Do you respond to anti-gay comments?

Hola a todos. This article was prompted by one of my readers, Sean, who wrote a comment that I thought I’d address with this article.

As expected, the political climate in The Cesspool/Los Estados Unidos/the US is getting nastier and more hateful by the day. I’m referring to online in particular. One of the newer tactics of trolls that I’ve noticed is to drag out — what I call — the “Faggot Card.” Trolls now call anyone a “faggot.” Trolls — who are most likely Queer closet cases themselves — are now using the “Faggot Card” as a put-down of anyone they disagree with. The “Faggot Card” is usually the troll’s first attempt to bait readers/get a rise out of people in order to generate a first response. And the trolls I’ve seen using the “Faggot Card” are trolling in support of El Hombre Naranja/The Orange Man.

I’m seeing a lot more anti-gay comments online, especially in YT video comments — in large part because of the embarrassing, dysfunctional and insane regime of El Hombre Naranja — because along with the hate for immigrants and Muslims, Queers are the next chosen scapegoat for people who need some group to hate and to blame for all our problems. Although most Queers don’t seem to care that we’re being scapegoated from what I’ve noticed, which is a drastically different response/reaction/approach from the days of the very activist and proudly-radical days of the Gay and Lesbian Rights’ Movement. So, for example, if the topic of a video is Anderson Cooper (he’s a Queer boy), his sexuality becomes the topic in the comments even though his sexuality has nothing to do with the subject matter of the video interview. But the subject matter is irrelevant to trolls. Their anti-Queer agenda is all that matters to los pendejos.

I was responding to anti-Queer comments online on occasion. I did so when I felt like it and in a polite and matter-of-fact style, the opposite style used by the trolls. Was anything accomplished by my responding to these trolls? No. All it did was to make things worse. I was then trolled and dismissed and then the anti-Queer troll dragged out his next overused troll-script. I’ve heard that script for probably ten years which includes the tiresome “get out of your mother’s basement” and “get off EBT/food stamps” and the newer line: “you’re still sulking because Hillary lost.” (Hardly, since I can’t stand the woman.) But that’s the signature of trolls: to make baseless assumptions about people they know nothing about. And when that’s pointed out to them they continue to do it. Then they proceed with some really vile, sexually-descriptive, anti-gay stuff. Trolls also refer to people they’re trolling as “illiterate” while their comments are full of typos. Trolls need new material. I can recite their script from memory having seen it so many times. They have become very predictable.

My personal history with online commenting: Another surprising experience of mine was to have my polite responses to anti-gay comments deleted by comment moderators. It was as if the site preferred the vile and hateful anti-gay comments because they did not delete those. This happened to me on sites wearing the “progressive” label as well as some corporate sites. Although overall, I had the best experience of not being deleted on corporate sites. One might think it would be the so-called “progressive” sites I would have the best experience on. No, that wasn’t the case at all. With the “progressive” sites, they didn’t like my comments because I’m not partisan, and despite their pretending to be “progressives,” at s-election time these sites became nothing but excuse-making shills, hacks and cheerleaders for the corrupt and imperialistic misnamed Democratic Party and any piece of corporate trash they put up.

I now think that anti-Queer comments should just be ignored. Oh I’m well aware of the temptation to respond to ignorance and hate. But from my experience, responding to hate doesn’t accomplish anything because by now most people either “get it” or they don’t. I can’t think of one instance where I have knowingly changed anyone’s mind on anything over the years regarding political or social issues (mis amigos/my friends say the same), even when interacting with some very intelligent people in some rare cases.

I rarely comment anywhere anymore — it gives one a lot more time in one’s day if you don’t — because it all feels rather futile no matter what the topic. So many comment sections are full of nothing but childish, bullying, insipid comments. People with absolutely no social skills. There are a lot of people out there whose hobby is arguing. They get off on it. The topic can be some — what you might think would be — “safe topic” such as Tulip Arranging and there are people arguing over that! Or people arguing over California Poppies! jesus fucking christ. What a fucked up, dysfunctional society. These days when I have something to say, I write it here on mi diario/my diary, pink barrio, because I know it will be published here and it will remain here.

On the topic of hate itself: Hate seems to definitely be the stronger and more destructive emotion at this time in the world. And many governments have moved to the right and are moving to the right from a position of hate, scapegoating one group or another. Some governments (such as the US) constantly play The Terror CardTM to keep their population afraid of their own shadow and to keep their military budget bloated while their country crumbles from within (like the US). Rather than suspending their (the US) participation in their own terrorist attacks on other countries, their wars and destruction of the countries in the Middle East/Africa. A question for the US: Want to mostly end so-called “terrorism?” THEN STOP FUELING IT!!! Stop destroying the countries of the Middle East and killing its fine people for their natural resources per the PNAC agenda. That will end your blow-back. That will mostly end the resentment that people in the Middle East have for The Cesspool/the US, and its poodle the UK and other so-called “allies.” Why is this so difficult to understand? It’s not. There’s just a lot of dinero/$$$$$$$$ to be made in the name of so-called “Terror.” “Terror,” war and death-destruction of another country in the Middle East is a very lucrative busine$$ for The U$ Oligarchy/The Corrupt Ce$$pool.

Some people like to say, “Love Always Wins.” That’s not what history shows. History shows that aggression/hate consistently wins. “Love Always Wins” sounds nice and poetic, but it’s not based in reality considering the state of things and the current state of el mundo/the world.

Other than the haters and the millionaire-billionaire class, the average person is not going to “change the world.” The millionaires and billionaires will change the world for the worse as they’ve already done, particularly corporate politicians of said class. Most of us have no power other than where we spend our dinero/money. Where we shop and spend our dinero is our vote — and it’s the only vote that we can be assured is properly counted — and it’s the best way to vote by not supporting corporations, corporate banks (one should have one’s dinero in a credit union or an independent bank) and by avoiding corporate politicians whenever possible. We can all give our opinions but it doesn’t really matter in the big scheme of things. It’s just therapeutic for us and for those who agree with us. Rarely has anyone agreed with me when I’ve challenged anti-Queer hate online. I was out there pretty much all by myself as I usually am. I did challenge some anti-gay hate about a month ago and only 1-2 people agreed with me which was disappointing. Those who disagree are not affected by our opinions. Instead, they troll us.

And I’d like to say this even though it’s not related to anti-gay comments: Even one’s vote doesn’t count. Hillary Clinton received 3 million+ more votes (that we know of) than he did and she’s sitting at home these days. So I don’t want to hear again the pabulum about “every vote counts.” That’s BS. Ask Hillary. And she pops up as often as possible to keep her face out there. I guess she’ll try to force herself on us again in another s-election. Just like the Obamas who keep forcing themselves on us. They seem determined to be the latest millionaire US pop culture “celebrity” couple, so we’re told about the latest DC restaurants they ate in. Who the fuck cares? Why don’t all these self-absorbed and self-entitled corporate parasites just go away and stop recycling their enormous egos on us? In the case of the Obamas, they had 8 years of daily attention as Mr Nobel Peace Prize greatly expanded the neocon PNAC agenda of the illegitimate Bush regime leaving office with 8 wars. Now go away! What more do they want? Answer: To become millionaire celebrities with outrageous speaking fees and book deals. They recently signed a reported $65 million book deal.

Now back to the trolls: My experience is that nothing positive comes out of responding to trolls. Nothing that one says to them will change their mind. One could say, “I’ll respond for the benefit of all others.” Well, all the others already “get it,” if they’re going to. Or they don’t, and their mind is not going to be changed. When I’ve responded “for the benefit of others” I received silence as a response. No one supported me. I was out there again all by myself.

As for this anti-Queer theme among male trolls pretending to be breeders: As I’ve written many times, breeders who are secure with themselves and their sexuality don’t make anti-gay/Queer comments. Gay closet cases do that to hide their gay sexuality/feelings and their gay shame and to make people think that they’re straight which in their twisted mind is “normal.” But again, who cares what the troll’s sexuality is? Anti-gay trolls are clearly very insecure with their own sexuality.

Some political trolls are paid, and some of us think these anti-Queer trolls are paid, because how do they survive financially — they need an income from somewhere — when they spend hours writing the same text over and over and on as many video comment sections and other sites as possible. They often do a copy-paste job. Maybe they’re “living in their mother’s basement” since that’s part of their script, so they would know all about that experience and they don’t need an income. Mother pays his way while her pathetically sad son wastes his days spreading hate and ignorance online. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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8 comments on “Do you respond to anti-gay comments?

  1. FedUp!

    It’s a total waste of time to respond to hateful comments, but like others I had to respond to hate in order to come to that conclusion. I come here and without hesitation read the comments because I know they’ll be cool, and you have a pretty comment section too….never seen one like it. 🙂

  2. Queer boi

    Earlier this year I was commenting a few times a week on a large political site where they can get 3,000 – 17,000 comments on one article. There were Lots of anti-queer comments there. Made me feel like Queers haven’t made any progress at all. I responded to many of them which took a lot of time. But like you say it’s therapeutic, but the hate was always there. That site only let me comment for a short time before they put me into moderation. My comments stopped appearing while they let the anti-Queer shit fly. I got fed up and wrote a couple of final comments directly to the site and moderator and told them that I was done with their site because they had made their anti-Queer agenda quite clear. Shame on them!

    Except for your site, I haven’t commented anywhere since. I’ve had enough.

  3. Ed in the Castro

    I agree with E in Sunnyvale.

    It’s not just online you can be trolled. I was trolled yesterday in the Castro while riding my bike. I was approaching an intersection. Here comes the str8 couple that looks like one body walking into the crosswalk outside a gay bar. They were the typical tall-short. He had his arm very tight around her and her head was on his chest. Inseparable. They had a blanket over their shoulders as they’re walking in-step. Have to admit I’ve had my fill of looking at str8 couples like them so I tried to get ahead of them so that they would walk behind me. I got up at the front of the crosswalk thinking I was out of the way. He deliberately bumped my back tire as they walked by which is really a type of an assault. I didn’t say anything just as I don’t respond to trolls online. They didn’t say excuse me. She had to have felt the hit of him bumping my tire because she was locked into him. I looked to my right as they walked up the sidewalk and he didn’t look back. Don’t know if this was an anti-gay thing or not. I wasn’t wearing anything that would tell anybody that I’m gay. Maybe this jerk thinks that any guy riding a bike in the Castro has to be gay and he was trying to show her how much of an anti-gay macho asshole he can be. Someone like that is the type that would think nothing of slapping her around now and then.

    Feeling more uneasy in my own neighborhood because of breeders and being trolled by them.

    1. castro local

      >>>Feeling more uneasy in my own neighborhood because of breeders …..<<<

      definitely relate to that.

      agree with the article and w/ everyone here. totally a waste of time to reply to anti-queer trolls. altho 5 years ago i wouldn't have said that. learned the hard way.

  4. E in Sunnyvale

    At one time, I actually put some time and effort into responding to trolls. It wasn’t at all long before I realized that the 5 minutes it took me to respond to a troll was 5 minutes lost from my life that I cannot get back. It does absolutely zero good. This is the ONLY site I ever comment on (I don’t even have user accounts with youtube, reddit, or any of the small handful of other sites I visit in a day). I seldom even look at the comments anymore because I already know exactly what I’m going to see in most cases.

    There is no doubt a lot of these trolls are either paid to troll or are at least working on someone’s behalf. This is obvious with the anti-trans trolls one sees every time an article or video comes up on the issue of transgender. The troll comments are always the same – worded the same, same spelling/grammar failures, etc… This rather narrows it down to a few individuals doing most of the hate-spewing. Probably one of the religion-based “family values” organizations or some TERF organization are responsible.

    But… the persons really responsible are the owners/moderators of the site that’s allowing it in the first place. Especially when, as you said, they remove any opposition but leave the hateful spew untouched for all to see.


  5. D8

    Nah – I used to but like you say they’re being hateful for a reason. My experience on progressives sites is not that much different than yours. I’m nonpartisan too.

  6. Queer boi

    “Do you respond to anti-gay comments?”

    No. I see a troll and I don’t feed them. I do thumbs up someone who does if I agree with them.

  7. Chaz-UK

    No, not worth the bother. Like you say no one’s mind is changed. A bigot stays a bigot.

Fin. The End.