What’s with GLBTQs and corporate sports teams?

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I received this e-mail within the past 24 hours:

Looking at your blog you’ve written a lot about gay-related topics, but I don’t see something related to sports and corporate sports teams. In the 1970s-1980s, my partner and I lived in the Castro. We are back visiting San Francisco although we hardly recognize it because the people have really changed here since we left. We had dinner in the Castro on Wednesday (the 15th of October). We were surprised to see every television we saw on [edited - the two corporate national sports teams game]. Some of the bars were full and gay guys were cheering at the televisions with the sports game and some were in team clothing. Whenever the local team scored a point, the roar of cheering could be heard throughout the Castro. That never happened when we lived here. When did the SF gay community become into sports and such sports jocks? The gay rights movement was opposed to military and sports because both were oppressive and bullying institutions towards gays. It’s strange to see this reversal when little has changed with either in that regard. Gays are still bullied in sports and discriminated against. The same goes for the military. Have you written about this? I’d be interested in reading it since you live here. Thank you.

Hola, yes I know what you mean. It’s sad what my fellow Queers have become here in San Francisco and nationally (meaning here in The Cesspool/Los Estados Unidos/the US).

There have always been a few GLBTQ people with a genuine interest in sports of some kind, although I personally never knew any of them and still don’t. None of my Queer amigos had any interest in sports when I lived in the District of Columbia or here in San Francisco.

Mi amigos and I were talking about this. This is something relatively new. It’s part of the new corporatist Lotomomised Techie San Francisco where bland, dull, cookie-cutter and corporate are “in.” The GLBTQ herd and their supposed newly-found interest in corporate sports teams is just more of that heteronormative “assimilation” nonsense I’ve written about with GLBTQs trying so hard to be like the gotta-watch-the-game “straights.” There’s nothing else going on in people’s pathetic lives but corporate sports teams and an interest in that? The heterosexuals are glued to corporate sports teams and grunting and screaming like loons at their television sets, so it seems that GLBTQs think they must do the same to “fit in,” be accepted, and to seem “normal” (whatever “normal” is supposed to be mean) to the “straights.” Ugh. Sad. They’ve become corporatised sheeple and proud of it.

I and others don’t understand this obsession over watching overpaid men playing with balls, spitting with huffing and puffing grunting. These are wealthy corporate sport$ team$. Is this part of worshiping the wealthy that some shallow and superficial people feel the need to do? As far as the San Francisco teams are concerned, I don’t think any of the players even live in San Francisco. I read the other day that during “the season” their luxury homes are in Berkeley. Yet they have San Francisco’s name attached to their team.

The gay bars are partly to blame for this corporate sports team indoctrination because they have the games playing on their televisions. I guess they think they’re supposed to do that now because that’s “in” in the new San Francisco? Is that to keep up with the obnoxious sports bar on Market Street which bills itself as gay on occasion (flies no GLBTQ flags), but the pushy “straights” seem to want to take it over as they’ve taken over other gay bars in San Francisco?

As some amigos of mine say, “if only people cared as much about something of a substantive nature that really mattered in most people’s lives as they do about corporate sports teams which really have nothing to do with any of our lives, other than to give the sheeple a ‘feel good’ ugly nationalistic-type rush on occasion.” I agree with that.

I also think that some delusional people who are into corporate sports teams somehow think that makes them “athletic” just because they grunt and scream for a team, even though it doesn’t make them athletic or a “jock.”

On jueves/Thursday night (el 16 de octubre de 2014) when the local team placed to be in the US Series (that’s what it should be called), I heard a little bit of yelling and screaming where I was. It was mostly high-pitched female voices. Very annoying.

Mi amigos and I were also talking about this: Why do people get so excited about something that they have nothing to do with? The public doesn’t play “the game.” All they do is to serve as sucker$ by buying expensive overpriced tickets (to make even more dinero for the corporate owners), by screaming at their televisions, drinking beer, getting drunk and acting like idiots, eating unhealthy food at the stadium and in sports bars, paying $100 to gouging parking lots to park their vehicle near the stadium because they’re too good to place their elitist ass on public transportation. Then when their team wins by a small margin (since the score was 3-3 moments ago), then they start yelling and screaming in high-pitched voices while jumping up and down over something they had absolutely nothing to do with.

Back to your question: Why this interest in corporate sports from the GLBTQ populace? I think it’s also because a gay player or two came out or someone in corporate sports finally publicly said the word “gay” and it didn’t sound like a pejorative. That’s all it takes for some of the gullible gay sheeple to immediately start supporting a team (or anything for that matter) and enjoy being used as an ATM machine by buying their outrageously expensive season tickets and expensive sports clothing.

Meanwhile, gay bullying still exists all across the board including in (corporate) sports locker rooms by obnoxious jocks and others. Gracias for your comment. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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13 comments on “What’s with GLBTQs and corporate sports teams?

  1. DougDG

    “What’s with GLBTQs and corporate sports teams?”

    answering your question…..They’ve become a fucking bunch of sheep.

    I was in the Castro last night after the World US Series ended. I saw the same scene that D8 wrote. I got out of there as fast as I could. I didn’t feel comfortable in my own neighborhood.

    It looked like they had made party streamers out of toilet paper and hung that up on Muni’s electric bus wires. Such a waste of toilet paper, and toilet paper is not cheap.

  2. Fabián

    On the “US Series” topic, I’m almost thinking the outcomes of these games are predetermined or rigged. How can a team that seems to lose half of the games they play be declared the winners? That’s the case for the San Francisco team. Or how can a team that scores nothing in one “US Series” game be declared the winner of the series the next night? That’s also the case for the San Francisco team on Tuesday. Then there’s today with that frozen stuck 3-2 score. That’s the best they could do? How can one team score 10 points one day and only 2 the next? It all seems fishy to me. Then there’s this thing about the SF team being the winners every other year? Why not every year or do they think people might start to question that?

    I asked some friends about it tonight and they said I’d probably get laughed at but they agreed it does seem like something’s up with such extremes scores and after all there’s a lot of money wrapped up in this so they told me they thought it could be possible. Like they said, when lots of money is involved, don’t rule out anything.

  3. D8

    I’ll make this short since I”m in a hurry. The “US Series” ended tonight finally. So glad this thing is over. Like you, I have a short fuse for sheeple. Reminds me I saw two pictures earlier tonight showing Castro residents and nearly everyone of them standing in the closed street at 18th and Castro on their phones. The caption said they were celebrating the team’s win and that the Castro loves the local team. It didn’t look like they were doing much celebrating. They were all on their phones.

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola y gracias for that. Yes it was pretty obnoxious when I was out earlier and most people seemed glued to their stupidphones.

      What a pathetic culture “we” have become: addicted to stupidphones and corporate sports teams seem to be all there is for the sheeple. Nothing else going on, well, other than partying and getting drunk. As mi amigo said earlier today: “We need to find a new planet to go to to get away from this one.” Chau.—el barrio rosa

  4. D8

    I’ve been hoping the other team would win what you accurately title the US Series. It annoys me what inflated heads some San Franciscans have now. I talked with this guy for a few minutes about a week ago at the bus stop and he was saying how much smarter we San Franciscans are than other people. Really annoying. I walked away from him and went up to the next bus stop to wait up there. This seems to be the new thinking in this town since the conservatives took power. I see what you mean when I walk by the gay bars packed with people shouting at walls of flat screens over the game and some guys beating their chests. When did all that start in this town?

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola D8, I and mi amigos have been hoping that the other team would win too. We’ve been hearing some rather obnoxious behaviour from some locals (supposed adults acting like adolescents and running out into the street and screaming—as if they’ve just been hit by a car—after the local team has scored a point or after the local team has won a game). Childish and immature. I saw my neighbour and she was talking about the screaming noise over a fucking game and I said well there are only a couple more days remaining of it. She said, “this country has the stupidest people in it; they’re just a bunch of sheep.” I said: Yes, they’re Pavlovian in their reactions/responses. Looking at the local team’s record, it looks like they lost about half of the games they played so some of us find it curious how that qualifies any team to be in the US Series.

      To answer your question from my point of view, this started when the conservatives—including the GLBTQ populace—decided to make this city as much as possible like every other city, rather than try to keep its uniqueness. And to try to erase the Proudly Radical and Alternative City of San Francisco (that we had a reputation for being for decades) from history. Gracias for your comment. Chau.—el barrio rosa


      What Happened to San Francisco? You haven’t heard?

  5. ConcernedResidentIn94114

    I hadn’t had time to read this article until today.

    Down the street from me as I write this some idiots are screaming at their television so loudly that they can be heard through the entire neighborhood for the reasons that this article talks about. I don’t understand it other than I think it’s immaturity and the behavior is learned.

    The odd thing is that when the game is played in the home town (SF) as it is right now these sports nuts get all excited. But when the game is played out of town it’s rather subdued here in SF. Bazaar.

  6. Dan

    I was walking along on Market Street in the Castro area and I immediately noticed cheering up and down Market Street. When did the queer community start getting so much into sports? As I passed one of the bars it was so loud from cheering I needed earplugs. The bar that was so loud was filled all the way to the door. That’s a gay bar but it was mostly full of heterosexual couples. Every bar I passed sounded the same with the up and down sound of crowd cheering, almost on cue. Why are these people cheering for corporate sports teams with players they don’t know and like you say where the game players don’t even live in the city? The Castro has really become a weird place. I was here some during the gay mecca days and it’s nothing like it was then.

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola Dan, I read your comment to mi amigo and he said, “Yes, but what else is there to do in The Castro? They’ve thoroughly sanitised The Castro to the point that there’s nothing to do, aside from going to the theatre for a fucking “sing-along” with children and their parents and wearing a silly little hat they hand out for the sheeple to wear. It’s really pathetic and sad what’s happened to The Castro. It’s now the opposite of the way it used to be during the Gay Mecca Days. And what you wrote in your comment is just part of that. Gracias for your comment. Chau.

  7. gloria

    >>>>What’s with GLBTQs and corporate sports teams?<<<<

    that's the same thing my next door neighbor and i were talking about the last time we chatted. the gay guys next door to him had ***suddenly*** started wearing sports team paraphernalia. that was a new one. he told me he said to one of them Oh you're into the [Comment Edited: Name of corporate sports team removed] and one of the guys said, yeah ya gotta support the team. he said he felt like saying, and why's that? but to keep things smooth he let it be and just smiled. they've been neighbors for years and these guys have never shown any interests in sports. he thinks it might have to do with one of the team's players is rumored as being gay or something like that?????

  8. Y

    I can’t think of one way that the gay community hasn’t sold-out or tried to do a complete make-over of itself to cater to corporations, not just corporate sports. It’s like the gay community has tried to erase its history.

    1. Alejandro

      YES! … and in the past often led by wealthy gay corporate organizations. I won’t forget when [Comment Edited: name of GLBTQ organization removed] threw the Transgender Community under a bus.

  9. SF-Resident

    Thanks for publishing the email you received from the couple who used to live here. It’s good to hear what people who come back to visit have to say. It seems we’re all in agreement. I remember when that sports bar you mentioned opened on Market St that some residents said that the gay rights movemnet ends at that bar and they weren’t joking. At least around here I think that bar is in a big way responsible for what this article talks about. Oh, and “the US Series” or “the North American Series” is a much more appropriate name for that sporting event.

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