The Class Warfare Agenda: renovation of the Harvey Milk Plaza

They’re fighting a losing battle because homeless people are just as resourceful and intelligent as homeowners, if not smarter. Since homeowners get to use the plaza, so shall the homeless, who have just as much right to be in the plaza as the homeowners. The only way to solve this problem is by helping the homeless find homes, employment and any other care that they need. But helping the homeless is not part of the Class Warfare Agenda.

Hola a todos. The locals running things in San Francisco’s Castro have become the same conservative trash they fled from decades ago when they moved to the (then) Gay Mecca as “proudly radical” Queers. WTF happened to them? Answer: They’ve become completely different people than they were when they first moved here.

When I moved to San Francisco at the height of the Gay Mecca, I never would have guessed what a hateful place The Castro was and the nasty politics of el barrio/the neighbourhood, The Castro Village as it was called. The hate was very disguised or covert at that time. I’ve heard and read personal stories which makes me think that not that much has changed since the days that I moved here. Or, maybe it wasn’t as hateful at that time as it has become over the years as locals have changed from being proudly radical and liberal to conservatives, although they may not call themselves conservatives. They likely hide behind the word “moderate.” And in San Francisco, the word “moderate” is code for conservative and that’s been the case for years, and I think that’s fairly common knowledge around here. In many cases, decades ago these local residents fled from anti-Queer conservatives where they once lived. But today? They have become the same conservatives they ran from decades ago. What changed? Well when they moved here they were renters. Today they are mostly homeowners and I have found that home ownership changes a lot of people and their thinking. They often become the opposite of who they once were as people. Many (if not most) homeowners today hate on renters, forgetting that they were once a renter. Hypocrites.

I read that they’ve been having some meetings about how to renovate the sterile and uninviting Harvey Milk Plaza (HMP), which is the entrance to the metro. Over the years, the self-appointed conservative know-it-alls around here have made the HMP a very unwelcoming place, in part, by removing benches so that the people that they hate the most (the homeless) can’t sit there. Unfortunately nobody else can either. The elitists around here — might they be the self-entitled homeowners? — have spoken many times in their usual typically coded language trying to disguise their hate for the homeless. The new HMP design — which to me looks more like a ski ramp — and which many people don’t like looks like it won’t happen because “it could be a magnet for the homeless.” They are so afraid of the homeless around here. In other code language, some idiot wanted to “activate” the space (Harvey Milk Plaza) thinking that would keep homeless people from coming there. But someone else pointed out that the Jane Warner Plaza across the street is about as “activated” as it can be and the homeless are there at 5am and throughout the day usually.

I would like to point out that genuine progressives and genuine liberals don’t hate on the homeless as the elitist conservative basura do here in The Castro and Upper Market. And a genuinely liberal or progressive City would not have the anti-homeless laws that we have in San Francisco today. I suspect these people whining about the homeless are mainly well-off registered Democrats and routinely vote for their conservative — pretending to be a “moderate” or “liberal?” — Oligarchy Establishment Democratic celebrity politicians. You know who they are.

Frankly, I think that most of the residents in the conservative Castro would be much happier if they moved their elitist ass back to the conservative hellhole they moved here from decades ago. They would fit right in today. There might be some mild quibbling among some over the gay topic, but as many Queers are going back in the closet with many also marrying females to be like the breeders, the Queer topic likely wouldn’t even come up. Related: More back to the 1950s: Gay guys marrying females in droves. Sad. and Gay Assimilation Has Backfired.

Just like during the ugly anti-homeless sit-lie campaign which criminalises homelessness in San Francisco, the conservative elitist trash around here are obsessed with the word “safety.” The word “safety” was used repeatedly in the article I read about this renovation of HMP. I was left with the distinct impression that these conservatives are afraid of their own fucking shadow. I would like to say this to them: Move your ass to an elitist gated community in fucking Walnut Creek assholes since you’re so afraid of living in a major City with its typical urban problems, even though you trash have done your best to turn The Castro into Walnut Creek. The Castro looks nothing like it once did during the Gay Mecca decades. Speaking of afraid of their own shadow, a perfect example of that is that busy-bodied conservative bwitch that runs one of those useless conservative neighbourhood groups. From my research, she’s receiving an exorbitant salary to ramrod The Castro and that conservative piece of work doesn’t even live here. She lives in Pacifica, down the coast. Why is someone who lives in Pacifica concerned with/involved in the changing of The Castro? Insanity.

Elitist bougi assholes who think they’re too good to see homeless people seem to not understand that as the economy here in the shithole US continues its downward spiral — including the stock market as of this writing — that the gap between the (super)wealthy and the poor is going to continue to widen and widen. That will lead, as it’s doing, to more and more homeless people everywhere you look, including in the conservative Castro.

Now there’s no need for anyone from the conservative, far-right to tell me, “Why don’t you take in a homeless person if you love them so much?” LOL. I’m sure most readers have read that flippant, non-sequitur tiresome line many times in online comment sections. That’s part of the trolling script that the anti-homeless far-right conservative trash consistently spew out on cue. This is what I would like to say to them: Being the elitist that you are with that (big?) luxury home you own and all with its many rooms, you would be in a far better position to take in a homeless person than myself. I’m in a small rental apartment and my lease prevents me from taking anyone in. So I suggest you take your own suggestion, assholes. Do we understand each other? And refrain from being violent with the homeless person, por favor/please. Treat him or her humanely and with the same level of respect you would give anyone else, although as a rabid conservative I doubt that the word “humanely” is part of your vocabulary. You can look it up. Homeless people are human beings you know, and have just as many rights as elitist you.

During the nasty sit-lie campaign, the hate in The Castro was rather overt at times from what I witnessed. I watched as — what looked like — wealthy elitist preppy guys in their 30s smugly bullied and talked down to the homeless sitting on the sidewalk, and they were asked why they were sitting there. Things got quite heated. I walked away for awhile having seen enough. I can only take so much hate. The sit-lie campaign told me how much The Castro had changed in the wrong direction. Live here long enough and spend enough time in The Castro one can’t help but realise that. It’s why I don’t feel comfortable in The Castro anymore. That’s been the case especially since they sanitised the neighbourhood to make it into another Marina district, essentially catering to breeders who are in-your-face-with-their-sexuality as they have taken over el barrio with their make-out sessions and fleets of baby strollers. The majority of Queers/GTQBLs have been forced out. The conservative homeowners remain.

I don’t know why these local conservative residents/homeowners that I’m talking about don’t come right out and tell it like it is by saying the following:

“We wealthy, bougi, elitist, hateful conservatives who pretend to be ‘liberals’ or ‘moderates’ don’t want any homeless people in our neighbourhood. Period. We want to feel like we live in a sheltered cocoon conservative gated community with other white and wealthy people just like us. Just like the techie trash, we think we’re too good to see homeless people. We’re above that. We live in our million-dollar-plus homes. We wear our conformist and conservative all-black or black and grey clothing/uniform every day. We have our conformist big black status-symbol SUVs. We support and shop at corporate box stores and corporate chain status-symbol grocery stores. We wouldn’t dream of doing anything but that! We are the ultimate of corporate conformity and very proud of that. You need to understand that all of this costs money. We long ago abandoned our proudly-radical liberal personas and quite honestly we are extremely embarrassed by and ashamed of our radical past. We never talk about it and pretend it never happened. Today we are the opposite of that person. So we will continue to make up all kinds of hateful fictional stories about the homeless whom we despise to serve our anti-homeless conservative agenda.” Related: Sexual Freedom and Revolution.

Why don’t these homeowners come right out and say that? That’s what they’re covertly saying in their typically coded pc language. They’re not fooling anyone with all of their halting code language. The Basura.

One wonders how many of these people now support el hombre naranja/the orange man? That wouldn’t surprise me in the least from what I’ve seen here!

I should also mention that these are the same conservative trash who gave us eight years of conservative politician Scott Penis (also known as Mr PrEP). He’s another one. He too charades as a “moderate” to hide his hateful, draconian anti-homeless agenda. And during his two terms, he helped to ruin/sanitise The Castro for the “family-friendly” (gag) breeders.

At these meetings they’ve been having, they claimed “we want to hear from everyone.” Yes, I’m sure. Liars. The truth is that they want to hear from “everyone” who is a homeowner and in their income bracket. Of course their “We want to hear from everyone” does not include homeless people. And they wouldn’t want to hear from me either. No matter how calmly and politely I presented my views on this topic, I suspect they would have their security haul me out of their meeting. “Your opinion is not welcome here. You’re a renter. We only want to hear from homeowners like us.” As I’m screaming while being thrown out the door: ‘But you said you wanted to hear from everyone.’ In reality, again, they only want to hear from people just like themselves who live under the illusion that they have special rights just because they own some old moldy home or a bougi (but cheaply-built) sterile-looking glass box Luxury Designer Condo, Dahling.

Since this renovation — whenever it takes place — is intended to honour Harvey Milk, may I remind people that Harvey Milk did not hate the homeless as these conservative residents do. In fact, he opposed the anti-homeless sit-lie law of his day. So I think if Milk were alive today, the homeless would not be of his concern — other than him trying to help them in any way he could — in regards to a new plaza at the Castro Street Muni Metro Station.

I would like to invite the elitist conservative trash around here in The Castro and Upper Market to spend one cold (rainy) night week out sleeping on the sidewalk without a tent and see how they like it, and without any bathroom facilities. Perhaps that might give them a different perspective on the homeless problem in San Francisco and throughout the shithole US. San Francisco now has a law against the homeless having tents on the sidewalk (even in the rain) and that law was heavily supported by the elitist techie trash who have said some terrible things about the homeless and who think they’re too good to see homeless people on the sidewalk on their way to work. If my memory serves correctly, that law prohibiting tents on the sidewalk was their idea. The pedestal that these wealthy scum — both conservative residents and techie trash — put themselves on is disgusting. And again, the law prohibiting tents on the sidewalk is not a law that a genuinely liberal or progressive City would have and it’s yet another example of how San Francisco has moved to the right.

The Castro: The Breeder Mecca

Briefly, on another topic, but still related to how the conservatives have ruined The Castro: Mi amigo/My friend had an errand to run at around 9.30am on el 3 de marzo de 2018/3 March 2018 (sábado morning/Saturday morning). On his walk, he passed numerous breeder/straight couples shoving their sexuality in our faces — something they often whine about Queers doing — by passionately making out along the sidewalk or up against buildings, as if meeting for the first time. One guy was slamming the female up against the wall and making out with her as if he were uncontrollably about to fuck her right there. They came to The Castro to do this and at 9.30 in the morning on a Saturday? We don’t see this behaviour anywhere else in The City. Only in San Francisco’s Disneyfied Castro. It was cold out but the breeders didn’t seem to mind and were not dressed warmly. Drunk? All the breeders were in the ubiquitous all-black clothing one has come to expect to see around here and elsewhere. Because feminism is mostly dead in now-conservative San Francisco and because chauvinism and misogyny are now “in” due to the political redneck climate we’re in where a female is seen as a sexual object, submissive and subservient to the guy, cat calling is back. Mi amigo heard one of the females getting cat calls. I’ve not heard females getting cat calls since I’ve lived here. That didn’t happen in the Old Bohemian City and it certainly didn’t happen in The Castro. She was dressed with long slits all the way down her lingerie dress and the cold wind was blowing her dress open and she seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the cat calls. Other than that, he saw only one older Queer couple holding hands the entire time. One. The conservative trash around here should be delighted to hear this since they have done their absolute best to make The Castro the new Breeder Mecca with the help of openly-gay conservative Scott Penis. Mi amigo said that yet another store has closed. Since The Castro is in the center of San Francisco, it looks like the center of the City is going to become a slum, as is quickly happening. Most of the (conservative) merchants around here deserve exactly what they get because they are responsible for changing/ruining The Castro.

Now I think I’ll go back to not paying attention to what they’re doing around here for my own health and sanity because I can’t do anything about it, and every time I do pay attention to their latest antics and their conservative hateful agenda at some group, I get very annoyed. As was the case here. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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12 comments on “The Class Warfare Agenda: renovation of the Harvey Milk Plaza

    1. San Francisco Resident

      Something told me to stop in here. Thx for that link. I’m sure there are now loads of people in the Castro protesting this with signs and lots of helicopters flying over> I can hear them from where I’m sitting. NOT! A deafening queer silence. I don’t see why this won’t go through. Imagine what’s coming next. Brings to mind what pink barrio has said so many times in mocking the gays and lesbians around here and elsewhere who siad “gay is now mainstream, gay people can live anywhere.” pink barrio called them “delusional fucks.”

      1. San Francisco Resident

        This got me to thinking –

        What’s next? Rounding up the gay married couples? That would be easy to do. Subpoena gay marriage certificates from City Halls all across the country. They could do that. It’s called a round-up. They would just follow in the footsteps of ICE and what they’re doing now by rounding up undocumented immigaants. This is only going to get worse.

        My senior citizen neighbor just got kicked off SNAP due to the new federal guidelines on food stamps. She said she was told that she can still get $15.00 a month if she work 20 hours a week. Work 20 hours a week for $15.00? ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS? She’d have to recertify and fill out paper work every 2 weeks to stay on the program. She’s losing her SNAP assistance. Not going to go through that rigamarole. Feel sorry for her.

        The orange fuck in the White House has played over a hundred games of golf on the public tit equaliing millions of dollars but we can’t pay someone $15.00 a month for food without them working 20 hours a week for it? What does $15 a month in this city buy for food? Unbelievable!

        sorry to be off topic from your original subject. Hope you don’t mind.

    2. Proud Deplorable

      This is great news!!!!!!

      Marriage is between a man and a woman. Not Adam and Steve or Jill and Eve.

      I’m so pleased with my guys in the White House and our Republicans in Congress and some Democrats for helping us get our agenda through. Like tax cuts for the rich, build the wall, get rid of all social programs. That money belongs to the wealthy. Deport all the poor people and undesirables. Great job guys!!!!!! We’re winning!!!!!!

      Keep the torches burning.

    3. castro local

      i hope adam, that attention craving gay olympian reads about this 1st amendment defense act before meeting with the v.p. to try to change his mind on “lgtbq” issues as adam calls it. adam is the new poster boy for stupid. adam won’t know what hit him after the v.p. is done w/ him.

  1. Wes in Arlington

    To think that San Francisco used to be one of my all-time favorite cities for its anything goes care-free live and let live way of life. Guess some people got tired of that and decided to turn it into Anytown USA.

  2. castro local

    you talk about the people who are the opposite of who they were when they moved here. tell me about it! i know or knew people like that. they were once friends of mine. we hung out together all the time in the castro. with some of them all it took was for them to read that cover story in the bg yrs ago about gay couples adopting children. they jumped on that bandwagon and adopted kids and i watched them turn into the worst of prude conservatives. others, like you say, homeownership changed them from left to right. i have very few friends today and only 1 from my original radical queer group. all the others became conservatives like you talk about in the article. there are hardly no drag queens around anymore but when i was friends with these conservatives they complained about the drag queens because they didn’t want their kids to see them. they forget that they were d rag queens or supportd them back in the day.

    1. David in Breuckelen

      Former drag queens in SF don’t want their children to see drag queens? WTF? It must be all the plastics and pharmaceutical residues in the water that are making people so fucked up in the head today. What you wrote is unbelieveable, even though I believe you.

  3. Former San Franciscan

    Let’s all remember the Castro St sidewalk widening that Scott Penis wanted. He said the old sidewalks of the mecca days weren’t wide enough to handle the “enormous traffic.” They did just fine for years. ok, so what did they do? Made them wider then cluttered them up with sidewalk “furniture” taking up space for pedestrians to walk. The merchants were allowed to move restaurant tables to the sidewalk taking up more space for pedestrians to walk. Planted non-native palm trees. Then that celebrity drag queen who loves Scott Penis I forget her name said she walked right down the middle of the new sidewalk and said she felt like she was on the Champs-Élysées in Paris. I take it she’s never been there or seen it because Castro St looks nothing like that. Parisians would be insulted by that.

  4. D8

    sigh. Yes – that sounds eexactly like the Castro I know and avoid. Cat calls in the Castro? What is this world coming to? What’s next? BIg pickup trucks parked all jacked up with a confederate flag in the back and a rifle? Actually it wouldn’t surprise me if I saw that here at this point.

  5. Alejandro

    Hoooooooooooooooola. Haven’t felt much like commenting lately but I’ve been reading. I avoided reading something about this because I knew I wouldn’t agree w/ what they’re doing. Rarely do. I avoid the Castro and not because of the homeless…. I’m not into straight porn.

    Gracias y saludos.

  6. E in Sunnyvale (Condovale?)

    Now I think I’ll go back to not paying attention to what they’re doing around here for my own health and sanity because I can’t do anything about it

    I hear you there. All this shit depresses me so much, and of course it’s not just SF (SF is just a particularly fetid example). I can’t follow anything happening anymore – it’s just too much and I need to focus on what I need to do to get out of here.

Fin. The End.