth finger. I’ve seen this especially in European orchestras. They don’t want to be confused with a breeder. Understandable. Who wants to be confused with a (dysfunctional) breeder?!

With this vlogger, mi amigo told me that his viewers had questioned whether he’s gay or straight. After months of suspicion and speculation about the vlogger’s sexuality, the gay vlogger — my reliable gaydar tells me he’s gay — decided to end the questioning and of course married a woman. You wouldn’t want to be known as gay for heaven’s sakes! Oh good gawd! What would people think?! What exactly did the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement accomplish over the decades considering the closeted/”discreet”/”down low” state of the so-called “gay community” today, such as this closet case gay guy with his gay shame? Societal Breeder Brainwashing dictates: “A guy is supposed to be married to a woman even when he’s gay.” Live a lie. Mi amigo pointed out that the guy’s apartment now looks differently. Everything in place. Much neater and womanised than it used to be. His apartment doesn’t look like a guy lives there anymore. His apartment now looks more like a Macy’s showroom. The guy quit going to the gym. His wife is now part of his video series. Apparently his wife is ramrodding his life. Sad.

They do follow the breeder Millennial mandatory script: Him-tall. Her-short. It has to be that! They can never be the same height (like gay couples are usually). She’s the typical bimbo type. He chose to follow The Family ScriptTM forced on him by his family most likely, meaning: You must be married to a woman even if you’re gay. Hide it. Disguise it. Live in the closet. Live a lie. “Our lives are more important than yours, gay son” is the message being sent by his parents. “We don’t want you to disappoint us or shame us in front of our (bigoted) friends by your being openly gay. What will our (anti-gay/homophobic) friends think? We may lose friends because of you.” How much did his family hound him over this? Do you have a girlfriend? “If not, there are many girls out there looking for a nice (gay) man like you. When are you getting married?” (After the wedding ceremony, the parents remain relentless): “When are you going to start a family?” Translation: When are you going to start fucking her pussy — even though you have no interest in her sexually because you’re gay; so in that case fantasise about fucking a guy when you’re fucking her and just ignore the smell — and breeding and pumping out babies? Note to family: BUTT THE FUCK OUT!

Ugh. I have to say it really disgusts me to see people like this guy. Living a lie. Not living true to himself because of societal breeder brainwashing in our society. I have no respect for people like him. None. They’re frauds. They’re fake. In what other aspects of his life does he lie about? And there are many gay guys out there just like him marrying women to try to fool people into thinking they’re straight. Who knew that so many gay guys were so closeted and feel that being supposedly straight is the preferred sexuality. Sad, sad, sad. Depressing really.

It does seem to be Millennial guys who are so fucked up in the head in this regard, and the curious thing about that is that the Millennials came along during the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement. What did their (anti-gay) parents say about being gay and the Movement to cause these Millennials to be such closet cases?

But you know, at some point, with some of these closet cases, there’s come a point in their lives where they take off that wedding ring and throw it across the room in anger and frustration and say “I’ve had enough of living this lie” (in some cases after fooling around with guys sexually on the side behind her back). They ask for a divorce, start child support payments after having ruined years of their life because they chose to not live true to themselves, and ruin a child’s life, often using a child for supposedly “making their relationship happier.” Wishful-thinking. One should never use a child to make one’s relationship supposedly happier. Use relationship counseling/psychotherapy for that; don’t use (abuse) a child for that. Maybe this guy will end up like that, or maybe not. Nevertheless, he’s depressing.

Mi amigo said: I don’t hear anything about gay marriage anymore. What happened to that? I said: I don’t see much about it either. The channel I watch from Paris talks about gay marriage occasionally. But whenever gay marriage is talked about, the images they show are that of lesbians. They may show a gay male couple putting wedding rings on each others fingers, but they will not show two guys kissing. No way. They will only show lesbians kissing, and as I’ve written before, that’s because lesbians are considered “more acceptable” to the prejudiced and bigoted public than gay guys are. To the public, “it’s a thing that girls do. Girls hold hands, and girls kiss.” Society accepts that. But when two guys do that: “Get those faggots off my television!” Sigh. The hypocrisy, the double-standard is infuriating. We live in such a (sexually) fucked up society. So, again, what exactly did we accomplish in the now-dead Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement? Damn little it how it feels at this point I have to say.

As for this vlogger on YT, some of his viewers told him that he is now “normal” for having a wife. They were implying he was not “normal” by being single. Now, his chick is “old news” to them and he’s stuck with her whether he wants her or not. But he is just one of many, many closeted gay Millennial guys who mi amigo has been following for years who is no longer single, but now married to a woman. Depressing. Chau.—el barrio rosa