The 2014 Latin Grammy Awards. Who died?

The conservative-black Latin Grammy Awards. Was it supposed to be a funeral or a celebration of Latin music and artists? It looked more like a funeral.

UPDATED (El 21 de noviembre de 2014):

Hola. ¿Qué tal? Well, I watched as much of it as I could take. In past years I enjoyed it. But from what I saw of the 2014 Latin Grammy Awards they seemed to be obsessed with the conservative colour black.

Musicians in all black. Dancers in all black or gray/white (except for one group of dancers I saw in red). Santana in funeral black? Loco. Pitbull in black and white? WTF? One Latin artist after the other wearing funeral black. Mi amigo said: “I’m surprised they’re even allowing dancers.” I said: Well by this time next year they probably won’t. I’m surprised they allowed las chicas to show their asses, even though it was only for seconds at a time. Los chicos were certainly all covered up…in black. As someone said in the comments, this thing has been sanitised. Yes, like most every thing else.

Let’s get as conservative as we can here in The Cesspool/los Estados Unidos/the US. What useless people. If one didn’t know this was the Latin Grammy Awards, one might think it was a type of funeral that thousands of people attended in Las Vegas that had dancing with it and a colourful place (a LED set) for the coffin.

Why would the network do this to their own Latin Grammy Awards? I don’t understand that at all. This has happened since the network hooked up with the conservative corporate ABC inglés-language network, and I’ve never liked the idea that these two networks are connected. I was suspicious of this from the start based on what I knew about ABC.

Other than the colourful LED set/stage, the colours were drab, dull and fucking boring. They were not Latin.

I remember about six years ago when Juanes performed the opening act with John Legend. They performed “If You’re Out There” with a Chorus from Los Ángeles on the stage with them. It was quite good. Juanes was in jeans and a T-shirt for that performance and he looked caliente. Later he had a faux hawk. But for 2014? Juanes wore a conservative light blue suit and conservative-looking hair. His faux hawk gone. Fully corporatised is how he looks now. For this event he looked more like a corporate CEO at a corporate event than he looked like the Juanes of six years ago. WTF happened to him?

There must be something in the water. And that’s a recurring theme these days.

Latinos/Hispanos/Mexicanos/Chicanos et al love bright colours, but aside from the LED stage which was full of beautiful colour, the people there looked drab, dull and boring—with a few exceptions to that—compared to past years.

Didn’t I read something last year or the year before about the network banning jeans from the Latin Grammy Awards? Even though a couple of artists broke that nonsense rule and wore jeans anyway. I’d break the rule too. Fuck their ludicrous rule. I’d wear what I fucking want to wear and they can piss off. What are they going to do? Call Mr Bully Security and have him haul the artist off the stage?

And don’t get me started on all the stupidphone commercials during this thing. (Smartphones are transforming society into a sea of stupid). Apparently the network doesn’t get it: The more people they help get addicted to these stupidphones, the less people will be watching their thoroughly corporatised and act-as-stupid-as-you-possibly-can type shows. Viewers will be too busy on their stupidphones looking for and using the “Where to take a Shit?” app. Chau.—el barrio rosa

14 comments on “The 2014 Latin Grammy Awards. Who died?

  1. Alejandro

    You might be interested in this. I turned on Univisión tonight for a little bit and they were having their singing competition. All the contestants and most of the judges were wearing black in some way. Just like at the Latin Grammys. I don’t know anything about fashion but I did a search to see what the 2014 fashion colors are and they are bright colors. That’s was “in.” Not all black. I don’t get their preoccupation with all black. As you or someone else wrote all black doesn’t look at all Latin.

  2. RUkiddingmeChico?

    i turned this on late and after about 10 minutes i thought that someone must have died and they were dedicating the latin grammy’s to that person cuz i kept seeing people in black. during the commercial i did a search to see who died and nothing came up. then i did a search of latin grammy’s dedicated to and again nothing came up. i’ve heard no one talking about anybody dying connected with the tlg. i asked my coworker and she said she didn’t know, she didn’t watch it. i did another search and your article came up and explained a lot along with the comments here. thanks.

  3. Grace Elena

    I don’t usually watch Univisión because when I’ve had it on over the last couple yrs or so, their shows seem more and more immature, silly and I’m thinking Latinos don’t find this forced stuff funny, do they? It used to be a more mature network. Now it’s just “pretty people” acting silly and really stupid. Maybe some of the telenovelas don’t fit that description, but the rest does.

    With these awards ceremonies, it seems like there are no new artists coming along. I had it on last night for the Latin Grammys and when I looked at the television I didn’t see any new artists. It’s the same artists over and over across all of these award shows. Univisión breaks them up into maybe 3 groups of artists and they’re recycled through the award shows. For the Latin Grammys there one group and then they’ll have another group for another awards show but from what I remember you won’t see an artist in the Latin Grammys in another awards show. I think that’s correct. Just my thoughts.

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola, Grace Elena. That’s how I feel about Univisión. I can’t watch their morning show (the same for Telemundo). It’s as if they’re trying to out-stupid each other. Didn’t I read that Univisión has the most watched morning show across the networks regardless of language? How discouraging. No wonder we’re in the mess we’re in if people find that pabulum “entertaining.” I think toddlers would produce a more mature show than that shit. Their morning programme does have a beautiful set with lovely colours. I’ve never seen a hot pink upholstered chair before like they have. I really like their set. It’s beautiful! Just can’t stand the programme. I have to change the channel on both network when their morning shows come on. I just can’t take that silliness and childishness.

      After thinking about what you said about the “groups of artists” recycled through the various awards show (and they have about 3-4 awards shows a year), I think what you wrote is true when I think back on the awards shows I’ve seen. Gracias for your comment. Chau.

  4. ConcernedResidentIn94114

    Wasn’t Obama’s speech on Thursday coinciding with the Latin Grammys? This from the president that has deported the most immigrants in U.S. history.

      1. ConcernedResidentIn94114

        Agreed. He’s been playing undocumented immigrants since he’s been in office. An excellent article you linked to. Thanks.

  5. Tomás

    I saw the “new” Juanes interviewed last night that you wrote about. I prefer the rad Juanes over the conservative Juanes. He’s known as a Colombiano rocker. He didn’t look like one last night.

  6. I Love Salsa

    Who died? Maybe this whole thing was a tribute or memorial service to Celia Cruz, The Queen of Salsa, who died back in 2003 since they showed her briefly in the opening so everyone was asked to wear their funeral clothes as a tribute to her. That’s what this was. I’m confident about this. :-)

  7. José Ávalos

    The first part of the opening was really stupid but I guess that was to attract viewers. I don’t mean Calle 13′s act. He was in white and gray which seemed odd. The same for his dancers.

    I’ve come to expect lots of pretty colors from the musicians and dancers, and then they put out this shit. Whoever put this one together should be fired and find another job, maybe as an undertaker.

  8. Diego

    Did you see the balloons at the end? They were also black and white.

    Note to Uni: Black and white is **not** = Latin. Who’s really running your network now, ABC News?

  9. bianca

    i wish they’d get rid of those stupid skits they do on there which are not funny. the only colors i saw were the lights on the set. the “dress code” was black white and gray. like you say there’s nothing latin about that.

    they have now sanitized the latin grammy’s.

  10. Bittersweet Chocolate

    Was that on tonight? I haven’t watched that in a couple of years. Sounds like I didn’t miss anything.

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