Climate change and humans breeding at an alarming rate

If one wants a child, adopt a child.

Hola a todos. With the arrival of thousands of extremely conformist phone-zombie breeder Millennials to San Francisco in recent years — wearing their monochrome uniform 7 days a week — San Francisco has become a Baby Factory, especially the Castro/Upper Market barrio/neighbourhood, where Domingo/Sunday in particular is unofficially known as “Breeder Sunday.” Mi amigo/My friend said to me while writing this article: San Francisco must be tripling its population every two weeks with this baby explosion we’re having. Everywhere he looks: strollers and babies hanging off of people. Cars full of children passing by.

San Francisco is quite a conservative city these days — having been ravaged by the techie dooshes and their millionaire-billionaire companies receiving corporate welfare in the form of tax breaks from the City. Aside from their phone which has replaced their life as well as buying a new (status-symbol) car every month or so, the main hobby of these new Millennial residents seems to be to breed. The planet’s overpopulation is not the least of a concern to these self-absorbed people whose #1 vocabulary word is “like.” (Related: Note to Millennials: How to Stop Saying the Word “Like.” Unless one prefers to sound stupid and tongue-tied). It’s odd that these people chose San Francisco, the most expensive city in the US, to move to in order to breed because that makes having a baby even that more expensive. But here in Billionaire Bay, I have to assume that dinero/money means nothing to them since that’s the way it seems.

But what mis amigos/my friends and I fail to understand is why anyone with a brain would bring a child into this dumbed-down and getting more stupid by the day society? And why would anyone want to bring a child into this world considering the dire warnings humans have received about climate change? By doing so, there seems to be a complete disregard for the quality of life of the child. Instead, it seems to be all about the parent and their pretentious thinking known as, “Keeping Up With the Joneses.” But I think most of these people choose Denial over reality in regards to climate change. They reject reality pretty much everywhere else! None of these parents apparently think of the future. They are instant-gratification sheeple, only thinking of now/today. Also, willful-ignorance plays a major role in this. Most people are not paying attention and/or they’re spending hours playing on billionaire-owned F***Book — as un amigo/a friend of mine asked me recently: “What the fuck is a “F***Book?” — helping the billionaire celebrity CEO make even more billions. Related: “Vladan Joler says that all F***Book users are effectively working on behalf of the company.”

Some credible scientists are saying that humans will be extinct in 8-9 years because of climate change. Assuming that’s the case, that means that the children being born today will live until they are 8 or 9 years old. Therefore, one would have to be a moron to have a baby today, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Just like pop culture celebrities William and Kate of the British Royal Family that many people in the US love to fawn over and seem obsessed with — as if they wished the US were a colony under the British Crown; well that would certainly improve our national anthem by changing it to “God Save Our Gracious Queen” — William and Kate had said they wanted a big family. Why would they want a big family? There’s no shortage of Royals. Kate had trouble with both pregnancies so why would she put herself through that ordeal again? Early on, to me it seemed that her goal in life was to be a baby factory, but after the second child was born she seems to have taken a break, which made me think they had reconsidered the size of their family. If they want more children, they should adopt. Harry (William’s brother) has said he would like kids too when and if he marries his current girlfriend. Harry should adopt too. They should all set an example for el mundo/the world by adopting. Adopted children can be just as loved as a biological child. This need for people to breed and pump out babies is ridiculous and out-of-control.

In our opinion, the main reason people are breeding at an alarming rate here in San Francisco has to do with copy-cat pregnancies. Also known as that shallow “Keeping Up With the Joneses” thinking. When I was a teenager, I remember hearing pregnant women urging other women to get pregnant. They said, “You should have another baby too,” as if having a baby and the enormous re$pon$ibilitie$ that come with that (an 18+ year commitment) were as simple as taking out a magazine subscription, or no different than buying groceries. So when I hear females craving to get pregnant — rather than having the intelligence to adopt a child — I suspect these sheeple haven’t thought the entire process through realistically. I suspect their thinking is more like this:

“You know honey, the Joneses have a new baby and I think we should have a baby too. It would make us so much happier. (That’s the wrong reason to have a baby; work on your “happiness” first). I’ve also noticed that the Joneses remodeled their living room. I was thinking: We should remodel our living room too. I noticed they’ve used monochrome colours. We should use monochrome gray too.”

Yes, use monochrome drab gray even in the bathroom so you can’t see mold growing on the walls. How intelligent. Maybe paint the floor and ceiling pitch black too, no? Did the Joneses do that too? Don’t miss a step with the Joneses. Ugh. Mature people don’t allow the Joneses to run their lives. Mature people allow the Joneses to keep up with them.

Also, speaking of climate change, you can find information about the CO2 count at this link. The CO2 count is supposed to be less than 350ppm. 350ppm was the old goal to not go beyond. Before humans, it was roughly 295ppm. But I suspect most people don’t care. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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7 comments on “Climate change and humans breeding at an alarming rate

  1. Alejandro

    Hoooooooooooooooola. Hope it’s ok to give an update on that condo I wrote about yesterday. Another open house today for the same place. That means the place is still not sold. Where are all these millennial couples coming from? There must have been 50 -75 straight millennial couples over there today. Many with babies. The residents downstairs will love that loud baby upstairs!! It’s good they’re paying attention to climate change and overpopulation. Unless they were lookie-loos, these people think nothing of paying over $1million for a small condo with no garage or street parking. There was one gay couple (white and Asian) with the jock baseball caps. I haven’t seen anything like this before where they look the same – young and white except for the gay couple. They were flowing in there like you see on Montgomery Street in the Financial District during rush hour.


    1. el barrio rosa Post author

      Hola Alejandro, that sounds like the techie dooshes. Who else could afford that? And they must not be doing that well if they can’t afford a garage. Gracias for your comments. Chau.

  2. Alejandro

    Hooooooooooooooooola. “With the arrival of thousands of extremely conformist phone-zombie breeder Millennials to San Francisco in recent years …”

    I guess you know they’re still pouring in here. There was an open house today near me for a 2 bedroom, 1-bathroom condo with no garage and tight street parking for over $1 million. I watched a total of 20-30 millennial straight couples stopped by, went in, came out and got on their phones. Earlier in the week I’d seen two or three gay couples, but today it was all breeeders. One with a baby and stroller already. I saw many gay guys on their phone who came out of the house first and waited outside for their female to join them before walking down the street together. A depressing thing to watch.

    Gracias y saludos.

    1. Alejandro

      Hooooooooooooooola. I forgot to say this – “wearing their monochrome uniform 7 days a week”

      Exactly. The monochrome look was very noticeable….most couples were wearing black and gray.

    2. Greg

      Millennials have nothing better to do with their time than to spend their weekend going to staged open houses when they could use that phone affixed to their hand to see the condo pictures and all the details on the realtor’s site/
      Or is this all about being bougi and being seen?

  3. FedUp!

    You don’t care what the Queen’s favorite cake is that she carries a slice of in her purse wherever she goes? Honestly, I’d rather hear about the Queen rather than that sack in the White House. At least the Queen is sane. The bowel movement in the White House is not.

Fin. The End.