Class Warfare: San Francisco techie trash investors want to ban homeless camps

UPDATE 11.09.16: This measure was approved. Not surprising considering how conservative San Francisco has become and the City’s hate for the homeless. I doubt this law will be very effective. It will likely be selectively enforced just like sit-lie. Just another ridiculous feel-good measure. Chau.—el barrio rosa

This article has been updated below. Hola. The wealthy San Francisco techie trash investors now want to ban homeless camps in San Francisco (with Proposition Q). It must make these basura feel enormously uncomfortable and guilty to see the homeless. Let me tell these wealthy investor assholes: People who are well-adjusted and secure with themselves do not behave like the techie basura/trash and their septic investors. I don’t know what is wrong psychologically with this group of people, but they clearly need psychological help. These techie trash and their billionaire-investor assholes come with this lack of maturity — the “tech bros” as they’re called — and their having to constantly prove how elitist (Dahling) they think they are because of their wealth. They come with this ugly superiority complex. I don’t understand people who feel they are superior to others and that because of their enormous wealth they think they should be isolated from seeing all of our society which includes our homeless people.

Why do the techie trash and their septic investors have difficulty looking at homeless people? Does it make them feel uncomfortable inside with a sense of immense guilt that their elitist ass has so much dinero/money and materialistic shit and the homeless person has nothing? The techie and investor trash have these pretentious and overpriced homes and often cheaply-built “Luxury Designer Condos” (Dahling) that these elitist snots spent over $1 Million US Dollars on. Suckers! They feel they must have their pretentious status-symbol vehicle(s) and other lah-ti-dah stuff to show how much wealth they have. Who cares?! I suppose other shallow and superficial trash just like them care. These scum-of-the-Earth people need intense psychotherapy to examine what’s going on within them that would cause such hate/class warfare when they see homeless people, and people they don’t even know. Why does immense wealth make some/many people such damnable assholes, such ugly people inside that they resort to class warfare?

Some people say that many of the homeless in San Francisco are not native San Franciscans. And what does that have to do with anything? Does it matter where the homeless are from? I think most people living in San Francisco today with homes are from elsewhere as well. What difference does that make? That sounds like right-wing native-ism or a form of ugly nationalism. If they were from the Moon, we shouldn’t be compassionate towards them?

People who are secure with themselves and who are truly great people — which does not at all include the techie trash or their asshole investors I can tell you that! — don’t feel the need to strut around and shove their supposed-greatness and wealth in people’s faces. Truly great people are modest and humble. Truly great people don’t hate on the homeless and don’t resort to class warfare. Scum of the Earth people do that to try to make themselves feel better and to pump themselves up. Get some therapy assholes. With your millions and billions you can damn-well afford it.

The article I’m linking to from the UK Guardian spoke with clueless Jennifer whats it, executive director of the Coalition on Homelessness in San Francisco. She was quoted as saying, “San Francisco is a liberal city, so the typical stuff they would use – anti-queer, anti-immigrant, racism, all the traditional wedges – don’t work,” she said. Jennifer, that’s complete nonsense. La mujer/The woman is living in the past. She’s living in the Old City (the former San Francisco) which no longer exists. Where has la mujer been since the despicable and corrupt Ron Conway/Ed Lee regime began? She says that “wedge issues” don’t work here. I would like to remind Jennifer that “wedge issue” sit-lie was passed by the voters years ago and when that measure passed it told me and others that this City had changed and was becoming conservative. A liberal city would not have passed draconian sit-lie criminalising homelessness. A liberal city would not engage in class warfare. A liberal city would also not have a city-wide nudity ban because of a few nude guys on the odd occasion in The Castro. A liberal city would not have allowed the techie trash to rape this city turning this City over to the techies and their scum-of-the-Earth septic anti-homeless billionaire investors, making San Francisco a playground for the super-wealthy. A liberal city would not give techie companies corporate welfare through tax breaks for basing their parasitic billionaire-owned companies here. A liberal city would not have rejected a “techie tax” plan to require these mega-tech corporations/leaches to fund initiatives to provide affordable housing and tackle the city’s homeless problem (San Francisco rejects ‘tech tax’ plan to require firms to back housing programs
“Plan would have imposed 1.5% payroll tax on companies such as Über, Google and Airbnb, which generate more than $1m in revenues yearly”). A liberal city would not have forced the Old City residents out with techie gentrification and immense greed from the corrupt Real Estate Industrial Complex and their damnable corrupt liars. (Do real estate liars/agents ever tell the truth about anything? The scum.) A liberal city would not have elected the conservative/corporatist Conway/Lee regime. A liberal city would not have elected a gay conservative asshole/corporate parasite for two terms with the conservative gay community residing in his upper colon. And a liberal city would not have a conservative gay community. In reality, San Francisco has become a conservative and very conformist City. The “liberal city” that Jennifer spoke of no longer exists. I have no idea where she’s been! Also, that guy in the Guardian article (who shall remain nameless on mi diario/my diary) from the anti-homeless campaign was the spokesliar for the former mayor. That mayor helped start San Francisco’s turn to the right before he left office. He was for sit-lie too and appointed the conservative piece of work that’s currently parked in City Hall eating the ass of his billionaire venture capitalist owner whom he serves as an empty puppet for. The billionaire venture capitalist is the real el alcalde/mayor. But they’re all corporate parasites. Septic basura. And now they want to ban homeless camps in The City. All of you need intense psychotherapy so that you can work at becoming something better than corporate gutter scum. And I can tell you that any credible therapist will have his/her hands full with any of you. It will take years to make any of you remotely into anything resembling a decent and compassionate human being. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Here’s the article from the Guardian: Wealthy San Francisco tech investors bankroll bid to ban homeless camps.

UPDATE: Muchas gracias for all the comments below. After reading E in Sunnyvale’s excellent comment, I thought I’d add this to the article regarding some of San Francisco’s most destructive corporate parasitic politicians:

Ed Lee is not from San Francisco. He was born in Seattle. Went to UC Berkeley. How did that man ever get through UC Berkeley I don’t know. I can only assume the academic standards were lower in those days.

Ron Conway moved to San Francisco from the Peninsula (wealthy Atherton, Dahling). Then he moved to San Francisco to “take San Francisco back from the progressives” after being the largest contributor to dim bulb Ed Lee’s first mayoral campaign. Conway’s goal accomplished. On 10.16.16, Conway donated $49,999 to the divisive San Francisco ballot measure that this article is about intended to clear San Francisco’s streets of homeless encampments, according to campaign filings. But now, Ron Conway doesn’t even live here. He lives in bougi/wealthy (Dahling) Belvedere/Tiburón. So why the fuck is this man so damned concerned about the streets of San Francisco when he doesn’t even live here? That is so typical of these corporate parasitic trash. They are so rabidly concerned about a place where they don’t even live. Run that by your psychotherapist when you get one and work on that. That’s what I don’t understand about these techie trash and the corrupt politicians who work for them. The former mayor who was for sit-lie doesn’t live here now either. He was on his way out of here at that time moving to Sacramento. The piece of trash that was the deciding vote on the Board of Supervisors for the city-wide nudity ban doesn’t live here either. He was on his way out then too. He’s in Sacramento.

Then there’s conservative Scott Penis (also known as The Holy and Indivisible Trinity). He couldn’t keep his ass in New Jersey. He had to move here to fuck things up too (get rid of the “radical” Gay Mecca), and now he wants to fuck things up at the state level. So after he’s help ruin San Francisco he takes off or he wants to — but hopefully Jane Kim will win and kick his ass to the curb — but with political basura like this, I have no doubt that someone will give Scott Penis a cushy job in San Francisco. Or, he’ll start running now for mayor of San Francisco. I can see that happening. Eight more years of this corporatist asshole. What will this City look like then, I can’t imagine. For starters: a solid wall of empty “Luxury Designer Condos” (Dahling) skyscrapers walling off the entire waterfront. Some say we’re not too far from that now. Truthfully, I get the sense that The Holy Trinity is not as popular as he was. He doesn’t look boyish anymore, which I think was part of his appeal to his gay, rabid, redneck conservative base. He looks rather sickly frankly (too much PrEP?), always hunched over on his phone, and I don’t see his signs in some of the windows I used to see his signs in. The love affair is not what it was? I’ve seen some Jane Kim signs in his area. And look at the state/condition of The Castro today with all the empty store fronts. That’s his area, he’s responsible for it. People want to send someone like that to the state level, do they? He’s helped to turn The Castro into another Walnut Creek or Antioch.

7 comments on “Class Warfare: San Francisco techie trash investors want to ban homeless camps

  1. FedUp!

    I agree with others that the techies don’t feel anything when they see a homeless person. Guilt? No. You’ve often described them as the “lobotomized techies” and I think that’s the perfect description. That’s how they act, walking around with phone in face, not seeing where they live. I’m just curious how they know there are homeless people on the streets unless they happened to trip over somebody while glaring at their phone and then looked up.

  2. San Francisco Resident

    These techies don’t care or think about what they would do if the economy were to crash and they were to get laid off which – is – happening to some extent now (no one wants to buy Twitter) and what they would do if they had to live in the streets without a tent in the winter.

  3. E in Sunnyvale

    Agreed that the techie trash needs psychotherapy; many of them seem to fit at least most of the diagnostic criteria for being psychopaths. I don’t believe they feel any guilt – in fact, they probably have no capacity for empathy at all. Listening to these types talk about it shows that they just see poor/homeless people as “garbage” that “needs to be cleaned out”. The fact that these are human beings, many of whom had jobs and houses previously, doesn’t even enter into it.

    And the techie trash are complaining about many homeless not being from SF? How many of these tech-bro assholes are from SF? MOST of them are transplants – here for the money, having no respect for the communities they destroy. You’re right: the techies and their pet politicians are parasites.

  4. Dan

    I have a couple of friends in San Francisco and I hadn’t heard this about the homeless but they’ve told me how the city has done a turn to the right and how the conservatives posturing as “moderates” have had their way with the city. They’re most disappointed with the gay community going along with it all.

Fin. The End.