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Girasol Amarillo
La amapola de California

La Dalia Roja y Blanca

Stupid is in. Why is it that the BBC never can get it correct? They’ve been doing this how long? And still haven’t gotten a clue for what makes the best performance in a musical sense. Read article here.

The Conductor was born in Colombia? And that’s important, is it? Read article here.

What’s more difficult: Tech training or Music Training? Read article here.

An Orchestra of one. To some people, there’s only one musician on stage. Read article here.

The piano fell off the stage? It was for a performance of one of the Brahms’s Piano Concerti in Deutschland. Read article here.

The COVID-19 Bookshelves. The Conservatory students I emailed have noticed them. Read article here.

The Greatest Pianist. How on Earth would one determine that? Read article here.

COVID-19 shuts down Orchestras and Choruses (and concert artists). Read article here.

We’re down to The Big Three.
The fad pieces now being performed by “everyone” in lockstep. Such creative programming [sarcasm intended]! You can probably guess the first one. Read article here.

Sexist pigs slobbering over females, and the sexist women who enjoy being slobbered over.
The Sexist Women of The Male Patriarchy. These women say, “He’s just being a gentleman.” Ugh. No, he’s just being a sexist pig. Real “gentlemen” — a word I never use — are not sexists. Read article here.

Is the AGO a religious organisation? Can I write about the elitist clique known as the AGO without raising my blood pressure? Well I’ll try. Oddly, for me I had a far better experience with church organists before I trained in pipe organ than after I trained. Read article here.

Brahms’s Ein deutsches Requiem performed by the outstanding hr-Sinfonieorchester and the MDR-Rundfunkchor. The Chorus was glorious throughout. The extremely well-prepared Chorus from Leipzig, the MDR-Rundfunkchor, sang with perfect intonation in all voice parts (SATB) and very clear German diction.  And some of their most beautiful singing was when they were singing very quietly and in a hushed manner, such as on the text, “Selig sind” which translates as “Blessed are.”  Read article here.