Classic Arts Showcase promotes gun violence

There were at least two instances of the promotion of guns that I saw in the 8-hour long continual show for the week of el 14 mayo de 2018/14 May 2018 on the Classic Arts Showcase (CAS).

Hola a todos. I never knew that the promotion of guns and gun violence is acceptable when it has classical music accompanying it. In that case it’s called “ARTS.” That’s news to me. Is this what the two founders — one of them being Jamie Rigler’s (gay?) uncle — envisioned for their “ARTS” channel?

I should also point out that on television they can show and promote all the guns and gun violence they want and that’s even encouraged especially for ratings. But they can’t show a penis, buttocks, a vagina or woman’s bare breasts, and we all know that seeing those human body images can kill a person or irreparably harm them permanently. (roll eyes) We live in one messed up society, I have to say.

So I turned on my television the other morning, and at first I thought it had switched on its own to a channel of the US corporate media where guns and gun violence are heavily promoted and is standard programming. (And some wonder why US society is such a violent society?) The scene being shown at the time on the CAS was that of gun violence from the 1930s. People pointing guns at each other. At least one person was shot and lying on the ground. The channel I was on (32-5 in the Bay Area) said “ARTS” over in the lower right corner of the screen so I knew I was on the Classic Arts Showcase where I was supposed to be. Well, not only are viewers saturated with scenes of breeders/straight couples fawning over each other 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but now there’s some gun violence sprinkled into the programming. Lovely. Just what we need here in the violent US. More gun violence and/or the promotion of same regardless of the channel. This is not what I would expect from an ARTS network.

Since I wrote about the heteronormative Classic Arts Showcase (CAS), which you can read about here, to me things have gotten worse on CAS in the heteronormative “him and her” department. There now seems to be even more of that, if that’s even possible, which is how that would play out. That’s what I would expect.

The gun violence scene was described as a “short film” clip. I don’t find gun violence “ART” no matter how one tries to gift wrap it. But apparently Jamie and Jimmy (his partner?) don’t have any problem showing gun violence on their CAS service/network. The title of the “short film” was “King Zog of the Albanians.” (Vienna, 1931).

Then, a bit later in the show, viewers were treated to two screamers, technically called opera singers. But they (a soprano and a tenor) were really screaming at each other rather than singing beautifully. That was a bit much too. It was of course the perfunctory and ubiquitous “him and her.” What else would one expect to see on the CAS? There are no gay people in the world according to the CAS, based on their breeder-based programming. In this more contemporary-looking opera scene setting being shown, he (the tenor screamer) asked her (the soprano screamer) to, “Give me your hands to kiss, my butterfly.” (roll eyes) Why are guys always kissing the hands of females? It’s very chauvinistic; the opposite of feminism. And who knows where her hands have been that he’s kissing! This operatic clip bordered on “soft porn.” I’m seeing a bit more of that too on CAS. Him kissing her neck. It was a clip from Madame Butterfly by Giacomo Puccini. It was the “Love Duet.” I didn’t catch the name of the two screamers, but they were accompanied by the Austrian Opera Orchestra. While watching this I was thinking: I don’t know how she (the soprano diva) could have taken this as he was screaming directly into her left ear.

Then there was another clip. One involving two guns along with the drug alcohol. It was a bar scene, and oddly there was a We*l’s F*argo ad on a grey slab in the middle front of the set. Once again, “him and her.” Him kissing her hands. Can’t they ever come up with anything other than that?! Her stage name in the opera was Minnie. There were two guns shown in this scene. One by a guy who came on the set and then left. Minnie held a gun and then later pointed her gun at the camera. She sang (translation at bottom of screen): “If anyone is after this gold, they’ll have to kill me first.” This also had something of a negative nature to do with los mexicanos, if I’m not mistaken (I’ve not seen this clip from the beginning yet). I did see the word “Mexicans” in the translation. Trying to portray los mexicanos as “the bad guys” are we? One gets the impression that some of the selection of clips being shown on the CAS — or at least this one — is now trying to cater to the climate of hate (of los mexicanos) in the US and the current dismal, dire and insane political climate we’re living in. In this opera, there was a “bad guy.” And the “bad guy” is always non-white. I didn’t catch their real names but that’s just as well since I don’t like to promote opera screamers. The Nederlands Philharmonic Orchestra accompanied the screamers in this operatic piece: La fanciulla del West by Giacomo Puccini.

It’s too bad there’s not a channel somewhere that only shows mostly orchestral performances, without opera screamers serving as soloists. I’m just not into screaming opera with their obnoxious, uncontrollable, excessive wobbling vibrato — it’s almost as if they’re asking: “guess what pitch I’m singing?” — and/or gun violence, and it looks like Jamie (the Executive Producer of the CAS) has decided that it’s perfectly acceptable to show guns and gun violence in his “ARTS” programming. I hadn’t seen any guns or gun violence until now. Maybe he thinks that some gun violence will be appreciated by the conservatives who likely watch the very heteronormative CAS service and this will translate into an increased viewership. But to me, it’s catering to the lowest common denominator in our US society. The NRA will certainly appreciate the plug for guns. And playing classical music — especially opera screamers — while promoting guns and gun violence may end up being a new approach that the NRA adopts. They can say that they got the idea from the Classic Arts Showcase, and thanks go to Jamie Rigler. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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