Breeder Brainwashing

Because of Breeder Brainwashing, the majority of Queers are still in the closet worldwide with gay guys married to females in hetero relationships with children. Mi amigo/My friend and I see these closet cases every day and they are in the majority.

Hola. Mi amigo/My friend was part of the Breeder World before he came out of the closet. He told me that in the Breeder World and as part of Breeder Brainwashing it’s called “Securing or Cementing the Relationship.” (I call it a damn lot of work.) Here’s an example of what he’s talking about. Mi amigo and I have had the misfortune of walking behind him-tall and dominant/her-short and submissive Millennial breeder couples on numerous occasions. Looking at them, one gets the impression that feminism is long dead. They have to stop every few feet to make-out on the sidewalk. Then they walk a few more feet and stop and make-out. They don’t care whose way they’re standing in either and they seem oblivious to anyone else living here. Then they start the (what I call) “Skip To My Lou” routine which involves hand-holding and arm-swinging as they skip down the sidewalk. It’s the stuff you saw or did in elementary school. When they get to where they’re going (usually Walgr**n’s), she needs another reassurance kiss that he hasn’t fallen out of love with her within the past 2 city blocks when they last made-out. He gets this look on his face as he’s looking down at her as to say: “Well nothing’s changed in the past 2 blocks, I still love you, but I’ll go ahead and give you yet another reassurance kiss before we go in this store since you apparently need that reassurance once again, and I assume you’ll need multiple reassurance kisses when we come out. (The Unspoken: Why are you so damn needy and insecure? Maybe I should have chosen another female, or are you all like this?) Mi amigo tells me that from the days where he was in the closet, this was/is part of Breeder Brainwashing. I wouldn’t have it! I wouldn’t have the patience for this nonsense; this emotional head-trip she’s on. So insecure and needy. Queers don’t do all this nonsense. Queers don’t have to keep “Securing or Cementing the Relationship.” As I’ve said before, I think most Queers are more secure and stable in their relationships than these unstable breeders where she requires endless flowers, attention, money, attention, gifts, attention, more money, attention, candy, attention, more money, attention and the constant reassurance from him that they’re still in love. They are, but only by a thread as far as he’s concerned because he’s getting fed up with this nonsense too. That pussy is not worth all this. That’s what my straight neighbour tells me. So now, it makes sense why the breeder divorce rate in the US is over 50% in the first year. What is it with breeders that they are so terribly insecure with their relationships where needy-her and her head trips needs constant assurance through various means that he still loves her? (Related: Holding Her Hand, GF Away).

Breeder Brainwashing: “Being straight is the only real way.”

That’s the thinking that most guys worldwide are brainwashed with at a fairly early age, and because of that, the majority of the so-called “gay community” (whatever that is here in 2018) is still ashamed of being gay. That explains why I see many Queer guys holding hands with females these days. It’s a bit much I have to say, especially in a former Gay Mecca. Not what one would expect to see here. It’s as if most people want to forget their proudly-radical Queer history of the former Gay Mecca (The Castro Village in San Francisco). Or were most Millennials completely ignorant of the cultural history of San Francisco before moving here in recent years? San Francisco was all over the (inter)national news for decades, how could Millennials have missed that?

With breeder couples, the needy and insecure females demand that their hand be held at all times in public as their guy’s entrance rights into that pussy. In other words, he won’t “get any” if he doesn’t hold her hand in public so that everyone knows that Ms Insecure is taken by the guy holding her hand per her requirement, and not necessarily because he’s really interested in holding her hand. It can get rather tiring after awhile, as well as sweaty. But Breeder Brainwashing mandates “him and her” hand-holding, whether they want to hold hands or not. You do it anyway per the requirements of Breeder Brainwashing. Period.

I say to myself when I see this spectacle: It’s another Queer guy in a breeder/straight relationship. The newest loco/crazy, sad fad? It’s especially the case with Millennial guys. They in particular seem to have been especially brainwashed with the thinking that it’s very bad to be gay. Now keep in mind that Millennials were born and grew up during the former Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement. Which begs the question: Why did Millennials stay in or go back in the closet during the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement? May I assume that their parents opposed the GL Rights Movement? Or did these Millennials pick up this “it’s bad to be gay” thinking from their amigos?

All the Closet Case Millennials on YT:

Almost every day, mi amigo/my friend watches videos on YT where his gaydar tells him (and me as well, since he shows the guy to me) that the guy in the video — who is usually a Millennial (or older) — is gay. Later in the video, the guy feels the need to introduce the viewers to his wife. What mi amigo and I see in the video is a closet case with a female/wife. Yet another one. Mi amigo says: It’s pathetic how many Queer guys are in the closet today. It is as if we’ve truly gone backwards. I agree. It disgusts me really. We’re seeing more and more of this. It’s now an everyday occurrence.

The “Queer/Gay Community” is Dead:

By the looks of things, the so-called “Queer Community” (whatever that is now) has made tremendous progress. Of course I’m being sarcastic because at this point in time it doesn’t really feel like much progress was made at all, considering said progress is currently gradually being chipped away. In reality, it’s been a few steps forward over decades. Then many steps back. That pretty much describes the so-called “gay community” today, which is essentially dead now, in case no one has noticed. Fin. The End. Hang it up. It’s all over. Well, at least I got to live through that time which I’m grateful for. But it’s nothing like those days today.

The general attitude of the so-called “Queer Community” now seems to be:

“Been there, done that” followed by a big yawn. Along with (in the stupid-is-in US): “I’m like whatever like” with phone permanently in face day and night for the next dopamine hit.

Then came “Gay Assimilation”

That was a big mistake. That was the beginning of the end. Was heteronormative conformity with the breeders/straights the ultimate goal of gay “assimilation?”

The accomplishment of legalising gay marriage in Los Estados Unidos/the US was very poorly handled. It was essentially the death of the so-called “gay community” and the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement, because of in part, short-sighted Queer/GTQBL corporatists having sold-out to corporate interests.

One of the topics of our meeting when our little group of local San Francisco Queers got together recently was:

Why did the so-called “gay community” abandon cruising and why did they sanitise themselves of symbols to indicate to other Queers/LGBT GTQBLs that they’re Queer? I’d like to know the answer to that myself.

As some in our group pointed out, during the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement and the height of gay meccas in major cities (such as San Francisco’s Castro), it was commonplace to see Queer guys cruising each other on the sidewalks. Back then, Queers weren’t afraid to cruise each other on the streets. It was part of the proudly-radical Sexual Freedom and Revolution. Today, it much more resembles the opposite of that.

Yeah well. That was then. Today? Cruising is nonexistent. Oh you might see it on the rarest occasion. Mi amigo/my friend was briefly cruised in The Castro recently when I was walking with him. It shocked him so because as he said at the time, “I haven’t been cruised in The Castro in years; that just doesn’t happen anymore. The attitude today seems to be: Don’t look at me. How dare you assume I’m gay. I’m discreet and down low/closeted. I’m too good to be looked at. I’m a depressed, snarly-faced Millennial in the closet. Can’t you tell by the way I’m dressed in conservative all-black clothing?”

That’s about the extent of it today here in 2018. Many people have a depressed, snotty look on their face while holding a phone in front of it. And unfortunately, gay cruising has been replaced with the ubiquitous phone-dopamine addiction which has turned people into absolute zombies. One’s phones — and some people have multiple phones taped together back-to-back (one phone is not enough for for the addicts?) — are the only thing Queers are cruising today as they scroll endlessly and often mindlessly on automatic pilot through millions of sex profiles filled with lies and fake or outdated photos.

What happened to the Rainbow Flag pins?

They went back in the closet with the guy that wore them following the “Declaration for Gay Assimilation.” During the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement, Queers had Rainbow Flag pins of various varieties on their backpacks, shoulder bags or somewhere on their person. Not today. It’s most rare to see anything like that today as it seems that the heteronormative so-called “gay community” finds Rainbow Flags “too gay” or even passé. Even the heteronormative supposedly gay obnoxious jock bro bar — or is that a breeder bar now? — near San Francisco’s Castro does not fly Rainbow Flags. They prefer to fly the flags of corporate sports teams, where one can hear “faggot” jokes made in the locker rooms?

What happened to the coloured handkerchiefs?

“Back in the day” some Queers used the handkerchief code system where gay guys would put a coloured handkerchief in their left back pocket of their jeans to indicate that they’re a top, or their right back pocket of their jeans to show that they’re a bottom. This signaled to other Queers what the guy was into sexually. That left no guessing about that. Along with gaydar, it made things so much easier. Back then, one not only got to see the actual person immediately but one got to talk with the guy right then and there rather than today’s time-consuming, waste of time game-playing, and endless scrolling run-around found on online Queer sex sites where much of the time either the guy is a “no show” when it comes time to finally hook up. One often reads, “I’d like to do this (hook up) within 3 e-mails or less.” You might could do it much faster if you got off your phone.

Was it better then?

Everyone in our group agreed that era was much better than the phone-zombie era we’re in today where lies, more lies and fake photos are ubiquitous. Some guys don’t even know what colour hair they have. Their ad reads: blond/blue. Their profile pic shows a guy with black hair. Then there’s the Internet’s dick measurement system which is an entirely different system than the standard measurement system. For example, on the Internet, 6″ becomes 10″+. One wonders where they start measuring from.

So what happened to cause things to go backwards? To worsen?

Answer: The “Declaration for Gay Assimilation.”

When was this “Declaration for Gay Assimilation” issued?

It was issued the day that gay marriage/same-gender marriage became legal in the shithole US. That was the day the “Declaration for Gay Assimilation” was issued by these busy-bodied, self-appointed omnipotent authority elitist Queer corporatist organisations at the state and federal levels. You know who they are. I won’t mention any of them. I consider most of them basura.

Even though I personally don’t favour marriage or wedLOCK — and there’s a reason it’s called “wedLOCK” — of any kind, of course Queers/GTQBLs should have the right to marry the person they love and want to be with.

I remember that day well. When gay marriage became legal, there was no need for these busy-bodied idiots at these Queer organisations to lecture us Queers as if we were children on what we must do now. But that’s exactly how we were treated. As if we were children, even down to the childish music played for the event. I couldn’t take it. I had to leave. It was too syrupy and childish for mi amigo and me. I remember standing briefly at Castro and Market Streets in San Francisco and hearing some syrupy woman from Equality California ramble on about “We must now assimilate.” I was thinking: Speak for yourself. Don’t speak for me or “we.”

Queers Assimilating with the Breeders?

I’ll speak for myself here: I had no interest in “assimilating” with the breeders. I was “assimilated” with the breeders as much as I cared to be, thank you very much. Why would I want to “assimilate”/blend in and become like the breeders? I don’t hold breeders up as any utopian model for living in society, as dysfunctional as they are, and especially with their over 50% divorce rate in the first year of marriage in the shithole US. Why would Queers want to model their lives after the fucking breeders? Who made the breeders god or the utopian model in the minds of these fucked-up Queer organisations? Go fuck yourself.

That’s why some of us say this accomplishment of gay marriage was extremely poorly handled by these Queer organisations. They were very short-sighted and misguided. They couldn’t just leave gay marriage as something accomplished. No, they had to proceed to lecture us children on what “we must do now” (oh fuck off!) and should do as a result, which was all bull shit. In reality, there was nothing to do other than get married to one’s partner if one wanted to. But this is why some of us feel that gay marriage has backfired in a major way. These corporatist organisations couldn’t just leave well enough alone. The accomplishment of gay marriage was effectively the end of the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement. Who knew that getting married to one’s partner was the ultimate and final goal for Queers, despite all the problems still remaining for Queers? Related: What was the ultimate goal of the Gay Rights Movement?

Gay “Assimilation” = Back in the Closet

And in case one hasn’t noticed (how could you not, assuming one has peered up from one’s phone?), as expected “assimilation” has led to a more sanitised, repressive, regressive and closeted time with behaviour reminiscent of the 1950s.

The 21st Century = The Century of Insanity

Because of Breeder Brainwashing, some gay guys have married women and are continuing to do so. This partly explains why I see gay guys walking around with females as if they are a Breeder couple. It’s part of going back in the closet and pretending to be a breeders. Insanity. It’s also part of Gay “Assimilation” where gay guys have gone back in the closet to fit in with the Breeders and pretending to be straight. The thing is gay marriage was accomplished. That’s a good thing for those who want to get married and have the same legal rights as the Breeders. The insane part is that after gay marriage was accomplished, many gay guys decided to marry women because of societal Breeder Brainwashing. That’s the insanity part. Because if gay guys, in the end, were going to marry females after gay marriage became legal, why the fuck did they work decades for gay marriage? Utter insanity. Related: More back to the 1950s: Gay guys marrying females in droves. Sad.

Queers adopting the worst traits of the Breeders in order to “assimilate”:

Weren’t we Queers already “blended in” with the breeders as much as we cared to be without adopting some of their worst traits, characteristics and interests of them, such as: “Rah, rah, US militarism,” nationalism, becoming more conservative, and worshiping corporate sports team and acting like an obnoxious breeder jock bro?

After the lecture was given about “assimilating”/fitting in with the breeders, some Queers unfortunately lost themselves and got especially brainwashed with US nationalism and militarism during the Obama regime. That was because Obama has a “D” next to his name for “Democrat” so therefore most Queers fell for anything he did because of their “Democratic” Party Cult partisan brainwashing which overrides any logic, reason or hypocrisy. Obama was immediately their new-found messiah because he said the words gay and transgender on the odd occasion (to exploit wealthy Queers for campaign money and their lockstep support), and they took his bait. They had conveniently forgotten that their god Obama had originally said that, “Marriage is between a man and a woman.” Remember that? Obama claimed to have “evolved.” Uh huh. Translation of “Evolved”: He changed his public view on marriage realising that if he did, he could get lots of campaign dinero/money from Hollywood elites and, again, from some gullible Queers who fell for his latest stunt.

Anti-War Queers under Bush. Pro-War Queers under Obama.

Even though Queers were anti-war during the illegitimate Bush regime years, they flipped and supported war with their silence, complicity and lack of protesting during the Obama regime years. Why? Because suddenly war was good because it was a so-called “Democrat” (their messiah Obama) leading them. Queer Hypocrites! Some Queers flipped-out entirely and adamantly wanted to be openly part of the imperialistic US Military Industrial Complex (MIC) so that they could go kill other Queers (and breeders as well) around el mundo/the world. Queers did realise they would be killing other Queers around the world “in the line of duty,” correct (whether in or out of the closet in the MIC)? Or did this never occur to them?

This was the exact opposite of the pro-peace position of Queers during the original Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement. During the Obama regime years, Queers enjoyed singing about war and US imperialism (they enjoyed singing the tacky US national anthem), and I think they still do, having “assimilated,” of course. (roll eyes). There are also Queers today who support the anti-gay and insane orange nazi man-child and the trash in his regime. They are nothing like the Queers I’ve ever known who adamantly rejected war and imperialism, and homophobic politicians! But this has all been part of Queers “assimilating” with the breeders. It all sounds so positive, doesn’t it? [sarcasm intended] And consequently, the so-called “gay community” has become very conservative.

Again, those self-appointed, know-it-all authorities at the US national Queer organisations who take it upon themselves to make decisions for the so-called “gay community” and who gave the order for “gay assimilation,” apparently live with delusions of grandeur that we now live in a utopian society. Because the problem with Queers “blending in” with the breeders is the following:

Since the breeders (bigoted/homophobic and there are many of those) are in the majority and Queers are in the minority, Queers end up going back in the closet in order to “blend in with the breeders.” One sees this in the body language and facial/eye movement behaviour of Queers today reminiscent of closeted Queers of the 1950s, from what I know about that era. Queers pretend to be straight to “fit in” with the breeders. With gay “assimilation,” “Out and Proud” went back in the closet and or is relegated to one day a year, if that, typically called “Pride” Sunday/Weekend for those into that thoroughly corporate event.

One thing is clear: Our self-appointed omnipotent Queer decisions makers have shown themselves to be fucking idiots and extremely short-sighted. Because any damn fool should have seen this coming. Because if you say that you’re Queer/Gay in a sea of (anti-gay) breeders you stick out, and again, there’s no shortage of homophobic breeders out there, especially among the increasingly visible white supremacists of today. Some breeders say they support gay rights. Then out of the other side of their mouth they say they don’t like seeing gay people/Queers showing affection in public. I don’t give a damn what they like seeing. I’ve had it up to here with seeing breeder make-out scenes in San Francisco’s Castro and elsewhere. It seems that it’s alright for them to make out in public, but not for Queers. Related: US public: Gay legal rights = good, gays kissing = bad.

Back in the Closet

Today, Queers label themselves “discreet” and “down low/DL.” Translation: In the closet. Some Queers unfortunately say, “I identify as gay” (rather than just saying, “I’m gay”) which implies their sexuality is a choice and their sexual orientation can be changed.” The far-right will love to hear that since they have said for decades that being gay is a choice. Consequently, the “Out and Proud” behaviour and the slogan of decades past has disappeared. And also consequently, the majority of the “discreet” and “down low” so-called “gay community” has become ashamed of being gay — at least that’s the way it appears to our local group — as Queers try to “blend in” with the breeders.

As part of back in the closet, Queers have sanitised themselves

Accordingly, we’re sorry to see that Queers have sanitised themselves and their outward appearances to give no indication to breeders or even other Queers that they might be Queer/Gay. They look no differently than the breeders. Queers got rid of their rad hair styles — their hawks and faux hawks — because breeders generally don’t have hawks. They wear a baseball cap.

Baseball cap and beard = Mr Breeder Jock

It’s easy to be a jock today. No working out at a gym is required. All a guy has to do is put on a baseball cap and grow a beard. You’re instantly a jock bro.

Queers take on the personae of their bullies

It’s ironic that many Queers decided to take on the appearance and (obnoxious) personae of breeder jocks, because historically it was the obnoxious anti-gay jocks that bullied gay guys on sports fields, especially the gay guys who weren’t good at sports. And this still happens to this day. Why would gay guys want to be like their bullies? Cole Valley in San Francisco is saturated with this type of jock bro. They look like they all came out of the same factory mold. To look like Mr Breeder Jock, many Queers started wearing baseball caps and grew a beard. And mi amigo and I see what looks like closeted gay guys walking hand-in-hand with females over there, as well as in The Castro.

Breeder Brainwashing = “Him and her”

With breeder brainwashing comes the never-ending parade of “Him and Her” and their required public make-out scenes and mandatory hand-holding. When I see couples jogging, it’s always “him and her” wearing conservative all-black, which makes them extremely easy to see at night since they don’t have the intelligence to wear any reflecting clothing. The insecure female seems to require constant 24-hour attention and devotion from her guy — it’s a full-time job for him; I wouldn’t have the patience for it frankly — presumably to assure Ms Insecure that he’s still interested in her. Wouldn’t it be easier for her to get some credible psychotherapy? Then she wouldn’t need his constant reassurance, hopefully. Part of his behaviour of course is specifically intended for entrance rights to that pussy.

And again, breeder brainwashing is worldwide. I saw two migrants facing each other waiting to get into Equador from Venezuela, and what did the camera show us? The breeders kissing each other on the lips. Yes, more breeder brainwashing. Of course they didn’t show any guys or lesbians kissing. Not likely to see that. Then on a network from Paris, they engaged in Breeder Brainwashing by showing viewers various breeder couples. One was a “him and her” Asian couple about to get married. She was wearing the perfunctory white wedding dress even though we all know she’s likely been fucked many times by various guys including the dude she’s about to marry which makes that “I’m a virgin” white wedding dress a joke, irrelevant, as well as hypocritical. Then they showed us a Black breeder couple. He had to spin her around as if she were a specimen he needed to examine (similar to what they do on the Latino networks), specifically to check out her butt to make sure it was satisfactory. Why didn’t she spin him around to make sure his butt was sufficient? The Breeder Sexism and accompanying Breeder Male Chauvinism way of thinking is noted. (Related: 12 Ways in Which Women Perpetuate Male Chauvinism). Viewers saw this couple in various staged breeder poses, kisses, embraces, frail-her being submissive to macho-him (Feminism is dead with them obviously), dainty-her sitting on his macho knee, then the two having coffee and a close-up of them kissing on the lips. (With coffee breath? Ugh.) This segment or programme was entirely Breeder Brainwashing for the viewers. So some networks go out of their way to continuously Breeder Brainwash their viewers with the message that “You must be straight.” Of course they would never show us any Queer couples engaged in similar behaviour, especially two Queer boys. No, you’re not about to see that unless some Queer channel produces it and nobody would pick that up. That would be limited to viewing in perhaps what gay bars remain, or some other limited venue.

Was heteronormative conformity the goal of “Gay Assimilation?”

It would absolutely seem so says our group of local Queers. So reviewing, with gay “assimilation,” any and all symbols of being Queer went back in the closet along with the Queer person, because:

1. Breeders don’t officially have Rainbow Flags (although some of us sense that breeders have tried to hijack the Rainbow Flag by passionately making out under them as they have been seen to do under the big Rainbow Flag at Harvey Milk Plaza in San Francisco.)

2. Breeders don’t have coloured handkerchiefs to wear in their back pockets.

3. Breeders don’t cruise on the street. They’re usually glued to their phone just like today’s Queers; their phone is the only thing they’re cruising. I often think about the Queer phone zombie I see: The guy that they’re so desperately looking for on that phone just walked by them on the street but neither of them saw each other because they were both glued to that screen in their hand. A missed opportunity.

Other ways that Queers have sanitised themselves to make themselves look like/”fit in” with the breeders:

There was a time near the end of the Old City of San Francisco — meaning before tech came in and ruined The City along with the greed-based Real Estate Industrial Complex — when The Castro was still a gay mecca, where bling earrings were new and “in.” Almost every guy I saw was wearing bling earrings/diamond studs of one type or another, some small, some large in their ears. The Castro was saturated with bling earrings. I liked them and I still wear mine. I’m not sure when the bling earrings went back in the closet but they pretty much all disappeared at the same time. It’s rare to see any today. I’m guessing they disappeared when the “Declaration for Gay Assimilation” was given because breeder guys don’t usually wear earrings, or at least white breeder guys don’t. So, in order to be like the breeder jock bros, gay guys took out their earrings. (roll eyes).

Everything went back in the closet to be like the Breeders

It all went back in the closet: Their earrings, their personal Rainbow Flags and any other Queer symbols that one was gay went back in the closet along with the guy himself in many cases, as if once again one was ashamed of one’s gay sexual orientation. Sigh. I do see some Black and Latino guys on occasion who still wear bling, although not in The Castro usually.

It’s amazing what (insecure) Queers do to be like the precious breeders? By sanitising themselves of those things I listed above to “fit in” with the breeders.

The Queers that one sees showing up for Gay Freedom Day (also known as Corporate Pride, Inc) are just a small percentage of the worldwide so-called “gay community.” Because most Queers are in the closet worldwide. Are most of those who show up for Gay Freedom Day only “Out and Proud” that one day of the year because it’s considered “okay to be out and gay” on that particular day?

Today, a large segment — perhaps most — of Queers are in breeder relationships worldwide. They’re married to females and pumping out babies to follow The Breeder Family ScriptTM so as not to disappoint their anti-gay parents and families. Apparently these Queers think that their parents’ lives and feelings are more important than their own life, their Queer feelings, their being honest with themselves and others about their true gay sexual orientation. Otherwise, they wouldn’t cater to their (bigoted?) parents/family’s anti-gay feelings by being a closet case. Because by being in the closet, one is constantly living a lie about one’s Queer sexual orientation. Queers (I’m specifically talking about gay guys here) go against their own gay sexual orientation that they were born with, they override that — by trying to suppress or repress or by breeder-brainwashing themselves — and get themselves tangled up in a relationship with a female. And because they shouldn’t be with a female to begin with because they’re gay, some of these gay guys go from one failed breeder marriage to another. Their relationships with females don’t work. But they keep trying, and keep living a lie. I know of one well-known conductor like that. His initials are SR. I’ve always thought he was gay but he continues to this day trying to be straight — or to give that false impression — due to societal breeder brainwashing that “guys are supposed to be with girls.”

Romanticising and Eroticising Pussy

Some sex sites with an anti-gay agenda heavily romanticise and eroticise pussy to try to breeder-brainwash gay guys into “converting” to straight (or bi) using the “sexuality is fluid” myth which caters to the far-right’s agenda that “gay people choose to be gay.” The gay guys I’ve talked with who started out with pussy while living in the closet have told me: Pussy is no big deal. It’s just another hole, and a rather smelly one at that. It’s nothing special. If she’s clean it, it can be “satisfying” is what one gay guy told me who slept with women decades ago. Another gay guy who had sex with females before he came out of the closet told me, “It’s impossible to get rid of that fishy stink no matter how she cleans it. It’s part of what that female anatomy is.” My straight neighbour said the same. As he said: In sex videos, you often see the guy focus only on her clit while finger-fucking her, but he doesn’t put his mouth or nose anywhere near the smelly entrance to her pussy which can be 1/4″ or less from her anus. If she hasn’t cleaned well, it can be a real turn-off.

Mi amigo told me that before he came out of the closet and would go on camping trips or river rafting trips with about 10-15 different breeders (males and females) at a time: “When we would raft down the river, we always made sure that the females were off to the side because some of them would be on their period and the blood thing in the water was a bit gross for us guys, especially when we stopped and the females would stand up. The age group was teens and 20s. We used to tease the females about it, they knew why we were doing it. We guys all got the pussy smell. When the females stood up, you never wanted to look down because it would be a bit on the gross side especially if some of the females were on their period. We were all thought to be straight guys and we would say: Just admit it, the whole fucking thing, that pussy, is a mess. Speaking of breeder brainwashing, how did one get brainwashed into liking all that?

“Gay Conversion” = Breeder Brainwashing

There are some people in the “gay conversion” crowd who enjoy revealing their ignorance by saying that the reason more gay guys are allegedly “getting into pussy” and “converting” to bi or straight is because of “increasing acceptance of gay people.” WTF? That doesn’t make any sense. Increasing acceptance of gay people? Where is this happening? Related:

Anti-gay hate on the rise
US boy, 9, killed himself after homophobic bullying, mum says
Paris: Five charged with murdering transgender sex worker who was reportedly trying to stop a robbery. Trans people are targeted for violence all over the world, with 16 having been murdered in the US in 2018 alone. [Source]

And this also explains why most of the so-called “gay community” (what little remains of it) in San Francisco has seemingly gone back in the closet from all indications that our little group of local Queers sees here in San Francisco. Because these days, I can’t easily tell a breeder guy from a Queer guy anymore and my gaydar is pretty good. I’d like to point out that if there were “increasing acceptance of gay people” as some in the “gay conversion” crowd say, then gay people wouldn’t be trying to go straight. They would enjoy their alleged “increasing acceptance” and remain gay and true to their sexual orientation they were born with.

It’s not just gay guys, but lesbians too

It’s not just gay guys who have gone to great lengths to give themselves an Assimilation MakeoverTM to look like straight guys and macho jock bros. A complaint I’ve read online a few times during my research from some lesbians is that lesbians today have sanitised themselves too by trying to look like feminine straight/breeder women. When I’m out and about in San Francisco, that does seem to be the case. I don’t often see females where I can definitely tell that she’s a lesbian. During the now-dead Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement, I had no difficulty spotting a lesbian. From what I’ve read online, some lesbians are going to straight bars to pick up other lesbians. WTF? Well that indeed makes sense in these insane times. Then they get pissed when a straight guy hits on them in a straight bar. Loca. The last remaining lesbian bar in San Francisco closed sometime ago.

Are things better today here in 2018?

The way our little group of San Francisco Queers sees it: Some things are better today than they were back then, such as we do have the Internet today, as one example. But everyone in our group much preferred the very personal and community-way that Queers interacted with each other in person in the past era of the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement, as opposed to the cold, impersonal, unfriendly and almost “fuck you” rude way we see today from most phone-zombie online “connections.” The Tech Industrial Complex has turned San Francisco into a very cold and impersonal City with many longtime locals saying “This new City sucks. The City has lost its soul.”

Still stuck in the heteronormative past wherever you look

Many things today remain stuck in the traditional heteronormative distant past where everyone is assumed to be straight, until proven otherwise. Even openly gay guys are required to dance with females on corporate network television programmes. The viewing audience must be constantly breeder brainwashed with scenes of “him and her” to give the (false) impression to the audience that everyone here is straight and so-called “normal.” This is always the case in Olympic competitions and Ballroom dancing on television. It was consistently the case when I was watching the very heternormative Classic Arts Showcase network, allegedly run by two (closeted?) Queer guys. One always sees the breeder brainwashing of “him and her,” even when it’s blatant that he is gay (and a closet case?) and she may be a lesbian.

Breeders don’t have any acronyms. Why do Queers need one? I thought they wanted to be like the Breeders, so what’s with the silly acronyms?

Recently, the Gay Games 2018 were held in Paris. I saw lesbians being choreographed to pose with gay guys. Was someone trying to give the impression that they were breeder couples? And even though they called it the Gay Games, they apparently couldn’t leave it at that and exclusively say/use the word “gay.” They often also used the corporate-conformist and Queer revisionist history “LGBT” acronym. For those who don’t know, lesbians did not lead the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement as “LGBT” implies — gay guys and trans individuals led the movement and did most of the work — so lesbians do not belong in or deserve first place in that acronym. But at least they didn’t call it the “LGBT Games.” As I’ve pointed out before, notice that the Q is missing. What do they have against Queers? Related: Lea DeLaria: The LGBTQIA+ acronym is divisive and The official acronym is now: LGBTQQICAPF2K+.

For the Gay Games in Paris, of the athletes I saw, they were not trying to act like hard-assed jock bros as one would likely see here in the shithole US. Instead, of the athletes I saw, they reminded me of the gay guys of the genuine gay community of the Old City San Francisco. It was good to see Queers being themselves and not trying to emulate obnoxious breeder jock bros. Maybe that’s mostly an obnoxious US thing.

Mi amigo/my friend saw a sad example of Breeder Brainwashing at his gym as I was completing this article. He told me about it:

I’ve seen this guy for years. Over the years I was at the “gay gym” in The Castro working out he was there, and now he’s at my current gym. It’s obvious to me that he’s gay. He’s never looked at me or said hello. Yesterday at the gym he was working out right next to me which was odd since there was hardly anyone there and we had the whole place to ourselves. He was stuck on his phone and we were so close that I could see what was on his screen. He was reading this syrupy e-mail from his wife telling him how great their marriage is and how happy they are together and how happy they are to have a child. A picture of the child was on the screen. (I said to mi amigo: She put all that in an e-mail? She sounds rather insecure to me. She’s trying to convince him that they’re happy together is what this sounds like to me.) Mi amigo continued on: I looked at this guy’s face while he was reading this syrupy e-mail and he almost looked disgusted as if his wife’s e-mail was a turn-on, too much. Too drippy. He wasn’t smiling at all. He just clicked it off. He looked almost annoyed and completely uninterested in this e-mail from his wife. I suspect he was about to go home to her and she would be all over him still trying to convince him how happy they are together being married and with a child, which would turn him off even more especially after getting that e-mail reassuring him how wonderful things are between them, as far as she’s concerned. (I said: Was it her bright idea for them to have a baby to “make us so much happier” the excuse often given? As I’ve said before: Don’t bet on it. Don’t use/exploit a baby for your happiness. If you’re unhappy now, get some credible therapy because you’ll be even more unhappy and even resentful after dealing with all the extra responsibilities of a baby. His wife, Ms Insecure, is either clueless, in denial, or realises he’s losing interest in her if he had any sincere interest in her to begin with, and that’s why she sent the e-mail. To reassure him how happy they are as far as she is concerned. They’re not happy as far as he is concerned by the way you say he looked while reading the e-mail because he’s not into her. He was talked into her or a female in general as part of Breeder Brainwashing. And there are thousands of gay guys in relationships with females just like him.) Mi amigo said: What I saw was a Queer boy who was essentially feeling very sad that he didn’t have a boyfriend or male partner to go home to and living with him. The guy I saw didn’t look happy at all which is so often the case with closet cases, guys who are gay but who have been Breeder Brainwashed. (Gracias for that, mi amigo.)

Then, as I was completing this article, I watched an organist I’m familiar with play a French organ work. The first time I saw this guy my gaydar told me: He’s a Queer boy. And at the time he had an Asian Queer boy page turner who was very effeminate. I thought that perhaps his page turner was his partner. Well, recently and a couple of years later, I watched this organist again. I looked at this Queer boy’s left hand while he was playing and he now has a gold wedding ring on his left hand fourth finger. That’s where the breeders wear their wedding rings. (Sigh) His page turner was now an older female. What happened to the Asian Queer boy page turner? I said to myself: I see yet another closet case now married to a female, presumably. From what I’ve observed, it’s standard for Queers to wear their wedding rings on their right hand fourth finger to signify they’re Queer and are married to their partner. In European orchestras, for example, the Queers (gays and lesbians) wear their wedding rings on their right hand fourth finger. I’ve noticed that consistently in the EU, whereas the breeders wear their wedding rings on the left hand fourth finger. So what I saw recently with this Queer boy organist here in the US was yet another closet case having presumably married a female within the last 2 years as he — with his gay shame — pretends to be straight/a breeder, having been Breeder Brainwashed just like millions of other Queers worldwide. I felt disgusted. In the past, I’ve enjoyed his playing. But after seeing that, I haven’t gone back to watch him play as I would usually do. I’m not saying I won’t, it’s just that now I’m not that eager because he’s turned me off like all the other closet cases I see.

And as I completed this article, I watched a segment on street dancing in Paris led by a dance instructor. Lots of people there. All the couples were Breeder Brainwashed him and her, except for one female couple I saw. I guess a lesbian couple or two females were allowed to dance together because lesbians are considered “more acceptable to prejudiced and bigoted people” than gay guys are. (You might remember that StarB*c*s had the hands of a lesbian couple on their holiday cups. That was the “safe” choice in the mind of the anti-gay Marketing Department. Don’t expect to see two guys holding hands on their cups.) At this dance event in Paris, I saw no gay guys dancing together at all, although I saw many guys who looked gay to me but they were dancing with females of course. Pretending to be straight? And again, this was in Paris, France. Sigh.

Ah yes, we’ve made such great progress, such great strides, haven’t we?! As Queers head back into the closet with their Breeder Brainwashing. As I’ve said before, someone will have to start the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement all over again at some point at the rate things are going because Breeder Brainwashed Queers have forgotten that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. Fin./The End. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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4 comments on “Breeder Brainwashing

  1. Helen

    That picture up above of that wonderful man beaten in France because he’s gay brought me to tears. I’m a senior citizen and remember how things used to be. Someone commented on how things become the opposite of what they were. So true that is….Marin County and Mill Valley were very progressive hippy towns in the 1960s. Now they’re wealthy bourgeois elitist towns. San Francisco was a gay mecca for probably 30 yrs and all that’s left of that is rainbow flags and a bunch of Hollywood makeover stuff that is competing with the Hollywood Walk of Fame. There are some gay guys in my area but they conceal that they’re gay in public. Many things do become the opposite of what they were just 10-40 years ago. SF is another example of that. The SF that I loved has disappeared. Kinda of a long article. Thanks.

  2. Ed in the Castro

    I started reading this yesterday and am almost done. Super-thorough article. Kudos to you pb.

    I’m feeliing depressed. Was looking out my door this afternoon and a gay guy I used to be fuck buddies with walked by holding hands with a young woman. 🙁

    Right after that standing there stunned by seeing that this Milleneal guy and girl walked by me. My gaydar instantly signaled “you’re gay dude” in my mind. He was white, young had a Hitler hair cut….looked like the type of dude you used to see in the old city sf ….it was a rad queer look back then, but not today. It’s a Hitler alt-right hair cut today. He was walking hand in hand with a Melleneal whiite young girl. I felt like screaming at him you’re not straight dude, you’re as gay as I am. Seeing all of this depressed me.

    The gay thing is over. My gym in the Castro is now straight. My old gym was turning straight. You’re right when you say it’s all back in the closet now, minus a few. Don’t know how it is in other U.S. cities but that’s the way it is here in SF. Things become the opposite of what they were ….a gay mecca like sf becomes a closet case city.

    Fucking depressing.

  3. D8

    I have said for years that the number of gay people around the world is much larger than we are led to believe. I’ve seen the gay-straight thing….as plain as day….the gay guy with a straight woman. He assimilated right back into the closet.

  4. castro local

    it is so helpful that you wrote this article in sections. i’ll read it all bbut don’t have the time right now so i just skipped to the parts i found most interesting. on a recent friday night in the castro, a friend of mine who lives in the east bay came over to the city. he wanted us to hang out in his car near castro and market to people watch. we did and it was rather depressing. for a friday night, it was dead. there were no large groups of people mulling around. we couldn’t tell who was str8 and who was queer. we saw two guys walking together somtimes but these days that doesn’t mean anything. what we saw a lot of was the constant flow of tech shuttles coming back in from the south bay – silicon valley. one after the other. made us both aware that the techies have taken over sf. ‘man thiis place has really changed since the days i lived here in the ‘stro’ is what my friend said before he went back home. why did they turn it into this? it looks more like the tenderloin or civic center area at night now. not an uninviting or very safe looking place. we looked at harvey milk plaza where we used to hang out at night to people watch. we agreed that doesn’t look too cool to do now….doesn’t look safe to do. we’d fear for our safety. milk plaza looked so deserted and standing there sorta makes you a target.

Fin. The End.