Corporatist Brand LGBT (TM) deserve what they get

Corporatist Brand LGBTTM with their cookie-cutter “LGBT” rewriting of GLBTQ history, have failed to understand that history repeats itself when one does not remain eternally vigilant for our freedoms. Instead, corporatist Brand LGBTTM chose to go into a coma for eight-plus years.

Hola. This article is about pro-corporate, conformist and heteronormative Brand LGBTTM which is directly responsible for the death of the decades-long Gay Rights’ Movement and for the subsequent “assimilation movement” (which has mostly translated into GLBTQs returning to the closet as they “blend in” with heteronormative “straight,” and in many cases anti-gay society).

I want to be clear, this article is not about all GLBTQs, but rather those conformists belonging and adhering to Brand LGBTTM (and who type the letters in that heteronormative order as I explained in this article). I and some of my readers are not at all part of Brand LGBTTM. I want nothing to do with them and never have. We are GLBTQs and part of the original Gay Rights’ Movement and not its hijacked-by-lesbians “LGBT” movement. I detest corporatist Brand LGBTTM. They are extremely short-sighted. Let me explain:

Years ago, GLBTQs were urged/ordered to “assimilate” with “straight” society by the conservative, corporatist and heteronormative self-appointed omnipotents of Brand LGBTTM. At that time, some of us asked Brand LGBTTM: What are Queers going to do when the next major assault on GLBTQs comes? Short-sighted Brand LGBTTM never gave any thought to that. They gave the impression that “all has been accomplished for GLBTQs and never to go back.” And for at least the past 8 years during the Obama regime, corporatist Brand LGBTTM have made most GLBTQs to live under the illusion think that “gays can now live anywhere” and “gay is now mainstream.” How many times have we heard that nonsense over the past 8 years? Some of us have always said that was delusional wishful-thinking and especially so since there’s been a rise in violent hate crimes against GLBTQs since marriage equality was achieved. After marriage equality was achieved here in The Cesspool/the US, the Gay Rights’ Movement died as if marriage equality had been the ultimate goal all along. I never knew marriage equality was the ultimate goal of the now-dead Gay Rights’ Movement. All had been accomplished was the impression Brand LGBTTM gave. It was time to party (with meth), it was time to get on one’s phones, try to act like “straight” jocks, start supporting corporate sports teams, major corporations and the barbaric Military Industrial Complex, turn Pride into a thoroughly corporate commercial and eat the ass of messiah Obama and the thoroughly corrupt, useless and misnamed Democratic Party.

Now, under the incoming Trump/Pence regime, Brand LGBTTM are getting concerned? Oh really?! Imagine that! Deciding to get off the pot, are you, idiots? Deciding to get off your phones? I’ll believe that when I see it.

I and others have been outraged for some time over what the gay community has become during the Obama years. Pathetic best describes them. And judging by gay sex ads, most gay guys have gone back in the closet with their “discreet” and “down low” self-descriptions as if they now have gay shame and are ashamed of what they’re doing sexually, (and/or are cheating on their partner). “Out and Proud” is long gone. Many gay guys are running from the word “gay.” “Discreet” and “Down Low” is in. Being heteronormative is in thanks to corporatist Brand LGBTTM.

Frankly, the idiots of corporatist Brand LGBTTM deserve what they get from the Trump/Pence regime. Some of us have said that at some point in the future the now-dead Gay Rights’ Movement will have to start all over again.

Then there’s this millionaire GLBTQ celebrity (who shall remain nameless) with a television programme on the US corporate media. Said celebrity sees itself as one of the gods of Brand LGBTTM. From what I read, after the s-election of Trump/Pence, said celebrity told Queers, “Things can still turn out to be okay.” [My response to said celebrity: Oh fuck off! Who gives a damn what you think? Why do you feel the need to reassure and “comfort” us GLBTQs that things can still turn out to be okay, according to “god” you? How fucking arrogant! Siéntate y cállate!] I should point out that said celebrity has routinely served as a bootlicker for messiah Obama. Yes, it can still turn out to be okay for you since you’ll likely benefit financially, corporatist television personality. This television personality is making $1.2 million a week (or $63 million/yearly salary, estimated to receive $5 million monthly, $1.2 million weekly and $220,000 daily). But for the average person, it will not be okay. Things will be different. And frankly, that big-headed celebrity doesn’t know any more about what’s to come under the Trump/Pence regime than I do. And I suspect I pay more attention to this stuff than this celebrity because I’m not working on a television show for a dumbed-down audience every day where the sheeple are “entertained” with stupidity and silliness, and where everything coming out of the mouth of this “god” celebrity is to be considered hilarious.

Brand LGBTTM is also directly responsible for the death/fading away of our gay meccas in the US. Conservative Brand LGBTTM has lectured us with, “there’s no need for gay meccas any longer because gay people can live anywhere. Gay is now mainstream.” Of course that is ludicrous as these articles demonstrate:

Gay man attacked by Trump fan who warned ‘my new president says we can kill all you faggots now’ (November 2016)

Gay Massachusetts mayor received threats demeaning him for his ‘lifestyle’: ‘You are going down’ (November 2016)

Brand LGBTTM has encouraged the heteronormative “straight” takeover of gay meccas (Chelsea, West Hollywood, The Castro, et al) and Brand LGBTTM conservative gay politicians have encouraged the building of Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling) for the super-wealthy particularly in San Francisco. Brand LGBTTM is all about and for the gay community of a certain income bracket: the bougi, the elitist, the super-wealthy and that is who Brand LGBTTM represent. The trash of Brand LGBTTM doesn’t give a fuck about poor and homeless GLBTQs. And some of us are surprised that the T for Transgender is still part of that heteronormative and ass-backwards “LGBT” acronym. Brand LGBTTM has encouraged 100% complacency with their implied: “All has been achieved for the gay community, there’s nothing left to do.” Everyone loves us now. Damn fools. There’s plenty to do but what I have in mind doesn’t serve Brand LGBTTM and their corporatist/wealthy agenda. They don’t give a damn about homeless GLBTQ youth, as one example. Bottom Line: They don’t give a damn about anybody except people just like their elitist selves.

During the Trump/Pence regime, will new gay meccas begin so that Queers can all be in one place for safety in numbers — as was the case in San Francisco during the Gay Mecca days — and for those interested in protests of the Trump/Pence regime (before they declare martial law)?

Today’s San Francisco is out of the question as a new Gay Mecca because only the super-wealthy can afford to live here now because of the outrageous real estate/rental prices due to the Techie Zombies having raped this City along with the corrupt Real Estate Industrial Complex. San Francisco today is the opposite of the City it once was. So San Francisco could not become a new Gay Mecca as it was during the Gay Rights’ Movement. Also, much of the gay community has been forced out of San Francisco because of Brand LGBTTM and their “gays can now live anywhere” lie. Others have been forced out by evictions and the outrageous cost of living here. GLBTQs who have left San Francisco have gone in all directions and not to one particular destination.

Some of us asked years ago: How will GLBTQs protest in the future when there is an assault on us/them? No one wanted to hear that question because Brand LGBTTM implied that we had reached utopia with marriage equality. Brand LGBTTM implied that we had reached utopia because GLBTQs could supposedly be open about their sexuality as they go kill brown-skinned people and other GLBTQs in other parts of the world as members of the barbaric US Military Industrial Complex led by their saviour Obama. I would point out that during the Gay Rights’ Movement, gays and lesbians (that’s GL and not LG) opposed the US military. What caused them to completely reverse themselves and adamantly want to be part of US Military barbarism? Or did this “180″ come because their messiah Obama was in office?

I think the basura of Brand LGBTTM are in for a big surprise under the Trump/Pence regime and frankly as far as I and others are concerned they fucking deserve what they get. The trash. They are damn fools. I and others can’t stand them. How can some people be so damn idiotic and short-sighted? Chau.—el barrio rosa

3 comments on “Corporatist Brand LGBT (TM) deserve what they get

  1. Wes in Arlington - GLBTQ

    Wholeheartedly agree with you about Brand LGBT(TM). They do deserve what they get.

    I’ve toyed with writing to websites that use “LGBT” to ask them why they use that instead of “GLBTQ” which reflects the original Gay and Lesbian rights movement. Except for pink barrio, every site I go on uses “LGBT” which you’ve writtten about. I decided why waste my time? They’d probably write back saying they use ‘LGBT” because that’s what everybody else uses and it’s the “norm.” I wouldn’t expect them to change and start using GLBTQ. You wrote it makes you cringe. The same here because I see it as a false reflection of what our movement was and who led it. Gay guys.

  2. castro local

    brand lgbt has ruined the castro and the conservatives, homeowners in the castro are all part of brand lgbt. they’ve pushed to get the non-wealthy gay guys out of the castro. they prefer to live with wealthy str8 people. they’ve been quoted as saying “there’s no longer a need for the gay mecca because gay people can live anywhere.” like you’ve said many times, gay people can live anywhere *maybe* in the closet, but not “out.”

    1. D8

      I think Brand LGBT has ruined everything its touched. The thing that galls me is the military thing. Brand has turned pacifists into “USA! USA!” pro-military idiots.

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