Change it back to Gay Freedom Day

Can we get rid of corporate Pride Inc. and return to Gay Freedom Day? It’s about acceptance, and freedom of and from oppression and discrimination, not pride. Why Pride?

Hola a todos. I won’t be surprised if I get some flak for this article, but I don’t care.

In San Francisco, Pride Inc. — also known as the Gay Pride Parade — has become a Rainbow Flag saturated corporatised commercial where Millennial breeders/straights can be seen making out under Rainbow flags, as can often also be seen in San Francisco’s former Gay Mecca, The Castro, throughout the year. When the truth be told, Pride Inc. has become an hours-long corporate mobile ad for the data-mining and predatory Tech Industrial Complex to promote their billionaire-owned corporations, their apps and the continued dopamine-phone addiction. Even though the tech industry with its reputation of being misogynistic and sexist claims to be pro-gay (or at least the major techie corporations do), many of the techies are anti-gay based on their under-their-breath remarks, facial expressions and the behaviour we’ve seen from them in San Francisco’s Castro. Pride Inc. is also the event where millionaire-owned corporate sports teams with their history of homophobia are invited by the organisers of Pride Inc. to come and promote their teams and millionaire celebrity players. A few years ago the organisers of Pride Inc. invited US military recruitment to take part. WTF? Clearly an indicator that Pride Inc. had completely lost its way and sold out, because the founders of the original Gay Freedom Day Parade wanted nothing to do with the US Military Industrial Complex, and the Movement was very pro-peace. Not at all into US imperialism or advancing that barbaric agenda. Pride Inc. is also an opportunity for wealthier breeders to come to party. Bottom Line: Pride Inc. is really just a corporate party. Historically, some of the advertisers and participants were (and still are?) anti-gay, such as corporate banks and (as I mentioned earlier) corporate sports teams who are now in the corporate Pride Inc. parade. One wonders how many “faggot jokes” one hears in these corporate national league sports team locker rooms these days and especially after these wealthy players get back from Pride Inc.? But these days, the conformist and now-conservative Gay Community (what little remains of it here) finds these corporate sports team jocks to be heroes and “cool dudes” — completely ignoring their homophobia and homophobic history — because “Hey, they’re jocks, real macho men” playing with balls, and I’m not talking about sexual activities.

Lesbians Chauvinistically Hijacked the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement and its sanitised acronyms

The event that is now called “Pride” — or what some of us more accurately call “Pride Inc” since the event is now a corporate commercial complete with the “official corporate car” and “the official corporate hotel chain” — was originally and officially called The Gay Freedom Day Parade. The event was called The Gay Freedom Day Parade up until 1981 when it was changed (by needy, attention-seeking lesbians?) to the International Lesbian and Gay Freedom Day Parade. Why was it changed to Lesbian and Gay? They changed it without anyone noticing. As with that silly and sanitised “LGBT” acronym, why were lesbians moved to first place-top billing when they renamed it International Lesbian and Gay Freedom Day Parade?

The way it usually works in any other context is that the people who do most of the work get most of the recognition, as it should be. Period. But not in the minds of these self-absorbed lesbians who hijacked our Movement. Gay guys and trans individuals led the original Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement, not lesbians. And that’s what it was called. What was wrong with Gay and Lesbian in that order? What was wrong with GLBTQ in that order, as it was originally named when acronyms started being used?

I read this recently:

“Lesbians changed it to LGBT when huge numbers of gay men died from AIDS in the 80s.”

Really? I hadn’t heard that. If that’s true, it is extremely rude and disrespectful to the thousands of gay guys who led the Gay and Lesbian (GLBTQ) Rights Movement for lesbians to take it upon their self-righteous selves to move themselves to first place in that “LGBT” acronym. I mean, if they had led and done most of the work of the Movement they would deserve first place. But they didn’t. As I said earlier, Gay guys and trans individuals led the movement. While they were doing most of the work, lesbians were sitting on their ass on their hogs with a cigarette in one hand and a beer in the other partying. They think they deserve first place for that, do they? I. Don’t. Think. So.

You know, I can see some busy-bodied, attention-seeking, self-absorbed and self-entitled lesbians sitting around a corporate conference room table and saying this shit:

“The more stupid we make it the more it will stick. We lesbians have an idea. Let’s sanitise our Movement by using letters instead of words. Let’s call it “LGBT,” which will be more like sanitised code language. We believe this will be more acceptable to the breeders. Because the words Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer won’t be “in their face” the way it is now with “Gay, Lesbian and Transgender,” which makes the breeders very uncomfortable, and we don’t want that. We want the breeders to love us and think we’re just like them. So let’s cater to the breeders (unspoken: and their bigotry and prejudices) okay? Does everyone here agree? It seems unanimous. Good. So we will put us lesbians firstsee Footnote 1 every time and always since this is our idea, and because we lesbians are more acceptable to the public and to breeders than Gay guys are. So let’s move Gay guys to second place. We’ll sorta hide them in there behind the “L” even though Gay guys have done most of the work of the Movement. That doesn’t matter. Many of us lesbians can’t stand men anyway. Everyone here agree? Good. We will be contacting all media organisations around the world and notifying them of this permanent change we have made to always put us lesbians first whenever they write about anything gay-related. This meeting is adjourned.”

On a related note: That’s one of the reasons that StarB*cks — known for its rampant ageism as recently reported (do you buy coffee from that corporate chain?) — awhile back had the image of a lesbian couple’s hands on their coffee cups. They did not have the hands of two gay guys holding hands and probably never will! That’s because lesbians are considered more acceptable to the anti-gay prejudiced and bigoted breeders/straights than gay guys are.

Corporate “Pride Inc” should be changed back to Gay Freedom Day — and I’m sure that will happen, aren’t you?! — as in freedom of and from oppression and discrimination.

Why Pride? What’s there to be proud of and have pride in?

I’ll assume that lesbians dreamed up this Pride, Inc. nonsense too when they were hijacking our Movement and putting themselves first.

Question: What’s there to be “proud” about and have “pride” in when it comes to the way one was born? It’s not something one has to talk oneself into. Or did these busy-bodied lesbians think that one’s sexual orientation is a choice that one must take “pride” in and be “proud” of as one’s chosen sexual orientation?

One can be proud of one’s accomplishments and achievements throughout life, such as getting a long-term gay partner, goals met or work-related achievements.

But why would one be “proud” or have “pride” over something — such as one’s sexual orientation — that one had/has absolutely no control over or choice in the matter? That’s like saying, “I’m proud to have brown hair and brown eyes,” something one was born with. Just like one is born with one’s sexual orientation, even if one feels they are the wrong gender in the body they came out of the womb with and later change their gender.

I’ve never heard a straight person say, “I’m proud to be straight,” have you? I’ll partially take that back. I have heard breeders say, “I’m proud to be straight” when they were mocking and making fun of Gay Pride (Pride Inc.).

So again, why would one be “proud” to be gay or straight and take “pride” in that, when one’s sexuality is just the way it is. It’s not a choice to take “pride” in or to be “proud” about.

For example, I don’t say: I’m proud to be Queer or Gay. What’s there to be “proud” about when it comes to one’s sexual orientation? One’s sexual orientation is a matter of fact; it’s just the way it is. (I know I’m being repetitive here and deliberately so because there are a lot of stupid, dense and thick people out there, should they show up here and read this article).

So why did these fucking idiots — lesbians who hijacked our Movement — change all of this from Gay Freedom Day to “Pride” and “Proud” without anyone knowing it? I don’t at all understand what they were thinking? Other than the childish need for attention and to be first. (What were these lesbians like as children in elementary school? Oh good gawd, I can’t imagine. “I wanna be first, I wanna be first.”) Get some therapy and work through that. But unfortunately, this “Pride” and “Proud” language caught on like a virus, just like that sanitised “LGBT” code language shit that one sees all over the internet.

I suppose someone would say: “Pride is about your being proud or have pride in being out of the closet.” One day a year you’re out of the closet? That’s about the extent of it now. That’s all it’s about? But much of the Queer Community doesn’t seem to be out of the closet now; they seem to be back in the closet from what I’ve seen with their “discreet” and “down low” selves, and trying to act straight, macho and act like a breeder jock. Or, are they only out of the closet and “proud” — but only to a certain extent — one day a year on corporate Pride, Inc. Sunday so that they can party with the breeders and talk about fucking pussy with the breeder guys.

I remember reading some of the closeted gay ads where the guys wrote, “This is just between you and me, no one else needs to know. Just two discreet guys having sex behind closed doors. Most people think I’m straight and I want to keep it that way.”

So much for “Pride.”

How does one get ready for Pride?

Some of us Queers used to be asked: “Are you getting ready for Pride?” It would be a month away and we never knew how to answer that question because what does one do to “get ready for Pride?” Does one buy new shoes or buy new jeans or what? Or if one was going to work-out to pump oneself up in a muscular way, that takes a lot more time than a month to do, so that can’t be it. One can pick out what one will wear in a few minutes, so that can’t be it. Getting your hair cut only takes an hour, so that can’t be it. So, what exactly is “getting ready for Pride?” These days, because “Pride Inc.” is so “last year,” we don’t hear anyone asking that question anymore. And that’s been especially the case since most of the Queer Community seems to have gone back in the closet and are being “discreet” and “down low.”

This re-writing of our history by these fucking lesbians didn’t work very well. It didn’t make much sense. Did these lesbians have too much 420 when they were dreaming this shit up? Or did they literally have their heads up some corporate ass and weren’t clear on the concept? It seems that they were completely clueless on what the Movement was about.

With the original Gay Freedom Day, the goal was for basic human and civil rights, freedom from oppression and freedom from discrimination, which the original founders completely understood. That’s why they called it The Gay Freedom Day Parade. The founders of the original Gay Freedom Day were extremely clear on the concept and therefore there was no need to change what they did. Yet these arrogant and busy-bodied lesbians allegedly took it upon themselves to hijack our Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement and made these self-absorbed and self-entitled changes to give themselves attention. I can hear them now, “We want to be first, we lesbians want to be first.” Such childish immaturity.

Unconditional Acceptance, not Tolerance

Gay Freedom Day is also about acceptance. Giving unconditional acceptance to a Queer/Gay person. And not that lame, weak and mealy-mouthed word “tolerance” that I can’t stand. It makes me cringe every time some idiot who should know better uses the word “tolerance” instead of “acceptance.” Anytime I see anyone use the word “tolerance,” as in “I’ll tolerate you,” I think: Don’t bother. I want you to accept me, not begrudgingly put up with me, which is what tolerate means.

So I think that this corporate “Pride Inc.” nonsense — which has completely lost itself and lost its way when it became corporatised — should be changed back to Gay Freedom Day. But I live under no illusion that’s ever going to happen. No, not as conformist and conservative as the now-dead Queer Community has become.

Isn’t it interesting how “everything” got sanitised and corporatised and with the lesbians having to go first with their “ladies go first” mentality. The “ladies go first” mentality is chauvinistic and it’s also very heteronormative and “Old School.” The “ladies go first” mentality is the same thinking that my parents and grandparents held where (as they would say): “The little lady always goes first. Open doors for the little lady. Pull out chairs for the little lady. Buy gifts for the little lady. Her place is in the home (barefoot and pregnant). She’s supposed to be in the kitchen and passive/submissive to the tall, dominant, strong and manly guy.” I guess those lesbian morons didn’t think about that.

Another example of things being sanitised is that today most Queers are indistinguishable from breeders in their outward appearance. Even with my most reliable Gaydar, when glancing at single guys walking on the sidewalks in today’s San Francisco, it’s hard for me to tell who is Queer and who is a breeder. That was not at all the case during the Gay Mecca decades. It’s as if they’re trying to look the same. It’s a case of gay guys trying to be and look straight or heternormative. Then there are the Queer boys (according to my Gaydar) I see walking around holding hands with females in The Castro and Upper Market trying to give the impression they are a breeder couple. More heteronormative. Are they in the closet or have they gone back in the closet after being “out” for years? Related: How many Queers can the closet hold? and The Closeted Queer Community (2017).

I do remember the San Francisco Gay Freedom Day Parade Band and other “Freedom Day” musical groups we had at that time. By the way, the San Francisco Gay Freedom Day Band is now called, can you guess? It’s called the “San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band.” Lesbians had to hijack the names of musical ensembles too! Or did the band change the name because someone in the band said, “We need to change the name of the band because everyone is putting the word lesbian first now, and we must conform and be like everyone else.” Damn sheeple. Regardless, these lesbians have been relentless for attention. So they had to go and change the names of musical ensembles too to put themselves first! More revisionist history. I swear, these lesbians are absolutely rabid about needing attention and being in first place. I’m surprised they haven’t changed the name of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus to San Francisco Lesbian’s Chorus, even though there are no lesbians in it. But would that matter to them that there are no lesbians in the Chorus — call it that anyway! — with their rabid Queer-revisionist history mentality? Ugh.

I remember researching this topic of Queer revisionist history sometime back and at that time I noticed that literally everything has been sanitised and reversed from the way it originally was in order to give lesbians top-first billing. And somehow — I have no idea how they accomplished this — they even went back into archival records from the 1970s and changed that language to put “Lesbian” first to give the false impression that our Movement was always called “Lesbian and Gay…” in the historic language of that day. That is extremely dishonest, it’s fake and it’s a lie because back in that day the word Gay was first because, once again, gay guys and trans individuals led the Movement and did most of the work.

Most of the work today is being done by the Trans Community. Everyone else in the Queer Community is dead. The Trans Community is just trying to find a suitable place to go to the bathroom, and doing their best to avoid being assaulted, beaten up and killed.

So I say: Forget this “Pride” shit, which I have zero interest in at this point because it has been ruined. Change it back to Gay Freedom Day, and call it that. That was the original, authentic name given to our special day once a year. Go back to a parade that has no corporations, no official corporate cars, no official corporate hotel chains, no official anything, no techie corporations, no corporate sports teams or homophobic players, no corporate or business floats or corporate funding. And go back to a parade that has no busy-bodied corporate trash running the thing. Period.

It’s long past time we Queers return to our roots.

As some of us see it from my talking with local Queers about this topic, it’s no wonder that the Gay Community is dead here in 2018. Gay meccas have been deliberately dissolved and taken over by breeders. Related: Chelsea: The Death of a Gay Neighborhood, Murdered by Neo-Hetero-Homophobes. Lesbians hijacked the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement and re-wrote, changed our original rich Queer history. So today, it’s as if the Queer Community has no idea where they came from nor do they have any clue where they’re going. There appears to no longer be any Queer-related goals. It’s as if most Queers live under some false illusion that all has been accomplished (hardly!) for the Queer Community when Gay Marriage was made legal here in the shithole US. Related: What was the ultimate goal of the Gay Rights Movement? But for how much long will marriage equality be legal under the orange nazi’s regime?

I see no indicators of “pride” or “proud” in today’s now-dead Queer Community. Most recently I asked: Are there no openly gay people in San Francisco anymore?
When the site I called ClosetList allowed personal sex ads, the Men-for-Men category had thousands of ads with nearly all of them saturated with the word “discreet” and or “down low.” Discreet is the opposite of proud or pride. So the Queer Community has gone from “Out and Proud” to the opposite: Discreet and down low. Discreet can imply (gay) shame and that you’re doing something you shouldn’t be doing. Some guys used the word “discreet” 6-8 times in a very short paragraph sex ad (almost every other word), indicating that they were not “out and proud” but closeted in San Francisco. I’ve also written about The “Discreet” Gay Guys in New York City. One year I wrote: Change Gay Pride to Gay Discreet. Awhile back, I wrote: More back to the 1950s: Gay guys marrying females in droves. Sad.

To some of us, “Pride” and Pride Inc. have become completely passé, outdated and irrelevant, with by all indications a mostly now-closeted (and dead) Queer Community. I think the Queer Community could have all their rights taken away and they would still remain silent, conformist and obedient. That’s the opposite of who we were during the original Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement and with our proudly radicalFootnote 2 Gay Freedom Day Parades. Chau.—el barrio rosa


Footnote 1 There is real irony or hypocrisy here. Keep in mind, this change of putting lesbians first came at the height of the Feminist Movement which the lesbians who made these changes likely took part in since there was some overlapping between the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement and the Women’s Movement. But lesbians shoved Gay guys out of the way to make themselves the “stars” and give the illusion they (the lesbians) were in control and the dominant group of the Movement, which was a bold-faced lie.

Footnote 2 It was proudly-radical up until the Queer Community became conservative and conformist with that Gay Assimilation nonsense. Today, one gets the impression that the Queer Community has completely divorced themselves from our radical past, is ashamed of it and almost apologetic to the breeders for our radical past because our behaviour and actions offended and inconvenienced the precious breeders.


Gay Rights’ Movement Legacy Hijacked By Lesbians. May GLBTQ Live On!

The official acronym is now: LGBTQQICAPF2K+

Lea DeLaria: The LGBTQIA+ acronym is divisive

Gay “Assimilation:” Back to the 1950s

Gay Freedom Day — or as the corporatist conformists and revisionist history crowd insists on calling it “Gay Pride” — is held at various times through el mundo/the world as you can see here.

7 comments on “Change it back to Gay Freedom Day

  1. E in Sunnyvale

    Most of the work today is being done by the Trans Community. Everyone else in the Queer Community is dead. The Trans Community is just trying to find a suitable place to go to the bathroom, and doing their best to avoid being assaulted, beaten up and killed.

    Yes, and our “Community” (whatever that means) just ain’t big enough or vocal enough. And any time we are able to draw attention to the issues we face, the problems only get worse. Much worse. It used to be we could sort of “fly under the radar”. But then along came Caitlin… one of the worst possible representatives for the trans “Community” (whatever that means) could have.

    As for the rest of the Queer “Community” (whatever that means, too), most don’t give a flying fuck about the trans “community” (whatever that means).

    As an aside, what are these alleged “communities”? A bunch of keyboard warriors? They sure are hard to find in so-called Gay Meccas, etc… these days.

    le sigh

    1. Queer boi

      Love your comment, E. Reminds me of when pb refers to the so-called gay community. You two so often think alike. I was just on a social media site which pb probably doesn’t want me to mention. That’s cool. The initials are Tw. Anyhoo, my impression is that *some* Queers come out of the closet on Gay Freedom Weekend and then go back in the closet on Monday…. because where are these people all other times????….the keyboard warriors.

  2. Former San Franciscan

    Did you know that San Francisco’s “Pride” has been so changed and sanitized that the words gay or lesbian or any other group are not part of the title? It’s not called Gay Pride. It’s called “2018 San Francisco Pride.” Sounds like they’re afraid to say what it is. They make it sound like it’s all about pride in the City like “I’m a proud San Franciscan,” and they’re having an official VIP Party at City Hall. Couldn’t wait to go to that!!! They’re also having grandstand seating so you can get the best view of the commercial going by. Glad I won’;t be there to see it!

    1. castro local

      not only that but san francisco took down the rainbow flags along market st early. not sure when they came down but this is still gay freedom month and the flags were gone yesterday. it’s still june. guess the city felt there was no financial value in having them up since the money maker gay freedom day parade was last sunday.

  3. TheSleepyGamer

    Here iin Amurka ladies are always first. That’s why everything got change to fit what Amurka’s about. Here we pamper our ladies and show how much we lovve them by pamerping them and putting them first. We open the door for them so they don’t have to soil theiir hannypooises. Here in Amurka, women are first. Get a clue. Try pulling the chair out for a female sometime. Be a real man and not a fucking faggot.

  4. David in Breuckelen

    Yeah that’s right, it was called Gay Freedom Day….I remember now. So stupid that they changed it.
    Their choice of the word ‘pride’ makes little sense after reading your analysis of that.

  5. D8

    “I won’t be surprised if I get some flak for this article, but I don’t care.”

    You won’t get any flak from me. I agree w/ you and you rasied some good points I’d never thought of. I’m going to start calling it Gay Freedom Day from now on to anyone I talk with.

    I was in the Castro this morning and it was dead, dead, dead. No people and no traffic to speak of. Gay Freedom Day is this Sunday and if this were 10-20 years ago thousands of people would be coming in here now. The week before was very crowded. Not today. At one time, people were coming in here at the beginning of the month. If you didn’t know any better, you wouldn’t know that Gay Freedom Day is on Sunday.

Fin. The End.