Dore Alley Street Fair 2017 (San Francisco)

Hola. Mi amigo/My friend went to the 2017 Dore Alley Street Fair yesterday. The Muni Metro (San Francisco’s subway system) was closed for some odd reason so he had to take the Muni bus. What he saw when he went to take the bus at Castro and Market Streets was “Breeder Sunday.” Herds of the usual him-tall/her-short breeder couples complete with baby stroller up and down Market Street and into The Castro. When he finally got to the fair, it was definitely different. It just wasn’t the same as in past years. He said he thinks the fair is dying because the Queer community no longer lives here — mostly because they’ve either been forced out due to techie gentrification, Ellis Act evictions, or moved because they could no longer afford to live here — so there are not as many Queer people here to attend this event. From what he could tell, very few people from The Castro went because he was the only person at the Muni bus stop waiting headed to the fair. He saw very few phones at the fair. Now that’s new. In past years, it was like a phone fair with phone zombies. He heard multiple people say that their amigos/friends had left the fair and that “there’s not much gay anything left in this City anymore.” That’s true. I’m glad some people have finally noticed. Certainly took them awhile. He had expected some sort of protests of El Hombre Naranja/The Orange Man at the fair, but there was nothing like that. There was one breeder couple around his area and he doesn’t think they were prepared for the fair and what they were getting into. She said to him (her partner): “Let’s leave, it smells like guys in here.” WTF? So they left. Good. Go away. Why the fuck did you move here to begin with?

It took mi amigo forever to get back home — again, the Metro was closed which made it much more difficult for people to get to and from the fair — and the way the bus driver was driving, mi amigo got the sense that the driver was anti-Queer and possibly giving a bit of revenge since most people on the packed bus were coming back from the fair but not necessarily from The Castro. The driver was driving at about a walking speed the entire route and there was no reason for that as well as continually jerking the bus, trying to throw people around it seemed on the packed bus. The driver refused to stop at Castro (which is a main stop) and she didn’t seem to know the route or where she was going, so mi amigo ended up walking about 2 hours (from West Portal) to get back home. Outrageous. Chau.—el barrio rosa