¿El Hombre Naranja Presidente?

Hola. I received an e-mail yesterday from someone who wrote me following the US presidential primaries on el 15 de marzo de 2016:

“Looks like Hillary took it all. The Berniebots are sulking, very disappointed and are trying to get him to leave the ‘Democratic’ Party and run as an independent which he’s not going to do. It looks like we will have a return to Bush and Cheney with El Hombre Naranja. The people want a fascist country. You’ve been right all along. You have some crystal ball!”

My response: Hola. Well, if loco/fascist El Hombre Naranja has been selected for the US Oligarchy, it won’t be a return to the illegitimate Bush/Cheney regime because their regime is still in place. It’s called the Obama regime. So to say El Hombre Naranja is a return to illegitimate Bush/Cheney would not be correct and that also sounds D-partisan to me and as if one is trying to ignore that Obama has continued and expanded most of the heinous policies of the illegitimate Bush regime. Trump would be a continuation of parts of the Bush/Obama regimes. I’ve noticed that no one questions these so-called “election” results even though easily-hackable e-voting machines are now used all over the US. And this is not “crazy conspiracy theorists stuff” as some people would likely scream (Hacking voting machines: Easier than ever imagined and How I Hacked An Electronic Voting Machine). There was a time when some Dembots questioned so-called “election” results, but they seem to have now forgotten all about that after their Obama was given two terms (that gave the appearance of two legitimate elections to them), just as their short memory has forgotten all about the 2000 stolen election. I wouldn’t say that “the people want a fascist country.” Some/Many people do and as I’ve said for years, many USans would live very comfortably in a dictatorship as long as they themselves are left alone.

En Solidaridad Con Los Mexicanos

Póster - La Estatua de la Libertad - ¡Hola! Poster

La Estatua de la Libertad – ¡Hola! y Bienvenidos
The Statue of Liberty saying
“Hello and Welcome”
to undocumented immigrants.

Mi amigo/My friend is concerned about the wall that this fascist wants to build along the border of México and that he has campaigned on. From what I’ve read, such a Berlin-type wall is not possible due to the terrain at la frontera/the border. And el presidente de México, Enrique Peña Nieto, is having none of it. He compares Trump to fascist dictators Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini and said that there is no scenario in which México would pay for a wall at the border between México and The Cesspool/Los Estados Unidos/US. Also, people campaign on all kinds of things that never happen. It’s later called, “s/he broke his/her campaign promise.” There’s been no shortage of that from “messiah” Obama. And Obama has deported more undocumented immigrants/migrants than all US presidents combined. As with Obama, the words on La Estatua de la Libertad/the Statue of Liberty mean nothing to this fascist:

“Give me your tired, your poor. Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

Mi amigo also told me that all the political sites/articles he goes on and from reading the comments, he mostly see Sanders supporters, not Hillary or supporters of El Hombre Naranja and he’s noticed this for some time. I was on a major corporate site in the District of Columbia while writing this article and I read a short editorial they had written urging the GOP to have a brokered convention and under no circumstance allow Trump to become their nominee. The comments for that editorial were rabid, partisan and pro-Trump with many commenters referring to that site as the “liberal site who want Hillary.” (In reality, that site is not “liberal” at all; it’s a pro-war, pro-US Imperialism, pro-Establishment site). But Hillary and El Hombre Naranja are the two Darlings of the US corporate media and they serve as stenographers for the US Oligarchy. If El Hombre Naranja has been selected for the US Oligarchy, it will be open-blatant fascism with ramped-up hate and bullying of anyone who is not white and so-called “christian,” as opposed to more-covert fascism with a fake smile and sweet words which we are more accustomed to having since at least 2000. As far as my being correct, it’s not just me. A few others have been saying the same thing I’ve said all along. I take no pleasure in being correct and it certainly didn’t take any “special powers” or a crystal ball on my part. I just look at things realistically from my experience — and being nonpartisan helps in that regard because I don’t want/need a political “team” to cheer lead for — rather than looking through delusional wishful-thinking eyes as the Berniebots have done, and the Obamabots before them. One might ask: Will these Berniebots learn from this experience? Oh hell no, they won’t learn anything from this and they’ll repeat it all over again in the future when their next “messiah” politician shows up. It will be interesting to watch many (if not most?) of these gullible Berniebots scramble and become the most blatant hypocrites after their Bernie enthusiastically endorses Queen Hillary, and watch them swarm over to her after having hated on her for months, assuming she’s the nominee of the completely corrupt undemocratic Democratic Party. If she’s indicted, I’ve read that the nominee would likely be either that Biden or Elizabeth Warren. I’ve read it will definitely not be Sanders. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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  1. rosa_barrio Post author

    Hola, I just saw mi amigo and he had been to his gym near The Castro in San Francisco. He said, “Did you see it?” I had no idea what he was talking about. They have all of these television screens on the wall at his gym and he said that on every television they were showing the protesters in Arizona blocking the route to the Trump rally this morning so that the fascist couldn’t get to his rally. No, I hadn’t seen it. It wasn’t shown live on Telemundo. He said that no one at his gym was even looking at the televisions or seem to care at all about politics. Everyone was on their smartphone stupidphone and not paying any attention to it. He said, “if this were the Old City (meaning the Proudly Radical and Alternative San Francisco of the past) everybody in the gym would have been paying close attention and cheering the protesters in Arizona.” I said, “Yeah well, this is the New Conservative Lobotomised Techie San Francisco where nobody gives a fuck about anything other than their phone toy and getting drunk.” He agreed. Then he told me it was very “straight” out as is typically the case on weekends around here in the former Gay Mecca. “Straight” young white dysfunctional couples (arguing with each other), with the required hand-holding, him-tall, her-short. That’s what he saw, as usual. Chau.—el barrio rosa

  2. D8

    Wanted to pass this along – In the last day or so I’ve read a couple of articles saying that the Dems are already putting pressure on Sanders to quit his campaign and back Hillary which is breeding resentment in the Sanders campaign. One article said that Obama spoke to donors at a fundraiser on 3/11/16 and he called on Dems to begin uniting behind the party’s prospective nominee (Clinton) but without mentioning her name. Sounds like no indictment is coming down to protect the nominee.

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