California to become a Sanctuary State

Hola a todos. There’s some very rare buenas noticias/good news. ¡Sí!/Yes! The California Senate has passed Senate Bill 54 (a.k.a. The California Values Act), that protects undocumented immigrants from possible deportation by prohibiting local law enforcement agencies — including school police and security departments — from cooperating with federal immigration officials. Bill 54 also forbids law enforcement from enquiring about a person’s immigration status. Buenas noticias.

The California Values Act gives additional protection to the state’s undocumented population (about 2.7 million people). In my opinion, this is a very justified slap in the face of the fascistic, white supremacist/nazi-supporting El Hombre Naranja/Orange Man who continues to aggressively crackdown on undocumented immigrants/migrant workers as well as sanctuary cities.

This bill was passed solely by Democrats at the state level. They seem to be a very different breed of Democrat than the basura who charade as Democrats at the federal level of the US Oligarchy in the District of Columbia, the capital city of the US.

Latino Kevin de León from Los Ángeles and president pro tempore of the state Senate introduced Senate Bill 54 back in December. The bill passed the state Senate and Assembly with Democrats alone voting for it. The bill did not receive any Republicano support.

As expected, all “law enforcement” is opposed to this, which should not surprise anyone, considering some bully-thug cops on a macho power trip get a rush out of bashing people’s heads in, especially if they suspect the person is undocumented, or for any other reason.

California Governor Jerry Brown is expected to sign it, so once it’s signed into law and enacted, SB 54 will prevent state and local law enforcement officers and resources from being exploited by The Orange Man to enforce federal laws against undocumented immigrants. Kevin de León said, “Our undocumented neighbors will be able to interact with local law enforcement to report crimes and help in prosecutions without fear of deportation — and that will make our communities safer.”

Muchas gracias to Kevin for authoring this bill and hopefully Jerry Brown will sign it as he’s expected to do.

The US state of Oregon passed a similar bill in 1987.

The article I read about this on a major East Coast news site used the emotionally-neutral language “undocumented immigrants” throughout the article, except when quoting a hater. With hesitation I scanned the comments. Oh lord. As expected, nothing but hate for undocumented immigrants, for Kevin and for the State of California. Also as expected, even though the language “undocumented immigrants” was used throughout their article except when quoting a hater, “undocumented immigrants” was not used by anyone in the comments. Instead, the emotionally-charged and hateful “i” word was used entirely by the mostly conservative/far-right hateful commenters. It was the usual Divide and Conquer mentality on display. The usual “Us versus Them” nonsense. So tiresome. The sheeple never learn. It seems that most humans — especially the elitists among us — need someone to hate and scapegoat for all the problems here in The Cesspool/the US. Of course, if nearly all of the undocumented immigrants in the US were of a light-skin complexion, we wouldn’t even be talking about this. It wouldn’t even be a topic. No, this has to do with people’s racism, people being anti-ethnic. And if most of the haters were in the position of the undocumented, they would have done the same thing the undocumented felt they needed to do to survive by coming here. The US should dismantle and crate up the Statue of Liberty and ship it back to France since it means nothing to The Cesspool. As for the haters, please do not come to my State of California that they clearly despise based on the comments on that site. We don’t need their hate here. They should stay in that cesspool of a state they’re in and continue to wallow in their hate there.

The Fake-Christians

One wonders if most of the haters on that site pretend to be a Christian. If so, they’re frauds and Christian in name-only. From what we’ve been told by scholared sources about Jesus, he would want nothing to do with any of these fake-Christian frauds. Jesus was about love, the Prince of Peace and welcomed the outsider. He wouldn’t be calling undocumented immigrants the hateful and pejorative “i” word. The fake-Christian basura among us seemed to have missed his message, among other things. Many Christians are complete frauds.

Just so you know, if one happens to use the “i” word on pink barrio, your comment will fly into the spam filter where I will proceed to edit your comment to read “undocumented immigrant(s).” I don’t allow the hateful and emotionally-charged “i” word on mi diario/my diary, pink barrio.

Jerry Brown and de León adjusted the bill to allow law enforcement to have some flexibility. For example, the bill gives cops discretion to cooperate with immigration agents if a person has been convicted of a serious or violent felony and any felony punishable by imprisonment in a state facility. The California State Sheriff’s Association said that even with the changes, “the bill still goes too far in cutting off communications with the federal government.” How do they figure that it cuts off communication with the US Oligarchy, or is that just something to say to create fear? And why would we need any “communications” with the US Oligarchy and The Orange Man’s utterly incompetent and chaotic regime. There’s little brainwave activity there. Just an insane child in a man’s body who is obsessed with Hillary Clinton and Obama. Why would one want to communicate with corrupt, corporate, parasitic D and R trash?

Has one noticed that the Democrats of the US Oligarchy are starting to work with The Orange Man? As I’ve said before, I think they like him. That would also explain why the senior senator (Dianne Feinstein) said to expect the man-child to serve his full term, because they have no intention of engaging in any serious efforts to remove him from office.

I’m glad to see California become a Sanctuary State. Finally some good news, and in this case from the Democrats at the state level.

Or is this just temporary? I do have some concerns about this. Isn’t it possible that some “activist” federal judge — as The Orange Man’s rabid supporters like to call them — could unfortunately block this? Or, won’t someone take it to the US Supreme Court to have it overturned? I would think so. I’m sure they can work in one more nut. Of course the far-right is always screaming, “states’ rights, states’ right, leave it to the states” except when they disagree with something and are festering in their hate for immigrants.

I’m for open borders. Borders have created nothing but problems. I feel people should live and work wherever they want in el mundo/the world — I know I’d like to — regardless of these ridiculous borders that humans have created. El mundo was not created with borders. Borders are a human-made contraption and have caused nothing but problems since. Wars have been fought over fucking borders. Ludicrous. And I thank our many immigrants — undocumented as well as documented — for their contributions to The Cesspool/the US/los Estados Unidos. The US/The Cesspool would not exist today without undocumented or documented immigrants to this country. We are a nation of immigrants. Look up the history of this Cesspool of a country sometime. And look at what happened to the native people who were here before us and how despicably they were treated. If you want to get technical, anyone who is not a direct descendant of the native peoples who were here to begin with is an undocumented immigrant, whether one was born here or not. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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