Disrespecting Yo Soy Betty, La Fea

As of this writing, MundoFox is running promos for the next programme to replace the 6.00pm time slot where (what I call) “Very Random Scenes from EcoModa” are currently being shown. The new programme will begin lunes, el 20 de julio de 2015. By my calculations, that means the network cut out a total of eight 50-minute capítulos (or 8 days) out of the original EcoModa. That’s a lot out of a total of only 26 capítulos. No wonder it doesn’t make sense. It’s just very random scenes.

Hola, does any español language network ever show Betty la Fea y EcoModa uncut? I don’t think so. I presume both were shown uncut the very first time they were shown in Colombia by Canal RCN, the network owning the copyrights for both telenovelas. But since then, seeing the full uncut version of both telenovelas seems to be impossible. I think telenovelas are considered fluff and unimportant productions by the corporate networks considering the way they consistently disrespect and abuse them to be used as “fillers” for what’s most important to the network: Their corporate commercials/ads. I noticed this especially during the most recent broadcast of Yo Soy Betty, la Fea y its second season, EcoModa both broadcast on MundoFox.

For years viewers have complained about how the español language networks disrespect telenovelas by cutting them, leaving entire sections out and editing them to make room for commercials. Networks have been known to omit entire capítulos/chapters, broadcast capítulos out of sequence, skip entire sections or in some cases move what’s remaining of the novela to another canal/channel owned by the same network but without telling the viewers the novela has been moved to the other canal. (Shaking head in disgust. Sigh)

MundoFox is currently showing what I call “Very Random Scenes from EcoModa.” EcoModa was the name of the second season of Betty la Fea (BLF). MundoFox is rushing through EcoModa as fast as possible. I don’t know why they’re even bothering to show it at all considering the hack job they’re doing with it. I’ve seen EcoModa before — although I think I saw a cut version then too — and the excerpt version they’re showing is just bits and pieces of the original telenovela. Some of what they’re showing seems to even be out-of-sequences/out-of-order from the way it was produced by Canal RCN. The other day at the end of the show they (MundoFox) showed a preview for the next day’s capítulo but the preview was scenes of what we had just seen moments ago that day. WTF? Apparently, they’re cutting so much out that they can’t keep track and are unable to get their promos to match what they’ll be showing the next day. Loco.

I remember reading comments from viewers on one site and they said they didn’t like EcoModa — likely because of the incomplete version they had seen — because they said, “It didn’t make any sense.” Well, when they’re only showing excerpts it doesn’t any sense to the viewer. There’s really no story line, but just random scenes. One would have to have seen the original uncut RCN production in order to understand the excerpted version and then piece it together in one’s mind. The version they’re showing on MundoFox doesn’t make any sense either because again they’ve cut out so much. They also assume erroneously that the viewer saw Betty la Fea, when that may not be the case. So, a new viewer would not know who Michell was (from Cartegena). The original production of EcoModa set that scene up so that new viewers would know who Michell was. MundoFox deleted that. So the other day, Michell appeared out of nowhere and we saw Michell talking with El Cuartel. New viewers probably asked: Who’s he? And when did he arrive at EcoModa? He had come to Bogotá to visit Betty. They also cut the part with Doña Julia being stood up by Don Hermes for the Pinzón dinner because he was screwing around with Jenny in a hotel. That scene with him and Jenny also appeared out of nowhere because they deleted nearly all of that hotel room scene that’s in the original. I had been looking forward to that scene with Doña Julia — where Don Hermes finally arrives home and Doña Julia is already in bed having missed the dinner — because some nice music is played with that, but they cut that out too.

When Betty la Fea was shown on MundoFox, in Capítulo 123 Nicolás Mora (one of my favourite characters) held up a drinking cup from the desk of his los abogados/attorneys. But this being the prudish and conservative Empire/the US where the public are afraid of nudity and images of the human body, the network blurred out the cup he was holding up. It may have been a cup with women’s breasts on it and you know that no one has ever seen women’s breast in The Empire/US so if they were to show that on television the mere image of women’s breast would utterly shock and panic the entire audience, don’t you think? (Sarcasm intended). So to protect the immature and prudish US viewing audience, MundoFox chose to sanitise that cup on BLF. When Telefutura was around and showed BLF, they completely deleted that scene with Nicolás Mora holding up the cup, and he held the cup up twice in that scene. But that never happened in the version Telefutura showed because they felt they knew better than Fernando Gaitán (the creator and writer of BLF, along with writer Liliana Hernández). Then later in the same capítulo after the commercial break, MundoFox showed Wilson (the security guard for EcoModa) standing at the elevator in the secretarial hallway of EcoModa near Sandra’s and Mariana’s desks. But having seen BLF before I knew that was not where that scene began. MundoFox cut out the scene before that with Nicolás going to see Doña Júlia to talk with her briefly. That scene was overrun by a commercial. Then the commercial ended and the network picked up with Wilson at the elevator in the secretarial hallway of EcoModa.

A lot of time and la plata/money go into the production of telenovelas and I would think that the producers and writer(s) would appreciate if their art were presented as it was intended and produced. How would someone like it if part of a painting was cut out?

When BLF was shown on MundoFox recently, that was the first time I’d seen BLF since Doña Catalina died (awhile back). It’s still hard to believe she’s dead. Another cast member has died: Monica Agudelo. She was not one of the major character. If you watched BLF, Monica provided chisme/gossip to Doña Marcela about the whereabouts of Don Armando and what he was doing. Interestingly, in the BLF script Don Armando made a comment that Monica should write novelas since she’s into chisme. In reality, that’s what Monica really did for her work and she was a very close amiga of Fernando Gaitán, the brilliant creator of YSBLF. Chau.—el barrio rosa

2 comments on “Disrespecting Yo Soy Betty, La Fea

  1. I Love Salsa

    Betty la Fea is the one novela where the actors don’t look like they’re acting. They must have rehearsed each scene so many times that they make it look like real-life. The only thing that you could say that looked like acting is when el Cartel was all lined up in a row and one in front of the other but that was done to get them all within the camera view. I read that Jorge Enrique Abello did not like his Don Armando character. I love JEA and the way he played that role. BLF is one novela that will always stand out where all the actors were perfectly selected for the role they played. I’ve seen Ecomoda before and I’m watching it now just to see what they leave out. 8 capítulos sounds about right to me altho I would have guessed more than that.

  2. Alejandro

    Hoooooooooooola. I love BLF. That’s the best telenovela ever !! It has the best music of any telenovela I’ve ever seen. I’ve been watching Eco Moda and agree it’s hard to follow because of all the cuts. They cut out chunks today. :-(

Fin. The End.