Expect The Orange Man to serve his full term.

When the senior senator says expect the current US president to serve his full term, it’s pretty clear to me that she and other Democratic Party senators have no intention of pursuing impeachment or using the 25th Amendment for his removal from office. So for those who’ve been asking: “Why aren’t the Democrats doing anything?” There’s your answer. So for those gullible sheeple chanting, “Gotta get Dems in, Gotta get Dems in” in the 2018 midterm “s-election” thinking that the useless Democrats are going to pursue impeachment, I think we can now lay that to rest. It can be safely said that it won’t matter how many Dems get in. The man-child is not going to be removed from office. Period.

Hola a todos. Senator Dianne Feinstein spoke in San Francisco recently before a room full of 850 attendees. I got the sense it was a room full of Establishment Dembots. (Feinstein is part of the cesspool called the US Senate, which is part of the US Congress.***) Feinstein shocked the audience when she said that El Hombre Naranja/The Orange Man could be a good president if he’s able to learn and change. No, she wasn’t telling a joke. She was being serious. At age 71 with possible dementia, The Orange Man is able to learn and change? I. Don’t. Think. So. Dianne, I think most of us already know the answer to that based on his record thus far. Why don’t you? She said, “He’s only been in office 8 months.” What does that have to do with anything? As if trying to excuse him or give him leeway. That reminds me of the “You have to give him tiiiiiiiiiiime” pabulum we heard from the Obamabots when their messiah Obama was expanding on the illegitimate Bush regime’s agenda. You know, I’ve learned that the first requirement for being a Democrat or a Democrat-in-name-only in the case of Feinstein is engaging in delusional wishful-thinking, which is what Feinstein did and the Democratic Party voters routinely do. The Orange Man has demonstrated that he has no desire to change and it’s impossible for him to change. It’s all about him,g which she acknowledged. I also get the impression that she has little idea what he’s done so far, such as cancelling hundreds of Obama-era regulations and other laws as of agosto/August 2017. He has cancelled many time-honoured laws and regulations put in place by other presidents. She said that one should expect The Orange Man to serve his full term, which those attending did not want to hear. Translation: No impeachment and the useless Democrats don’t plan to pursue impeachment or use the 25th Amendment, which shouldn’t surprise anyone. She also said, “We’ll have to see if he can forget himself enough and have the type of empathy and direction the country needs.” What an astounding comment. The Orange Man forget himself? Empathy from The Orange Man? Loca. Loca. That is not possible from this billionaire where it’s all about him. What is wrong with la mujer/the woman (Feinstein)? She was saying what one does not say within Democratic Party circles. Meanwhile, California Congress members are already talking about the need to impeach The Orange Man, or remove him from office using the 25th Amendment.

Allow me to tell it like it is which I enjoy doing: The Democrats could have every seat in the House and Senate in the US Congress and mealy-mouthed Feinstein would still be saying the same thing. She was hissed by some in the audience, met with silence by others, and others could audibly be heard saying the word, “No” when she made these comments about The Orange Man. Then some of the most gullible Dembots (gullible is the second requirement for being a Democrat) said when interviewed afterward: “I can understand where she’s coming from.” (roll eyes) Unspoken: “I do so want to believe in her.” Sigh. Oh lord. Where do these naïve suckers come from? Jesus. These are likely the same fools who said about Obama, “You have to give him tiiiiiiiiiiiime” when they expected Obama to do what they had projected onto him as their “Hope” and “Change We Can Believe In” messiah. Instead, Mr Change We Can Believe In started out by continuing and expanding on the illegitimate Bush/Cheney regime’s agenda (bombed Pakistan in his first week), and the Dembots kept saying, “this must be left over from Bush.” No suckers, it was not “left over from Bush.” Your messiah Obama told you of his US imperialism plans but you chose not to hear it. All you wanted to hear and chant were his empty marketing slogans of “Hope” and “Change We Can Believe In.” And anyone who tried to educate your pathetic ass, you called them “a troll” and “a Rove Operative.” Stupid-assed people. Dembots. Can’t stand them.

Some of the most gullible sheeple in the Feinstein audience said, “I can understand what Feinstein is saying because you have to be bipartisanship. She says she has to work with people.” Sigh. (Translation: Give the Republicans anything and everything they want. Look, she’s not required to work with anyone. That’s more smoke-screen bull shit. Since when do the Republicans ever work with the Democrats on anything? I think it’s called payola.). Feinstein said that if The Orange Man is unable to change that, “there are things we can do,” referring to the congress. Translation: There are things we can do, but we won’t do). Can la mujer/the woman be any more mealy-mouthed? But of course the Democrats won’t do anything but stand around looking scared and intimidated and shuffling their feet as usual.

Or is Feinstein thinking that her esposo/husband, Richard Blum, might benefit financially? (Senator Feinstein’s War Profiteering). I’m thinking of the expansion of the war in Afghanistan under The Orange Man, as was the case during the illegitimate Bush regime. Were the Dem sheeple in this room aware of that? Or would they make excuses for that? I’ve think I’ve said before that I think the Democrats actually like The Orange Man, and I mean that, despite their phony performances of opposition to him on occasion. Feinstein said the recent pardon that El Hombre Naranja issued for that anti-immigrant basura in Arizona was stupid, and she condemned him trying to take both sides with the march in Charlottesville. She said there are no “fine” white supremacists or “fine” Nazis, referring to The Orange Man’s comment about there being “fine people on both sides.” Surprisingly, Feinstein voted against Gorsuch for the US Supreme Court. Now you know if she voted against him, he’s bad news! She was asked if she plans to run for another term next year. (She’s 84). She didn’t answer that. Or is Gavin what’s-his-name being groomed to run for her seat so he can be in the US senate for the next 40 years? The only requirement for re-election in California is to have a “D” next to your name and name-recognition. Most voters have no knowledge of the political voting record of these corporate parasites, nor do they seem to care. It’s really all about party-line and making endless excuses for them. These perpetual septic career politicians. The Herbst Theatre in San Francisco was packed with Dembot suckers wanting to hear her and/or meet her. I wouldn’t walk across the room to meet her. They gave her a standing ovation — again, I have to assume they were devout Establishment Dembots — when she walked out on stage. A standing ovation for conservative Feinstein? Good lord, there has got to be something in the water! She was a guest of the conservative Com*onw*a*th Club, so there you go. She’s one of the worst politicians of the US Oligarchy. One person locally referred to her as “Dick Cheney in a pants suit.” Another commenter said: “A Democrat in name-only.” The article I read about this referred to Feinstein as “she may be San Francisco’s favourite politician.” San Francisco’s favourite politician? Are they on crack?

The California state senate president, Pro Tem Kevin de León, blasted wet-noodle Feinstein by saying, “This president has not shown any capacity to learn and proven he is not fit for office…it is the responsibility of Congress to hold him accountable — especially Democrats — not be complicit in his reckless behavior.”

Absolutely. But often that’s what the Democrats do. They were fully-complicit in the reckless and imperialistic behaviour of both the illegitimate Bush regime and the Obama regime. In fact, they gave Bush whatever he wanted and Nancy Pelosi took impeachment of Bush “off the table” as the reader may recall. Later, I saw a picture of the two together and they appeared to be best of friends. Near the end of the Obama regime, George W Bush spoke of his affection and fondness for Michelle Obama. (roll eyes) As it turns out, the Bush Crime Family and the Obama’s are very close. That explains it. Chau.—el barrio rosa


Eight years of non-stop confirmation hearings


*** For international readers unaware of the US Oligarchy’s system of governance, the US Congress is comprised of two bodies:

1. The lower body is called The House. Members of the House are called Representatives, as in Representative Paul Ryan, for example.
2. The upper body is called The Senate. Members of the Senate are called Senators, as in Senator Feinstein.

In reality, they are both part of the cesspool called congress, regardless of which body they’re in. Some people, using sloppy language — either that, or they don’t know any better — refer to members of the House using the sexist term “congressmen” (there are also women Representatives in the House) instead of the correct term Representative for both genders. These Representatives are supposed to represent their constituency but instead they represent corporate interests and the interests of the Military Industrial Complex et al.

All members of the House and Senate are congresspersons, because they are all in the congress, regardless of which body they belong to.

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  1. San Francisco Resident

    Wasn’t it just a few months or so ago that this woman spoke to a group of protesters in southern california with this look of panic on her face and she said to them, “we’re looking into what can be done; we have some good people on that” when asked about impeachment. What happened? Was that just something to say to get her off the hook and on to the next speech? Or was there a pay-off of some sort? Why the change of tone from panic to he’ll be with us for at least 4 years so you should expect that?

  2. D8

    It would figure that the new conservative SF would say that DiFi is their favorite politician. :-(
    The old city would have never said that. It doesn’t surprise me what she said and what she didn’t say. Your comments about her and the Democrats in DC are spot-on.

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