Eight years of non-stop confirmation hearings

Hola a todos. As you may have heard, it looks like that piece of work Sessions is on his way out as US Attorney General. Next up Giuliani (another piece of work for the next 6 months, plus or minus)? Well, it looks like 8 years of non-stop confirmation hearings under the literally-insane El Hombre Naranja/The Orange Man, because nobody can work with him. A regime of constant chaos and dysfunction, most recently including man-child El Hombre Naranja publicly humiliating Sessions on multiple occasions. Unprecedented. Tillerson, he’s Secretary of State, may be on his way out too; he’s supposedly thinking about it. He described El Hombre Naranja as “unprofessional” particularly in his approach to Sessions. I read that Priebus is on his way out as Chief of Staff en la casa blanca, although that position doesn’t involve senate confirmation.

Senate confirmation hearings are really waste-of-time, purely rubber-stamp spectacles realistically speaking. Senators — who represent corporate interests, the military industrial complex and US Imperialism — just going through the motions. Protocol. Confirmation hearings are for the conservative nominee to tell the conservative senate what they want to hear after the perfunctory and seemingly required hour-long genuflecting session to the nominee at the beginning of every hearing. One senator after the other feels the need to say: “Your distinguished worship, thank you for coming here today” (and other extended ass-eating), and “I wish to thank my distinguished colleague who hails from the great state of [fill in the blank].” Will they ever stop that bull shit? What a waste of time. You are as “distinguished” as the swamp you sit in, basura. (No disrespect intended to swamps or District residents, my former hometown: the District of Columbia). Get over yourselves, senators! Most of the country (74%) can’t stand any of you. That 74% from mayo/May 2017 refers to the congress’s (house and senate) disapproval rating.

I’d like to ask the reader: When you’re at your job, do you get such a nice rim-job every time you show up at work? Are you thanked profusely and called “our distinguished employee?” I suspect not.

The senate confirmed another piece of work, Gorsuch, to the US Supreme Court, so that pretty much indicates that they will confirm anybody — any piece of basura is now the standard — with the help of the Republican-enabling Democrats. Chau.—el barrio rosa

[Note to commenters: Please don’t type The Orange Man’s real name in your comments. I don’t care to pollute mi diario/my diary (pink barrio) with that man-child’s name. Gracias.]

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  1. D8

    8 yrs of confirmation hearings is a good way of putting it. During the campaign, some people were wondering if it was all an act – the outrageous behavior and statements of El Hombre Naranja . It wasn’t. That’s who he really is.

    I read that Tillerson is taking some time off. How can he have time off when he just started? Less than 6 months on the job I wouldn’t be able to take time off.

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