Dore Alley Fair (San Francisco)

This article is about a GLBTQ leather and sexual fetish event held annually at this time of year known as the Dore Alley Fair or simply Dore Alley, which is an alley/street in the South of Market area of San Francisco.

El 1 de agosto de 2014. Hola, I received this e-mail from mi amigo:

I was at my gym last Saturday and overheard these two gay guys talking about parties they had been to and how Dore Alley is “too gay and too much leather.” Hearing them talk reminded me that Dore Alley was the next day and I always go to that. I felt like telling them that at least Dore Alley is authentic and representative of Queer culture as opposed to what Pride has become. These two guys looked like they would easily fit in at the street fair from my experience going there. I sensed they were conservatives, which seem to be the type that’s at the gym now in San Francisco’s Castro.

The next day (Sunday), I went to Dore Alley. The straights haven’t fucked that up yet, like they have fucked up other things. The only difference from last year is that Dore Alley is no longer Dore Alley. It’s Folsom Alley. They’ve built luxury condos all up and down Dore Alley which were barricaded on both sides all the way up to Folsom Street so that no one would bother the luxury condos. Like other events in this city have become, it was like a police state. You couldn’t go anywhere where there wasn’t a cop next to you. There was a heavy police presence for some odd reason and some people were talking about that in that it seemed excessive and overreaching. This entire area where the fair is has had a luxury condos building boom. I suspect the techies live there. All the once-vacant lots are being built on.

The other change from previous years was that probably half the people there had their phone out texting while they’re at the street fair. Try to figure that one out. I saw groups of people standing in a circle facing each other looking at their own phones. I’m not sure what that’s about….a status thing? Other than that, the fair is still the same as it has been. I thought the straights would try to take this over too and bring “more diversity” by making it more straight. There were a few females there but they were female couples.

As a friend of mine pointed out, this street fair is now an event for wealthier people. There’s a $10.50 suggested entry fee. I don’t have much money so I offered $2.00 but they let me in for free. The cheapest beer there was $10.00. That’s ten dollars for one beer. I heard a guy say he had paid $16.50 for a hamburger. As you and I have talked about in the past, since San Francisco seems to be a city of alcoholics or people diligently working on becoming an alcoholic, it would be easy to spend several hundred dollars at this fair, most of it in alcoholic drinks. Even if I had endless money, I wouldn’t pay those prices. Somebody is greedy and gouging somebody.

The music was pretty good and relaxing and I only had one beer accidentally thrown on me by someone who was drunk.

My response: Muchas gracias for your report on Dore Alley. I wasn’t able to go. Glad to hear it hasn’t been corporate-corrupted like Gay Shame/Gay Discreet Weekend (officially called “SF Pride”). Regarding your comment about the “straights” and their faux interest in so-called “diversity”: Let’s tell it like it is. They and the conservatives/right-wing/libertarians are only interested in so-called “diversity” when it favours them. I think they just learned the word “diversity” frankly because for decades they’ve had zero interest in “diversity.” They’ve hated on diversity whenever the topic was talked about. For decades, they spoken openly and unashamedly about preferring to, “be among one’s own kind” as they called it. [roll eyes] Now all of a sudden with techie gentrification of San Francisco—and the techie’s are mainly young, white and “straight” with a few Asians/Indians—now the mainly white “straights” are continuing to invade and move into and take over traditionally Latino/Hispano/Mexicano/Chicano areas of San Francisco as well as The Castro with complete disregard for the culture and local residents of the areas they’re moving into. As some people have said, these techies act like arrogant assholes with complete disregard for the areas they’re moving into. As a result, the conservatives/”straights” are now all for so-called “diversity” (as they call it) and making the areas they’re invading/moving into more and more white (mainly) and more heterosexual (especially San Francisco’s Castro) and of course wealthy. The conservatives/libertarians/right-wing agenda is very transparent. They’re not fooling anyone with their bull shit, newspeak and anti-ethnic agenda. And the city continues to lose more and more of its ethnic diversity and GLBTQ populace as they are pushed out of the city by, in part, the greedy Real Estate Industrial Complex and their Corrupt Liars whom the Oligarchy of San Francisco work for. The pro-corporatist Oligarchy/Corporatocracy running San Francisco want this to be a city of and for the wealthy only. That’s now become abundantly clear that that’s their intent. Chau.—rosa barrio

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  1. Dan

    I went to the Folsom Street Fair last Sunday here in San Francisco. One end of the fair was gay and the other end was straight. The fair used to be a mostly gay event I think but as SF is quickly changing more heterosexuals were there. The crane was not there that used to hoist the dancers up into the air above the dance crowd. They didn’t put up the barriers to keep people away from the luxury condos as they did for Dore Alley and there were also no cops. Everything else was pretty much the same.

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