Dore Alley Street Fair 2015 (or Dore Alley Phone Fair)

By Guest Writer, “what is is”

Yesterday I went to the Dore Alley Street Fair as I have every year in the past. The last two fairs have been awash in stupidphones, but this fair was worse than anything I’ve seen.

At one of the entertainment booths (the one for Steamworks) it had a large crowd around it and just about everyone who was there to watch the event was not watching the event but rather watching their stupidphone.

I don’t think that most people who went to the fair really saw the fair. Throughout the day, the phones were what was paid attention to and not the fair itself.

There were lots of nudist there, both Queer and Lesbian. I didn’t see any of those other types (nude straights). The nudists also did not bring any clothes with them to this phone event so they must have left their apartments and homes naked. GASP! HORROR! [sarcasm intended] The ridiculous and prudish San Francisco city-wide nudity ban does not apply to this street fair/phone fair.

Going and coming to the fair on the Metro most people were looking at a phone. I’ve never seen such an addiction or abuse to one object before.

This year’s crowd was mostly Queers and Lesbians and a slight smattering of those other type (straights). It’s funny that I don’t see any of these Queer boys in the Castro. They must be back in the closet and avoiding the Castro altogether. Maybe they’re as disgusted as I am over how the Castro has changed and been “cleaned up” worse than a Macy’s showroom. (Related: The Sanitising of San Francisco’s Castro Has Been Completed).

It was nice being around a majority of Queer people (guys and lesbians).—”what is is”


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7 comments on “Dore Alley Street Fair 2015 (or Dore Alley Phone Fair)

  1. castro local

    i went. what i noticed coming back to castro was that it looked like i was the only one there from castro because nobody else came back my direction. before the city changed lots of people from castro went to dore alley or came back over here afterwards. i guess the castro is now too conservative for dore alley.

  2. strangetimes

    i’m waiting for some well-known and respected medical authorities to come out and release major warnings about these phones and the health consequences with them and maybe then people will stop allowing these damn phones to control their lives. strangetimes.

    1. E in Sunnyvale

      Some have tried (sort of). There were some studies a while back that demonstrated a link (unfortunately nothing more thank a “link” – no solid proof) that exposure to RF fields at that frequency range and power level can be dangerous. Possible cancer risk.

      As someone who has in the past had experience working with radio/RF, I know that precautions were always taken when working around radio antennas and strong RF fields, especially those at UHF and higher. At those frequencies, the human head is just about the right size to function as an antenna (no joke) and concentrates the RF.

      Knowing this, it just strikes me as a Really Bad Idea to have a 7 watt X-GHz transmitter stuck right next to your head for long periods of time.

    2. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola strangetimes. You know, I don’t think that would have any effect on most people at all. There are many articles out there already about that. I’ve linked to them in articles I’ve written about the stupidphone addiction and people just ignore them. Many of the addicts know they’re addicts and they’re proud of it. They laugh it off. They think it’s funny. Others use the cop-out, “you have to be addicted to something” which is ludicrous. I’ve seen groups of addicts standing around in a circle each with their stupidphone in hand and they’re all on it and showing each other what’s on their screen in a “show and tell” laughing and giggling like children in school. Some of this is learned behaviour because I monitor the techie commercials on Telemundo and they show people doing the same thing and showing each other their screens with broad smiles and laughing, and how fun all this is to be on a screen close to 24-hours a day. “You can’t be without it” is the message. I think what we’re seeing is a lot of needy and lonely people constantly needing attention. Their stupidphone is their best friend. It always gives them attention, it’s always there for them and with many people it’s their only identity. They can’t live without it. Another indicator of a sick, fucked up society. Gracias for everyone’s comment and to “what is is” for his article. Chau.—el barrio rosa

      1. UK Reader

        The fair sounds like a fun event, minus the phones. One thing about these gadgets is that they ruin one’s ability to spell correctly. Someone where I work has been given multiple warnings because of her gadget addiction on the job and her spelling. Her business spelling has become atrocious due to her addiction to social media, which we in the office call anti-social media. She’s gone from being a very nice and talkative person to being very anti-social around us. She says nothing to us because she’s constantly on her gadget when we see her. She can’t spell correctly and her spelling is so far off that spell check can’t help her.

  3. D8

    A friend of mine went and had a good time. He mentioned all the stupidphones too and thought it sad that people couldn’t be “present” at the fair but needed the distraction of their phone. He said they might as well have stayed home and played with their phones. Yes but no one would have been there then.

  4. Ed in the Castro

    I was there. It was a sea of phones. The queer community seems to be leading the phone addiction in the city. Only had beer spilled on me twice and that was when I was leaving. Lots of new expensive glass box condos down there.

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