Challenging the Anti-Gay Views of a fundamentalist Christian

Why would anyone waste their time doing that?

Hola a todos. But that’s exactly what openly-Queer Olympian Adam Rippon plans to do when he “takes a call” from the fundamentalist scum who pretends to be a Christian currently occupying the office of vp here in the shithole US.

I keep reading headlines such as “Adam Rippon says he’s ‘totally ready’ to take a call from P*nc*.” Jesus fucking christ, what is wrong with you Adam? Why would you do that? I wouldn’t give that man the time of day. Completely ignore him. Why disrespect yourself, Adam, by talking with anti-Queer basura? You’re not going to change that man’s mind on anything. Have you not looked at him? He’s not all there. He’s off the latch. Him and his blank emotionless stares. WTF is going on in his mind? He has made it extremely clear that he hates/despises gay people, so why would you choose to subject yourself to someone like that? The orange man reportedly joked that his vp sidekick ‘wants to hang’ all gays. That’s someone you want to talk with? Loco. Do you not know what he is as a person? Do some research on him. He’s worse than el hombre-niño naranja/the orange man-child, if one can possibly imagine that! He’s been described as “scary” by some people who’ve had contact with him.

I know from personal experience what it’s like to deal with fundamentalist Christians. Well, they claim/pretend to be a Christian while they’re full of hate. Like so many (if not most) Christians, they’re really Christian in name-only. They don’t practise the teachings of Jesus in their daily lives. They wrap themselves in the US flag and Christianity, the bible, scripture verses, prayers and the Floating Cloud Being as part of their hateful agenda. I’ve talked with many fundamentalist Christians — some of them in my own family — and where does that conversation lead? To a heated argument where nothing is ever solved or resolved. Ever. Such a conversation is a complete waste of time, Adam. You’ll be all hot and sweaty at the end of it and absolutely nothing will have changed. One cannot change an anti-Queer bigot’s mind. One would think you would know that by now. And as anti-Queer as that piece of work is, one gets the distinct impression that he’s a typical closet case himself, like many others in this white power/nazi regime. Because breeders who are secure with themselves and their own sexuality don’t hate on Queers (GTQBLs). Closet cases do that to hide their own Queer feelings.

Adam is showing his youthful immaturity. He’s coming off to me as very naïve and inexperienced. I also get the sense he’s doing this for attention — bad idea — as a follow-up to the attention he enjoyed during the Olympics. I wouldn’t take a call from any of these basura.

I would also like to say this because I keep reading headlines about it: As for those — the far-right? — who say that some of the Queer US Olympians should not have talked about politics, that’s nonsense. But of course as typical, if the far-right/conservatives had agreed with the comments made they’d be applauding them and thanking the Olympians for expressing their views, instead of whining about them. I would like to remind these people that these games are all about politics. They are so much about politics that that P*nc* guy was there making an ass of himself as the basura from this despicable regime usually do. These games are about politics, ugly nationalism and whose country is supposedly “best” and all that immature rubbish. The reality is that politics is in nearly everything that I can think of. It’s even in classical music and in shallow US pop culture. Politics is infested in everything, just like fossil fuel. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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2 comments on “Challenging the Anti-Gay Views of a fundamentalist Christian

  1. D8

    This boggles the mind doesn’t it? I think Adam sees himself as a celebrity now and he’s loving that limelight. To continue to feed into that he would talk with mp to get more media coverage. No interest here in it but I’m waiting for some gay organization to set up a conference call so everyone can listen in with baited breath to their little chat. The guy’s made other bad decisions like binging on junk food after his competed. Gave a notice about it to his trainer and gave a free promotion of what junk food he binged on by mentioning the major fast food chain’s name. Was happy to see how pro-queer Sally Fields is…she’s been trying to set up a date for Adam with her queer son, Sam who’d like to date Adam. She wants Adam in the family she says. Sally’s pretty cool.

  2. E in Sunnyvale

    Next thing you know, Adam will be “crashing” paid events with neo-nazi scum to “gather intel”. Sad.

    Adam, the refusal to speak speaks louder.

Fin. The End.