Can gay people live anywhere today?


But that doesn’t stop the willfully-ignorant conservative/right-wing/libertarian/neocon (whatever they call themselves) paid trolls that spend their pathetic lives blogging on someone else’s blog (in the comment section) of sites whose ideology they can’t stand from going on about how it’s now supposedly “progress” that gay meccas (which they’ve never liked either) are disappearing because of heterosexuals pushing into gay areas and taking them over and causing rents and home prices to soar and making the gay areas unaffordable to the GLBTQ locals. And here’s one example of that from Manhattan’s Chelsea barrio: (New York’s Chelsea: The Death of a Gay Neighborhood, Murdered by Neo-Hetero-Homophobes en Los Estados Unidos/in the US. A similar thing has been happening for some time and continues to happen in San Francisco’s Castro barrio with the eviction of many GLBTQ residents from their apartments forcing many GLBTQs to leave San Francisco. (Related: Gay Culture is Dead in 2014 and San Francisco’s last gay gym fading to straight).

But never mind the facts, which right-wing trolls never let get in their way. I’ve repeatedly seen the big lie from right-wing trolls—some even pretending to be gay while they write anti-gay comments—that “gays can live anywhere now,” they claim and and that’s intended to justify the death of gay meccas and gay areas in major US cities. The reality is:


And that’s the part the right-wing trolls deliberately ignore. Depending upon where one is living these days, GLBTQs might be able to live anywhere today if s/he lives in the fucking closet, but even that’s questionable. As the links below about GLBTQ hate crimes indicate, one cannot live anywhere as an openly gay person these days.

Unfortunately, despite the decades-long efforts of the now-dead Gay Rights’ Movement some gay guys are going back in the closet and pretending to be “straight”—a very unhealthy thing to do—as part of their fucked-up-in-the-head heteronormative thinking. They wouldn’t subscribe to heteronormative thinking if they weren’t still holding to that sick societal thinking that there’s something wrong with being gay.

Also, if GLBTQs could live anywhere these days there wouldn’t be literally thousands of sex personal ads—on the site I call ClosetList—in Manhattan (of all places!) as well as Los Ángeles, San Francisco and other major US cities with the word “discreet” and “DL” (down low) in them.

As I’ve said before, there are only two reasons why a gay guy would need to be “discreet” or “down low” and they are:

1) ashamed of his gay sexuality and he does not feel he can live openly as a gay person (even in Manhattan, for example). He feels that being “straight” is the desired or “correct” sexuality. Ugh. Don’t even get me started on that fucked up thinking!


2) he’s cheating on someone so there’s a need to be discreet so the person he’s cheating on doesn’t find out about it. Now that’s a lovely person.

But clearly, based on what I and others are seeing and based on gay personal online sex ads, gay guys today do not feel they can live anywhere openly as a gay person otherwise they wouldn’t be saturating their personal sex ads with the words “discreet” or (the other spelling they use): “discrete.”

So the next time some useless right-wing asshole troll who spends his/her life in a comment section smugly says that “gays can live anywhere,” indirectly tell the asshole (without directly responding to or feeding the parasitic troll), what I’ve written here por favor. You can even link to this if you want. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Gay people can live anywhere? Really? Have they not heard about any of this?:

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I don’t like Alex Jones or most of his views—especially his rabid views regarding undocumented immigrants—and by embedding his video here I’m not endorsing him or his programme. I find this video informative:

8 comments on “Can gay people live anywhere today?

  1. RUkiddingmeChico?

    if gay people can live anywhere they sure don’t act like it. I saw an ad last night. it was this married dude in his 50s and he wanted to give blow jobs on a regular basis to a guy between 18 and 22 yrs old. the married guy lives in brooklyn, nyc. he said that this could be their little secret and that the young guy’s buddies would never know that he likes getting his dick sucked by guys. how does he know that the guy’s buddies don’t already know that he likes getting blown and maybe they do too?
    until I started reading your blog and looking around at guy’s ads, I had no idea that so many guys in nyc come with this small town baggage. they’re in manhattan or brooklyn and they act like they think they live in a small town where people care what they do. that blows me away. using them as examples, gays can’t even live in new york city openly. that’s fuked up.

  2. Alejandro

    Hola, el barrio rosa. If gay people can live anywhere, tell that to the major TV networks. Every time I turn on my television I see some guy sucking face with a woman. It doesn’t matter what network it is. When I’m channel surfing it’s always some straight scene I see. Either she’s clinging all over him wanting dick, they’re sucking face, and doing the holding hands and arm and arm number. I can’t remember the last time I saw two guys or two women doing the same thing that I see these straight couples do on any network, if I’ve ever seen that.

    If gay people could live anywhere and if we are so accepted by society then these TV networks wouldn’t have any problem showing ON A REGULAR BASIS gay couples doing the same things they show straight couples doing. Instead all they show are straight couples as if gay couples and gay people don’t exist. I’m sick of seeing straight couples on television. That’s all there is on any network. There are other people in the world besides straight couples TV networks.

    I won’t hold my breath that I will see what I’m asking for any time soon, if I ever see it.


    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola Alejandro y Muchísimas gracias for bringing that up. Very interesting that you brought that up because just tonight I was looking at Telemundo and they were running a telenovela with the typical “straight” couples. What burned me up about it was that with one of the “straight” couples, a gay guy is playing the role of a “straight” guy. I assume he’s openly gay (Diego Soldano). He was in another telenovela I monitored awhile back on Telemundo. I looked him up then. He has a partner and they have a son (or maybe two sons) and I saw a picture of them. They are a gay couple. But in this telenovela as well as all the others, he’s playing a “straight” chico and (as you say) sucking face with a female. It made me cringe because it was being dishonest as to who he is as a person. He’s playing a “straight” chico for the dinero. Of course Telemundo couldn’t possibly have him in a gay relationship in the telenovelas. No, we can’t possibly have that even though “gay people can live anywhere.” Yes, sure we can, denialists. This irritates me as well. Again, gracias. Chau.—el barrio rosa

      P.S. And Diego is just one example. How many Queer actors are there who are matched up with some female in a role to deceive/give the impression to the audience that they’re “straight?”

  3. ConcernedResidentIn94114

    Not by choice, I live next door to a conservative. He was here when I moved here. I don’t talk with him much because we don’t agree on much. About 6 months ago I said to him that I’d heard that there’s lots of concern about losing the gay community in the Castro and the Castro becoming straight from gentrification. You know what he said to me? He would support that he said. I said, but aren’t you gay? He said yes. I thought that maybe he was trolling me but I abruptly changed the subject which worked but I couldn’t believe a gay guy would say he’s for losing the gay community in the Castro to straights. That still blows me away.

  4. Cool Dude

    Re: trolls.

    They always say the same thing, like this that I copied from another site:

    “So….anyone who has different opinions and disagrees with me….is…a Government paid troll? And not because they are human beings who have different ideologies and the Constitutionally given right to speak their minds?”

    Haven’t we all read that 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 of times or more? When I read that on the site I copied it from I glazed over out of boredom because I’ve read that so many times over the years. We all know that being a troll is not about having “different opnions” or disagreeing. We all know it’s about how they go about doing that….. like assholes.

    I appreciate your articles even if I don’t comment on all of them. You write about topics that can make people uncomfortable, make them think and they don’t like to talk about or write about. I’ve never read an article asking whether gays people can live anywhere now? Yours is the first.

    Thanks. Later.

  5. SF-Resident

    Of course there’s a need for gay meccas today. Only a conservative idiot with agenda would express an opinion otherwise. Your point is well taken about the pilot light being out on the gay rights movement. My friends have said that too for awhile now. But should the gay community eventually get riled up about something and want to protest, without gay meccas they will be spread all over the place with no central location.

  6. D8

    Excellent article with the points you made. Too bad you didn’t write this a year ago when I needed it. I got into this argument with some damned fool on a site I was on who was saying how gays can live anywhere, the same thing you wrote about there. I said that wasn’t true. I could only come up with a couple examples.

    I also agree that with ***some*** gay marriage victories in the U.S., nothing seems to matter now to the gay community. San Francisco used to be all about fighting injustices. Today = nothing. Other than occasional whispers against injustice from a few people that’s gone from this city and the gay community used to be part of that fight. The gay community doesn’t seem to care about anything now.

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola D8. I hear ya! If anything, as they (the gay populace) have become conservatives they now condone the injustice(s) or don’t care about it. I agree, the pilot light on the Gay Rights’ Movement went out some time ago.

      You wrote:

      “The gay community doesn’t seem to care about anything now.”

      Now that’s not true and you know damn well that’s not true. They care very deeply about partying and having that stupidphone screen almost embedded in their chin. (Smartphones are transforming society into a sea of stupid). And some care very deeply about being “all jock” and gushing over corporate sport$ team$ and screaming at their television or in some obnoxious sports bar because their team has scored a point or won some game or the US Series. Those things are the most important things to the gay populace today. And if you call them shallow and superficial they may agree with you and say, “Thank you, please continue to call me shallow and superficial because that too is ‘in’ now.” Gracias for your comment. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Fin. The End.